Keith Olbermann on Clinton Campaign

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Uncategorized
  1. IBN ABDUL HAQQ says:

    Asa I am posting this so many could realize why some who may not like blacks, see a need for Obama to win.The real rulers of America are planning the 22nd century. We know Allah is the best planner, but we still study enemy tactics.
    Thanks to Sis Gess for posting this interview.

    “When I think about Obama, I think about the Roman Empire, how the Romans, when the empire was on the decline, chose some of the assimilated bright ones from amongst the barbarians to help save it. People who had been formerly cast as barbarians: Germans.

    So, there might be an accommodation. They might want to enlist the bright ones from among what they consider to be the American barbarian population- people like Gates and Obama to save the empire. But the racist attitudes of some elements in the White working class, and these White trash gangsters Ma and Pa Clinton are getting in the way. Because they can’t fight ‘em all. They can’t fight all Blacks in this country, they can’t fight Mexican Americans – they’re more worried about them then they are worried about us because their birth rates are going through the roof and about to overtake both the Black and White populations. They can’t fight what they call Islamo-fascists. So, there has to be an accommodation, some kind of deal made. Obama is the ticket, but these ignorant fools led by people like Rush Limbaugh can’t see a good thing when it’s right there in front of their eyes.“

    -Ishmael Reed

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