The Majlis Islamic Salon Invites You to Attend

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

The Next Meeting of the Majlis Islamic Salon!

I have been receiving so many emails and calls from people who want to attend the Majlis, however due to space and privacy concerns we have had to limit the number of participants. But Alhumdulillah we have secured a wonderful open location that we can now open to all the brothers and sisters who want to participate. More below the fold

This week, we will have an astute guest speaker leading the discussion, brother Carl “Lut” Williams, syndicated sports journalist and original member of the Islamic Party of North America, an early Islamic movement founded in the 70’s right here in Washington, D.C. No one will want to miss this!! We also ask of those who plan to attend to arrive early for space is still limited.

When: Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where: Emery Heights Recreation Center Lounge

5701 Georgia Ave. N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20011

Time: 1:30pm til 4:00 pm

It is so extremely gratifying for me to see what the Muslims of the Washington, D.C. area are doing with the Islamic Salon idea that I first proposed some months back. Only this past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a very stimulating and informative salon hosted in the Northern Va. condo of Khalil and Aisha Reynolds. The newlywed couple (I think two years now) were participants in the discussion we had on the movie The Great Debaters, and were so enthusiastic about the concept that they immediately organized their own meeting that very week.

There were two important topics on the table, 1) the relationship of culture to the revealed word, 2) and the frightful condition of the Blackamerican male in American society. The disucussion was free flowing and intelligent, but stuck closely to the topics at hand. Blogger Tariq Nelson, who always has something interesting to say, challenged certain preconceived, and in his view flawed, notions of “Islamic Culture”. Sister Aisha shared with the group how she and her husband tried to incorporate many elements of African American and “Islamic” culture in their wedding ceremony. But this was a ethnically diverse group (as they always are), and everyone had something to say on the challenges associated with defining the parameters of ones own culture and Islam.

Turning to the issue of the Blackamerican male, the group was in full agreement that the conditions facing Black men and boys call for a plan a action. Mere philosophizing is totally inadequate and the desperate need exists for Muslims to step up and play their divine role in society . One concrete suggestion that emerged was “individual mentoring”, an idea that we promised to pursue in the coming weeks (inshallah).

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  2. Aisha Jackson Reynolds says:

    JAK for the positive words. Khalil and I look forward to rolling up our sleeves and being more visable in the community – the grass roots way. As stated before – if we are going to wait around for “leadership” to solve all of our complex community problems then we will be waiting a long time. What we can all do individually and collectively is try to do small things on a consistent basis. As the Prophet says, “Allah loves the small things done consistently”, may our small actions be pleasing to Allah and for his sake. AMEEN!

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