Clash with “Islamic Culture”?

Posted: January 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

While browsing the internet, I ran into this debate about the so-called “Clash of Civilizations” by Reza Aslan and Rod Dreher. I don’t know either men, but Mr. Aslan dismantles the concept of the monolithic “Islamic Culture” that forms the thesis of this thinking. Whether from Muslims or non-Muslims, I don’t like this thinking. I am a Muslim who was born and raised in the United States and my culture is firmly rooted here. There are a variety of different cultures and there is no such thing as “Islamic Culture”.

Islamic Worship and Belief? Yes

“Islamic Culture”? No

They address an array of subjects around this. Watch the entire debate here

  1. Charles says:

    Reza Aslan is a serious brother. If you haven’t checked out his works, they are of great importance to Muslims wishing to move beyond the Kool-Aid. I tip my hat to him and Prof. Khalid Abou el Fadl. They are two immigrant brothers attempting to get rid of the stupidity; of course they have their critics though.

  2. I like Reza Aslan but as you pointed out, he holds to the same tired idea of there being a monolithic (nearly homogenous) Muslim American identity. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the various Muslim communities in the United States. And at least from the lecture I attended of his, only mentions non-immigrant American Muslims in passing. One would think we don’t even exist…

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