Who Invited LARRY to the Party?!

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“Hello Larry!”: Larry pictured along with Siraj Wahhaj

 While attending the MANA Conference last weekend, I went to the event which featured W. Deen Muhammad, and to my surprise, Larry (pictured above) shows up.

Who is Larry you ask? … That would be Larry 4X Prescott, known these days as “Akbar Muhammad”, Louie Walcott Farrakhan’s man in Africa. I think to myself: What the heck is a man that OPENLY says that “Fard Muhammad” is his god who appeared in Detroit in the 1930’s (for those wanting proof of their current beliefs it is here) and that a “Messenger” came after Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh), doing here on a panel for Muslims that believe in tawheed and the finality of Prophethood and Messengership? I mean this is a man who believes that a UFO piloted by 13 Japanese youth is circling the earth and that Elijah is alive inside this ship!!

This was a tragic and completely avoidable sore point of the MANA Conference Weekend. I must also admit that I was appalled and saddened that Imam Siraj referred to Elijah as “Honorable”. It was all very disappointing and I was hurt to witness this spectacle.

While much has been made recently of the decline of the 1990’s salafi movement in the US, one cannot deny its contribution in heightening the sensitivities of Muslims with regard to matters of tawheed. Larry’s invitation (coupled with Siraj’s repeated references to the false Messenger as “Honorable”) clearly represents a setback in our growth and understanding. If we return to the days wherein we lacked clarity regarding tawheed and shirk, we will certainly accomplish nothing even if we solve the many undeniable social problems plaguing us.
If we continue to pay homage to figures who promote shirk, kufr and their motley mix of bizarre, anti-Islamic dogma, then what have we really accomplished? I liken Larry’s invitation to the conference to offering a starving man a plate of food then sprinkling it with cyanide.

Perhaps just as troubling is the hair-brained rationale for why this outrage was allowed to take place; obstensively a strategy which began at the NOI’s last Savior’s Day, to convert the NOI to Islam after Farrakhan spins off his mortal coil. While some may view this as a noble strategy, it is only good strategy when you invite them to tawheed and not allow them to think that they are Muslims.

Sadly, in the end, Siraj lent legitimacy to an irrelevant and illegitimate (not to mention weird) movement. (For those that want to see what I said at the time about this outrage, they can read it here) Siraj’s attendance at “Savior’s Day” and then inviting Larry to the MANA conference only lowers his (and MANA’s) stature. I personally like Imam Siraj and had high hopes for MANA. However it hurts me to see him doing this because we really have some major issues to solve in our communities without adding the madness and confusion of the NOI.

Finally, I can only imagine how alienated white Muslims must have felt with the invitation of a man who believes that whites were created in a laboratory by a big headed scientist.

This is why I feel that allowing Larry to speak did nothing but set the entire program back. However, I am hopeful that the brothers at MANA will see the error in this and correct this colossal blunder before it discredits the entire program.

Is Elijah supposed to be up there???


Larry believes white people were created by a big headed scientist

  1. Muhammad Khalifa says:

    AsSalmu Alaikum brother Muhammad

    Well, as one of the primary organizers of the conference, my only question to you, is why did you not get involved, participate in the process and voice your opinion at the time we were planning the conference. You must have known something about the conference because you were there. Yet, I never heard anything from you about volunteering. In my view, you haven’t the credibility to really say anything now after the fact. You seem to me like a critic on the sideline who, although is not doing much his self, is now discounting all other efforts of brothers trying to do something.

    Now, as do the scholars of Saudi Arabia to their business people or rulers, I believe that it is perfectly acceptable to give private advice to people we feel are in error, if that is the way that will be most effective with that person/group.

    Do you know whether or not we made a calculated decision to give them advice privately? Did we invite Minister Akbar to explain religion to our people? What are the limitations to the verse in which Allah says ‘work of you all of you together for righteousness and piety’ ? As far as I know, we are allowed to work with anyone on a project provided what we are working on is acceptable and good to Allah. And likewise, if it is an evil endevor, we are not allow to work with them, even if they are Muslim.

    Let me challenge you a bit more. Who has done more for their people, you or Minister Akbar? And why can we not accept our brother, but the Arabs in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, and other parts of the Muslim World accept him at the highest levels and with open arms?

    Excuse me for saying so, but to me you sound like a brother who has no knowledge of self. The Prophet not only worked with, but heavily relied on people with aqeedah far worse than the NOI. Why should we accept what you are saying when you have no deeds that match even a fraction of what the NOI has done in the Black community, or perhaps you have now abandoned your people now that you have the ‘correct aqeedah’? If you’ve got the haqq, why cant you take our people off of dope, or stop them from re-entering prison so much? He certainly can.

    Why don’t Black sunnis, and most certainly not those dressed up in thobes and turbans, have credibility in the hood in the same way that the NOI does?

    Now, let me address your points theoritically. Yes, any anthropormorphic attributes given to our Lord is absolutely shirk and will negate a persons belief in Allah. But do you honestly think we invited the NOI out to learn aqeedah from them. I do agree with you that at times collaboration with the NOI may give the appearance of supporting their agenda. But let me ask, who are you to determine that the harm of doing so outweighs the benefit of, for example, saving young Black men or women from a life of crime or drugs. And furtermore, who says that we should not actually be supporting some of the things that the NOI does? Or, that we cannot support them on some of the things that they do well. Quiet as kept, there is absolutely no one else who has been proven to take the Blackamerican male off of dope and keep them out of prison, as well as the NOI has done. Why throw the baby out with the bath water. Negro please, in all honesty, probably the only reason that your family accepts you in the Black community is because of the credibilty that the NOI gave to what Blackamerican Christians see as Islam. Now if you are whiteamerican, that does not apply to you, but I am sure that you wish you had a White NOI so that you would not be catching all of the hell that Whiteamerican throw out to their newly converted family members.

    Your other points:

    Siraj’s reference to Elijah Muhammad as honorable. Not that I dont respect your opinion, but is it haram or not? Are you a linguistic scholar in English? My MA is in ESL/Applied Linguistics and I say its not. Or perhaps you can read Imam Siraj’s heart as to why he used the term?

    Paying homage. Why should we accept your definition of what paying homage is. And, we respect and embrace minister Akbar because he is doing something positive for the Black man and Black woman. Not because of his creed. Give credit where credit is due. He helps his people tremendously, and even if he were a Chineese Jew, it’s his actions that speak louder than your words.

    Solving major issues in our communities. If you do not like what MANA has done, what have you done? I personally invite your participation. Lets be honest akhi, in many respects, the NOI has been the only successful entity that addressed problems that no other group has been able to tackle, even the federal/state governments.

    Ostracization of White Muslims. Well, the issue then becomes, why do we need to go to the NOI to help solve problems in our communities in the first place. It is because of what is not being done by the sunnis. If any Whiteamerican Muslim brother feels alienated, then tell him/her to come and help as well. And lets not pretend that White privelage is not an option for White Americans as well. That option is not available for the poor and disenfranchized Blackamerican Muslims. If any Whiteamerican Muslim brother is concerned about alienation, then let us ask him why he/she is not active in fighting White Supremacy and contemporary forms of racial subjugation and oppression. Let us ask: why is it that the only White voices that oppose White hegemony are those that come from Christians and Jews. Are their feelings more important than the very destiny of Blackamerican Muslims? In other words, if there is a successful method that the NOI uses, should we discount it to safeguard the feelings of Whiteamerican Muslims who themselves seem to be silent about the plight of this group of people?

    I guess that is what seems so disingenious about your remarks–that you did not acknowledge the primary reason for the conference. The primary reason is to recognise, and attempt to find solutions, to major areas of concern as it relates to Blackamerican Muslims. And that we did. I could give a rat’s a*@ if the Pope himself was invited. As long as these problems were addressed. We were not there to teach and learn aqeedah, not jarh, or who is thaabit or mubdati’. But of all of what we accomplished, all you saw was Minister Akbar’s presence. Wallahi, you seem to be a troublemaker and fitnah starter to me.

    The way I see it is like this. We will continue to invite who ever we see as being instramental to the growth and development of the Muslim community here. Blackamerican circumstances are very particular. Now anyone, with any knowledge of this context, would know that the knowledge that the NOI possesses is extremely valuable. My non-Muslim family and friends even recognise this. And it is terrible that your hyper-aqeedah sense is preventing you from seeing it, or from seeing any benefit from the conference. I can tell you this akhi, we ain’t stopping for no one, inshaAllah. Like hip-hop star 50 cents said: we ’bout to get right, or die tryin’. And let me add: with or without you.

    • kamil el shabazz says:

      bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim

      The Holy Quran states in sura 10 ayat 47, “And for every nation there is a messenger. So when their messenger comes the matter is decided between them with justice, and they are not wronged. What true messenger came both to America and throughout the world who’s teachings shook the world, besides the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Joseph Smith? Please! All prophecies in Bible, Torah, Quran, and I’LL take it even further, the Bhagavad Gita and any other book the devil can muster to deceive the original chosen blackman in the wilderness of North America from the realization of himself and pre-written destiny, points to us here, without a doubt! The arabs not only rejected there own prophet, Muhammad, (pbuh) but contributed to his “untimely death at the young age of 62 1/2. His only male successors, his grandsons, Hasan and Husain were both murdered! By who? 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They both come from the weak germ of the original blackman which is undisputably verified from the scholarly works of one the whitemans revered scientist’s Gregor Mendel, who, like, Yakub, the whiteman’s maker, rediscovered, that the whiteman and all grafted relatives, are products from weaker part of the blackman ( the brown germ ), therefore, their histories reflect the base manifestations of human nature. The Arab and the Jew are Devils! Kosher and Halal means absolutely nothing to them! In their stores they sell pork and alcohol! They dont give a damn about the blackman today as they didnt when those racist devils enslaved, raped and robed us during the time Muhammad. When Muhammad came on the scene they rejected him! They rejected the Quran’s advocation of the equality of race and gender. Look at how they treated Bilal! A black ethiopian! Muhammad, despite what color he might of been, had a PURE HEART! That meant nothing to those idolatrous wicked arabs. They have hijacked Islam and along with their wicked jewish and gentile brothers, have hijacked religion all together! Both the Jew and Arab have deceived nearly the whole planet in believing that they’re the chosen of God. Remember what the Bible states, satan is the god of this world and that he disguises himself as an angel of light! The arabs exalt both Muhammad and his hadith (sayings) above the quran as do the christians, who exalt the quotes of jesus and paul over what Allah revealed through jesus in a book that the devils destroyed which was not the gospel according to matthew, mark or luke! The Quran is not in it’s original form! The first chapter is not the real first chapter! As the book of Psalms states, ‘study to show thyself approve, I urge you, truth seekers, to study and on top of that, to use your common sense which is UNCOMMON! How Did The Honorable Elijah Muhammad accomplish what he did with what he said he got from this mysterious man that he called Allah in person, Master Fard Muhammad. No one ever called him a liar and never proved him wrong. The measurements of the earth, moon etc that was revealed to him in the thirties, have all been verified by and through the recent advancements of our children, the whiterace. Elijah taught about the origins of life on earth as well as the origins of moon. Everything that he taught has and is being verified by our, and the whole planet’s enemies, the whiterace! Obama is the last trick. He is the epitomy of the whitemans deception to take us down to hell with him. God sent us Moses ( Elijah ) and the whiteman sends us Obama! Everything God makes the whiteman makes a facsimile. We make butter, he makes parkay! Obama was and is a prepared man to do what he is doing. 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  2. Sameer Parker says:

    Brother Muhammad,

    as-salaam alaykum,

    Just one question:

    If aqeedah is not important, then why should black Muslims not just join the NOI?

  3. Muhammad Khalifa says:

    Because now that we do have the correct aqeedah, we can do it ourself. That is if guys stop being cowards, and being scared of being thrown ‘off of it’ for helping their own people. From Bin Baz all the way back to the Prophet(s), men of God have committed to, and helped, their own people (regardless of religion or religiosity). That is, except the Negro. And of the Negro, Uncle Toms have even done a better job than salafees. They are the ultimate sell-outs to their people, and most dont have a track record of saving their own people, as did the Prophet(s) the sahabi, and people like Uthman dan Fodio, Shah Waliullah and Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab. That is propbably why the salafis hate the NOI so much, because of their own insecurity of not doing a damn thing in the hood except criticizing people. I dont understand why it is only the Sunni Muslim Negro that hates himself so.

    Well, actually I do. But that is another discussion. Now, for the record, aqeedah is very very important. But the scholars emphatically spoke of this over 2 decades ago. We already know their rulings and positions on it all. But here is what might not be as salient: the reason that some people can only focus on, and talk about aqeedah, is because in every other area of life, they are intellectually bankrupt and useless. They have nothing else to offer humanity, or even the Muslims. All they know, is how to tear down walls. But they do not know how to raise anything, not even their own poorly-homeschooled kids. Like one brother said: “now that I’ve got the correct aqeedah, I am ready to get my X back.” Because everybody knows that aside from talking, the Negro Salafy is not actually doing anything positive, with the exception of just one or two communities that I know of.

    The question is not whether or not we should talk about aqeedah. The answer is obviously, yes. Rather, the question is, ‘then what?’ And the answer of most of the salafees, has been: nothing. Why is this beloved, when faced with the Prophet’s(s) example and life committment to making a change in the world. As I said before, one could learn the essentials of aqeedah in a day.

    I will take an excerpt of one scholar when this question was put forth to him:

    “Since when is the issue of whom we invite to a CONFERENCE a matter of aqidah? Is there some hadith from the Prophet (S) saying that it is haram to invite people with the wrong aqidah to a conference? When the Prophet married Juwayirah, he invited ALL the pagan Meccans to his walimah — in the 7th year AFTER the Hijrah!!! They refused! — which shows us what THEY understood what Prophet was trying to do: open psychological space to make them more positively disposed to Islam. THIS is the example and the wisdom of our Prophet — not hate, insult, and small-minded self-righteousness.”

    Let me tell you of one more secret before I permenantly remove myself from this conversation, because unlike many that I know, I actually do have a lot more work to do in the way of saving my people. And I dont have time to waste in front of a computer for hours on end, debating about issues that dont lead to tangible results. By you offending and belittling people of poor aqeedah, you are unlikely to yield any tangible result of them leaving their mistakes. Neither historically nor presently do people of this understanding respond to attacks well. And by personally attacking Minister Akbar, as opposed to the NOI, leaves the man no space to do anything except defend himself. But since the brother may not be educated well, or perhaps suffers from poor self-esteem, and does not seem to have a track record of helping people in the community, it probably just boosts his ego and makes him personally feel good to attack someone and pick on them while they are down.

  4. Pick on them while they are down? Last I looked Larry (Akbar) was the one sharing the stage with our esteemed Imams, not this humble brother (insha Allah) striving to elucidate the truth and expose the falsehood.

    Brother, respectfully speaking, your all over the map. The question that I pose to mis-guided people like yourself (and I mean that not as an attack but merely as a factual statement) is why is it so easy to turn your keyboard against me, vilify and disparage me, and never once, ever, turn your ire to these criminals who’ve called your Lord, your Prophet (pbuh), and all the generations of Muslims since his time a liar. How is it that your heart is so full of love and attachment for these people that you can so easily attack the honor and reputation of a fellow Muslim, whose only “offense” is his love for Allah and His Prophet, and his revulsion and hated for these hardened Mushricks (pagens) who are doing everthing within their power to break the seal of Prophethood. I think that is the real question. Yes, I did viciously loompoon Larry because the garbage he preaches more than deserves it. I also knew that by so doing, I would bring to the surface what’s real wrong with MANA, namely, that it leans more BLACK than it does ISLAM.

    To prove it, all one has to do is extend an invitation to the national spokesman of the Qadiani Movement, who by the way have an appreciable number of African Americans in their snare of falsehood. I’m almost positive that this suggestion would be universally rejected by the leadership of MANA. But why though? Don’t Blacks in the Qadiani Movement pray and fast? Aren’t they getting off drugs and “reforming” their lives? Forget the national spokesman, just let the Black Qadiani leaders take the stage alongside Larry. But of course this would never happen because everyone knows that Qadianis are kafirs and their doctrine of claiming a Prophet after our beloved Prophet (pbuh) is an aggression against the Deen. But because the NOI is a Black organization, and because people (old people over fifty) are still captivated by the by-gone era of Malcolm, and romantize a period that in truth never existed, Larry gets a warm welcome.

    To know one’s history is of course a necessity, but brothers like you are so sold to yesterday that you can’t be bought for today. Brother, isn’t it time to let that stuff go and get with the program. The love fest that occured between Siraj, W.D, and Larry is totally irrelevent to the new demographic of Muslims, for whom Malcolm X is ancient history. My only point about the Salafy movement was that despite its excesses and wrongs (which most people recognize now and are trying to come to terms with),the young generation was nevertheless greatly influenced by its strong emphasis on aqeedah, making cooperation with a Larry and his ilk a total non-starter.

    MANA’s leaders should feel embarressed at being so stagnent in their petrfied wood thinking. What kind of program is that? Hovering above Farrakhan like a hungrey vulger waiting for the man to die so that you can take off his followers, even after you ( Siraj et,al) had a quarter of a century to build a real program!! Talk about intellectually bankrupt.

    I’m quite sure that the unnamed scholar you quoted was taken out of context. He was only talking about MUSLIMS who happen to have a problematic aqeedah, not aqeedah criminals like Larry and Farrakhan whose entire program is falsehood from beginning to end.

    All the talk about not loving Black people is a pathetic attempt to avoid the real issue, namely, your and MANA’s love for the enemies (and that is exactly what they are) of Allah and His Messenger. The Picture of Larry and Siraj sadly says it all. Contrast that photo with the bile now being hurled at MANA’s critics, who love the Sunnah and the people of the Sunnah.

    Anyway, for the record, I love my people and have no problem being Black. Nor have I now, or ever in the past, followed Saudi Arabia in handling my affairs. Oh so I get it now! Anyone who questions MANA’s thoughtless, autocratic decisions is a flunky for a foriegn agenda and a fitnah mongerer. That is so weak.

    I assure you my self-esteem is in tact (alhumdulillah), and about my educational level…I don’t know, I’ll let my readers be the judge of that. And Allah is the One Whose help is sought.

  5. Bro A says:

    Was the MANA conference defined as one whose mission statement (with regards specifically to the conference) was one that was concerned with illegitimate belief in the AA community?

    Or was it one that was concerned with AA’s and there social standing and general plight?

    It seems from the context of the schedule it was the second. Why then the big deal about inviting an NOI representative?
    Was not the MANA approach much more diligent and straight forward than other groups such as ISNA and ICNA, which claim be for “all muslims” yet seem to only remember palestine and pakistan when it is time for action?

    Why lambast MANA for doing what it set out to do: set a plan of action in motion for the betterment of AA people?

  6. Muhammad Khalifa says:

    AsSalamu Alaikum brother AbdurRahman,

    Look, I’ll make this as quick as possible because you are just not getting the central point that I suggested to you. Even the person who responded after you (bro A) understood that we are trying to improve the condition of our people. If the conference was about aqeedah and the Blackamerican Muslim, for example, then perhaps some of your criticisms would be valid.

    You say you love your people, but why are you drawing a contrast about being either Muslim, or, being Black? In reality, there is no contradiction. Muslims in other parts of the world never see a problem in being a strong Muslim, while coterminiously embracing their ethnic identity. And they cetainly don’t have a problem helping their own people, hell, they’re even here in the streets of America sending millions back to their homelands. It is only the Negro, because of what we have been through as a people, who sees a problem between being a Muslim and embracing thier own identities.

    But you are right about one thing, there is no room for personalization of this dialogue and I feel that I may have pushed you out in a similar way that you did to Brother Akbar. So please forgive my shortsightedness in that regard my beloved brother. It seems obvious that you love Allah and His Messenger(s), and that counts for alot to all of us.

    From our perspective, the question was not whether or not a person has poor aqeedah. But rather, do they have a track record of helping our people. I am not sure whether or not MANA has worked with Christians on a national level, but I know that many of those who are active in the organization are locally involved with people from many denominations and people from other walks of life. Now, I am not aware of what Qadianis have done for the Blackman/woman in urban areas. In the cities I am familiar with, it has been nothing and they have no presence in the hood. But the NOI have a proven track-record of success in many areas of dealing with our people.

    I can accept that you have taken that position. Let me bluntly ask you this: what are you doing for our people? I ask you that, not to further debate with you, but rather as an invitation to help. I, for one, would see your words as more credible if we knew that you were actually doing something for your people aside from talking/blogging. And in reality, if you are not doing anything, then I encourage you to work with us, and not against us. Even working with us, is better than doing nothing. No one is asking you to share a stage with our Brother Akbar. Rather, I am asking you to go into your neighborhood, and look in the eyes of the principal of the Muslim school, and tell him/her: I want to help! Or, direct all of the Muslims parents into a single public school to leverage benegit for Blacamerican Muslim children. Or, perhaps to get involved with helping our beloved brothers who made a mistake in their life, to readjust to society. Or, perhaps you are already a professional. I know that you can make a small difference with the skills that you already have. I personally think you could do so much more with others with like capacity, but even if you are doing something for our people, I am happy.

    As for us, we are advised by scholarship, and if the learned people that we trust find no issue with what we are doing, then we’ll keep pushing. Hopefully with you, but most certainly with or without, inshaAllah.

  7. Nafees says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Respected Br. Muhammad Khalifa, I prefer your last post. As Muslims, we all need to be gentle, even with our critics.

    My dear Br. Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, attacking Imam Siraj Wahaj in the way you have done does a disservice to him. Brother you should know that the correct way to deal with a perceived error is to first determine all the facts, and then try to correct in private, and then if the person does not heed make it public if the fault was a public one – I don’t think you have done the first two steps.

    You have used some very harsh words (i.e. “pathetic” and “intellectually bankrupt”) in your posts – do you have certainty that these words to not come under the classification of slander if they are untrue or backbiting if they are? (Both of which are expressly forbidden in the Qur’an)

    We should all fear Allah and be delicate in our speech, especially to those who have dedicated a lifetime and sacrificed so much for the cause of Islam. I think you will be honest enough to admit yourself that at the current time, Imam Siraj Wahaj has done more for the American Muslim community than you have, but not only this, it is he, after Malcolm X who has been one of the most effective Muslim leaders in the US in bringing members of the NOI to Sunni Islam.

    All this is not to say the Imam is immune from criticism but it has to be done with hikmah (wisdom) and humbleness as this is the way of our pious predecessors.

    I hope that Imam Siraj and MANA will continue to reinforce the fact that NOI even within its new guise is NOT a Muslim organisation, and will encourage its leaders and members to publically reject the teachings of the past and come into true Islam. I also hope that you will become more active in Islamic work, and one day InshaAllah be just as if not more effective for the Muslim community then the likes of Imam Siraj.

    Finally posts like yours are reasons why I will never blog, because it enables very reasonable people to make very unreasonable comments. 😉

    It would be great if you could remove the offending posts and this thread.

    If you think any of the above has deviated from the sincere purpose and result of giving advice then I ask for your forgiveness.

    Allah Knows Best

  8. abuusama says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum Ikhwan

    Br. Abdur Rahman and Br. Muhammad Khalifa as both of you seem to be versed in the deen inshaAllah you will take my comments not as being dictatorial but rather as a reminder to us all.

    First Br. Abdur Rahman I fully understand your concerns which prompted your comments, yet Allah aza wa jal has given clear guidance as to not be harse, also the adab for Muslims is to not confer erroneous nicknames or perjoratives upon one another.

    We are enjoined to call a man that which he wants to be called, so long as it is with in reason. So Br. Akbar Muhammad choses to be called by “Akbar Muhammad” so to call him by other than that is a disrepect.

    Further we are instructed to debate in the best manner, so we should not nor do we need to resort to ad homenmiem attacks in order to prove the merits of our points.

    I was there and I heard Br. Akbar uttered the shahadatyn which was sound, again not to belabor the point but we must be careful, and I say this to myself because no so long ago I was prone to saying much worst about the NOI and its leadership.

    But what I do find interesting is that you have neglected to relay anything about the actual content of his speech. hmmmmmm

    Br. Muhammad Khalifa perhaps Br Abdur Rahman is unaware of the nature of the documents which comprise pact or treaty which is often refered to as “the Madinah Constitution” and how it relates to Surah Imran (3) ayah 100-104. As I am not a scholar while I will allow you to research that yourself to see why it’s relevant in this case, I will say both ibn Kathir and at-Tabari elaborate on it.

    Also Br. Abdur Rahman you can correct me if I am wrong but I have yet to read any hadith where the Prophet (saws) addressed the Quraysh as “O you Kafir” or “O you Mushrik”, and these were the worst of mankind yet from my limited knownledge he often said “O my people” did he not when refering to these very same “kafirs” and “mushriks”? Allahu Alim

    And when the Prophet (saws) called and gathered the Quraysh together in a “meeting” and asked who was with him wasn’t Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) then a child the only one who stood with him? Did he denounce the rest of them as kafirs? Or did he still seek to give them dawah? Or what about Taif where he was pelted until he bled as were not those people his open enemies, what did our Prophet (saws) do? Are we not to follow his example to the degree that we can?

    We must speak out against all shirk which includes bearing false witness. I was there and I did not hear him “say that “Fard Muhammad” is his god who appeared in Detroit in the 1930’s”

    So I do not know what is in his heart when he uttered the shahadatyn at the conference, but I did him utter it. Allahu Alim

    Ma’a Salaam
    Abu Usamah (Detroit EASTSIDE!!)

  9. Salaamu Alaikum. its called DAWAH. Allahuallum.

  10. Hassan Ali says:

    Abdur-Rahman M in Tawheed,
    You are clearly an agent of the United States government. If not directly, then by way of your Wahhabi/Salafi deviant paymasters who were themselves a creation of the British imperialists bent on destroying the Khilafa.
    Of course your response will be that the Usmani Khilafa was deviant and saturated with innovation….yada, yada, yada.
    If you have an inkling of good in you, study your heart and whatever you may have of intellect and ask yourself: “Why am I so bent on destroying the reputation of my brother.?”
    Before you humiliate yourself with a deficient attempt at a scholarly rebuttal, let me tell you I am NOT a member of the NOI and I have studied extensively in Mecca AND Madinah, so save the condescending speel about how things are in traditionally Muslim lands for a novice.
    I KNOW who and what lackeys like yourself are-Quisling puppets of the eurocentric/jewish lobby. You should be ashamed.
    As for your comment about how “alienated” white Muslims must have felt…let me say this: Anyone who has done even a cursory study of last thousand years of world history would be dishonest if they didn’t acknowledge that Iblis has used Europeans as his most expedient weapon in his war against Bani Adam.
    Shame on you Abdur-Rahman M in Tawheed, shame on you!
    Your FREE brother,
    Hassan Ali

    P.S. I am trying to find a term that accurately describes apologist, Uncle Tom’s such as you that have entered the fold of Islam. Maybe you can help me with this.

  11. Ahmizzo says:

    For the record, Akbar is no longer i the nation of Islam, so bro Abdur-Rahman, you see how your self-rightiouness just entered you into the realm of slander, because Akbar does not believe the Fard ideology. How do I know? Becuase I know him personally, and if you did you would know that he is no longer inthe NOI. As a matter of fact in the program it named him as the ” Founder of the middle east and Africa literacy mission.

  12. Abdur-Rahman Muhammad says:

    If Larry is no longer in the NOI that point needs to be clarified. However, I don’t quite understand why a man who is no longer in the NOI would open up his address with “greetings from Minister Farrakhan”. The man has a forty year career as Farrakhan’s chief aid and confidant (some would say his brain). If he has repudiated Fardism, false prophethood, motherplanes, baby planes, big head scientists, Alphonzo & Baby G, and all the rest of that insane psycho-babble, no one would be happier than I. In fact, the sad part about it is that the man is very talented and would no doubt be an asset to the Muslim Ummah. But as things stand now he is a criminal. If he wants to be accepted into the fold of Islam let him do what everyone else had to do, disavow his corrupt beliefs and proclaim the Shahadatan in front of two witnesses. Its time to get serious with this deen and stop playing games.

    I would love to see proof of his acceptence of the deen, but why is everyone trying to make this issue so spooky. Just ask the man,”do you still hold NOI beliefs and are you a real Muslim now”? Thats all there is to it.

    If I am incorrect I will be the first to run to this blog and gladly proclaim my error. There is absolutely no shame in admitting you’re wrong. It is actually a sign of growth and development. But we must clear up the record. If MANA is wrong for sullying the conference by allowing Larry to share the stage with respected Imams, will they have the courage to admit and correct the mistake so that we can move forward, worship Allah together, and raise up a poor and suffering people?

  13. HU Prof. says:

    For more on Akbar Muhammad, there is a bio of him at http://www.truthinstitute.org/bios/Akbar_Muhammad.htm. It is copyrighted as 2007, which leads me to beleive that it is current. If it is in fact current, then as stated A. Muhammad “is currently the International Representative for the Nation of Islam with offices and residences in Accra, Ghana and the United States.” The bio also places him within the auspices of Farakhan and the NoI: “In fulfilling his duties as International Representative traveling and speaking on behalf of the Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan, Akbar has traveled around the world four times,” the document says.

    The bio also boasts of him assisting Farakhan in rebuilding the NOI: “In 1982, he returned to Chicago to work closely with Minister Louis Farrakhan providing ministerial and administrative assistance,” the document says.

    The bio also marks Akbar’s departure from the leadership of Imam W.D. Muhammad in 1977 when he resigned as “special assistant to Imam Muhammad,” the document says.

    From all accounts, unless A. Muhammad has publicly denounced his association with the NOI, it appears that he is closely wedded to it, and is most probably still a believer/member of its creed; but what the document cleverly avoids is his actual belief. It most certainly does not advertise him as having accepted suni (or orthodox) Islam over the man-produced beliefs of the NOI, which no doubt, veers far from Islam.

    I agree with the initial blogger, A. Muhammad, that MANNA was in manifest error by the inclusion of a person who, if true, promulgates ideologies that are antithetical to Islam; it sends the message that those who commit open shirk, and call it “Islam” in some way, are acceptable to promote the cause of AA Muslims who genuinely accept Islam.

    To address another point raised in this discussion regrding what the NOI has done over what the sunis have not done, as commented by M. Khalifa on 11/11, let me say this: AA Muslims have been involved in assisting both Muslims and non-Muslims in our community to make it conducive to meeting out our existance in a secular society. Islami-Malati is one such organization that assists addicted Muslims and non-Muslims in our community, and has even influenced some of its members to make the shahada. What the organization, like many others, do not seek is “to be seen of men,” thus cancelling their sadiqah. In my experience, the NOI may be “seen of men” in what they do “for” the community specifically for that purpose, and I am speaking of one who has come out of the NOI tradition.

    So, because AA Muslims, specifically those of the Suni strain, who have been involved in “bettering” the AA community have not received the type of notariety the likes of the NOI does not mean that they have been no less involved.

    Not only that, but those who do “charity” work that is not done “for the cause of Allah,”–like secular non-profit organizations that offer drug treatment programs, and condom-promoting HIV/AIDS awareness programs–may do so for the betterment of our community, but in the end, if persons who do so are not “believers,” in this case in Islam, then their reward will come in this life, not in the hereafter, because they will surely be among the loosers.

    Aside from that, the tone and tenor of the initial blogger and subsequent respondents has been rancorous, to say the least. Such language may deter some from investing the time and energy to entertain such ideas and vulgarities expressed herein.

    Might I suggest a level of cordial diction and fewer instances of ad hominem mud slinging to make the obscure messages, albeit valuable, more productive.

    I am less inclinded to be a part of this type of dialogue, at the current level.

  14. Ahmizzo says:

    This is really juvenile. I will not waste my time arguing with novices in the realm of fiqh in regards to who is a true muslim or not. If I were a betting man I would bet that Bro Abdu-Rahman can’t spell aqida or fiqh in arabic let alone put up false sharait on what constsitues a valid shadada. Bro Akbar has tried to for close to a year now employ me in the sphere of teaching thr classical Islamic sciences to his former ilk. For the sake of your own soul fear Allah, and hold your tongue and have husnudhun.I must do something worthwhile & return to my studies As-salaamu-alaikum!

  15. Hassan Ali says:

    Salaam Alaikum,
    Abdur Rahman Muhammad,
    Can you prove not to be in the employ of the government of the United States as an agent provacateur?
    I detect in your quotes “raise up a poor and suffering people?” and “even if we solve the many undeniable social problems plaguing us.”, the strong scent of a would be activist who is really over come with envy, awe and bewilderment at the success ALLAH granted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the upliftment of the Blackman in America.
    I have a proposal/suggestion for you brother Abdur Rahman. That is of course, IF you have the testicular fortitude to respond to me directly at my e-mail address(WHICH I AM SURE YOU HAVE!).
    If you would be courageous and forthcoming enough to identify yourself expicitly.
    And if you can prove you are not and never have been an agent of any entity or agency seeking to cause division or discord within the ranks of the African American Community-both Muslim and non-Muslim; we can use your blog as a positive means of clarifying your concerns and reach out to the NOI and ask the leadership for an
    audience with Brother Akbar. Then you can ask him directly what he believes and he can in turn tell you what the NOI believes.
    However, ALL of my efforts in the way of arranging this are contingent upon you proving you are merely a concerned Muslim citizen.
    Hassan Ali


  16. Muhammad Deen says:

    As Salaam Alaykum,
    May Allah’s peace be upon all the believers.
    I question the use of this public forum as the correct means for believers to air out differences.
    What business is it of ours what Minister Akbar’s beliefs are?
    I oversaw this blog on my brothers computer and my heart is saddened. Where is the outrage with regarding our enemies actions all over the Muslim world???
    Respect and Love are siamese twins! Respect one another!!!
    As Salaam Alaykum!
    Muhammad Deen

  17. MikaDee says:

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    The comments in here make me wonder if I am truly reading comments from Muslims.. not matter if you believe yourself to be correct, have we all forgotten our ahdab?

  18. Hassan Ali says:

    I agree Mikadee. However, the host of this blog started this unfortunate dialougue. HE set this unfortunate, bitter tone.
    Given all he has incited, I feel the onus is fully on him to prove to us all: IS HE A GOVERNMENT AGENT?
    I will not leave him alone until he responds to my query-ARE YOU A GOVERNMENT SPONSORED AGENT PROVACATEUR???
    Hassan Ali
    (U know how to reach me.)

  19. As Salaamu Alaikum,
    I attended the MANA convention. It was the first Muslim convention I attended (I’ve been to ISNA, ICNA, RIS, NAWAWI, Savior Day, Mosque Cares, Zaytuna Minara, NIMA, etc many times) where the PARTICIPANTS sat down in the last hours and developed action plans and timetables to start addressing the myraid issues facing AA Indigenous Muslims. Because of this, I considered the MANA convention one of the best muslim conventions I ever attended. African Americans need all the help the can get. Insha Allah, those who are not Sunni Muslims but are committed to helping the african american community will embrace Sunni Islam during their efforts to help us.

    Abdul Hakim Luqman, MD

  20. […] I was excited because I thought, “Here is a man who delivers his speeches in the same oratorical style and tradition of Malcolm X”. I really believed that he could be just the right national leader to address the aforementioned ills, essentially becoming our national spokesman. It was my thought at the time that I would help the Imam built something like a “Sunni” NOI, which is to say, a well organized, disciplined, nationwide movement based upon the Quran and Sunnah (and not Fard and the motherplane). […]

  21. Muhammad-Nur says:


    I usually don’t get into these type discussions because people are usually hardened in their positions and are really not interested in listening. But a few point I would like to make. One of them have been mentioned already but really is it that hard to call the brother by his chosen name. His chosen name Abdul Akbar Muhammad. Just because you believe he’s not a muslim doesn’t mean you can’t afford him that courtesy.
    Second inviting people like Minister Akbar to this type of event is very could dawah to the NOI. I was in the NOI for about 8 years. And these type of gestures and leanings really help the members who are “on the fence” bridge over to Islam. Granted it may not cause a mass shift but I know numerous people who have accepted Islam from the NOI because of kind treatment from Muslims as opposed to frontal and confrontational rantings on tawheed. The frontal attack causes most people but I feel people in the NOI moreso to become defensive and they won’t listen. People who already believe they’re Muslim you can’t start off giving them dawah by telling them that they are not. But I’m not going to go too far into that. But as a side point I will mention if you are ever trying to give dawah to someone in the nation, introduce them to Rasulullah (sallah alaihi wa sallam). If you can get them to read more about him (sallahu alaihi wa sallam) you’re on the way to a convert.
    Anyway the other point is of all the ministers in the NOI I believe Minister Akbar actually is a Muslim. He’s uttered his shahada but so has many other ministers and then go back to teaching the shirk and other falsehoods. However, I think he’s the main minister working to bring the NOI to Islam. I think its due to his many years overseas being with the Muslims that has allowed Islam to penetrate more in his heart than the other ministers. Though I haven’t heard him necessarily denounce the teachings of the NOI but in reality he can not openly do that and still work to bring the NOI to Islam. He would be instantly shun and outcast from amongst them. But I don’t think you will find him actually teaching those teachings. I could be wrong but those are my gut feelings about him after hearing a few talks by him around the time I left the NOI. He was dropping a lot of “hints” that not only he but it was also Farrakhan’s wish that the NOI come to Islam. To be honest I have major doubts about Farrakhan, but I for some reason believe minister Akbar.

  22. […] to see. There remained however at least one stain on an otherwise positive program, that being the invitation of NOI minister Larry 4X (sometimes known as Akbar Muhammad) to speak before the Muslims. This was more than a mistake, it […]

  23. Farhanahz says:

    Assalaam aleikum wa Ramatulah wa Barakatuh.

    OK people, enough!!! You’re all behaving worst than my six year old daughter. She suffers from autism, what is YOUR excuse.

    Br. Abdur Rahman M: As a citizen of this country you’re entitled to your opinion, and no one has the right to deny you that privilege. On the other hand, spare us the vitriol. A good writer need not resort to personal attacks of that level to make a point.

    Br. Muhamad Khalifa: Also as citizens of this country you and MANA leadership are entitled to invite to your events ANYBODY you feel like. Imam Siraj has the right to be photograph with whoever suits his fancy. But, oh PLEASE! get down from the “holier than thou” pedestal and stop the personal attacks too. You function from the stanpoint that Br. Abdur Rahman has not done anything for the Black community, and you know what? YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT!!!

    Br. Sameer Parker: The Lord of this and other worlds created us with free will. Therefore Aqeedah is a PERSONAL thing that just ALLAH (SWT) has the right to judge.

    Br. A: You’re right, MANA should not “be lambasted” for doing what they think is right. But then, don’t go into lambasting ISNA, ICNA and “other groups” for doing what they think is right, please.

    Br. Nafees: It is soooo true when you say that we have to be kind and gentle in our relations with others. Specially when you say:
    “Brother you should know that the correct way to deal with a perceived error is to first determine all the facts, and then try to correct in private, and then if the person does not heed make it public if the fault was a public one” Then you amazed me when you go into attacking mode and tell Brother Abdur Rahman that he has not done ANYTHING for the Black community (eyes rolling), here we go again talking about things that just ALLAH (SWT) knows. And, by the way, do not forget that, as beautiful human being as Imam Siraj is, he cannot bring anybody to anything. It is ALLAH and no one else who can bring NOI followers to Islam.

    Br. Abuusama: Your writing starts quite in line with how things should be; but then you derailed with the assertion that you heard Mr. Akbar Muhammad utter the Shahada (which I have no reason to doubt he did) Nonetheless, even Shaytan knows that there’s no other god but Allah, and that Muhhammad is His Prophet. Regarding the content of the speech, it is irrelevant. The vast majority of the people who saw and will see the picture were not at the conference, and did not hear the speech either. And remember that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

    Br. Hassan Ali: Brother, Brother, Brother. What can I say? You sound like a retardatarian recording from the 50’s. Save us the agravation with your tired accusations, please. In this day and age the government does not need “agent provocateurs” to achieve whatever it is they want. Extensive studies in Makkah and Medinah, oh my, what a waste! Keep in mind that no one owes you anything, and no one has to prove YOU anything. And by the way, be careful with your phrase “I will not leave him alone until…”; as a lawyer is my duty to let you know that that sounds like a threat and may have unintended consecuences.

    Br. Ahmizzo: (sigh) Let me repeat myself: no human being could say they know what another human being believe and being right about it. Sometimes even ourselves don’t know what we believe. Again, just ALLAH (SWT) knows. On the other hand you’re totally right on this “don’t waste your time arguing” with what you call “novices” about Fiqh. Teach them what Fiqh is.

    Br. or Sr. HU Prof: Please do not waste your time with this childish and self-indulgent “conversation”. I’m pretty sure you have more edificatory things to do that will be more pleasant to the spirit.

    Br. Muhammad Deen: Finally!!! somebody with common sense.

    Br. or Sr. Mikadeeh: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everything is not lost. There still are reasonable Muslims.

    Br. Abdul Hakim Luqman: If you feel the MANA convention was the best, then it was. When you get what you need out of an event, that event accomplished what it was set to do.

    Br. Muhammad Nur: Although I may not agree with some of the statements in your message, and ALLAH (SWT) knows I don’t, it is not possible for me to chastise you after the gentleman-like way you expressed your views. Sad that your post got lost among the thunder and lightning that the post of Br. Abdur Rahman created.

    And now to close my troupe reprimand:

    My apologies if my words offended anybody, it was not my intention; but we all should admit, you all have done a better job of offending each other than I would have ever dreamed of making.

    Why do I believe that I was entitled to scold everybody? Well, when I’m among people that behave like kids I tend to behave like a mother.

    And last, no Brother Hassan Ali, I’m not an “agent provocateur” or an employee of this or any other government for that matter. I just could not resist the temptation of no letting you all go without a good old Black school posterior whipping, and also because I have the “OVARIAN FORTITUDE” to express my views too

    With my best regards and wishes of many blessings of our Lord ALLAH (SWT) for you and your families in this comming year,

    your Sister in Islam,
    Farhanahz Ellis.

    PS. Brother Hassan Ali if all these reasons do not satisfy you, then let me express that my age allow me to scold any mischievous “little kid”

  24. Hassan Ali says:

    May Allah increase you.

  25. […] Tags: Nation of Islam trackback Video of a Muslim – Abdur-Raheem Green – heckling a nut from the NOI speaking in Hyde Park in […]

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  27. […] St. Louis Benefit Gala for racist, Nation of Islam member under FBI investigation By creeping When politicians, including ex-mayors and candidates for mayor, come out to support and raise money for a racist, anti-American under FBI investigation, it sheds light on the willful blindness of elected leaders in the United States. For those who do think the gala was a noble cause, check out the NOI’s plan to segregate blacks and whites by giving black Americans their own territory. And the NOI’s belief that ‘Allah’ appeared in July, 1930 in the form of W. Fard Muhammad – which doesn’t sit well with some Muslims. […]

  28. […] time readers of this blog will remember that one of my earliest entries concerned the presence of Larry 4X Prescott (Akbar Muhammad) at MANA’s first convention in […]

  29. […] Akbar Muhammad (aka Larry 4X Prescott) appeared at a Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) meeting with Siraj Wahhaj, reportedly “to deliver a passionate speech defending convicted cop killer Jamil […]

  30. […] was going on in MANA, and publicly condemned the dangerous path of embracing the Farrakhan and his officials. It is now perfectly clear to all and sundry that we must find new leadership for the 21st […]

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