Cheer Up, The Future is Bright!

Posted: November 11, 2007 in Uncategorized
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  I just returned from an aqiqah (baby naming ceremony) which welcomed into the world a precious new addition to the Ummah, little Zayd Ahmad Shaheed, the first born to brother Khalid Shaheed and his devoted soul mate Azizah, a lovely young couple here in the Washington, DC area. Coming away from that function I reflected on the fact that in all that we do as Muslims there is a benefit and a wisdom attached to it, whether we know exactly what it is or not. However today I am quite certain of the benefit and boon which my spirit received from this well attended affair… a heavy dosage of industrial strength HOPE. 

The Muslims, like most other Americans, are in the doldrums. Like most Americans they’re sick of this President and sick of this insane occupation in Iraq. But unlike other Americans they have to put up with the unrelenting barrage of anti-Islamic propaganda saturating the media dailey, gravely affecting at times their morale and enthusiasm for the future. That is why I am suggesting that we attend as many of these aqiqahs as possible, and to insure that we do, that we have as many babies as we can responsibly afford. Therein lies the hope for tomorrow. When I looked around the room and saw all the young, handsome couples assembled for the occasion, almost all African American and mostly newly-weds, husbands and wives shooting secret, googly glances at one another, I smiled and said silently to myself “Allah is the Greatest”. Islam will win the day.

  1. amal says:

    now you see I used to be all hopeful , now with time my hope is deflating , I have a 2 year old of my own and i fear for her future , I really dont think society is going to get better i feel it is getting worse , the confusion is getting worse . Everything just looks wrong . Sometimes I want children sometimes I dont , because of the way scoiety is and the way the ummah is .

  2. Hassan Ali says:

    You smiled? I am amazed! I imagined you as wearing a perpetual grimace to go along with your short pants and unkempt beard.
    I am proud of you Muhammad!
    Hassan Ali
    (Remember me?)

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