Siraj and MANA Should Repent

Posted: February 26, 2007 in Uncategorized
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By now everyone should have heard about the appalling spectacle that took place at Detroit’s Cobo Area last Friday afternoon. That’s where Imam Siraj Wahhaj and his MANA cohorts (Muslim Alliance of North America) performed what they called “Salatul Jumah” under the auspices of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, in celebration of their annual “Savior’s Day” convention (promoted on their website). Of course we all remember what that is; a grand birthday party for their god-in-person, Fard Muhammad (We seek refuge in Allah). Who could ever imagine that the affairs of American Muslims would fall to such a low level?

By any standard, the affair was an affront to the Islamic creed (aqeedah), made all the more outrageous by MANA’s pretentious claims of adhering to the methodology of “Ahl Sunna wa Jamaah” (as posted on their website), or in other words, the intellectual tradition founded upon the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and his immediate successors. In this article we would like to clarify at least some of issues involved in this gravefitnah and in so doing emphatically disavow Ahl Sunna wa Jamaah of any relationship to it.

In the simplest terms, an Imam stands in the stead of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and is responsible before Allah for making the message of Islamic monotheism (tawheed) clear to the people, so as to distinguish it from falsehood. The charade that took place in Detroit not only confused and distorted the message, but empowered the advocates of falsehood. By adopting a disingenuous, wrong-headed strategy of feigning a kind of “Muslim Unity” with the N.O.I – i.e., making salat (congregational prayer) with them and essentially pretending to enjoy fellowship with”Muslim brothers and sisters” (when we all know of course that they’re kuffar and mushrikeen), Siraj Wahhaj and MANA have weakened the hand of all the Islamic workers and teachers who’ve struggled for years to steer people away from the N.O.I’s snare of falsehood. For the cost incurred to lease the Cobo Area Farrakhan got what he would have gladly paid 10 million dollars: legitimacy.

Whatever loss in reputation and credibility Siraj Wahhaj and MANA will incur as a result of this pathetic and intellectually bankrupt example of “Islamic Leadership”, is directly proportional to the increased stature Farrakhan will gain in the eyes of his mis-guided followers and ignorant Muslims. For over twenty years this malignancy called Farrakhan has tried to impress the public that he and his organization are merely a sectwithin Islam, no more or no less valid than any other Muslim group. The one impediment to this subterfuge however has been the Muslim community’s determination to impose upon them a powerful, negative stigma. Successfully accomplished through speeches, sermons, writings, and a refusal to share platforms with them, the truth was made plain from falsehood.

Ironically enough, it was Imam Siraj Wahhaj himself who helped sustain this stigma when in the early 90’s he toured the country delivering a lecture entitled, “Elijah Muhammad, a Trial for Muslims” in which he spelled out in no uncertain terms the differences between the religion of Islam and the N.O.I. To his credit he refused to participate in the Million Man March on the same principled grounds. And despite the warnings issued by him and other Imams, there were still to be found many kufis, thobes, hijabs, and turbans piercing through the crowds that October day, 1995.

Sadly, all that is history now. Because of this so-called Jumaah prayer with the N.O.I, the Muslims will now have to face charges of “dividing the Muslims” whenever we attempt to give da’wah to those people. “The Muslims are in unity” they will cry. “How can we be misguided when your big time Imam prayed with us“? Thank you, Siraj. Thank you very much. If Siraj Wahhaj and MANA had any shame they would repent and publicly apologize to the Muslims for the damage that they have inflicted.

  1. […] weird) movement. (For those that want to see what I said at the time about this outrage, they can read it here) Siraj’s attendance of “Savior’s Day” and then inviting Larry to the MANA […]

  2. Kwame Madden says:

    Brillant article may Allah bless you for defending the aqeedah of Ahl Sunnah WA Jamaah.Unfortunely some people don’t see aqeedah as being important.That why muslims have know problem sitting and sharing stages with known deviants and heretics.

  3. Bismillah Ir Rahman Man Nir Rahim

    As-Salaam Alaikum!

    Minister Farrakhan has been teachings Islam for the past 50 years, has completed Hajj and has been in the Muslim world to debate with scholars. He doesn’t need anyone or anthing to legitimize him other than ALLAH, Subhana Wa’ Ta’ Ala. I encourage and others who think like you to learn of the Nation of Islam in America teachinsg, goals and aims.

    Brother Mustafaa

  4. Mustafaa,

    Are you kidding me! Who at this point doesn’t know what the NOI believes? Come on man, wake the hell up, this is 2008. Didn’t you get the memo, on November 4th Black America said “no” to Black nationalist separatism. Come on man get a life.

  5. Brother Mustafaa says:

    “And the servants of the Beneficent are they who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, Peace!” (HQ 25:63)

    I will take my que from ALLAH, Subhana Wa’ Ta’ Ala’ and I leave you in peace and pray for your success and all the true striving Muslims.

    Brother Mustafaa

  6. […] to warn the community of what was going on in MANA, and publicly condemned the dangerous path of embracing the Farrakhan and his officials. It is now perfectly clear to all and sundry that we must find new leadership […]

  7. Hajji Muhammad says:

    In a 2009 ICNA program aired on “Bridges, T.V.” the guest speaker Siraj Wahaj spoke to the all important topic of the need for having institutions to combat the overwhelming forces concentrated against individual Muslims?

    It was poignant and also revealing. Circumstances and time have a way of manifesting the true goals of an individual and or group? This case being the national consolidation of Muslim organizations under one universal body. That point made, the objective then becomes clear, Siraj is of the mind-set that all the Muslims of America should come under one roof, and given the recent conference at the National Press Club dealing with “Islamophobia” it becomes all to clear that the nefarious goals of these former members of the Nation of Islam have and still remain loyal to Louis Farrakhan.

    Siraj Wahaj, a former member of the Nation of Islam was an excellent salesperson selling the
    the organization’s newspaper as well as being a Minister. That being so, after 30 odd years one would think the sales person tendency would have faded. No, it has taken another form.
    Siraj has on a number of occasions made it known the “Shariyah will rule America.”

    [“But Wahhaj’s public suggestion that the Quran trumps the Constitution is more the exception than the rule. Wahhaj’s comment (and others like it) could be very dangerous to the Islamist cause because it illustrates that the Islamists are not seeking equal protection of the law, but supremacy.”]

    So in effect these misguided so called Imams have validated their leader, Louis Farrakhan, and this lends credence to the long range goal of propping him up as the leader of Islam in America. All Farrakhan’s talk of accepting the true Aqida (foundations of faith) is merely a smokescreen. He and his organization have never renounced and or acknowledged the true Faith, Islam and they most certainly never have denounced their leader as not only not being a prophet and a messenger, this being the core belief of the Nation which they will never renounce, so all their talk is double-talk. Point to note: A source of Islamic Jurisprudence which is known as Ijma (universal consensus) states that should a person who, being a believer in the Shahadah accepts and affirms belief in another prophet and or messenger after Rasuwlullah (SAW), has in effect denied the correct creed and has nullified his/her Kalimah. They must make tawbah and make Shahadah again to re-enter Islam otherwise they are mulhiq ( a renouncer of Islam).

    The truth about the Nation of Islam and its ambition is well known. Thye Congress of the United States declared the “Nation of Islam a Criminal Entity” in 1958 and has not nullified this ruling.
    As for Mr. Farrakhan’s endorsement by Muslim religious leaders in America and throughout the world, thought by Mr. Farrakhan to be a validation of his elevated rank as a Muslim is a nonsensical preconception of his ego and is another of his miscalculated acts of desperation. His meeting with renowned Sufis such as those in Damascus and Senegal is a matter of that recognition I speak about, what he perceives wrongly, it’s the “adaab” Islamic etiquette that has been afforded to him.

    We know that the Shaykh Hassan Cisse mercy of Allah be upon him hen asked about you said only kind things. This beautiful soul could not have uttered anything other than that. You mistake his kindness as his recognition of your superior rank? Then tell us why when you travelled to Senegal you had a private audience with the Shaykh in which you asked him to provide you with a “hijab” (an amulet) to protect you from being the victim of a gun shot?
    Yes, we know about this and that you told him there are people in America that want to harm you? No! You have to worry about Allah whom you will meet and it’s He whom you will have to answer too for all you chicanery? You are true to the name that Jamil Diab provided for your teacher whom upon giving you your name never told you what it meant? He told you you would find out through your experiences what it meant? In addition your nick name “the Charmer” is apropos. You have for 50years charmed the ignorant and uniformed.
    No one has dared to oppose you, for many know the threats and retaliation of challenging you and you henchmen? Do you think we have forgotten Malcolm or the Hanafi Muslims, against whom were committed the most heinous crimes in the history of Washington, D.C.? Hamaas Abdul-Khaalis told the truth about your deception.

    So all of your grand standing is now a matter of universal note. Those who are supporting your cause are making a serious error and those who recognize the truth of this assertion should distance themselves from you. Praise be to Allah the Sustainer of the worlds.
    Qazin Mazin Allahu Haqq

  8. @Hajj Muhammad

    Well said brother, very well said. Allahu Akabar! Do we need anymore proof that it’s time to go in a completely new direction. Are we going t keep giving these people our respect and admiration when their hearts are so corrupted and filled with the love of this criminal Farrakhan. Is it any wonder that we as African-American Muslims cannot seem to make any progress. Notice brother that I was way ahead of the curve on this one, and documented at least three years ago where this Farrakhan thing was going. At the time I was attacked and called a malcontent and fitna mongerer, but now everyone can see the path to hell that Jeffery 12X (Siraj) is leading the people to. I’m glad that finally people are beginning to wake up, that is the first step to making progress. I am also glad that this blog has found an allie in your comments, for I know that your aqeeda is strong and recognize the seriousness of what going on. May Allah bless you brother.

  9. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Simply put, before one can get the house in order the garbage has to be thrown out.

  10. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Someone posted about Farrakhan teaching what for 50 years? (Shaytaan has been teaching longer than that). And as far as the Hajj is concerned, even the donkey makes the Hajj. My advice to you is don’t be so sanctimonious.

  11. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Still quoting those old mythical lessons that Louis like to quote occasionally? The obvious foolishness of these statements have been posted by this person for all to see, simply that it is not and never was Islam.

  12. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Lets dispel the mythology as well as the insulting presentation given by this individual in which he offers a distorted and unintelligible presentation for his “thesis” on a well known topic which in the Muslim world is universally known and declared to be outside the parameters of the Shariyah.
    Akhbār al-ṣifāt

    By Merlin L. Swartz, Abū al-Faraj ʻAbd al-Raḥmān ibn ʻAlī Ibn al-Jawzī, Abū al-Faḍl ʻAlthī

    Pages 190-191

    A medieval Critique of Anthropomorphism

    Ibn al-Jawzi’s Kitab Akhbar as-Sifat.

    Note: This person who acquired his Phd. Doctor of (deceit) or sophistry, either through cunning or manipulation, deliberately avoided consulting the well known sources in which he would have clearly discovered that his thesis has no basis in Islamic historical fact. This subject was an attempt to legitimize the shirk of Robert Poole, aka., Elijah and to project his discovery of a perceived insight into the Quran, Hadith and the Arabic Language, which the esteemed Companions of the Prophet, their followers and the erudite of the Muslim community did not possess, yet he did? This on its face is an absurdity, an insult and a slander.

    To the unenlightened this might go over as a revelation, to the enlightened its another attempt at grasping for straws. I have posted one example of Sahiyh (correct) scholarship regarding this subject and anyone can read for their self that the mythical belief system presented in the false theology of the Nation is not Islam at all. Its merely an attempt at validating the worship of a man.
    In closing I would suggest that readers consult the Book the Foundations of the Articals of Faith, section II of the Revival of the Religious Sciences, written by Imam Ghazzali.

    In the explanation of the Kalimah (profession of faith) he clearly explains in the opening paragraphs, that: Tanzih (Transcendence) Allah is not a body possessing form nor a substance restricted and limited. He is not an entity and entities do not exist in Him, etc.
    Should the individual in question consulted this work rather that al-Ghazzali’s Niche For Lights (Mishkat al-Anwar) he would have discovered his grievous errors?
    If this does not clear up the matter all I can say is only Allah can remove the veil from your mind and heart?

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