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MAS Freedom’s Executive Director, Imam Mahdi Bray posted a response to my series. I have reproduced it below. This is all part of the much needed and long overdue discourse in our community.

Imam Bray’s response is below the fold:

In response to your question concerning the commitment of MAS Freedom to the social justice issues in the African-American community we have constantly since day one been involved in upholding and defending justice in the African-American community. To mention a few examples we defended and successfully forced Homeland Security to restore a commercial driver’s license to Bilal Mahmoud an African-American former Vietnam Veteran in Atlanta, GA.
We held demonstrations and rallies in front of the Supreme Court in response to the assault on affirmative action. We have a tactical alliance with the traditional civil rights organizations including the NAACP and serve on their religious affairs committee. We were the only national Muslim organization to address the Jena 6 issue as well as sending a delegation to Jena, LA.
We also have worked tirelessly for federal legislation involving racial profiling better know as “driving while black” and defended two African-Americans unjustly detained and profiled on I-95 in Maryland. We were a national co-sponsor of the Martin Luther King National Anniversary March and Rally. We continue to lobby for the passing of John Conyers Law-enforcement and Integrity Act that addresses police brutality in our major urban cities.We have done extensive work with Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Rev. Herb Daultry.
Our election division continues to lobby across the nation for the restoration of convicted felons right to vote since this disproportionately disenfranchises African-American males. We have both legally and administratively challenged any efforts to suppress the voting capability of African-Americans and since 2004 have constantly provided monitors in our “Count Every Vote and Make Every Vote Count” campaign.
We received recognition by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) for our 2000 volunteers (MAS Freedom Boots on the Ground Campaign) which helped victims of Hurricane Katrina and opened our centers and masjids as shelters for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Additionally we collected and donated one-million dollars to Sheila Jackson-Lee on Capitol Hill to be used for the victims of Katrina and gave it in grants to predominantly African-American religious leaders in the Greater Houston Area.
We have raised thousands of dollars and provided legal services to numerous African-American Muslims who have been caught up in law-enforcement terrorism entrapment scenarios. We have also been commended for our work in the African-American community in such publications as the Final Call, the Afro-American, the Journal and Guide, and other African-American sources.
Our human-rights department has led numerous delegations to Africa and more recently to the Sudan in order to correct the racist propaganda that has been hurled against Muslims in Africa.
I was the recipient on behalf of MAS Freedom of the Congressional Black Caucus Service Award and campaigned along with Rev. Jesse Jackson and comedian and Senate Candidate Al Franken for Congressman Keith Ellison.

Finally, I think our greatest contribution at MAS Freedom, is our constant advocacy to non African-American Muslims of the importance of the long historical struggle of African-American people in this country and the need to unite and address the issue of racism and injustice that still haunts our nation and sadly our Ummah.

  1. Faisal says:

    Imam Bray please keep up the good work in the community. there are many like you that are doing a lot of unappreciated work and an ounce of work is better than a pound of complaint

  2. To blog owner: nice effort, but please consider reducing the font sizing. The huge font, contrary to what your intention may have been, is NOT easy on the eyes…

  3. Alhamdulillah Brother Mahdi
    Thanks for setting the record straight. As you well know, most of the work of this nature is done out of the public (meaning media) eye, and we don’t have yet enough media to spread the news about the good work being done by Muslims, and those who are involved in it are too busy doing it to talk about it. We all need better communications though,because segments of the ummah need to know what other segments are doing.

    Jazakallah Khair,
    -Imam Talib

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