Marry Your “Baby Daddy”

Posted: February 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

An article about efforts to repair the family in the black community

Reid, 31 and single, dreams of wedding bells. But not just for herself. She wishes they jangled more for her peers in the African-American community, where the marriage rate is 36 percent and 70 percent of children are born out of wedlock.

Statistics like these are what convinced Reid to take matters into her own hands: She has christened Sept. 27 “Marry Your Baby Daddy Day.” An act of grass-roots social engineering, her effort to wed unmarried black couples who have children echoes efforts – by government, churches, and social welfare groups – to strengthen the institution of marriage.

  1. ronchuck says:

    Blacks were assimilating towards White norms up until the Great Society came along

  2. Safiyyah says:

    Salaams Brother:

    Catchy title, but:

    “Repair the family in the black community” ? By whose definition? Her criteria, in part, by interview is:

    1. Home visits in which they looked for evidence of a strong family life
    2. orderly homes with personal space for the children
    3. family photos on the wall
    4. warm interactions between family members
    5. proven track record of stability (some relationships go back 15 years)
    6. must have children and live together
    7. In short, they must have all the attributes of a good marriage, sans vows.
    8. Oh, and they’ve got to look good, too

    And finally, she says, “”I don’t want it to somehow seem ‘ghetto.’

    I don’t think that black women living in part, in above criteria, would refer to their partner as their “baby’s daddy”. That definitely, IS ghetto.

    What is there to “repair” in the above type of partnership? Just because people aren’t legally or relgiously married?

    She may do better to start a contest for apostates like herself.

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