Justice Department Decision Will Not Stand! Was William Bradley Working for the FEDS When He Murdered Malcolm X?

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized


The speed with which the justice department declined the request to reopen the Malcolm X murder case has left observers in a state of shock and disbelief. The brutal killing of Malcolm X was one of the most traumatic episodes of the 1960’s, and one of five political assassinations that helped define that tumultuous decade. It is one of the most sordid chapters in American history, especially given the fact that our own government played a deadly role in fomenting the hostilities between the followers of Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam.

Historians of this period have long ago established that the federal government had thoroughly infiltrated both groups and employed their operatives to spread rumors and incite hatred. And if that were not enough, they also planted false stories in some of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers for the expressed purpose of stoking those hostilities even further. These are the incontrovertible facts that we know of to date.

But now with this appalling decision not to reexamine the assassination, even after its principal actor has been exposed by a Columbia University historian in a major best-selling book, one can only conclude that the government must have some dark, diabolical secret it needs to protect. Why else would it refuse to release thousands of documents related to a crime that took place almost 50 years ago? Or how could this low-life killer William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz) be allowed to go unmolested by the authorities for just as many years? It simply begs the question; did the federal government have not merely an indirect role in the assassination of Malcolm X, but indeed a direct role? 

This critical question is one that William Bradley could provide an answer to were he to be indicted and decide to roll over. As I wrote in my original post, my sources in Newark – some of the early  pioneers of the Muslim community there – have long believed that Bradley once worked for the FEDS in some nebulous capacity, a speculation also raised by Manning Marable in his new biography. These old-timers base their belief on Bradley’s brazen behavior in the months and years following the assassination, where he all but bragged about the dastardly deed and relied on that notoriety to strike fear and intimidation into the hearts of rival gangsters!

   Moreover, Bradley acted completely impervious to any possible arrest for the infamous murder and moved around as it were, like a “Teflon Don”. What ultimately solidified this notion that Bradley was being handled by some police agency was the way he was allowed to literally walk away from a bank robbery he committed with two other men in 1968. And just like in the Malcolm X killing, Bradley employed the use of a sawed-off shotgun to pull off the heist, but for reasons that have yet to be explained, the case was completely dismissed. How this came to pass is a very serious question that neither I nor Dr. Marable could get an answer to. Obviously this matter requires further investigation by journalists and historians. For aside from the obvious fact that bank robbery is a serious federal crime, the mere possession of a saw-off shotgun is a felony in and of itself, one which carries a very stiff prison sentence! Was Bradley given get a “get out of jail free card” for his role in the Malcolm X slaying? As the theory goes, Bradley became an unmanageable asset who refused to abandon his  life of crime and hence could no longer be protected from going to prison, though he would always be given immunity for his role in the assassination. Manning Marable had said to me on numerous occasions that the exposure of Bradley and the pursuit of justice for Malcolm X would ultimately entail an interrogation of the government. But as we have already seen by this recent DOJ decision, that will not happen without a fight.

At this historic moment when our country is now governed by a black president and a black attorney general, we cannot allow this unfortunate ruling to stand and we believe it won’t stand.  The call for justice for Malcolm X and his family will only intensify with each passing day, and we will do our part to ensure that happens.

Look and listen again to the alledged murderer of Malcolm X

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  1. lancelot45 says:

    The (In)Justice Department can’t waste time with such trivial matters when they have this type of case to invertigate:


    “Aint this bout a B#@@$”?

  2. jabbajane says:

    Do anyone know a Roland Sheppard? He said he saw Willie Bradley shoot Malcom X and watched as he walked out the door that day. He also said that while being interviewed at police station sometime after the killing, he saw Willie Bradley come out of the men’s room at the police station and walk past him and go into an office (he thought it was Bradley’s own office). He was shown photos of the alleged at the time killers and did recognize Willie Bradley, but after seeing Willie Bradley at the station, he told police he didn’t know any of the people in the photos. He wanted to get out of there alive. My question is: why did he stay silent so long?

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