Saudi King Calls For Interfaith Dialogue

Posted: March 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Salafis rail against those who participate in any type interfaith dialogue, but it is part of their creed to have undying love and completely shill for the King of Saudi Arabia. Now we see that the King of Saudi Arabia has engaged in interfaith dialogue. (King Abdullah even called non-Muslims “brethren”) However we have heard so many khutbahs and lectures in which they demonize Muslims that engage in the very same type of dialogue. Which way will the salafis go now that the King of Saudi Arabia has done the exact same thing? I hope there is no cognitive dissonance.

Saudi King Abdullah’s desire to convene a meeting between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious communities was reported Tuesday by the official Saudi Arabian News Agency.

I invite representatives of all the monotheistic religions to meet with their brothers in faith,” the king was quoted as saying. The theme of the expected conference was reported to be “respect among the religions.

The news agency reported that senior Muslim leaders authorized the idea and consultations would be made with Islamic religious authorities from other countries. The king went on to say that “with God’s help we will meet our brethren from other religions, including those who believe in the Torah and in the Gospel, in order to find ways to defend humanity.”

This, he said, comes after humanity has lost its morality, sincerity and steadfastness. Also, the religions were confronted by challenges such as dealing with the disintegration of the family and ever-expanding Atheism, he said.

King Abdullah revealed that he had been preparing the convention for two years and discussed it with the Pope when he visited the Vatican a year ago. Abdullah has not determined a specific date for the meeting.

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger expressed his satisfaction over the announcement. “Our hands are extended to any peace initiative and to any dialogue that will bring about an end to terrorism and violence,” he said in a statement. “I have said on numerous occasions that the true path to the peace that we long for is through interfaith dialogue.”

  1. Sh. Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Amreeki says:

    Dar ul Islam / Iqaamatiddeen

    It is He Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth to exalt it over every other religion, though the idolaters hate it. (Surat as-Saff, 61:9)

    I want to go on record: I don’t believe in INTERFAITH DIALOG.

    What I do believe in is INTERFAITH ACTION.

    This means that if there is a problem in our communities, such as hunger, or homelessness etc, then yes, lets get together and set up a soup kitchen or construct or rehabilitate some housing units.

    But Never ask me to sit and listen to someone who is trying to tell me that my path to Allah is only through His ‘son’. Or someone else denying Isa ibn Maryam and Muhammad (phoh) and have me sit there, looking very civilized and interested, and destroying my soul. No, I’m not having it. Oh I know it’s pc, but it ain’t me.

    I feel the same way about voting in National Elections:

    Would the Prophet (pboh) advise us to vote for people who will (OBAMA included) with their foreign policies, destroy Muslim lands?

    Would the Prophet(pboh) encourage his community to put over themselves the rule of disbelievers?

    If you answer YES to the above, its because you haven’t understood that the object of the Muslim community, from the very beginning was to realize ‘autonomy’. Yes, even in a land where they are the minority, the Muslim community is to seek some measure of autonomy so that they can implement the rule of Allah in their daily lives. Seek to have our own courts that rule by what Allah has ordered. To seek to have our forms of marriage and divorce.
    To have a positive affect on the dominant culture by obeying the laws of this land as good citizens but distinguished by our adherence to the Book of Allah.

    In my Humble Opinion, most of what passes in the BAM
    as critical thinking is nothing more and nothing less than what has already been done by the likes james baldwin, richard wright, lorraine hansberry, and others, gifted, but not muslim. It is Islam that is suppose to give us a different slant on these things, not a warmed-up serving of what we’ve seen before.

  2. As’salaam Aleykum,

    Sh. Mahmoud I agree 100% with what you’ve posted. I also do not believe in inter-faith discussions because this always more often than not turns in to a symposium of “lets just agree to get along, you worship your Allah and we will continue to associate partners to God”.

    We have the HAQQ and every discussion should be a leading back to Tawheed and calling these people either through speech or actions to the Oneness of Allah. Other than this often yields little to no benefit. They are aware to some extent of our beliefs, have they come to challenge us – or join us? These individuals are callers to their way, when will we begin to invite people to ours? Yes lets sit and discuss why Allah is not three – the worst of all utterances.

    When An Nabi Allah (aleyhi salaatul salaam) was order to proclaim Islam, he went to the people of Mekkah and told them what if I were to tell them a calamity was about to befall you. They immediately said to him “you are trust-worthy”.

    I say too, we need to warn our countrymen – If there is a House on fire are we going to Discuss how to put it out, or take the necessary steps to actually put the fire out?

    w’Allaahu Alim.

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