“Immigrant Muslim Syndicate”: The Evidence

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Preface: This is very long and detailed, but I encourage those interested in the truth (and not blindly shilling) to read this entire post (and please read all of the links) and do whatever independent investigation one feels necessary.

I would also like to mention that I – at one time – believed that the government was on a blind and indiscriminate witch hunt against completely innocent Muslims, and emotionally defended these brothers without knowing the facts of the cases. I know that this hurts, but we must face facts here if our community is to grow

Recently I have begun to identify what I have termed the “Immigrant Muslim Syndicate” that has, with the exception of Imam W.D. Mohammed’s community and the notorious Salafi movement, completely dominated Muslim discourse in the United States for at least the past 25 or 30 years . I’ve discussed in detail, and with scathing criticism, how that syndicate systematically appropriated Black Muslim leadership resulting in the complete marginalization of their issues and concerns, relegating them to the “back of the camel

However, I went quite a bit further than that. I charged that this syndicate (the Arab wing of it), represented today by groups like CAIR, MAS, MSA, (and many others) has direct and indirect links, associations, connections, whatever language you want to use, to middle-eastern terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah. These groups I have come to abhor not because I don’t sympathize with the suffering of everyday Palestinians, but because those terror groups promote a sick and depraved culture of death and mayhem. Here is a “culture” that employs puppets to teach children the love of the suicide belt, extreme antisemitism, and an unquenchable lust for blood! A culture where cold-blooded murder of innocent people is celebrated as some sort of “jihad”, all done in the name of Islam. I also understand completely that there are many sincere and devout Muslims employed by CAIR and MAS and view them as the only organizations fighting for Muslim rights in this country. They have nothing to do with this and I am not talking about them.

These are of course very strong charges for which we have every intention to substantiate in this post (insha Allah). But many have asked why even go down this road? It seems not only extremely tangential but down right slanderous. They say it makes me sound like the Islamophobic wack- jobs out there. However as we will see momentarily, the facts speak for themselves. Most importantly though, it is absolutely impossible to understand how Blackamerican Muslims move forward without knowing first hand the exact nature and workings of this immigrant syndicate.

Before proceeding though, I should like to pause for a moment and comment on what I find to be an acute lack of political sophistication on the part of Blackamerican Islam. What I’ve painfully attempted to get across in all of my writings thus far in that historically speaking, Muslim political authority has always been dominated by a long succession of racial, ethic, and cultural dynasties, and excepting the rule of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and his four righteous successors, it has never been any different. When we study Islamic history closely – the Umayyad’s, Abbasid’s, Fatimid’s, Moguls, Ottomans, just to name some of the more famous regimes – we find a record replete with political intrigue, coups, plots, revolutions, assassinations (we Muslims invented the term), and theories of political succession which amount to nothing more than the law of the jungle.

The point here is that if Blackamerican Muslims desire to seize control of the agenda, and plot a new course in America, they must rid themselves of the dreamy, idealistic, “I’m just a Muslim” conceptions of religion which cloud their ability to recognize that power is the rightful property of the strong, and they’ll never attain it without a clearly defined sense of self and a tightly-knit, strong-arm organization. I have found that young Blackamerican Muslims don’t understand this and are woefully ignorant of Muslim history, especially the Muslim Movements of the modern era.

The two most powerful and influential Muslim organizations to emerge in the twentieth century are the Pakistani Jamaatul Islaami , founded by Abul Al’a Maududi, and most importantly to this discussion, the immensely powerful Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwanul Muslimeen) founded by Hasan Al Banna in Egypt. It is this “Brotherhood” that is the force behind CAIR, MAS, MSA, MPAC, IIIT and on and on. And all of these groups – in many cases – largely serve as public relations and lobbying outfits for groups guilty of atrocities in Muslim lands, especially in Palestine! Where is the evidence? There is only a mountain of it!

A Believer is Never Bitten From the Same Whole Twice

The time has come to begin thinking critically and stop swallowing all the ideological, conspiratorial nonsense – “Kool-Aid” – that the “Immigrant Muslim Syndicate” continually dispenses! Long before the names Nihad Awad, Executive Director of CAIR, and Sami Al Arian, Palestinian “political prisoner”, came to the fore, there was Abdurrahman Alamoudi, Executive Director of the now defunct American Muslim Council.

Alamoudi was the Godfather of the Syndicate many years before the birth of CAIR and MAS, and was portrayed to all and sundry as a “moderate”, mainstream leader whose principal purpose was to fight for Muslim rights in this country. Sound familiar? It was Alamoudi who managed to get Imam Siraj Wahhaj to open one of the wells of the congress in du’a (prayer). In fact, it is no stretch to say that he was quite a beloved figure in the community. And just like CAIR and MAS’s propaganda today, back then he “met with law enforcement officials” and political leaders and even over saw the program certifying Muslim Chaplains in the military.

When Steve Emerson released his now infamous documentary “Jihad in America”, Alamoudi, in this clip from 1994, confidently assures the Muslim community to continue giving money to whatever organization they wanted…

Where is Alamoudi today? He is serving a 23-year sentence for terrorist related charges which he plead guilty to . You can read the full plea here.

On July 30, 2004, Alamoudi pleaded guilty to three federal offenses: one count of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), which imposes terrorism-related sanctions prohibiting unlicensed travel to and commerce with Libya; one count of false statements made in his application for naturalization; and a tax offense involving a long-term scheme to conceal from the IRS his financial transactions with Libya and his foreign bank accounts and to omit material information from the tax returns filed by his charities.

As part of a plea agreement, Alamoudi agreed to cooperate fully and truthfully in any and all investigations, including an ongoing investigation into a plot to assassinate an ally in the war against terrorism. Under the terms of that plea agreement, Alamoudi also agreed that he should be sentenced under the terrorism provision of the federal sentencing guidelines, and he agreed to forfeit all proceeds from his illegal dealings with Libya, which total at least $910,000, including $340,000 seized from him in the United Kingdom.

This individual, projected as one of the pillars of the community and a major leader of it, was caught trying to move a briefcase containing $340,000 through a London airport! This was after the US government learned of his role in a Libyan plot to assassinate the ruler of Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that part of Alamoudi’s plea agreement, like every plea deal in America, involves sharing whatever information he has with the government, even if that involves testifying against his former “colleagues” in crime. Since, alhumdulliah, most of us are not criminals, we don’t understand that this agreement to cooperate is standard operating procedure in plea agreements. It is important to remember that in light of the latest onslaught of “Syndicate” propaganda surrounding the Sami Al Arian case.

But before turning to that matter let us note once again just how powerful this man Alamoudi was. Though today he is a forgotten figure, during the 90’s and the early part of this decade, he was the real power broker in the American Muslim community. And not unlike CAIR and MAS today, he was a self-appointed leader. No one, other than the powerful “Muslim Brotherhood” and their big money, elected him to anything. This is the point I want to impress upon Blackamerican Muslims, that individuals and groups were doing things in the name of Islam that ultimately brought infamy and suspicion on the entire Muslim community. We have a moral responsibility to make our voices heard and to repudiate the dubious, unseemly, and even sometimes criminal activities of powerful immigrant organizations which operate in this country. We can no longer sit idly by, sanctioning with our silence, the orgy of blood, carnage, and unmitigated hate practiced by Muslims. And we certainly must not do it to protect some fraudulent concept of “unity”, a unity by the way that keeps us at the “back of the camel”. Whether it be kidnappings, beheadings, “honor” killings, suicide bombings, or female genital mutilation (which I’ve learned is rife in this country), we must condemn it in no uncertain terms! We are thinking, rational, moral agents with a voice of our own, and not some passive, inanimate cogs in the “syndicate” wheel.

Finally on this point, it is important to mention that it was only with the demise Alamoudi and the vacuum his absence created that the Nihad Awads and Sami Al Arian’s gained greater prominence as the public face of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in America. I now ask, invoking the Prophets (p.b.u.h) tradition, will the Believers be bitten from the same hole twice?

The Case of Sami Al Arian

I have a little story to tell here. It was a bitterly cold winter in 1990 when as a student of Howard University, I cashed my minuscule “work study” check and took a bus trip to Chicago during of a fierce blizzard. As a relatively new Muslim, I was going to attend an “Islamic conference” to learn more about my religion. The conference was held by Al Arian’s organization, and if memory serves me right, I’m almost positive it was the Islamic Association for Palestine. I saw Palestinian nationalist flags everywhere and kids running around wearing checkered “kifiyas”. Much of this conference was captured in Emerson’s “Jihad in America”, and while I couldn’t have known it then, it hosted a veritable “who’s who” of Palestinian terrorists leaders. In particular, I remember meeting a big sheikh by the name of Awdah, who was enveloped in layers of security, and who’s full identity I only later learned was Sheikh Abd Al Aziz Awdah, spiritual leader and now wanted terrorist for Palestinian Islamic Jihad . There was very little (I can’t remember any right now) Islam discussed at that event, but a great deal about the impending first gulf war.

One participant during a panel discussion openly counseled the Muslim audience to “strike the American Interests” in the event of a US invasion. And this Imam was an American. I’m ashamed to say it now, but at the time I was still under the spell of Malcolm X’s more unflattering opinion of America and having once been a militant Black nationalist, didn’t find the statement particularly jarring. Now, as a man approaching my middle age, I wouldn’t sit still for this crap! These are the same people who scream “constitutional rights” whenever they get caught in their nefarious activities! And at the conclusion of the conference who would I have the fortune to ride back to DC with? None other than Alamoudi himself, who had just founded the American Muslim Council.

The point in all of this is that before 9/11, these types of conferences, and the anti-American rhetoric they spewed, were common occurrences in this country, and fund raising activities for groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and HIzbollah was done openly. Now we’re suppose to believe that Sami Al Arian is some type of hero, and that the government’s charges against him are just a complete pact of lies.

Al-Arian has managed to convince a huge segment of the American left-wing, and just about the entire Muslim community, that he is being “persecuted” by the US government for no other reason than he supports the Palestinian people and condemns Israel. (MAS is alleging that he is being tortured!!)

A very skillful propaganda campaign has been recently launched which includes a handsomely financed, slickly produced tear-jerker of a film entitled “USA vs. Sami Al Arian” that would make Joseph Gerbles proud. The accusations of Al Arian and his supporters are utterly ridiculous in view of the fact that HE PLEAD GUILTY TO AT LEAST ONE OF THE COUNTS. Not only that, this country is full to the brim with people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who have taken up the Palestinian cause, some being quite strident and vocal in their protests. Others, like Sami Al Arian himself, are tenured university professors with enormous reputations. So why pick on Al Arian? Why did the government spend fifty million dollars to prosecute this individual and not the thousands of others who obstensively BELIEVE as he does? I ask, do not prominent personalities like Dr. Aminah McCloud, Dr. Sherman Jackson, Imam Zaid Shakir, and left-wing journalists like Amy Goodman support the Palestinian people? In fact, with the overwhelming dominance of the “immigrant Muslim syndicate” and its air-tight control of the message, delivered through countless conventions and rallies over the years, is there even ONE Muslim in America who doesn’t support the Palestinian people. This is almost all we have heard (with the exception of Kashmir and Bosnia now and then) over the past twenty five years. In all of this Blackamerican Muslims, not wanting to be branded as traitors to Islam, went along and drank the “Kool-Aid”. We were told what slogans to chant and what signs to wave. We say “NO MORE”. I’m proud to announce that those days are over.

After having plead guilty to financing the activities of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (see plea agreement here), which in essence means suicide bombers, he now wants to cloak himself in the mantel of Gandhi and Martin Luther King by embarking on a “hunger strike”, his third now, attempting to white-mail the Muslims and the American public into releasing him from prison before providing valuable information the government needs. He claims the government’s demand that he testify in other terrorist related matters violates his plea agreement, which supposedly frees him of any commitment to do so, and which is of course non-sense. As we had discussed earlier, when you make an agreement with the government, they can require you to testify whenever and wherever they want, sometimes even decades later. As any reasonable, thinking person can see – not to mention PhDs like Al Arian and his well trained lawyers – that THE GOVERNMENT MADE NO SUCH PROMISE Of IMMUNITY FROM FURTHER TESTIMONY, A FACT CERTIFIED BY AL ARIAN’s OWN SIGNATURE!

This constitutes the entire agreement between the government and the defendant with respect to the aforementioned guilty plea and no other promises, agreements or representations exist or have been made to the defendant or defendant’s attorney with regard to such guilty plea.

So are we to believe that the government gave a reduced sentence to him (and only him) in exchange for nothing when all others were compelled to testify? So I ask brothers like Amad, how is this manipulation of the system? Requiring people who cut plea deals to testify in other cases is not manipulation of the system. It is the system. Why should he not testify when other brothers (as I will show below) also testified?

This makes Sami Al Arian, the producers of the USA vs Al Arian , CAIR and MAS, and the entire left-wing in this country A PACK OF LIARS! But how many of us Muslims, especially Blackamerican Muslims, are going to take the time and study the facts? Its so much easier to drink the Kool-Aid in a desperate attempt to find validation for our Islam.

Consider also this damning fact; for what reason did Al Arian give for refusing to testify against International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Herndon, VA,

“Former Florida professor Sami al-Arian declined to answer questions before a federal grand jury in Alexandria last month, according to documents unsealed in federal court in Tampa. Arian, who was acquitted in one of the nation’s highest-profile terrorism cases but then pleaded guilty to a single charge, believes his life would be in danger if he testified, his attorneys told a judge”. (Washington Post, Nov. 14th, 2006)

So there you have it. Sami Al-Arian claims that if he testifies he will be killed. Just let these people run their mouths long enough and they give themselves away. What does it say about the murderous nature of Al Arians colleages, or for that matter the shady dealings of IIIT, that debriefing ONE’S OWN GOVERNMENT about them carries a death penalty? Its time to open our eyes and take in the cold, hard, ugly facts. These people are no saints.

The Virginia “Paintball” Trial

Because I live in the Washington, DC area, I was able to observe firsthand the proceedings of one of the first terrorist related trials since 9/11. Composed of young converts and second generation Muslims, a small group of brothers in the Northern Virginia area got completely caught up in the romantic, irresponsible rhetoric of “jihad”, and managed to land themselves in prison FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! And why? Because someone convinced them to wage war against their own country and its allies, that’s why. How do we know this? Because one of the brothers regarded as the leader of this group, and a former CAIR employee named Randall “Ismail” Royer, MADE A DEAL WITH THE GOVERNMENT which included telling all he knew. This entailed “giving up” his teacher and Sheikh, Ali Al Tamimi, who, according to Royer in sworn grand jury testimony, read to them a Saudi fatwa sanctioning the 9/11 attacks, and counseled them to go to Afghanistan and help the Taliban fight Americans!

These are not my words, it’s what Ismail Royer told the government AFTER MAKING HIS PLEA DEAL. That’s right, Ali Tamimi is doing life because Ismail Royer testified against him. He himself would probably be serving a life sentence if he hadn’t agreed to cooperate, but even then he was still given a TWENTY YEAR sentence. This “Paintball Trial” brought shock and profound sadness to the entire Muslim community in the DC metro area. It was senseless and tragic, and for many of us, brought a time of deep reflection on what was happening, and made us all reevaluate where we were as Muslims in this country. I attended both trials regularly – the first Paintball trial and the subsequent prosecution of Al Tamimi – in a journalistic capacity, and saw up-close and personal the destuctive nature of this kind of thought on our youth!

I am pictured at the right walking out with Al-Timimi at his trial

Suicide is Prohibited in Islam

Sami Al Arian is now, as we’ve learned from his coddlers at MAS, on his third hunger strike and has lost so much weight that he had to be hospitalized. This is as if to say, “we better release him or he might tragically die in prison”!

However Al Arian, like us, is a Muslim, and not just any Muslim, but a Muslim leader. He knows full well that suicide is absolutely prohibited in Islam, and that harming one’s health, even to the point of death, is a major sin in this religion. Yet in spite of that, has even one of the many esteemed scholars, Imams, shiekhs, muftis, qadis, or even common Muslims associated with CAIR, MAS, MSA, IIIT, or the Darul Hijrah Masjid reprimanded their brother for this? Has any one of them had the moral courage to issue a “fatwa” denouncing what Sami is doing as completely un-Islamic, with a view to safeguarding the people’s religion?

However, the response of almost the entire Muslim Leadership has been nothing but deafening silence! In fact they have supported this. That is because they positively enable these shameless acts of propaganda with their religious credentials! Therefore we will adjudicate it for what it is; a brazen piece of stage craft designed to manipulate the public once again. I don’t believe for even a moment that he wants to kill himself, but in the unlikely event that he does, the moral culpability is in his hands and not ours. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM AT ALL and we should not be held hostage and made to feel guilty!!

The Aims and Objectives of the “Immigrant Muslim Syndicate”

I guess I have saved the best for last. This document (in Arabic and English…English translation begins on page 16) constitutes what is in my view the smoking gun of the existence of an Immigrant Muslim Syndicate in this country. If it doesn’t for you, it should. That’s because its never been disowned by the CAIR/MAS crowd and spells out in clear, unambiguous terms the aims and the objectives of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in America, going as far back as 1987. The contents of this document are explicit and require no commentary.

The document was seized from the home of Ismail El Barrasse, part of the government’s crackdown on the Holy Land Foundation in Dallas, Texas (another post for another day). It is a memo from a high ranking “Brotherhood” official dated 1991, wherein the philosophy and tactics of the Syndicate are discussed in great detail, essentially revealing how they planned to “destroy western civilization” from within.

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack….

The above paragraph charts a course of action that has been followed to the letter over all these many years. This is what I have been speaking of. It also speaks about “absorbing” indigenous Muslim initiatives as follows:

Absorbing Muslims and winning them with all of their factions and colors in America and Canada for the settlement project, and making it their cause, future and the basis of their Islamic life in this part of the world

Here is proof in plain English that there was a plan to control the agenda from the very beginning and use the indigenous Muslims as pawns for their initiatives. And how those initiatives would be pushed in the direction they want it to go,

“With their capabilities, human, financial and scientific resources, the Ikhwan will not be
able to carry out this mission alone or away from people and he who believes that is wrong, and God knows best. As for the role of the Ikhwan, it is the initiative, pioneering, leadership, raising the banner and pushing people in that direction“.

Long before I ever laid eyes on that document, which has only been relatively recently, I had already had intimate knowledge of the guerrilla tactics employed by these people. It just confirmed what I had experienced as a student leader at Howard University, where with the help of another Blackamerican Muslim, Johari Abdul-Malik, they completely captured control of the MSA and rendered it an appendage of the Darul Hijrah Masjid, the Syndicate headquarters in Falls Church Va. Abdul-Malik was later rewarded for this by being given a job at the masjid as “Imam of Outreach”, or something like that. I plan to do an entirely separate post on that history, inshallah.

I also saw the workings of these people when I was brought into an ongoing struggle at the Islamic Center of Maryland in Gaithersburg, MD, where the ” Muslim Brotherhood” at that time seized control of the board of trustees and were running the place like their own little fiefdom. In fact, the biggest open secret in the American Muslim community is the almost universal hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood. Wherever they go, they bully and abuse the people in their relentless grab for power and control!


I realize that this information is a tough pill to swallow, but these are the facts. These people knew that it was easy to dupe us because we didn’t know their history; were unaware of their power politics; were susceptible to “just a Muslim” thinking (that made it easier for them to feed us this agenda) and that we were sincere in our efforts to practice Islam. I too was duped at one time and bought the company line until I did the research. I was shocked at what I found.

I have now seen many of the sick, demented and truly evil video footage from overseas praising bloodshed and attempts to turn us into sadists. In retrospect, I have observed that what has been pawned off as Islam here in the United States for the past 20 years is in reality a hodge podge of cultural madness and a foreign political agenda.

Americans that loved their country, family and friends, converted to Islam at a young and impressionable age, then threw their lives away when they bought into this nonsense. Now their children are growing up without them and they can now only regret ever having met these people. Saying all of this makes me sad and angry.

Sad for the victims.

Angry at those who plotted the agenda and tricked us

So as we can see, it all comes together. Our being “just a Muslim” was indispensable to their plot, as it was imperative that Blackamerican Muslims buy into this agenda and set aside their own. Yes we are also at fault for not doing our homework and investing into this ideology wholeheartedly, but now we have the information and there can be no more excuses…

  1. Ecclesiastes says:

    With all due respect, I hope you can understand that I still must reserve judgment regarding the nature of your e-mail and your motivation.

    I wish the the very best in your effort to separate these people from you and yours. I am very impressed by your research and organization. Thank you for this e-mail.

  2. IBN ABDUL HAQQ says:

    As salaamu Aaikum My Dear young Brother a few questions about this long post.

    1. Are you in anyway now or in the past connected with the government of the U.S.This is not a conspiracy question but one of credibility and to put an end to agenda issues.

    2.Are you connected to any neo- con organizations or think tanks.

    3.Your points about Eastern intrigue are many times correct but you glaringly leave out about Western intrigue.The forces of Batil have not ceased the Crusades whether you realize it or not.

    4.As an old head who lived under southern racism i am outraged at your contempt of Malcolm’s unflattering view of America.Your outrage at being trick is mild compared to those of us who went to Vietnam for a lie (Gulf of Tonkin incident). You who never lived under Jim Crow and the devastating effects it had on our people.

    5. Yes i agree we should not be tricked by immigrants any more than by C.I.A or F.B.I. trained scholars and Imams (which by your writings
    Black and Muslim loving America would never do.)

    6.Like I have stated in the past (and you may not care) you seemed to be a sincere brother. But these attacks may win you the Daniel Pipes award and the title Lawrence of America.

    The history of Muslims shows conspiracies were staged by the Batil forces . The enemy forced the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from his home and made attempts on his life.

    Pharaoh tried to force the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) into submission by threats. (accept democracy or be occupied)

    God revealed the deniers’ plots against His Messenger, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the Qur’an:

    When those who disbelieve were plotting against you to imprison you or kill you or expel you: they were planning and Allah was planning, but Allah is the Best of Planners. (Qur’an, 8: 30)

    Our kind benevolent government went to war over lie after lie
    (Sinking of the Maine, The Gulf of Tonkin, W.M.Ds in Iraq, Pearl Harbor set up. The Alamo was fought by good ol boys who wanted to keep us in slavery.

    Keep writing the truth , but don’t arrogantly assume you cant be used by a crafty enemy your nafs and shaitan.

  3. Abu Abu abdullah says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum, Akhie Ismaeel did not testify against Ali Timmi, brother this is Slander be careful. His Plea did not include Testifying against anyone. He is a good brother, make sure you have authentic knowlegde before you post anything on your site. I know because I was involved in this case. Alhumdulillah I was aquitted. Abu Abdullah(Caliph Basha)

  4. kameelah says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood document you link to is not a document; rather, it is an interpretation of a set of documents. Can you provide the document transcript? I’d like to read it on my own, then I can come to some more thoughts

    Addressing your writing:
    1. Unless I missed it (which of course is possible), I do not see where you make the explicit connection between CAIR and terrorist groups
    2. In the email you sent, you commented that this evidence was “demanded” of you. No one should have to do that, that is your responsibility as a Muslim and as a scholar to provide evidence when you make assertions. And you must understand how some of us are still skeptical considering it took 2 weeks for even this information to come forward.
    3. Sourcing issues: Who is your audience? What are your intentions? Are you involved with any organizations? What line of work are you involved in?
    4. Have you ever explored the dangers of your delivery? There are moments where you speak to us perched on a pedestal?

  5. Big says:


    I too think your delivery is dangerous and if you keep this up your life may be in danger. It would be better if you quit while you are ahead

  6. Faisal says:

    I agree with Kameelah, everything you posted was a LIE. Are you working with the FBI?

  7. Abdulla says:

    Brother have you not heard of making excuses for your brothers? You believe the kufaar instead of the Muslims?

    How do you know that the signature on those documents is Sami Al-Arian’s? Can you verify it with another signature?

    Have you ever thought that maybe the money found on Alamoudi was planted?

    How do you know that Sami Al-Arian is NOT being tortured?

    Very weak indeed “brother”. Or are you?

  8. kameelah says:

    clarification–i did not say it was a lie

    what i said is that i need some more background before i can come to a sound conclusion is all. i ask EVERYONE who they are allied with because their is bias in everything WE all write. i just wanted some more background is all

  9. amad says:

    I am not surprised by this post. After “earning” a spot on LGF– a proven Islamophobic right-wing blog– I was sure that Br. AbdurRahman would continue to receive a stream of the right-wing hate material that has been used by Spencer, Emerson and the entire syndicate of Islamophobes. If you notice, Br. AbdurRahman has slandered organizations that represent about half the Muslim population in America. This is of course a major goal of the neo-con Islamophobic syndicate. If Br. AbdurRahman isn’t careful, he’ll be a regular on FOX and Frontpage soon, and BECOME part of this neocon syndicate, far worse than the fictional immigrant syndicate that he has dreamed up.

    Inshallah I am working on something about this new trend of tribalism that is sweeping some of our blogs… and how this is what the Prophet (S) referred to as jahiliya in one of the more famous hadith.

    May Allah protect our organizations from all of its enemies and protect our shayookh and scholars from the witch-hunt and the systematic neutralization that the neocon/Israel lobby is working on.


  10. What OTHER Black Muslims are saying about Dr Al-Arian says:

    Mainstream Black Muslims are supporting Dr Al-Arian and standing in solidarity with the rest of the American Muslim Ummah!!

    CAIR is having a press conference at the Malcolm X Center next week.

    This blog is a rogue

    Dept. of Justice Must Keep its Promise to Release Palestinian Professor on Hunger Strike

    Press Conference: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
    To Demand the Release of Dr. Sami Al-Arian

    Who: The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial, Educational and Cultural Center, American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations

    WHAT: Press conference to call for the release of hunger-striking professor Sami Al-Arian
    WHEN: Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 11 a.m.
    WHERE: The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center, 3940 Broadway, New York, NY

    Speakers include:

    The Honorable Ramsey Clark
    Sara Flounder, Co-Director, International Action Center
    Imam Siraj Wahhaj
    Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid, Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood
    Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director of the National Lawyers’ Guild
    Aliya Latif, CAIR-NY Civil Rights Director
    Laila Al-Arian, Daughter of Sami Al-Arian
    Malaak Shabazz, Daughter of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

    NEW YORK, NY. – Friday, April 11, is the scheduled release date of Dr. Sami Al-Arian, a Palestinian professor on a hunger strike, who has been imprisoned for more than five years. But the Department of Justice, through its continuous abuse of the grand jury system, is threatening to keep him imprisoned for many years.

    This Tuesday, April 15, at 11 A.M., American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections, hosted by the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial, Educational Center and Cultural Center, will hold a press conference to demand Dr. Al-Arian’s release as promised.

    Sami Al-Arian, 50, was a tenured professor of computer engineering at the University of South Florida. He was arrested in February 2003 with much fanfare, and charged in a bloated terrorism conspiracy case. A jury acquitted him of the most serious charges in December 2005. Under a plea agreement reached in 2006, Dr. Al-Arian should have been released last April at the latest. By forcing him to testify, prosecutors are violating that agreement. For more on the case, please visit http://www.freesaminow.com

    Dr. Al-Arian began a hunger strike on March 3 to protest continued government harassment. That day, Dr. Al-Arian was informed that he would be called to testify before a grand jury in Virginia. ‘The mistreatment of Dr. Al-Arian is part of the overall oppression of the Palestinian people. This is cruel punishment,’ said Agha Saeed, chairman of the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT). ‘The government is playing a cat and mouse game with him. They did not decide to do this until the last minute, just as he’s about to be released. This amounts to psychological torture.’

    ‘Malcolm X stated, ‘Any person who claims to have deep feelings for other human beings should think a long, long time before he votes to have other men kept behind bars – caged. Behind the bars, a man never reforms- he can’t forget those bars.’ The past decades have been marred by the erosion of civil liberties and the systemic silencing through incarceration, torture, and deportation of non-conformist voices. Unfortunately our brothers and sisters in the Islamic community are the latest victims of such practices. The continued, unwarranted incarceration of Dr. Al-Arian is a violation of his human rights.’ Dowoti Désir, Executive Director, The Shabazz Center,

  11. LG says:

    To say that the Israel lobby has not gone after others is misinformation. The Israel lobby does not forgive anybody and sooner or later any anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian figure pays the price. For Sami Al-Arian they waited quite a long time. Another case is Norman Finkelstein whose tenure was denied by De Paul University. Even Jimmy Carter, a former president, is under pressure by the lobby. If you are trusting Bush and its administration, you are being utterly naive. These are the same people who led us to a war based on LIES. The who Al-Arian issue is being used as a lesson for the rest of us. The underlying message is that if you support the Palestinian cause, even if you are a tenured professor with good connections, you will pay for it.

    Think about this: (quoted from Wikipedia): The deal came after 11 years of FBI investigations, wiretaps and searches, three years of trial preparation by federal prosecutors and a six-month trial, during which time Al-Arian has spent more than three years in jail, most of it in solitary confinement… Amnesty International said Al-Arian’s pre-trial detention conditions “appeared to be ‘gratuitously punitive’ ” and stated “the restrictions imposed on Dr Al-Arian appeared to go beyond what were necessary on security grounds and were inconsistent with international standards for humane treatment.”…

    At the plea agreement hearing, U.S. Magistrate Thomas B. McCoun said, “… if you’re satisfied you’re guilty or you believe it’s in your best interest to plead guilty … let me know that.” Al-Arian replied, “I believe it’s in my best interest to enter a plea. (end of the quote from Wikipedia)

    Millions of dollars are spent to torture a tenured professor who under pressure has admitted to give some financial aid to his people back home who are fighting for their dignity and their country. These are a people who have never harmed the US (including blacks). These are a people whose only crime is to stand up to the dreadful Israeli regime and ought to be admired for it. You may not agree with him but you ought to respect this man.

    About the document that supposedly talks about Muslims invading the west and destroying this great civlization from within, there is only one phrase that comes to my mind: The protocols of the elders of Zion, the Muslim version!

  12. JT says:

    “Yes, absolutely. It’s an obligation for Muslims to root them out. And I think it is a jihad now for the Muslims in the Muslim countries to rid themselves of this element”

    – Hamza Yusuf on CBS’s 60 Minutes, September 30, 2001 on Muslims rooting out extremist elements

  13. Izzy Mo says:

    Salaam alaikum Brother Abdur-Rahman,
    Well, what can I say? This is not proof of anything. You’re taking controversial terrorism cases and linking MAS, CAIR, and others as being some covert plan to take over America. This entry feels like the conspiracy theories that people are constantly telling Muslims not to believe in. Three cases with dubious evidence is supposed to prove that all, if not most, of our organizations are aligned with terrorism? And all this is happening under the very watchful and unforgiving eye of the FBI and CIA? All this is happening in post-9/11, wiretapping, sneak-n-peak America?

    If that’s the case, why haven’t these organizations and their leaders been brought forth before the media as potential terrorists? It’s sorta like the Protocols of the Elders of Mecca. The funny thing about it is that I know that III&T is in the process of publishing a book about African American and African Immigrant Muslim issues.

    I believe you to be a passionate person when it comes to African-American Muslim issues but this is not the way for Black Muslims to empower themselves. Immigrants systematically taking away Black leadership? No, this is America and it was not some coup. No one forced us to the “back of the camel.” How can they stop us from being leaders in our communities? How can they usurp our authority when majority Black mosques are lead by Black imams? And even when predominately Immigrant organizations have Black leaders or spokepeople, we call them sellouts? Black Muslims can’t get anywhere by blaming immigrants for everything (which is as futile as blaming White people for all of our woes). The only people stopping us is ourselves.

  14. Vince P says:

    why haven’t these organizations and their leaders been brought forth before the media

    Because the news organizations are run and staffed by comitted Leftists who dont have the slightest understanding of religion, especially Islam.

  15. Izzy Mo says:

    Because the news organizations are run and staffed by comitted Leftists who dont have the slightest understanding of religion, especially Islam.

    Bull. If the majority of news organizations are run and staffed by such committed Leftists than certainly Fox News and CNN would have dragged them through the mud by now. Fox News is THE mouth piece of the Bush administration, Republican party and it’s very right-wing. And they haven’t produce anything substantial on these organizations. Leftists don’t criticize Islam? Yeah, right. That’s all some of them do. And while some may sympathize with nationalist movements within the Muslim world (like Palestinian statehood) they have made it quite clear that they don’t want Islam anywhere in the picture.

  16. Vince P says:

    Blah blah blah. Fox .. mouthpiece.. cliche cliche cliche

    I know this might hurt your brain, but i was speaking in a generality. So thank you for noticing the obvious.. of course the Leftists don’t control 100% of all broadcast media.

    Fox is not “right-wing”.. That’s a phantom you fools have convinced yourselves of because if it were up to you, no non-leftist thought would be allowed on the airwaves. Just because a few conservatives were allowed on the air and not be outnumbered on some panel it doesn’t make Fox “right-wing”.

    And anyway you show yourself as the hypocrite that you are. If you actually think that Fox News, as an organization, is a mouthpiece for a political party.. then where is your outrage about nearly every other network being a mouthpiece for the other party? By any standard you want to falsely cast Fox as being a mouthpiece, the rest of the media is even worse. But I guess for ideological liars like you bias is only a problem when the bias isnt 100% in your favor

    The Leftists in the media do not criticize Islam , generally. Maybe you know Leftist in other industries.. that’s nice. I was talking about the news media so it’s irrelevent.

  17. kameelah says:

    vince–i had a chance to look at your page and that is where it became apparent that you in fact do not have a clear understanding of post 9/11 politics beyond the myopic soundbites and manipulated passages you reproduce on your site. abdur-rahman you should be careful about the type of people who praise you–these are not level headed critics or scholars of Muslim societies and scholars; rather, in this case, it is a reactionary individual and remains perched on an imaginary pedestal from which he spreads his ill-conceived ideas.

  18. Vince P says:

    I do strive for accuracy, my site is about educating the average American. It’s not an exhaustive overview of Islam and was never intended for that.

    Its focus is on those parts of Islam that come into conflict with our Federal Republic and Constituion. The other parts of Islam that do not have an impact on our way of life are out of scope.

    It’s like a “Beware of Dog” sign on a fence. Does the sign mean that the dog is threat to everyone at all times? No. I’m sure the dog is very nice to its owners and family, yet to those beyond the Fence the dog could be dangerous and so as far as an outsider is concerned the important thing that he needs to know is that there is this dog that could harm him. The outsider is not concerned about what the owner feeds the dog , or how playful the dog could be on sunny spring days by the pond.

    (Note this analogy is not comparing dogs to Muslims or any people, It was the first thign that popped inmy head cuz an annoying chihuahua wont stop barking and i want to kill it.)

    So likewise I’m sure that fully realized Islam is very nice somewhere on earth.. in the context of Jihad however, we need to Beware. And that is what my site is about.

    If there are errors, please let me know, I do not wish to spread disinformatin.

  19. Ramon Royer says:

    Bro. Abdur-Rahman Muhammad:
    You are very much misinformed about Bro. Ismail Royer. He DID NOT testify against Al-Timmi or anybody else. Because he refused to testify against Bro. Al-Timmi, the Justice Dept. refused to reduce his 20 yr. sentence. Being his father, I have a great deal more information about the “paint ball” case than you do. I sincerely hope that your slander does not reach the eyes or ears of Mirsada and her four children. For myself, I ‘ll simply regard you as misinformed. I was at the Al-Timmi trial on the third or fourth day. It was another government witness that testified against Al-Timmi, not Ismail Royer.
    You know that as well as I do. So why are you saying that Ismail testified against him?? By the way you, why are you misspelling Ismail’s name?

  20. Sister Seeking says:

    Keep writing the truth, but don’t arrogantly assume you can’t be used by a crafty enemy your nafs and shaitan. IBN ABDUL HAQQ

    Sister Seeking: Brother Haqq, I respect your questions, and I understand your concern but I’d like to ask you this: where would black people be today if people such as W.E.D. Dubois, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, and others felt this way? Some white people did in fact, use their own work against them; case in point W.E.D. Dubois.

    Brother can’t you see that the BAM community is at the point where the “wheat is separated from the chaff?”

    What others will do with this information is irrelevant if we focus on the big picture. Progress will be hindered if we get caught up in worrying about what others may or may not do. The Qur’an says the disbelievers will preserve the deen in spite of themselves. I’m not worried, and I encourage you to just reflect on that for a moment.

    Black people have made away out of no way, especially black women.
    As Muslims we can do the same. I don’t care what the FBI does, I don’t care what Fox 5 news broadcasts, and I don’t care what some insecure neurotic white supremacist does either. You should know better than any of us here (you being a real veteran) that you half to tune out the chaos around you, and focus on hitting your target.

    The big picture…

  21. IBN ABDUL HAQQ says:

    As salaamu alaikum to my dear and respected Sister Seeking, may Allah
    bless you and yours. My concerns are about brothers sources of info,as you rightly pointed out one can’t worry what Fox etc. has to say, conversely one can’t expect them or Dan Pipes et al to be honest brokers of truth about Muslims.

    But that said questions 1-6 are still valid.Dubois for example was used against Garvey. Thurgood Marshall hatred of N.O.I allowed him to willing become a F.B.I.Informant. Allah warns in the Quran for us not to let our hatred for a people sway us from justice.

    Sister Seeking as that old uncle recognize The Willie Lynch blueprint is a world wide program and that a Muslim Cointel program still exist.
    As to fear, for me that was left in the jungle, but I still pray Allah keep our footsteps strong against the enemies of our deen. Brother must answer points 1 and 2 in a post.

    Also even with his critics lower the wing to the believer, know that fame is also an intoxicating drink. to repeat my previous points

    Your points about Eastern intrigue are many times correct but you glaringly leave out about Western intrigue.The forces of Batil have not ceased the Crusades whether you realize it or not.

    Our kind benevolent government, went to war over lie after lie
    (Sinking of the Maine, The Gulf of Tonkin, W.M.Ds in Iraq, Pearl Harbor set up.) The Alamo was fought by good ol boys who wanted to keep us in slavery.

    My points are wasted if Abdur Rahman believes that Bush-Cheney team have the best interests of the Muslims at heart, and if he does, he needs to have the courage to say so.

    Sister Seeking it is a honor to hear from young muslimah like yourself, May the Lord of the Worlds grant you Jinnah, but please dont take any wooden nickels from me or anyone else.

  22. Sister Seeking says:

    Sister Seeking it is a honor to hear from young muslimah like yourself, May the Lord of the Worlds grant you Jinnah, but please dont take any wooden nickels from me or anyone else.-Haqq

    Sister Seeking: Ameen

  23. Sister Seeking says:

    Brother Haqq,

    one reason I am so passionate about this is becuase my husband and I experienced being walked in on completely naked by the ATF, etc, the day after I went to a protest for the paint ball network.

    When I called an Imam at a masjid in my areas their response was:

    1- I must be mentally ill
    2- I must be the FBI
    3- I’m a woman therefore I’m emotional, stupid, and out of control
    4- I’m seeking attention
    5- I’m a trouble
    and my favorite
    6- I’m black so that means I live in D.C. ( I don’t) this happens to black people all the time in D.C. and is not related to attending that protest.

    I actually met up with a psychologist who specializes in cult deprogramming to make sure I really hadn’t checked out of reality for a minute.

    As a result of that horrible incident, my husband barely prays jummah becuase he’s parnoid to death, and every Sunday is a battle to bring our daughter to the Islamic Sunday school. He is an immigrant and only has green card so he worries…

    Thanks for your understanding. At least somebody is listening to me.
    I think Brother Abdur Rahman is right on, with trying wake up the teenagers and young people, I really do. I wish that there was an Abdur Rahman when I became Muslim I wonder how different my life would be…

  24. IBN ABDUL HAQQ says:

    As salaamu Alaikum the concept that follows, was originally expressed about another subject but it is relevant to todays discussions.

    “History is written by the victor.” When the forefathers won the revolutionary war they earned the right to paint the history of Mr. Arnold as they saw fit. Had England won the war and subdued the American insurgents then Mr. Arnold would have been known today as a hero.

    The same rule applies in the conflict that exists between the dominant community that consists primarily of Non–Muslims and the Muslim community. As long as the dominant community is able to call the shots, and is able to define the betrayal of the values of the Muslim community, as nothing more than independent thinking. Then people in the Muslim community can be convinced to believe in their collaboration in the subjugation of the rest of the ummah.

    As long as the dominant community continues to reward Muslims for their attacks on Shariah and the Muslims that truly have the welfare of the Muslim community at heart remains powerless to mount some kind of defense, or some kind of counter response adequate enough to give the independents cause to pause, the Muslims will continue to suffer and the dominant community will continue to benefit.

    An inside approach could be nothing more than a euphemism for collaboration. Somebody could come along and say that Benedict Arnold took an inside approach to the conflict between the monarchy and the insurgency. Somebody could make the argument that Mr. Arnold probably thought he was only doing what he believed in.

    But the fact of the matter is that somebody else thought that his independent thinking was enough to get him the distinction of having his name forever associated with betrayal and synonymous with the word traitor.

    In some respects, Mr. Arnold had the same goal as the American forefathers. I’m sure they both wanted an end to a war that was lasting for years and looked as if it would last many more. But while the forefathers were hoping for an American victory, Mr. Arnold had a more independent view of a victory. Muslims who believe democracy superior to Shariah should expect to be viewed as weak by those Muslims who Up hold Deen.

    This is part of my concern about the neo muslim trend developing, to quote one of its proponents Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    ” When a “moderate” Muslim’s sense of compassion and conscience collides with matters prescribed by Allah, he should choose compassion. Unless that happens much more widely, a moderate Islam will remain wishful thinking.”

    ” It is this order to choose Allah above his sense of conscience and compassion that imprisons the Muslim in a mindset that is archaic and extreme.”

    One can tell me about the compassion to let gay lovers marry, or to allow abortion to become a part of concern for the poor.Eugenics was supported by Dubois and other enlighted negros who also believed mulattoes were superior to dark skin blacks.

    Earnings from riba can be justified as a way to take the poor out of the ghetto, but it will also take you to hell.

    May Allah save us from this foolishness.

  25. kameelah says:

    i have found the last few post on this blog just problematic . we are being told not to drink the kool-aid from others but are expected to accept as truth the assertions of others–assertions which have yet to be clearly substantiated with clear evidence. this is something i wont budge from because i do not believe it is unreasonable to ask for evidence when the argument is presented and not 2 weeks later. i do not think it is unreasonable to expect daleel especially in such a fragile context. you should be HAPPY that people are challenging you instead of taking the challenge on as an example of the evil workings of people who dont want to know the truth–a truth you have self-elected as undeniable.

    folks want to harp on about teaching the youth with the assumption that older folks are right by simply being in this dunya longer…the older folks want to lead but then complain later that there are no young leaders–you must let go of the assumed monopoly on the truth and right path because otherwise you are going to have a lot of willing and young folks turned rudderless and frustrated because you have not given them the opportunity to think without the filter “you are too young to understand”–a filter that usually functions as a euphemism for “i am hardened in my ways and don’t want to see that others may be right.” this i wont budge from. i have commented several times on this blog and BEFORE my ideas are addressed, my age is dismissively addressed. and yea, yea someone argued that i was being sensitive when in reality i am just pointing to the fact that the way information is presented here–in a pompous and hostile manner alienates potential allies. youth is a state of

    this is something i have been noticing on blogs lately–this tendency to clique off.

    and sister speaking, you write:
    As Muslims we can do the same. I don’t care what the FBI does, I don’t care what Fox 5 news broadcasts, and I don’t care what some insecure neurotic white supremacist does either. You should know better than any of us here (you being a real veteran) that you half to tune out the chaos around you, and focus on hitting your target.

    you should care…why wouldn’t you?
    you cannot tune out society. you cannot assume you can isolate everything around you because everything around us from the soundbites to the court cases, to the daniel pipes to the robert spencers to the whoever is inextricably connected to exactly what we are talking about. whenever we surrender to the assumption that what happens out there doesn’t affect in here, we are headed for trouble–lots of this.

    like haqq has noted, these people and situation are important if for no other reason then that they control how we are perceived and whose truth is considered the hegemonic truth.

  26. Faisal says:


    rest assured that the real black muslim leaders will be expressing the correct position on this issue tomorrow in NYC

  27. Sister Seeking says:

    “You should care…why wouldn’t you?
    You cannot tune out society. You cannot assume you can isolate everything around you because everything around us from the sound bites to the court cases, to the Daniel pipes to the Robert spencers to the whoever is inextricably connected to exactly what we are talking about. Whenever we surrender to the assumption that what happens out there doesn’t affect in here, we are headed for trouble–lots of this.”-Kameela

    Salaam Alaikum Kameela:

    I remain firm upon everything I said. I don’t even care what Abdur Rahman does, I know what I need to do. Sister Kameela, I’m down right frustrated, and fed up with so much emphasis on what others are going to say or do. My life experiences have taught me to work around people or even through them—I can not be slowed down by worrying about what others are going to say or do. We say that we believe in Allah s.w.t.-apart of that is accepting the Qadar the good and bad of it. I’m prepared to focus on the big picture which I personally feel Charles explains rather intelligently, and move on. In my opinion, that’s the bottom line—that’s what’s going to separate the wheat from the chaff in the BAM community–period. People can call me “closed minded” “foolish” or “hard hearted” if they wish, but I believe I am doing the right thing. If it doesn’t work for others, Ma’sha’Allah, I respect that—live and let live. It’s not the end of the world. I accept that as a BAM we are not a monolithic group of people, and therefore everything will not work for everyone. Some BAM need to be aware that there are those of us who are uncomfortable with these organizations, and their masjids. What makes it so hard for BAM’s is that unlike BAC’s we can’t simply just pick another masjid down the street because we are not as large in numbers as they are. I’m not surprised by anything this brother has posted because a sister and I came to these conclusions on our own. I have never met this brother in person, nor have I engaged in a phone conversation, but I do believe him, and I don’t need to know his intentions. That’s just me. Truth is everywhere—from the drunk on the street, and in the mouth of babes. My own experience was enough proof for me. Having a weapon pointed at my face, and barely allowed to put on a nightgown was enough for me. Being dismissed as a nutter and trouble maker was all the proof I needed. That’s me. That was an extremely traumatic experience for me, and I won’t forget it. I do care about our youth, and would hate to see some ones child throw their life away on an agenda that doesn’t concern them or even benefit mankind. If my husband would have made any type of startling move those ATF officers could have shot him dead. I wish every one the best in what ever position they take, and how they act upon it. May Allah bless everyone, and grant them the desires of their heart.

  28. Sh. Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Amreeki says:

    Dar ul Islam / Iqaamatiddeen

    “And do not be as those who divided and differed among themselves AFTER CLEAR PROOFS HAD COME TO THEM. It is THEY for whom there is an awful torment” { Al-Imran: 105 }

    The Arian case has been decided by the people of the United States and therefore have declared Dr. Arian not-guilty of all charges.

    So do not insist that he cooperate with his prosecutors and give up names and associations that may imperil others still involved in struggle in Palestine. (if we flip the script, would we have asked Mandela to give up names of those he considered his comrades as a condition of his release)

    Our guidance comes only from Allah in this, through His Beloved Messenger (pboh): ‘A believer does not turn over his brother to the oppressors” Bukhari

    Unless of course, you have some new information that you are willing to provide to the court…

    “Don’t let your hatred of a people ( or disappointment with their behavior ) cause you to swerve from justice” Allah/ Qur’an

  29. Faisal says:

    Abdur-Rahman you will be discredited tomorrow in NYC by the true Black American Muslim leadership. You are just angry that intelligent young people like Kameelah see through your smoke

  30. Kameelah,

    Whew! Sister, just read the documents, unless your saying I made them up. Nuff said on this.

  31. Faisal says:


    I am very impressed with you in defending your conviction in strong support of Dr. Al-Arian like the vast majority of the black muslims. stay tuned tomorrow when the united black American Muslim leadership stand in solidarity with Dr. Sami Al-Arian and give the true position of the Muslims in this country which is to stand with the people of Palestine and true political prisoners like Dr. Al-Arian. (while giving the Abdur-Rahmans the well deserved smack down)


    Know your role and shut your mouth

  32. kameelah says:

    ive already said khalas to all of this– faisal, i am not defending anyone, dr al-arian or anyone else–that’s already been made clear. at the end of the day the determination of his guilt it up to Allah alone.

    this isn’t about defending convictions; it’s about the manner by which we communicate our ideas and respect we lend to alternative ideas and carry the expectation of respect for alternative ideas without fulfilling the same responsibities. unnecessary fitna clouds clear thought and open hearts and arrogance clogs pathways to other ways of thinking. there is too much to do in this dunya to spin my wheels. mashaAllah and good luck.

    abdur rahman good luck

  33. Kameelah, As Salaamu Alaikum

    Thank you for your well wishes. I certainly did not mean to offend you in any way, and do hope that you accept my humble apology as your brother. Please make du’a for me as I will for you.

    By the way, I also hope to write as well as you do one of these days.

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  35. […] of the things which Mr. Bray mentions about my past associations (as I have already mentioned on my blog) are unfortunately true although the insidious quotes he attributes to me are pure […]

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