The Majlis Islamic Salon Malcolm X Historic Field Trip

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

We will be sponsoring a trip to New York City to visit historic Malcolm X sites and meet some of the people who met him, insha Allah on April 5th. This trip is a once in a life time experience and there is no other cultural event like it.

1. This is an all day excursion on coach buses to New York City which will trace the steps of the Muslim leader’s life.

2. Enjoy stimulating lectures and discussions with America’s top Malcolm X authorities, including some of Malcolm X’s personal colleagues.

3. Documentary presentations which will accompany the journey up to New York.

4. Participants will visit the grave-site of the slain leader and his wife, Dr. Betty Shabazz in upstate New York.

5. Participants will tour the Malcolm X, Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center, formerly the Audubon Ballroom, site of his assassination, and stand on the very spot where Malcolm X was cut down 43 years ago.

6. They will visit the Schomburg Center of Black Culture and History which houses his personal papers, and will be allowed to see the very Quran from which he preached, including all manner of personal memorabilia.

7. They will then proceed to Malcolm’s home in the section of East Elmhurst, Queens, which was fire bombed only one week before his murder. There they will be treated to a rare opportunity to hear a talk by Abdullah Abdur-Razzaq (formerly James 67x Shabazz), Malcolm’s personal secretary both in and out of the Nation of Islam, who was with Malcolm the night of the bombing!

8. The day will end with a visit to Masjid Malcolm Shabazz, the mosque where he preached in Harlem.

Contact me if you want to attend and spread the word! We will not have many more opportunities to speak to people who knew Malcolm personally as many of them are now leaving us.

  1. Sister Seeking says:

    Salaam’Alaikum Brother:

    Ma’sha’Allah, May Allah reward you all for putting this together!

    I can’t attend, but I pray that you or some one will video tape this, and compile a book.


    Sister Seeking

    P.S.- This is something I could use for an Islamic/Black history lesson for my daughter in the future in’sha’Allah. – Willing to buy it, if money is an issue.

  2. DC Muslimah says:

    Inshallah, I’m there!

  3. DC Muslimah says:

    A Muslim Brother has a restaurant franchise there called, Supreme
    Fish Delight, that perhaps we can all visit for food, etc. while there.

    Jazallah Kharan for your efforts.


  4. IBN ABDUL HAQQ says:

    ASA my brother i know you have had differences, but my brother in islam.

    Imam Talib Rashid of M.I.B.knows many who were with Malcom.This

    is just a suggestion ain’t trying to start no mess

    Happy to see you young brothers honoring our own.

  5. Kwame Madden says:

    Inshallah ,when you brothers and sisters come to the big apple hopefully I can meet you there.Keep up good work DC muslims.

  6. Mohammed Idris says:

    hmmmmm…this trip didn’t happen now did it? I get the feeling that someone is all TALK and no action

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