Are We Surprised Anymore?

Posted: March 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

NY Governor Eliot Spitzer caught in Prostitution Ring

They drag their wives out to look humiliated in front of the press

  1. Kwame Madden says:

    Eliot Spitzer joins the list of Tri state governors humilated and also doing a diservice to those who elected them.This governor was
    supose to be agent of change but I guess that all in the wind now.
    Eliot might of bit off to much when he went after Joe Bruno and company these Republicians decided to teach Eliot a vauable lesson.
    Eliot naf’s brought him down no control .Some even talk about him being the first jewish president.Eliot was supose be squeaky clean no blemishes.He known to be someone who stood up for working man and downtrodden.He made a Africian American Ny state senator David Patterson his litenuant governor .The way things look
    Patterson will be the next governor and the first Africam American Governor ever of the state.Also Patterson is legally blind but this has never stop him from reaching his goals.His father Basil Patterson was
    a elected offical and major player amongst Harlem’s black poltical establishment.David to credit is defintenly capable of replacing Mr.Spitzer.Also to credit he has always been a champion of Africian American issues.Some good might come out of this afterall.All is not loss afterall.Yes it is a big surprise but after 12 miserable years under Pataki I guess we in this state will get over this hump.Bro, Patterson is defintenly capable of taking over the helm.

  2. Kwame Madden says:

    It is offical Eliot has step down after long negotiations in Albany the state captial of Newyork.His adversaries in the republician party and WallSt. are happy as can be to see this tough cookie go down.To Mr.Spitzer credit hewas defintenly tough on wallst. corruption and government waste.Eliot came to stop corruption in Albany and to put some normalcy to a state government that had went mad.Late budgets every year was regular.Unfortunely his short reign has been
    drowned in conterversy.Giving license to illegal immigrants,illegal spying on powerful republican figure Joe Bruno and now caught
    purchasing a high price call girl across state lines.Harlem,Ny black
    poltical establishment Im sure is happy as can be with Brother David taken over the helm.Also the good hardworking citizens can chance at seeing one of their sons become the first Africian American Governor of this fiscal strap state.No longer will Bro.Patterson just be a symbolic figure he is now our governor.It’s going be some interesting times.

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