House Negro and Field Negro

Posted: January 3, 2008 in Uncategorized
  1. Yosef Davis Peekskill, NY says:

    There are unfortunely alot of Imams in our community who have chosen to be house negroes.They push the muslim agenda of shayhks acoss the waters even when it is detrimental to our progress and selfdetermation as a muslim minority in majority nonmuslim country.They have misconstrued selfdetermation and nationalism.How is wanting to improve conditions of the toiling black masses who are under thumb of white nation state America nationalism.You tell me I like to know.Many activists in our communties were slander and labeled nationalist just because they advocated for justice for there tribe,kith and kin.Can you imagine being activist for a good portion of your life and then accepting Islam and end up in a super salafi community. Right immediately you will be told brother that not way of the Prophet peace be upon him.The Prophet never went to demonstrations.Brother just make Dua and read ThalaathatulUsool[the three principles]in with the brothers in Monday night Halaqa.Just keep the deen confine to masjid that want there really trying to say.A masjid in the hood that avoids the realties that occur everyday there.What a mismessage.

  2. Yosef Davis Peekskill, NY says:

    This post in know way means that I am aganist the creed of the salaf.But I am aganist those who use the Islamic term to make complacement and forego our convictions for improving the lot of our people.

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