The Khalid Yasin Scandal: The Fall of the Criminal Imams

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

By now almost everyone is caught up in the buzz swirling around recent revelations of “Sheikh” Khalid Yasin’s long history of fraud and deceit. I applaud the courageous blog Salafi Burnout for attempting to protect the Muslims from what can only be described as a criminal enterprise, and to make us all aware of the tremendous damage it has caused to the community . As Yasin’s criminal house of cards appears to finally be falling, we are left with many unanswered questions as to why this kind of thing has been allowed to go on for so long.

Let there be no mistake, other shoes will drop, not only on Khalid Yasin but a whole host of other “du’ aat” and Imams who have with impunity betrayed the trust of the Muslims, and have left us wondering how individuals with such shady and dubious backgrounds were allowed to attain such stature, influence, and respectability in the first place. It is no exaggeration to say, as we shall soon learn, that our community is top heavy with these types of scoundrels, and yet the larger question remains; why did so many responsible and affluent Muslims fork over huge sums of money to a man who spouts the kind of absurd, preposterous, indeed psychotic things that he does?

Take for example this gem,

SHEIK KHALID YASIN, DVD EXCERPT: An AIDS virus, that is a classic disease that was created in Fort McKinley, United States. Fort McKinley, the AIDS virus, 63,000 gallons.

What did Khalid Yasin claim the creators of the AIDS virus did after they manufactured 63,000 gallons of it?

SHEIK KHALID YASIN, DVD EXCERPT: Missionaries from the World Health Organisation and Christian groups went into Africa and inoculated people for diphtheria, malaria, yellow fever and they put in the medicine the AIDS virus.

And what was his response to questions of who exactly did this fiendish thing?

SARAH FERGUSON: And what do you believe? Do you believe AIDS was devised by the US Government to limit population growth?

SHEIK KHALID YASIN: I don’t say by the US Government. I say there were at least five governments that acted in complicity.

After listening to this man speak, it is no mystery why Muslims have lost all moral authority in the world for promoting these crackpots, lunatics, and demagogues as “respectable spokesman and leaders”. 63,000 GALLONS OF AIDS?! Is he sure it wasn’t, let’s say, 68,000 gallons, or maybe it was 100,000 gallons?  Did he miss two or three countries involved in this global genocide? Maybe it was seven instead of five. And why Fort McKinley and not Fort Dix? We hope we’ve made the point, the man is psychotic, and would be a laughing stock and an embarrassment were it not for the fact that he belonged to the Muslim community, who eat up this type of conspiratorial garbage every day!

When pressed to produce evidence substantiating these flights into delusion, he retreats behind some twisted notion of “theory”,

SARAH FERGUSON: You said in Purpose of Life television at the end of each program you’re going to have a moral statement. So in a sense, Purpose of Life, let’s be clear — Purpose of Life will endorse that theory of AIDS.

SHEIK KHALID YASIN: No, we won’t necessarily, because we can’t endorse that theory because that theory is not necessarily fact. What our job is is to bring another view.

It is precisely this “job” of “bringing another view” which allows Khalid Yasin to move through the Muslims unhindered and unencumbered, smooth as butter as they say, collecting up bags of money  as he goes along. Why? How? Because like all professional swindlers, especially those who exploit religion in their hustle, HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HIS VICTIMS WANT TO HEAR , and serves it up like no one else can. As I have written else where, the Muslims have developed over a long period of time a nasty addiction to conspiracy theory, demagoguery, antisemitism, and most debilitating of all, a profound sense of victim-hood. All of these rotten ingredients can be found in the noxioius rhetorical brew of Khalid Yasin, a poisonous elixir he’s been offering our youth for years. If all he did was call people to God and help them understand their “purpose for life”, the angels in heaven would praise him, but that’s not the business Khalid Yasin’s in. He’s in the business of selling victim-hood, hate, fear, grievance, and blame, and does it so incredibly well that Muslims implicitly trust and love him, even to the point of making deals with him involving tens of thousands of dollars WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF PAPERWORK!

It is because of people like Khalid Yasin that a whole generation of Muslim youth are growing up feeling like the world is against them, and lay all the blame for the stagnancy and utter backwardness of Muslim society at the doorstep of the “West”. And he preaches this message in countries where Muslim youth have a better chance of making it than anywhere, the U.S, Britain, and Australia. From whatever angle you approach it, this is a bad guy.

A short story will illustrate perfectly what kind of ice water flows through the veins of Khalid Yasin. Just this past spring he was invited, along with another famous Imam who failed to show up (already a bad sign), to be the “fundraiser” for a humble, relatively poor Somali community in the Northern Virginia area. They were working hard to raise money for a Muslim school and a great deal of time and energy was expended in its preparation. When the other speaker didn’t show the people panicked but brother Khalid told them not to worry, he would both deliver the address (initially assigned to the no-show speaker) as well as “raise the funds”. The organizers never discussed augmenting their original agreement with him which promised him 10% of whatever was collected.

He took the stage sporting his thousand dollar suit, but not before sufficiently “working the crowd” by kissing babies and laying on the charm. From those who related this story to me, Khalid had a good night. The money really started pouring in after he related the tale of the “Jew man”, the one that sat right next to him on the plane over to the event. That “Jew man” told Khalid that he himself, one man, had raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the State of Israel so that they could continue killing Muslims. This blatant antisemitism, Yasin’s stock and trade, got the crowd really excited and of course they gave even more. The speaker got angry and stridently declared he wasn’t leaving the stage, and no one was going home, until they raised two hundred thousand dollars FOR THAT SCHOOL. The strong arm tactics worked and the event raised that precise amount, half in cash and the rest pledges. The Somali community was over joyed and viewed the program as a huge success….that is until they had to settle up with Khalid.

He and the brother who lead the community met behind closed doors in order to determine what Khalid Yasin’s cut of the proceeds should be, the initial agreement of 10% having been abrogated by his having performed the functions of both speakers. So when the soft spoken, naive Somali brother asked Khalid what he thought was a fair remuneration, just like the Grinch that stole Christmas the cold-hearted criminal looked the brother in the face and said,

I normally get half

How much did he actually take home? I’ve gotten at least two different reports. One said that he got the 50 percent, or one hundred thousand dollars, and the other said he “settled” for something between 35 and 40 percent, which on the low end amounts to seventy thousand dollars! All for just two hours of work!! It was so much money that he had to stay in the hotel an extra day to insure that all the checks cleared.

In concluding this post, I think I owe it to the Muslims to give them a heads-up about impending revelations. It is not just Khalid Yasin, there are several more high profile personalities in deep trouble. The Muslims must brace themselves for the bad news, of learning of unbelievable acts of corruption committed by Imams once loved and esteemed. Specifically, one very famous Imam who associated with Khalid Yasin for years will be revealed as a crime boss who oversaw, if not actively committed, cold-blooded murder!!

Many are asking “why only now”? “How come only now are we hearing about this”? The answer is that it was withheld because some believed the Muslims couldn’t bare it. They argued that too many Muslims would lose heart, and perhaps have their faith in Islam shaken if they learned the truth of these things. Others who knew –  well known and respected leaders – simply failed to live up to their responsibility of protecting the Muslims from these people, and in some instances protected the Imams. I must again restate that this stuff is extremely disturbing. If our hearts are firmly attached to Allah we’ll pass this trial successfully. If our faith is in people, some of us will fall (God Forbid).

I have more information on the way, and as soon as I receive it, I will post it here

  1. Charles says:

    It is for this reason and a few others, that a growing portion of Blackamerican Muslims are leaving the mosques. It is virtually impossible to survey the Blackamerican Muslim landscape because, while many love Islam, they have numerous reservations with either the leaders or the people who support them.

    That leadership and the people who support them is also ushering in an exodus of sorts on the part of BAMs which will eventually resemble ‘white flight’. A growing number of BAMs are not just distancing themselves from local mosques, but are moving away from the Black Mecca of the NorthEast. Let me clarify that this does not include all BAMs, neither will everyone necessarily move away from the NE, but getting involved in organizations led by ex-cons, felons, conspirators, etc., has to be a thing of the past, especially for BAMs. Why position ourselves in reach of an already unjust justice system when we can create better options for ourselves simply by taking responsibility and instituting accountability programs for potential leaders and organizations? Oh, and we must move away from conspiracies.

    A lot of people will hate this, but it’s 11pm for having ‘n!&&@$ on the block’ leading our children. My question is, what will replace them? Or, considering the strong-arm tactics they use, maybe the question is, what will we create of our own in contradistinction to them?

  2. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:

    Oh my sweet Lord….

    I can’t say anything but that for now…

    Mary Ann

    • Naj says:

      I dont know how i came upon this post but i feel very uneasy reading it.The blogger seems to have dedicated such a great amount of time and passion into getting this out there,which means if its not true or if it in any ways attacks his personality or him personally and has spead this amongst possibly milions….i cant even imajine what the concsequence qould be.
      From reading this from my gut instict it feels like this is plain backbiting,basically we are taking a non muslims word against a muslims.They probably dug up so much from his past and skewed and thwarted it.Even so if worst case scenario it has any truth to it shouldnt you conceal your brothers faults and address him first atleast then handled it more tastefully with more awareness of Allah and his deen.

      To the miskeen Brother who dedicated all this effort to either backbite or slander and all those who are just oohing and aaaarghing in belief at it all ITTAQILLAH(Frear Allah!!).If anything you could of have addressed issues regarding aqeedah and minhaj integral to our knowledge as he is a da’ee,rather than calling him a thief and swindler with no solid proof,and in islam we are taught that the proof is upon the claimant so prepare to be judged for your accusations and to bring forth evidence and then to justify the manner in which you spoke of him and that you sided with the non believers in the attack against him.Its clear for example that you doubt him and belief them,at the very least this isnt impartial let alone just.

      Their seems more concern about money than iman and aqidah.This blogg saddens me and reminds me of the fitnah of backbiting and division amongst the ummah.This problem isnt as common as the blogger makes it out to be exremely rare from my experiences Alhmadulillah.I dont know to what extent any allegations are true all i know is something isnt right about this blog.

      May ALLAH SWT guide us all and keep us sincere Ameen,

      A very concerned sister.

      • thinkerswork says:

        The major problem in the West is that we, Muslims are trying so hard to do damage control due to a poor international image. Many Muslims are being mislead and taken advantage of by our Imams. At my blog, please read what took place this holiday in Charlotte NC; and everyone should know that all is not well in Islam; not in Charlotte. We have to stop believing that our leaders are looking out for our best interest because they hold Jummah on Fridays.

        Although the Quran says that a Muslim is to protect each other, we need to understand that a Muslim protects a Muslim but when a person no-longer behaves like a Muslim he or she is not a brother or a sister in the faith and is subjected to chastisement and more just like any other person. This chastisement actually goes for Muslims more than anyone. I have been deeply affected by “watered-down” Muslims who seek to make a name for themselves instead of doing the actual work of an Islamic person. I watched a documentary on Islam and an Imam said that there is not one Mosque in America that is truly following Islam and doing what they are supposed to do: where are the abundances of homeless shelters, domestic violence hotline and shelters, orphans, hospitals, schools, universities.

        But there are Imams with BMW’s, mansions, boats, and fancy Mosques. Our Mosques and community is under surveillance because Muslims will not clean out their own houses!: Especially in ethnic communities. Muslims speak for the truth and we do not cover-up corruption and crime because a person says they are a Muslim. Islam is for educated people, we are supposed to stand above the troubles of the general society. We are to give, find, and provide solutions. When we do not, we see nothing good–because we created nothing better. There is nothing wrong with getting the word out about corrupt and weak leaders. If our leaders are ineffective, we are to turn them out! Not, hold them to us. . . .See why the general society despise many Muslims because we will not, apply justice to those scaring us. There are very few Mosques that are worthy of the name, Muslims. I just had five give me the finger and as a Muslim we are to never forget it. A Muslim never forgets because forgetting is a mental illness. And turning the other cheek is a sissy. And being silent is not a virtue when you are suffering and being taken advantage of. Let’s not forget what happened to the so-call Muslim that murdered his wife with his female lover. Remember silence killed Nazish Noorani, this Ramadan. Some of us had hell instead of pie. And a Muslim gave it to us. Let’s remember the falling and wayward–not just when it is a war victim but a victim, period. Peace and Blessings.

      • Sufyan says:

        Allah says:
        O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.[Q49:6]

        Contact Yusuf Estes of Guide US TV, Islam Channel UK, Discover Islam Bahrain, Holland, etc. to verify what has been said.

        I just attended Khalid’s lecture in Lagos where he was trying to raise funds. Upon arriving home, I came across and asked some scholars about it who confirmed that his fundraising schemes are scams.

        On the authority of Abu Saeed al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say, “Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then [he must change it ] with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then [he must change it] with his heart. And that is the slightest [effect of] faith.” [Recorded in Muslim]

        Allah says:
        O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted. [Q4:135]

      • gabby says:

        Dear sister. I completely agree with you.

        From another sister

      • Aliy Hands says:

        I wanted to comment but reading urs made me feel no need to. Because u touched everywhere I wanted to.Alhamdu lil Lah for having such vigilant sisters in Islam like u.
        Keep it up.
        May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

      • Ghazi says:

        Aameen, ukhti! I don’t believe this rubbish. And even if he is being paid to speak so what! Also, the n&&@$ from the block statement is rubbish because who are you to judge anyone because of their past. “Cast the first stone!”

      • Maria says:

        No, he’s right. He’s not backbiting. If a Muslim is stealing money and breaking promises like khalid yasin, we muslims should know. Trust me, I worked with khalid yasin for years, he’s all business. He’s pretty scary, but true. He is a manipulator who has a way with words. I wish more people knew, but as the blogger pointed out, people are slowly realizing what type of person he really is.

      • Imran says:

        Salam sister,

        I know Khalid Yasin personally as he was one of our Masjid Sunday School teachers in a mosque many years ago in Monroe, CT. I agree that no one should ever slander or hurt anyone (irrespective of whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim). This is a character trait that is ubiquitously accepted amongst everyone as lacking ethics. I will not be specific, but just state that if you wish solid proof regarding Khalid Yasin being a “fraud”, then I recommend you speak to the Islamic leaders at ICFC (Islamic Community of Fairfield County). He outright defrauded the poor working class Muslims of money that they were saving to try to build a Masjid. And do not just speak to one person, cross reference amongst everyone in the community. And then speak to the Muslim community in Manchester, England. Do not judge someone based upon how many times they can utilize “Inshallah, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, or Mashallah” in a sentence, but based upon their actions.

      • Anonymous says:

        no it not sister i know khalid personnLLY

  3. And I’m afraid that very few Muslims will believe you (or anyone else) even if the proof is placed in front of them. I see the proof being dismissed as a conspiracy against Yasin or an attempt by “the media” (read: Jews) to undermine his work. It can never be that we have some criminal elements in our midst. I blame “some of our leaders” (you know who I’m talking about) for silently watching what is going on and not saying anything about it or doing anything to stop it. I blame those who have been burned for not coming forward and letting others know about their experience.

    The fact of the matter is that Khalid Yasin is eloquent and very charismatic. People don’t want to believe that someone who possesses those characteristics is actually a crook. He’s a big wig as far as some are concerned and they will stand by him because they’re familiar with him but they don’t know you (or others) who are bringing forth the allegations.

    • Jazakallahu khairan (may Allah reward you). and for those who are criticizing Sheikh, we do what he mentioned Allah said, not what he practice, we pray for all muslims and non muslims to understand the true religion.

    • Imran says:

      I am an American Muslim born and raised in USA. Khalid Yasin was a teacher at ICFC (Islamic Community of Fairfield County) in Connecticut. I was 14 years old when he was a teacher at our Masjid. He said perverted things (out of respect, I don’t wish to get into details) to our class that made us feel uncomfortable and made me lose respect for him even that young age. Long story short, Khalid Yasin is deviant. He stole money from our Masjid and led young muslims astray with his evil teachings behind parents backs. Our simple community of humble Muslims let him get away with his fraud and felt that Allah would deal with him. I am not at all surprised that I am hearing about his fraudulent dealings now 20 years later. It is very sad and he broke our community’s heart. He is very eloquent and puts up a “good front,” therefore decieves many goodhearted people.

    • Y. Abdullah says:

      As Salaamu Alaikum

      I could not help but notice the fact that you are not saying that he misquoted the Quran or that he was attempting to persuade Allah’s Ummi against the oneness of Allah. You are attempting to discredit another Muslim in a cowardly manner. I pray Allah you are silenced. The venom you are spreading is nothing short of jealousy…I seek the protection of Allah from the envier when he enveys.

      • Abdul Wahiyd says:

        more words in support of our brother Khalid Yasin and spoken so well. if only ALLAHu subhannahu wata ALLAH made me more eloquent in speech i might be better at giving dawah!

      • Imran says:

        Sorry to respond so late to your response as I just happened to be reminded of this fraudulent man today after watching a video about what he did in Manchester, England and now Australia. And our community is to blame because we decided to remain silent and did not want to embarrass our Muslim community in front of non-Muslims. Why would I be jealous of a man who has no character or moral values? Why is it I am spreading venom just because you seem to have an affinity and attachment to Yasin. If you sincerely want to seek the truth, then please contact the Muslim leaders at ICFC (Islamic Community of Fairfield County) and ask them directly what he did to the community. Or feel free to contact the Muslim leaders from Manchester, England. Or even better, ask Imam Siraj Wahhaj directly his thoughts.

    • Abdul Wahiyd says:

      Al hamdulilah! @ Mufti, may ALLAHu subhannahu wata ALLAH reward you for bringing my heart to account by way of HIM in whose hand is my soul. Such wonderful words of joy i have not read or heard in a while except for today in Jumaa when the words of the imam, my close brother, made me cry. I love brother Khalid Yasin and it is not my place to judge him. his words ring true as far as Islam is concerned. I would love to meet him and embrace him and pray behind him. and ALLAHu Alum!

    • shak says:

      May Allmighty reward u for telling the truth about Yasin and nothing but all the truth. This is the work of worldly duds ,they are on the edge of losing it

    • Sufyan says:

      I was insulted with foul words and my facebook account was disabled for exposing him on his page.

      Perhaps we should get those he scammed to expose him.

      His lectures are good though, so we should give him credit for that.

    • Abdulkadir says:

      Very well explained brother Mufti. Best regards from Holland.

    • Imran says:

      Exactly. Well said sister. The mistake was made initially by our community ICFC (Islamic Community of Fairfield County) in CT. We knew of his true nature, but our parents/uncles decided to keep quiet and let it go.

    • Nasserddin says:

      Hey, frienda mine this it’s called polygraph. You should stop perjuring, the truth musy be be told. There’s no harm done in his all lectures

  4. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:


  5. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:

    My sweet Lord.

    I am at a loss for words…

    This is all I can say.

    Also, I’m having troubling posting?

  6. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:

    Digressing: Abdur Rahmans Post

    Not the only ones dissatisfied: Home Churches spread

    Going to Church by Staying at Home
    Clergy-Less Living Room Services Seen as a Growing Trend

    By Michael Alison Chandler and Arianne Aryanpur
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Sunday, June 4, 2006; Page A12

    A growing number of Christians across Washington and around the country are moving to home churches — both as a way to create personal connections in the age of the mega church and as a return to the blueprint of the Christian church spelled out in the New Testament, which describes Jesus and the apostles teaching small groups in people’s homes.

    Estimates vary widely for a movement that is by design informal and decentralized, but the consensus among home-churchers is that they are part of a growing trend.

    George Barna, a religion pollster, estimates that since 2000, more than 20 million Americans have begun exploring alternative forms of worship, including home churches, workplace ministries and online faith communities. Barna based that figure on surveys of the religious practices and attitudes of American adults that he has conducted over the past 25 years.

    Abdurrahman is at it again: inviting us to truth, by asking us to THINK critically and independently about the leaders in our midst. It’s not only the leaders, but it’s also their supporters which make up the bulk of people who sit on the boards at Mosques, and let’s not forget the invisible decision makers lurking behind the scenes. I was truthfully at a loss for words, when I read this latest post. All I could do was just call on the Lord, Allah. When I think of the heart ache, and the heart brake many of us have experienced because we sincerely believed these leaders intentions was the glorification of Allah through service, fellowship, and love. No wonder so many of us have become disaffected, discouraged at best because it was never these folks intentions to do glorify Allah. But this doesn’t entirely address the issue. Many of us are sick of institutions period! We are fed up with the administration of the masjids. Case and point: the West African Imam who was fired at the masjid in the Woodbridge/Manassas over alleged tardiness. Its clear to me that those of who converted to this deen to glorify Allah through service, fellowship, and love need to flee the masjids and create our places where we will be emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually safe. What other alternatives are there other than isolation? We have seen how many of these leaders’ proxies have attacked Abdur Rahman accusing him of sexual perversity, what do we think would be our lot if we raised our voices. This can be done with out becoming cult. Perhaps we can consult with our Christian brothers and sisters who already doing this?

    What I do know for sure this woman will not set foot in another mosque. Any trust, respect, and compassion I once had has totally been eroded.

  7. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:

    @ Jamerican Muslimah

    I’m all for TRUTH, however it should be with purpose and understanding of our historical circumstances, that is to say while not ever issue ever brought up against leaders in our community is a conspiracy, if critics are intellectually honest they would have to admit that certain leaders have been targets of governmental frameup and even assassination attempts.

    The US government’s own investigative findings acknowledge, that some government agencies broke the law trying to setup and or monitor Muslim leaders. Now I know this may not prevent the self-righteous from allowing facts or the lack there of, to prevent them persuing any rumor or accusation about at leader as this doesn’t fit the narrative.

    If a leader has done something wrong to the Muslims why don’t the desecent Muslim’s come forth and say such and such happened? Why is the evidense often from one of three sources, either the media or secondhand (or even third) information or either that some bum whose compromised themselves then lies on someone else?

    For once I would like the person who, themselves was transgressed to come forward and say I was transgress by so and so. If in fact the names of leaders are going to be tarnished at the least the accuser should present themselves.

    I’m not that famillar with Shaykh Khalid and I had not even saw him in person until this year I’ve never heard ill of him, however I’m not a sucker if anyone scams me I’m not just going to sit there, I would be angered familiar or not

  8. Bruce says:

    The question is why do we BAMs seem to have so many that take advantage of us and lead us to dead ends and a fatalistic apathy that has produced satisfaction with laziness, no sense of business and not preparing for a future for our children.

    Rather than encourging BAMs to use their energy and resources to equip themselves to produce they have encouraged us to be perpetual victims.

    Instead of solid solutions we are treated to canned speeches filled with conspiracies that lead us no where. Even the Immigrant Muslims look at our eroding communities with sadness and wonder what is going on. Our leadership has not led. But this is because we do not demand better. We look the other way while these leaders destroy our communities

    It was once said that black men were an “endangered species”. I now say that the BAM is an “endangered species” in the US

  9. Bruce says:

    @ Abu Usamah Al Aswad

    As to what you said about the conspiracies, this is true, but we should not let that hold us back and continue to think of ourselves as continuous victims.

    A man that was held in slavery named Booker T. Washington said: “We should not permit our grievances to overshadow our opportunities.”

  10. Abu Mongo says:

    I was shocked at Charles Hassan’s comment above (#1) and his apparent disapproval of Khalid Yasin and his type. Why then did he say nothing publicly when Khalid Yasin spent an entire week in Columbus (Hassan’s hometown) last month fundraising for his fraudulent enterprises in the most prominent mosques in the area? If there is anything that is just as deadly to the ummah as these skaykhs of deceit, it is the “me too” Muslims who add their “ameen” when someone else speaks out, and yet says nothing when it matters most.

  11. Abu Mongo,

    I am not Charles but I can speak as someone who lives in a city where Khalid Yasin frequents. (1) Khalid Yasin is a big personality. People in my community know and love this dude because they don’t know his background or what he has done abroad. Imagine me, whom only a few know, standing up and trying to expose him. Even if I had proof in my hand, how many people would listen? I think the majority of people would accuse me of trying to “divide the ummah” or something along those lines. I’d look like a fanatic. (2) Since I do not have the oratory skills that Yasin does or his following he could easily talk his way out of it or make me look crazy.

    I think there is a way that this matter has to be handled. I’m not 100% sure if standing up publicly at an event Yasin is speaking at is going to be the best way.

    • Mufti Ababujey says:

      Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatul laah,
      Dear sister,may Allah reward and bless you for taking the steps to prevent the spread of evil.I know Shaykh Khalid Yasin and I was inspired by his message and still having the sweetness of his message on my lips.I pray that may Allah increase him knowledge and courage to continue his Daáwa.
      May Allah reward you.

      • Sufyan says:

        Allah says:
        O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.[Q49:6]

        Contact Yusuf Estes of Guide US TV, Islam Channel UK, Discover Islam Bahrain, Holland, etc. to verify what has been said.

        I just attended Khalid’s lecture in Lagos where he was trying to raise funds. Upon arriving home, I came across and asked some scholars about it who confirmed that his fundraising schemes are scams.

        I used to admire and look up to him until now. In general the contents of his lectures are fine but he is a danger in and of himself. He has ripped of many Muslims and communities.

        On the authority of Abu Saeed al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say, “Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then [he must change it ] with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then [he must change it] with his heart. And that is the slightest [effect of] faith.” [Recorded in Muslim]

        Allah says:
        O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted. [Q4:135]

  12. Charles says:

    Abu Mongo, Salaamu alaykum.

    Firstly, Columbus is not my hometown but a place of recent residence and if you’ve read any of my writings, you’d know that Abdur-Rahman is not the only Blackamerican Muslim taking stances against the status-quo. He has his style and I have mine. Secondly, approaching the people who showed up to support a brother such as Yasin isn’t the way to handle the situation at all. Thirdly, Columbus is home to an abundance of immigrant and refugee Muslims, Muslims whom I make it a point to keep my family a safe distance from, many of whom believe in the conspiracy theories promoted by some of our voices. I seek to address the coalition of the willing, that is to say, people who are already leaning away from the questionable leadership of the status-quo. I might also add quite frankly that, I am mostly concerned with those indigenous Muslims unafraid of recognizing the reality of their plights, both spiritually and in current affairs. I am an academic and I certainly do not get involved in polemical debates, using my own bully pulpit to refute another on his pulpit. Beyond that, I personally had no idea that the brother was in Columbus, OH and even if I did, the last thing I would have wanted was to be seen in the same environment. I am a proponent of having academic discussions about Islam, Political Science, and a few other things, but never do I engage in urinating contests or propaganda. If that is what the ummah idealists are longing for, they won’t get pass what they are mired in now.

  13. Abu Mongo,

    Brother, there are plenty of fights to pick with, but Charles is certainly not one of them! I really do think you should do more homework. When the “Immigrant Muslim Syndicate” launched its viscious attack against me a couple of months back for exposing their terrorist ties and deception, brother Charles stood strong with me. I do understand your frustration though. It is well past time for people to open their damn mouths about all these rotten people.

    There are scores of individuals and groups all over the country, and for that matter in other countries, who have been scammed by this man and need to come forward. But they don’t! Do you know why? Because they think they’ll give Islam a black eye. What I’m saying is that having a maniac criminal like Khalid Yasin on the scene and giving him respectability is what gives the religion a black eye!

    Brother believe me, you haven’t even heard half of it. If you want to blame someone, I’m sorry, you’ll have to blame people like Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who allowed Khalid Yasin to rehabilitate his destroyed reputation by letting him give talks at Masjid At Taqwa in Brooklyn. In fact, call anyone of the NY Imams and demand that they tell you the truth about Khalid Yasin and his long, seedy past.

    The problem is not the good people like Charles, rather it IS THE MUSLIMS THEMSELVES who absolutely love the s@%t that Khalid feeds them. Those Muslims in Columbus would have never listened to anyone talking negitively about this man because they positively love the product he sells.

    I live in an area that has one of the largest Islamic book distributors in the country, and they have an entire section in their store for Khalid’s DVD’s. When I tried to tell them something of the history of this man (facts I have not revealed yet on this blog) they completely ignored me. Do you know why? Because there is such a huge market for this conspiritorial, victim-hood, “evil Jew” around every corner message, A MESSAGE THAT KHALID YASIN HAS PERFECTED TO A TEE, that THEY REALLY DON’T WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH. That is the real problem! The minute the Muslims come off this stuff they’ll be able to rid themslves from the likes of this fraud, and perhaps then make some progress.

  14. L.E. Flautmagel says:

    I’ve watched about 10 DVDs by this character and laughed out loud at his outrageously error-filled claims about everything from The Big Bang to Darwin’s family life. He is frequently wrong about facts and figures. [For example in one DVD he gives the speed of light (a constant/186,000mps) in three wildly differing values all in the space of two minutes.] He smugly states that nebulae are the points of origin of galaxies. He is a poseur and transparently fraudulent. He always seems angry as he ejaculates wildy with his finger punctuating every other statement with incomprehensible, guttural Arabic.

  15. […] sentiments have been echoed by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, who praised Salafi Burnout for publicly challenging Yasin and questioning how the American Muslim […]

  16. Kwame Madden says:

    May Allah ,guide Khalid Yasin and others who have fallen victim to there own desires.

  17. shalimar says:

    dear accuser of shayk yasin,
    do you like to eat the flesh of your brother.?
    this keeps him from being a poor man so he can be manipulated by the power structure…plus hes talented and black. shame on you for your jealousy. allah ta ala reward you in the al-akirah by taking all your good deeds and giving them to khalid yasin.
    who is perfect? nobody…the best people are those foremost with their rabb and cherisher.are the doers of good.
    for this powerful talent he has as a gift from allah ta ala,imam jamil el-amin is languishing in jail or prison for crime he did not commit.
    for feeding the poor people and children the panthers were shot down yet the quran speaks in their favor…the love of those near of kin. you will pay dearly for assasination this brother”s character.
    this is indeed the third world war…a battle for the minds of men.
    your enemy learned to speak arabic and sits next to you in jumaa,this time his name is not iblis, its brother jaleel ibn abdullah.oh no it couldnt be him…and he just robbed the no.2 poor treasury. ameen

  18. Ali says:

    Khalid Yasin seems to be an honorable man. The same article that falsely attacked Khalid Yasin has been around for around 3 years now.
    This hardly seems plausible to be attached to a man who seems to seek the truth.
    Where is the evidence? where is any kind of proof to back these claims?
    Its the very same article thats been re-posted on the various websites filled with hatred against Islam and attacks on Khalid Yasin. Ever wondered why is it the same article posted over and over on the Islamic hating websites?
    Did Khalid Yasin reply to these charges?
    You can’t jump into a conclusion without listening to both sides of the argument.

  19. Firstly, let me preface by saying, I am not particularly fond of Khalid Yasin, nor do I consider him to be a personal role model or student of knowledge. I myself have caught him making factual errors during his lectures (particularly regarding evolution) and so know firsthand that he errs, just like the rest of us.

    However, having said that, I implore everyone here to show some balance and justice regarding this issue. We should not jump to conclusions (especially for those who don’t know Abdur Rahman Muhammad in person) based on the claims of a media article or an anonymous blogger without seeing concrete, firsthand evidence, and hearing what the brother Khalid Yasin has to say in his defense. Whatever his situation is, he is still a Muslim and he still has rights on us as his brethren. As one brother pointed out, these are serious claims against the brother and if they prove to be incorrect, all those who propound it will have to answer for the injustice they leveled against him on the Day of Judgement.

    On the other hand, we should not exaggerate about our current feelings about him, or anyone else. We should not be overawed by him to the point that we think him to be perfect and free from sin (even major sin), nor should we be biased against him and be quick to believe/accept slander about him. Our religion is based on principles, not people. If these charges prove to false, then al-ḥamd lillâh the brother can continue with his good work. If these charges prove to be true, then qadarAllâh wa mâ shâ’a fa’al, we take a lesson from it, and don’t let it touch our îmân.

    • kalil says:

      why is it that all the people speaking against yasin are at the same time sounding as if they wanna be him?they sound when i read their words like students who fail to be exactly like the master….sounds like envy to me

      • kalil says:

        please brothers and sisters the same kind of slander was formed against the prophet of islam s.a.w. by the people of his own place and time…also it was the nation of islam that said the most hurtful things about malcolm x..remember caesar and brutus..jesus and judas?….backstabbers do this

  20. AKIL says:

    PLEASE READ PLEASE READ PLEASE READ PLEASE READ PLEASE RE i pray to Allah (SWT) that none of this is true. I am grieving as i write this. I choose not to past judgement on the brother. Yet if the brother commited these acts than his victims should stand up, and speak. when you go off of heresay, word of mouth, its relative to gossip. if you believe the imam isnt 100%, seek out his victims. i’ve never met Imam khalid in person, he is the closest to El-Hajj Malik Shabazz on this earth. (lectures,charisma,intelligence). The Nation of Islam will give you a whole different feel on how they view, and feel about him. There are alot of ways to assasinate, and in this day in time, the unbelievers, rejecter’s of faith will combat using the tongue vs guns. Listening to the Imam helped w my journey back on the deen. I will continue to listen to him until his victim’s stand up, and they are well known Muslims (meaning someone knows that they are muslim, and not character assasins)… then i will feel more open-minded. BEWARE OF THOSE WHO SPEAK AGAINST HIM, AND HIDE BEHIND THEIR COMPUTER, MAKE THEM SHOW THEIR FACE, THEN SPEAK. Until now i feel i can benefit from the message, not the messenger. There is only one God and I bear witness that Muhammad saw, is his messenger. I PRAY THAT ALLAH GUIDES EVERYONE THAT SPEAKS OR KNOWS ABOUT THIS SITUATION, THAT THEY ENTER IT IN A WAY THATS PLEASING TO ALLAH SWT. I PRAY THAT THE TRUTH BE BROUGHT OUT, AND ALLAH SWT KNOWS THAT ALL THOUGH IM 100’S OF MILES AWAY, THAT MY INTENT IS TO GIVE MY FAMILY PRECAUTION’S ABOUT SPEAKING BADLY ABOUT SOMEONE, AND NOT THE IMAM. I PRAY THAT ALLAH SWT MAKES ME PLEASING TO HIM, AMEEN.

  21. AKIL says:


  22. Al-Hasan says:

    Allahu a’lam wa la hawla la quwwata illa billah

  23. shalimar says:

    a correction is needed here because of a typographical error on my part. its from shalimar and it should have said that he(sheik yasin) cannot be manipulated by the power structure.

  24. MR says:

    I have more information on the way, and as soon as I receive it, I will post it here

    Any more info?

    • Fatima Mohamed says:

      sister Fatima,
      Asalam Aleykum- It is extremely wrong to attack a Muslim brother, please note we are all human beings and all humans make errors. If you suspect that brother yassin caused some small error please put him on the scale about the good things he has done and the one time wrong committed… It is only ALLAH who knows what is in his mind and heart about Islam and therefore that judgement will be done by HIM alone

  25. Tandeh says:

    Brother’s i have solid proof:

    he was in manchester and conned a very genuine brother into doing approx £5-6000 building work, which he is refusing to pay. after streneous efforts to resolve the matter, he Agreed in a meeting with 30 other brothers to pay in june 2009.

    This is where the story becomes mor hurtful, the shaykh has the money, as my brother who works for MPAC UK ( asked him to do a speach and he was asking around give or take £2000 for a speech (note ISLAM IS NOT FOR SALE!!!), which is ridiculous.

    Also do not think just because people come to him for the Shahadah, it is because he was the means of them converting, it is not true. Recently a young brother became muslim (Son of Jamil – May Allah Grant Him Jannat/Paradise) because some brothers from Whalley Range were worried after they heard that he was going to cremate his fathers, Eventually he was buried in Southern Cemetry.

    His son was so ipressed by the muslim’s Manners and worry he started reading the quran and decided to become Muslim (AlhamdlILLAH). but he took Shahadah with Khalid Yasin (note i do not consider him a Sheikh) because his friend took hime there.

    back to the subject, after the 30 man Meeting, it was agreed that my freind (MASOOD) had to sign a letter stating he was taking back all his slanderous Allegaitions (Note: they were not Allegations) and in return he would get his money by the agreed date.

    Because Masood owed most of the money to suppliers who trusted him and he trusted the Sheykh, who is using the son of the Shah Jalal Mosque’s (Rusholme) Imam as his right hand man in Manchester. (Note: as far as i know the Imam of Shah Jalal is not involved).

    He needed the money as soon as possible so he agreed to this letter and as a favour one algerian brother said, if they allow him to collect on their behalf he would pay masood Straight away.

    They agreed to give the Algerian Brother another letter authorising him to collect on behalf of Khalid Yasin’s mosque.

    Both were printed at the same time but through there trick only one was Signed the Retraction letter.

    it has been a couple of weeks now and the Shiekh is making excuses to sign it. Now the Algerian Brother that was willing to help Masood,has pulled out, saying he does not want to be involved.

    SubhanAllAH, this story is still on going. Do Dua my friend get’s his money back.

    The Sheykh and his associates are very clever and crafty and professional Fraudsters. They make the 419 Nigerian Scammers, look like ametuers in my opinion. The way he stages things and even his Friday speeches are complete opposite of his actions.

    He even threatened my Friend Masood with the following:

    “If you were in America, I would have finished you a Long Time Ago”

    Even the treasurer of the msoque claims all the money goes direct to Khalid Yasin.


    If you want proof come down to manchester and see the documents and meet those involved, you can make your own judgements, but please Brother’s do not Fund him any more without doing the aforementioned.

  26. Tandeh says:

    1 brother from rochdale contacted me and i will soon get information about his problem with Khalid Yasin

  27. […] his crime spree. I am republishing here an expose recently posted in the comment section of the original expose I did. In this story, Khalid even threatened the life of the person he defrauded!! When I was in […]

  28. Uzbek says:

    Sheikh Khalid Yasin did spend the money collected on islamic causes.
    Take purpose tv.
    Or take
    As for AIDS:
    He is right.

  29. Abdul Rahman says:

    In response to Uzbek’s reply.

    Al Wahy is something that K Yasin is promoting (he mentions this continously in his lectures).

    Purpose TV – yes money does enter into the organisation.

    Aids – Allah (SWT) knows best.

  30. abu jibreel al wahrany says:

    salamualikum i am x admin of purpose of life centre, we are waiting for those who have been not payed yet to bring our allegations with their allegations to stop this man khalid yasine by doing this? we are doing a big favour to muslims and to him at the age of 62 years to stop his list of depts from growing
    contact me on 07936027507 jazakumullah may ALLAH reward you.

  31. Anon says:

    Salaams abu jibreel al wahrany

    I have major doubts that you worked at Purpose of Life Centre because I was part of the Purpose of Life team and I’ve NEVER heard of you. Additionally, virtually every single person who worked at the Purpose of Life Centre was articulate, intelligent and spoke english fluently. It was one of THE major objectives of the Centre’s administrators that we were able to effectively communicate the message of Islam to non muslims and the message of brotherhood and tarbiyah to the Yemeni, Pakistani, Somali and Bengali communities within Sheffield. As is evident by your above comment you can barely write in english so there seems to be an inconsistency there.

    @ The public

    Neverthless, I find many of the reports on this blog and board to be slanderous, misleading, exagerated and disproportionate. The allegations and ‘reports’ that have been made against the Sheikh are vague and would probably be inadmissable as evidence in any effective and functional court of law that follows proper due process. On that basis, any careful, considerate individual would therefore be very concerned about making such allegations about a figure who has dedicated over 40 years of his life in the service of guiding others to Islam and helping Muslims maintain and progress their Islam. If such allegations probably wouldn’t make it in a court of law in this world what makes us so sure that these allegations would be acceptable in Allah’s court in the next life.

    Admittedly, Sheikh Khalid has his good and bad points – but isn’t that part of being human. He has never claimed to be an angel. In his own words he calls himself a student of a student. Part of our creed as muslims is to believe that humans-(non-muslim or muslim) are imperfect creatures who are prone to mistakes-minor or major. I ask that people give credit where credit is due, give Sheikh Khalid a break and perhaps have a word with the man himself. May Allah forgive all our sins and guide us all.

  32. @Anon

    People like you are the problem. Its people like you who allow innocent people to be hurt. In fact, I’m sick of people like you. And if you don’t live in the United States I don’t even know how you can claim to know what Khalid Yasin has been doing for 40 years. You’re full of crap man. Jusy stop the crap! We know this man and his crimes, and to the extent that you go on defending him you’ll have to answer for all the people he hurts.

  33. MUSTAFA says:

    This is why we Muslim are weak. Khalid Yasin is not enjoying the money he is giving to the important like …………… you do your home work. Khalid yasin he converted more none Muslim to Islam. please stop embarrassing Islam. we are good people, and stop publishing, solve the problem among Islamic law, lets find out the facts. and forgive him, even Allah he forgive. don’t forget you can escape any thing in life only thing that you can’t escape aging and death so Allah he is waiting.

    Asalamu Aleikum

  34. Hamis Sheikh says:

    Salam to all people of reason. I was fond of Sh. Yasin b4 reading the article and I’m still fond of him after reading. Allah warns us from believing or spreading gossips. Those who accused him should come forward with their evidence and let’s see and hear. The person that wrote the article did so as ‘hear-say.’ Therefore Abd-Rahman Muh’d –see above, was in rage when bro. Annon spoke reasonably and intelligently. Nontheless I don’t want to believe that Abd-Rahman is a hater of the Sheikh. Incase he is, here’s what the Qur’an says, “And why did you not, when you heart it, say? —-“It is not right for us to speak of this. Glory be to You (O Allah) this is a great lie.”

  35. Hamis Sheikh says:

    NB: The Chapter I quoted was the 24th (An-Nur) verse 16. May Allah protect our sheikh and increase him in knowledge and wisdom. The unbelievers want to extinguish Islam, but Allah has promised Himself that it will flourish even if the disbelievers, hypocrites and the atheists do not want.

  36. Begum Shel says:


    In most blogs it mentions how Sheikh Khalid Yasin is part of AlWahy – please note that the Sheikh only promoted the site and no money or finance was contributed towards that. There was no such agreement made with AlWahy.
    His fundraising only went towards his project Purpose TV.

    If you would like further information contact AlWahy via

  37. Mehtap says:

    To all muslims ,

    Be clever and always ask and find out how your money will be used or received when making any kind of contributions in funding for a good cause or giving out charity.Ask for proof if they can provide it. Don’t always be so trustful or naive.If you are content with the individuals response or the support of proof the individual or the organisation gives you than it is in your discretion weather you still wish to support them or not. However if your money of support has been misused or fraud is involved leave it to Allah and hopefully next time round we all learn a better lesson and be more careful.

    What I read on this site has left me to think mutual. There is a legal system in every country who ever has a complaint about anyone can take the matter up there or leave it to Allah or the Hereaftter.

    Be cautious but don’t dwell so much on matters like these.Let’s all educate ourselves to be a true good proper muslims there are so many resources we can benefit from not just Kahlid Yasins Lectures :). Everyone should work hand in hand with their own family and community to help their young muslims and themselves.

    Asalamun Alaikum.

  38. ibrahim says:


  39. ibrahim says:


  40. Billz says:

    This is called PROPAGANDA

    Jump to attack any muslim at any given chance. i dont see him being prosecuted and i dont see any people coming forward that he stole money from. all i see is some non muslims rattling on and during the process convincing themselves and trying to convince others that rumours and speculation soon turn to facts. well they may do for non muslims and some modern muslims that have adopted your moral conducts and values. we call them apologitic zombie muslims who have no mind of their own to ascertain the truth before opening their mouth.

  41. gilani says:

    looks like salafi burnouts blog was taken down , the idea was good to warn the people but someone started dropping full names and places of work to innocent women on there. sad.

  42. Mo says:

    lol what? to women? for what exactly? like ?

  43. show me the $$$$!! says:

    unfortunately some of whats been said is true, khalid owes alot of people alot of money, that is a fact! its true that its embarrasing for the ummah to talk openly about such issues,however, if khalid yasin is not exposed; preferably in person, then he will continue to syphen peoples money and move from country to country.

    he’s now operating in holland having abandoned manchester uk where he was exposed and chased away. no doubt he will get some young naive brothers to set up a website or 2, then claim that he’s setting up a tv station (its a great money spinner!) but unfortunately he’s not, at best he will provide an online interactive tv player which would cost about 1500 euros to set up, he will control the money side of things and send thousands to america via western union or any money transfer co.

    he will befriend muslims and non muslims alike, take donations and loans probably get married (for the umpteenth time) and when the s__t hits the fan he will move country probably somewhere in scandinavia.

    to prove what im saying come to manchester uk & contact one of the arabic speaking mosques in manchester, the people in sheffield are still dazed and confused by his actions and probably cant believe such a high profile speaker would do such a thing so you might not get much info from sheffield they remain loyal to islam; and i praise them for that, however, he needs to be exposed!

    • Omar says:

      He’s been doing it for years. He was involved in stealing donations from at least 2 Masjids in the state of Connecticut in the USA, one was in Bridgeport, Connecticut – Masjid-An-Noor and one in Monroe, Connecticut, ICFC/Islamic Community of Fairfield County. These weren’t smash and grabs either – he spent time ingratiating himself with the community and becoming close to certain members in leadership in an attempt to take over administration of the Masjid. He is a con man and a thief and when confronted physically attacked the Imam and threatened to run over his family – this was back in the 1990’s. I always wondered what happened to him and was surprised to find him on YouTube. He’s no Sheikh either, ask him what his qualifications are to be calling himself Sheikh Khalid Yasin. We just knew him as Brother Khalid Yasin. He is a con man and a criminal and regardless of the show he puts on (which is full of lies, hatred and inaccuracies). The brothers covering for him need to wake up – he is counting on your honesty and goodwill to convince the next group he cons. Another thing – I saw a brother mention that many new Muslims have taken the Shahada from him or through his teaching/guidance and this is also misleading. When a well known Sheikh or Imam visits and gives lectures lots of people who are interesting in Islam and having been visiting the local community members and learning are encouraged that it will be a great honor to take the Shahada from him. Most of the time these are people are were already on the path and I have seen this happen many times especially in front of the cameras.
      I would be interested in a follow up to hear what happened to him or where he ran off to. At some point his criminal past will catch up with him.

  44. why is it soo many new muslims practice taqlid??
    the only taqlid allowed is the sunnah of rasoolallah saw, and the best sources are from the hadiths ie; bukhari, muslim, tirmidhi, and other authentic and sound sources of hadith.
    Yes in order to understand hadith to there full extent and in context you must have access to a known and reputable muhaddith insha’allah. who is of sound character if he has been found at fault he should OPENLY admit his mistakes and make steps to rectify himself!
    Khalid yasin has made no attempt to redeem himself what-so-ever, and and to try to put the “rumours” to rest with the proof of his work ie; purpose tv etc……
    people stop practicing blind taqlid, allah azzawajjal has given us brains think, contemplate, talk to scholars, and so forth, and most of all always ask allah for guidance in any situation, we have salat-ul-istikharaa for a reason. lets go back to the sunnah and the Qura’n , and truly put our trust in allah COMPLETELY!! and not fully in people!
    many new muslims are in hurry to leave islam due the disunity amongst ourselves whether it be race, status, we have given islam a bad name because we have allowed to put our PERSONAL inputs into evrything we say.
    what happend to the laws of allah in evryday use and evryday thinking?
    non existant!! I speak to myself first and foremost before i address anybody else
    jazakallah hu khayr
    masalaam 🙂

  45. Tandeh says:

    @ Anon:

    do you think just because you speak articulately that you can pull wool over the eyes of people, in islam if a muslim has an accusation against a another muslim and he has enough proofs that persson will be liable for whichever punishment is exacting of that bad deed.

    we do not need to to use western law principles here, the discussion is purely islamic, so the context should be ‘is he islamically liable for his actions, the answer is yes’

    i understand you have good english and so forth, good luck with that, but please can leave your western rethoric and come back down to earth, where people have been emotionally hurt and defrauded by a man who is outwardley acting like a Shiekh.




  46. Yusuf says:

    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, forget about Khalid yasin for a moment, and just visit the profile of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, the author of all the articals about Sheikh Khalid Yasin.

    This guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, has been writing about all HARAAM things like the music industry, Michael Jackson is his favorite i guess. So, my picture about all his articles regarding Khalid Yasin is just that its another article of his to draw attention.

    And he probably choose Khalid Yasin because he knows how popular Khalid Yasin is among FAITHFULL Muslims, so its more or less certain that people will read his articles. This itself is an acceptance that Khalid Yasin is a true servant of Allah.

    Allah knows best

  47. george rawlings says:

    as salaam alakium,first of all the socalled muslim that are accusing shiek yassin is exposing himself either as an enemy of islam or an jealous and ignorant muslim.where are your evidence for such silly charges,why are you not following the dictates of quran and sunnah when charging a fake hypocrite and proably an agent for the u.s.kafir governement.and all you silly muslim who take this message as truth,you need to go and study your salaam alakium

  48. Hal says:

    Pease be on those who follow the true guidance,

    First let me start by typing, as a Muslim living in the west that listened and watch many lectures and seminars from diverse group of individuals from different religions and faith denominations and as a long time listener to Khalid Yassin’s lectures. Your accusations are poisonous unfounded. You allegations have no grounds to stand on and are merely a reaction of your hate for Islam and Muslim speakers. Your frustration of the fact this religion “Islam” has become unstoppable globally is your motivation for writing this blog.

    Over 8000 none Muslims have reverted and accepted Islam as a way of life because of brothers like Khalid Yassin and many other dedicated brothers and sisters who their objectives is only to reveal the truth that many people of this world have been denied because of all the negative stereo typing and damaging rumors the western media has induced.

    Then again, your claims about someone like Khalid Yassin is not something new. For every positive action, there is always someone somewhere who has something negative to say about it. In fact don’t take my work for it. Just go and Google the most pressured thing to you whether bee it your faith, principles that you live your life by and see how many negative response you will find?

    So your hate is not going to affect any Muslim’s believe and it will most certainly not going to stop people (Muslim and none Muslims) to attend and listen to the likes of Khalid Yassin and many others who are well prepared and aware of the fact there are individuals like you who write negative comments and spread false allegation about them. It takes a man to do what they do and not worry about creatures like you which more what I can say about you. If you have all these facts about his organization and his background then maybe you can organize a lecture of your own and invite us all and present these so called facts? Or even better maybe you should come face to face with Khalid Yassin and present your case? Maybe then we know find out the truth about who is the criminal?

    So stop hiding behind your blog and post false arguments like an eight years old!

    Forever Muslim.


  49. Hal says:

    Excuse the typing mistakes. I responded pretty fast to this post, and ignored that we all can make mistakes 😉

  50. naseef uganda says:

    we muslims dont just swallow any food or information set forth on our plates, you will excuse but before you rebuke, write against somebody or launch any criticism, provide clear evidence for , islamically evidence is the basis of judgement.



  51. Unknown says:

    Many of you people feed on other people’s error. Its all jealousy, you know you can never achieve what Khalid Yassin has achieved so when something about him comes up that is against him your the first to fully believe it just like that and spread it like wild fire. Keep up your slandering the more of it you do, the more Khalid Yassin benifits. He’s a good man and as my eyes as a witness and evidence he has done a lot for the muslim ummah. Unlike you people who have no evidence other then somebody said this and that. Most likely some dirty kafir on tv or some guy on the internet who for all we know has just veiled himself with the name Abdur-Rahman Muhammad to make himself sound special and believable who’s real agenda God knows what. Get a life and do something useful yourself. We all make errors both major and minor and have fell into wroingfully fulling our desires May Allah forgive is

  52. mussa says:

    this is how non muslims succeed in dividing muslims.khalid yassin made many non muslims to revert to islam and we muslims shuld knw that the great job sheikh has done the non muslims wont like that,so what they trying to do is to acuse him of some sort of criminality so people shulnt beleive him.and some muslims have accepted what non muslims say.may allah bless sheikh khalid yassin bcoz he has inspierd me so much

  53. […] “did the work”, as if writing is not work. And when I exposed flagrant criminals (like Khalid Yasin) who were robbing the Muslims blind I was branded a “back biter”, and so on and so […]

  54. anonymous says:

    dude, leave khalid yasin alone. hes a very good man. stupid racist rednecks like the people who made this retarded link only deserve hell. bill o reilly once said that all muslims should be sent to terror profiling yet people actually support it. they say that hes right. so we think that khalid yasin is also right too.

  55. Hikaru says:

    Well, I don’t know what the truth is but he recently has been in my community here which I will not mention because I want to be as anonymous as possible.

    A few years ago he was in our area and the masjid had a flyer here that said basically that he was giving a talk but did not mention what it was about. It was at a masjid far away from the local one here, maybe a 40 minute drive or so. Anyway, I got there and it was a fundraiser. It was for an Islamic channel thing and he raised a bit of money for it, but not much. I remember an elder at the fundraiser (had I known it was one I wouldn’t have gone because I was broke at the time) mentioned something to him in front of all of us and instead of going into that, Yasin just kept telling us to focus back on fundraising. Nothing ever happened of that channel in this country. I am not saying he is a fraud as far as collecting money for himself and making up phony fundraisers but I think something is going on. I too am staying silent in the community because I do not want to be portrayed as a fitnah spreader or diving the community. One brother who knows him quite well is living in our area and he has kind of spoken up about it but he got attacked by others for it. Should something be done?

  56. a concerned Sisiter says:

    Salaam Alaikum!
    Dear Brothers and Sisters! I just want to remind us all that we are muslims and that we do not have the right to talk about our brothers and sisters. Please do what the Sahabas did and ask Allah subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to forgive and guide him if he is deviant, and since we as human don’t know that, I suggest we leave it to the Almighty Allah to decide and to deal with him in the way he wishes. Allah subhanahu Wa Ta’la said ” Verily the reminder benefits the believer” and I like to remind us that we don’t know his status in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala. And Allah Knows Best.
    May Allah forgive us all. Amen
    Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

  57. man says:

    Assalaam aleykom. I firstly knew about Khalid Yasin thru one of his lectures, which impressed me quite a bit. But when I started Googling, I saw the allegations about him swindling money etc. So, I was ‘amazed’ at how this could be possible. Therefore I Googled some more. The thing is, (maybe I’m searching incorrectly), I can’t seem to find anything in his defense. I mean, brother Khalid himself is not coming out to put these allegations to rest.

    Another thing, I find it hard to believe, that since such news has started (I think way back in 2005), it is weird that people have not taken precautions when he visits a particular community (if the allegations are true that is). I mean, he hasn’t changed his face thru plastic surgery or anything, right?

    But at the other side of my mind, there looms the thought that in this day and age… many things beyond imagination can happen. With that said, it is not impossible for someone to seem pious and righteous (who can deliver superb lectures on Islam for that matter), while in actuality being a crook at the same time. I’m not accussing Khalid of being an actual crook… All I’m saying that in this day and age, the fitnas are so great that people can mistake falsehood for the truth.

    Anyway, I myself have not decided on a ‘verdict’ yet. I know I’m not supposed to, but at least I must have a stand. I really2 hope all these things are not true, because some of his lectures are quite nice. But if he doesnt come out and defend himself, some people might wonder… “What is there to hide?”

    Allaah knows best

    • amz says:

      i was just googling to watch more of shiekh khalid yasin’s lec.. n i ran in2 this!
      im speachless as this is a man i’ve recently became very fond of.. i pray 2 Allah (SWT) that these allegations are false because from wat i can see he has ALOT of influnce and in genral his message is very enthusiastic. how can some one talk and praech about Allah (SWT) and his messengers and feel no gullt in these kind of acts? its hard 2 belive. and for that reson i hope no one puts a conclusion on this man as it is NOONE’S right 2 judge but Allah (SWT).. and as most of us know that slandering isnt a small matter in the eyes of Allah (SWT)..
      i do hope he comes out n clarifys this but till then.. as ‘man’ said… Allah knows best!

  58. Rouf says:

    .I am not efficient to say anything but from the analytical view i can say that not only khalid yasin but there are hundreds and thousands like those people who are ruining the image of islam by doing this. Khalid yasin might be good speaker but i never Listen because When we know there are thousands people around who are putting finger On him and one or two or three or hundreds can be wrong but its not possible thousands who is standing against him all of them are wrong or with less knowledge and are blindly accused the said person. So leave him at his own.

  59. Rouf says:

    I am not efficient to say anything but from the analytical view i can say that not only khalid yasin but there are hundreds and thousands like those people who are ruining the image of islam by doing this. Khalid yasin might be good speaker but there i never Listen because When we know there are thousands people around who are putting finger On him and one or two or three or hundreds can be wrong but its not possible thousands who is standing against him all of them are wrong or with less knowledge and are blindly accused the said person. So leave him at his own.

  60. Amin Rivera says:

    Peace be to all, I am a Mexican American muslim from California,U.S.A. and I have enjoyed reading and watching Brother Khalid doing a well teaching and preaching, but as one needs to be reminded that racist media tends to steroetype people who are nonwhite because of your skin or religion that tend to bring fear without learning,reading, and talking to people,but instead people misjugde and that’s where people need to come together and dialogue with one and other. We are being tested by Allah to see who are really his servants on earth. Non-muslims need to be reminded that we are not going anywhere and we are growing as a religion in the western countries to this day,so my advise, let’s pray for those non-muslims that we can live in peace and love for the sake of Allah almighty.

  61. Mahmoud says:

    I say enough is enough.. if the author of the accusation can not provide evidence this whole discussion should be shut down now.
    How do we know that the accuser is a good person ? may be he is the thief.

    I want all of you to remember one thing, Kalid Yasin converts many christians to islam, the christian community hates him for it, so may be this is one of their tactics to bring him down…be very careful..

    Mary ann a k a sister seeking post on the top of this page..she is a christian she said OH LORD in her post..a muslim woman will never use the word LORD..ever.

    The word LORD is strictly used by christians not muslims so be very careful….another thing she said in her post that she will never go to a mosque again..she lost all respect she said….and then she tells muslims about how christians are resorting to home churches….ect
    READ her posts above,,she is undercover christian who is pretending to be muslim,, her goal is to cast doubt , make you doubt good people, make you doubt your religion…be very careful.
    This whole stupid argument is worthless, for as long as they can not produce evidence then its all a waste of time….just be carefull dealing with these evil christians who have nothing better to do but to criticise islam.
    AS FAR AS Khalid Yasin is concerned he will always be a nice man until someone can prove other wise .
    This abulrahman guy can also be a christian pretending to be a muslim.
    Also CHARLES can be be a christian……………..DONT BELIEVE ANY ONE

    • Farooq Asaad says:

      It brings me no pleasure to say it, but it is well known across the east coast of the US that Khalid Yasin is a criminal and the well known imams KNOW IT for a fact. All you have to do it ASK THEM.

      This is the main reason that Khalid Yasin has been seen in so few public events – if any and no reputable imam worth his salt will appear at an event with him.

  62. sunny musin says:

    For an envious LIAR who sits around in self-pity idly pushing buttons on a keyboard spending his precious time listening to the sounds of the devil incarnate teena marie, you’ve got a lot of nerve speaking about The Prince of Islam, Sheikh Khalid Yasin. You have no evidence to support your claims against him and boy are you gonna be surprised on that day, when you’re reprimanded for circulating this slander/poison all over the world against your brother in faith. SHAME ON YOU!!! He has the God given right to express his views and collect money for his efforts whether for his ‘all muslim any colour any creed’ daawah organisation or black-african-american community which an EXTREME back-stabber like you seems to be only concerned about. Pathetic!

    • Khalil says:

      I find the defenses of Khalid Yasin to be hilarious. A man that would rob and steal from the Muslims in turn using the Muslim “brothers in faith” argument as a defense. If he is so concerned about the Muslims, then why does he steal from them????

  63. converted2Truth says:

    May Allah (swt) forgive him for his mistakes and short-comings and reward him for his success and righteousness. Time is nearly up for all of us, we only have so many heartbeats left? Let us all be patient and forbearing. The controversies will never stop and money can always be made again. Just concentrate on your life, its the most important, keep asking from the most High, the All Seeing. We can laugh, play and forgive or cry, argue and complain in the court of God. Thats where all the truths will be revealed. As a witness [Quran]: ‘Even the Earth will speak’… I hope Allah forgives us too. Insha-Allah. Salam to all.

    • Ra'as Al Ghoul says:

      @ converted2Truth

      So money can always be made again and we shouldn’t worry about it huh? OK, I have an idea. Clean out your bank account and give all the money to me. Insha Allah the money you give me will return at some point

  64. Yunus Ceesay says:

    I am very glad for reading such news I pray allah give you a succesfull live in Islam, I pray allso will meet together in Firdowsi pradise Insha allah.
    Thank you very much.
    Yunus ceesay

  65. mark says:

    abdul rahman is a small shayton of a world of many shaytons

  66. […] next video is of Khalid Yasin.  He tries to explain how the West is promoting a New World Religion within Islam.  He claims […]

  67. sam says:

    Khalid Yasin Bashing, how cute but it doesn’t hit the mark. People are too aware of enemies of Islam from outside and within.

    Khalid Yasin never said anything about the origin of AIDS that many mainstream scientists haven’t said. The Govt of India broke the story even before Khalid Yasin spoke about it. Ask african people who dealt with WHO and they will tell you who gave them AIDS.

    Thank you.

  68. sam says:

    BTW i forget to say this, Khalid Yasin is a very good man and clean from all those charges. the lies about him are part of a well coordinated smear tactic.

    One reason he is hated by people who have an agenda with Muslims is that he speaks the truth. I have been to few of his lectures and he is one of the most humble person you can hope to meet. when the haters can’t refute what he says, they resort to character assassination…the old method.

    Muslims, who are you going to believe, the zionist media or the world of a good muslim. remember it’s a sin to accuse without proofs.

  69. sam says:

    I didn’t realize this guy who wrote this article is a speaker for nation of Islam. of course he is not going to like Khalid yasin. I wouldn’t this diatribe too seriously. NOI has no leg to stand on especially when it come to the truth. Just look at what they preach.

  70. Yes, of course this article disturbs me. However, this does not take away from Sheikh Yassin”s enormous contribution to Islam. His work and eloquence, his amazing insight and intelligence are all to his credit. I don’t know if anything said in this article is true. However, I do know that his lectures on Islam have educated and helped millions of people around the world to understand their faith. Power and money is always corrupting. Unfortunately, we are human and we have weaknesses as well as strengths. Let’s seek the truth and then, if necessary, forgive. We all need forgiveness from Allah. And, Allah wants to forgive.

  71. Ra'as Al Ghoul says:

    try telling the people who Khalid Yasin stole from that he has “good”. that man needs to return the stolen property of the muslims he has taken from

  72. ABDULKADIR says:

    Assalamu alaikum waramatul laa.
    i strongly disblieve this cooked stories you people are coming up with about the Sheik.
    if trully he has done what you people claime, then walk upto him and advise him but never open up the secrete of a muslim. we are muslims guided by Qur’an and sunnah, you not far from being tested by Allah. fear Allah Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Wa salamu alaikum.

  73. amir says:

    @ Abdulkadir

    The stories are NOT being cooked up. No self respecting Muslim would make up such things. this man has stolen several thousands of dollars of the Muslims’ money and that is why he goes from place to place. wallahi this is the truth

    • Naj says:

      I dont know how i came upon this post but i feel very uneasy reading it.The blogger seems to have dedicated such a great amount of time and passion into getting this out there,which means if its not true or if it in any ways attacks his personality or him personally and has spead this amongst possibly milions….i cant even imajine what the concsequence qould be.
      From reading this from my gut instict it feels like this is plain backbiting,basically we are taking a non muslims word against a muslims.They probably dug up so much from his past and skewed and thwarted it.Even so if worst case scenario it has any truth to it shouldnt you conceal your brothers faults and address him first atleast then handled it more tastefully with more awareness of Allah and his deen.If such a travesty came to be true then we should solve it amongst our community,why are so many now coming forward with yeah it happened here and it happened there it doesnt make sense that suddenly when the kuffars wanna stop his dawah projects these same ppl get in a frenzy.You shudda handled it properly,islamically if you suspected anything.

      To the miskeen Brother who dedicated all this effort to either backbite or slander and all those who are just oohing and aaaarghing in belief at it all ITTAQILLAH(Frear Allah!!).If anything you could of have addressed issues regarding aqeedah and minhaj integral to our knowledge as he is a da’ee,rather than calling him a thief and swindler with no solid proof,and in islam we are taught that the proof is upon the claimant so prepare to be judged for your accusations and to bring forth evidence and then to justify the manner in which you spoke of him and that you sided with the non believers in the attack against him.

      Their seems more concern about money than iman and aqidah.This blogg saddens me and reminds me of the fitnah of backbiting and division amongst the ummah.This problem isnt as common as the blogger makes it out to be exremely rare from my experiences Alhmadulillah.I dont know to what extent any allegations are true all i know is something isnt right about this blog.

      May ALLAH SWT guide us all and keep us sincere Ameen,

      A very concerned sister.

  74. Abdul razak says:

    Beware muslems they create confusion amongs you so that they can get their way through, why don’t the accussers make themselves known if they really love islam

  75. Abu Usamah says:

    what a difference the hindsight of several years make after speaking to respected Imams and lay Muslims from NY to DC to Atlanta I will say this I would never financially support anything that he has access to, and I would advise no one else.

    I’m just so tired of Muslims making mockery of the justice of Islam by hiding behind “bring four witnesses” and using it as a loophole

    • amir says:

      @ Abu Usamah

      I’ve done the same and confirmed that Khalid Yasin is a man that is using Islam and the Muslims for his own personal gain and profit. It is a very painful conclusion to reach, but it is true. This is the reason he never PUBLICLY shows his face on the east coast at any event and why no other respectable imams will speak on a panel or forum with him.

  76. i think every muslim in this world should not forget about what quran and hadith said “conspiracy” againt islam and muslim by the Yahud and thier allied i.e. the West, becouse of the posion the held in our today world anything if not from them then is not rigth

  77. […] Leave a comment By now almost everyone is caught up in the buzz swirling around recent revelations of "Sheikh" Khalid Yasin's long history of fraud and deceit. I applaud the courageous blog Salafi Burnout for attempting to protect the Muslims from what can only be described as a criminal enterprise, and to make us all aware of the tremendous damage it has caused to the community . As Yasin's criminal house of cards appears to finally be falling, we are left with … Read More […]

  78. Those who accused Khalid Yasin as a criminal shall soon go and burn in the hellfire. Think twice before you make a strong statement against someone you know a little… Angel of Hellfire is waiting for you (the accusers) sooner or later.

  79. aliyu shabazz says:

    The only man whom i see truth on is face and in his speech “Khalid Yasin” would and can never be guilty of your pathological lies. just know that you the accusers are owing for accusing the man of God………and you shall pay in the hereafter……so next time you wanna bring out another false statement about sheik Khalid, know that am always here to criticize it . Peace

  80. Abu Abdillah says:

    Subhan Allah, present actual facts or remain silent, less you be accountable for slander o addur-rahman!

  81. mumin azraaq says:

    abdur rahman are you even a muslim? many of you see a muslim name attached to an article then ‘chip in’ to destroy a brother. If a kaffir says the muslim is wrong you just believe it then turn against him. An excellent example is brother anwar al-awlaki. Before the kuffar labelled him as terrorist NO ONE had anything against this brother. Now many talk about him using the kuffar’s terminology ‘terrorist’. Khalid Yasin speaks of the revival of Islam. This makes him the kuffars number one target. He has influence and he speaks the truth. Pick your team, akhwaan.

  82. ibnMuhammed says:

    The Almighty alone knows best regarding the rumours. However I do have one question: Khalid Yasin a few years back in the UK fundraised for his TV Channel. I remember in particular on one particular night in Ramadhan he did it and raised a substantial amount. Does anyone know whats happened to this channel and more importantly to this money?

    • Az-Zubair says:

      @ ibn Muhammed

      The answer is that the projects did not happen and the money went into his pocket

  83. Amatullah says:

    Assalaamu aleikum warahmatullahi wa barakatu

    @ Az-Zubair- That’s not true and unless you have hard evidence it’s best not to make sweeping generalisations like that.

    @ ibnMuhammed- The channel aired for around 4 months but the costs for slot alone were extremely expensive, not including production costs which were even more. Allah 3lam.

    If you are all searching for answers why don’t you email Sheikh Khalid Yasin yourselves because he WILL respond, you may not agree with what he has to say but it would give you a better idea as opposed to just reading this clearly anti- Sheikh Khalis Yasin blog.

    Wa aleikum ma salaam warahmatullahi wa barakatu

    • Az-Zubair says:

      @ Amatullah

      That is simply not true. Not a single one of the television projects went to air. After all of the “projects” that he worked on, he simply disappeared with the money without explanation. Secondly. What about the people he called the day before a program demanding more money (that after demanding a handsome sum up front) or telling them that he will not show up.

      The man is a con man of the worse kind and I pray that people continue to expose him and his fraud. I suggest asking some of the well known imams in the US about him and watch the answer you will get: BEWARE!!!

  84. hamis says:

    @Amatullah: thanks for clearing the suspicion raised by ibn Mohammed. It’s human to suspect due to ignorance or lack of proper communication. However to blatantly accuse a brother on that ground is tantamount to slander unless proven beyond reasonable doubt. I’ve been following this for the past few years now and I’m still sure that people who accused sheikh Yasin don’t have hard evidence. Running a TV station isn’t simple and cheap. Recently Huda TV almost close down due to lack of fund. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Khaleed’s TV channel was meted with financial realities on ground after just starting. Many TV stations have come and gone, some in a matter of months while others after airing for several years.
    Therefore, I’m suggesting that we should overlook the short comings of our dear scholars if any and ask for Allah’s rahma on them for they are humans too, they’re not “maasoum” like the angels. Let us focus on what we will benefit from their preaching and guidance and using it to better ourselves and the ummah in general.

    • Az-Zubair says:

      @ hamis

      So even if what you said is true about him, then it is incompetence. Even if that is true (it is not. he is very competent in his fraud) why are we supposed to continue to sink money into his failed endeavors? Yes, we should all be blind following fools for everyone that comes along that claims to be a “scholar” or preacher! No wonder this guy has stolen so much of money

  85. Muslim Sister says:

    Here is the account of another person that was conned by Khalid Yasin that is going around now

  86. Jibreel says:

    May Allah guide you all
    How can you doubt the integrity of a Muslim over so called allegations which have no proof. Isn’t that what people do to prophet Muhammad ever day?
    70 excuses and thinking well of our fellows? we cut them in pieces before even hearing one excuse. what has become of us?

    • Abdulla Shabazz says:


      No, the point is that many muslims have had their money stolen and/or have been scammed by this man. Khalid Yasin has no integrity to be able to doubt. He is pond scum

  87. Richard says:

    * * * A Tribute to Malcolm X مالكوم إكس * * *

  88. Hayatu Barau says:

    We the muslims are not fools. khalid yasin is a CONMAN. Just accept the fact, the devil is and ‘ll always b ur enemy, the devil is a very powerful lier and a deciever. DONT LET THE DEVIL TO FOOL U because he has alread fooled many……….. KHALID YASIN IS A CRIMINAL !!

  89. Musa Salifu says:

    Brothers and sisters, its time to seek justice and stop this criminal from stealing from the muslims.

  90. Ahu says:

    From the beginning to the end except for some few exceptns, its pretty clear that khalid yasin is a world class criminal. He promotes utter conspiracy of the highest order. I am sure its the luxury of American life and some commission from the state or its people that’s making him say such nonsense.

  91. Muhammad says:

    I had husnul dhun for him before – then he set up shop in our community. Just wait till he moves into your home town. You’ll find out about the fraud.

  92. Raheema says:

    You guys are a sad bunch if you think Khalid Yasin is anything but a common criminal. He does nothing but degrade Muslims.

  93. Mo says:

    I say to this CRACKPOT author, you yourself are a disgrace to everything living. Read between the lines, the only way for that is you must seek guidance.
    More to say but no time, so let your imagination flow in the right way not the way you published this post.

  94. Malakhi Kaine says:

    Greetings let me address that which I have specific knowledge of so as to quiet those who do not know from misguiding others with in accurate statements. Purpose Tv Online is in production now I am a media coordinator for the project for Itech4LifeSolutions inc. There had been an enormous volumes of broadcast media (all analogue) that had been compiled by the previous handlers and organizers of the TV venture. All of which had to be converted into streamable digital formats (my current project)uploaded to servers in sql data bases that will be used in an up to date web interface.Content will be available to acct holders and guest users per authenticated request. For those of you who have no Idea what I’m talking about lets just say that it would be the same as transfering a few shelves of books at your local library to an audio format and re indexing them. The technological aspect of the outfit was ill advised at the wrong time in the digital revolution As a consultant one of my jobs for the Yasin organization has been to try and salvage the thousands of hours worth of effort & product that was sunk in to satellite/analogue technologies and make them available on the web as opposed to some of the antiquated systems that were originaly set up. I have had to deal with uncooperative people from the previous projects who don’t seem to want the project to go forward or maybe just preocupied with something else or lack of concern.

  95. Abu Abdullah says:

    asalam alaykum i know khalid yasin better than you all
    back in 96 i was living with a brother named bashir and khalid wanted to start a youth group called positive community images , so we did and i invited all my hip hop connects to come and perform to raise money for kids programs in brooklyn bed stuy to be exact
    khalid yasin went behind our backs and secretly charged all the artist money which he pocketed
    later on we had raised money for an islamic radio station and we were to provide a dinner at masjid muhsin khalifah in brooklyn we had the money in a wallet on top of the tv
    at this time i was living with khalid yasin and another brother named bashir
    so khalid yasin steals the money and tries to get me and brother bashir to start looking at each other like culprits then he trys to say we have to earn more money or we cant prepare the diiner later on that night khalid amazingly gets the money and puts on the diiner , i worked with khalid yasin doing security at the riverdale projects in brownsville brooklyn
    khalid who is so thirsty for power calls the police on our security head brothrer jihad from down south and this brother was on paroll khalid called the police from the security booth we thought it was from tenants 0the police told us the call came from in our own booth where khalid was sitting all night
    he also tried to get me fired from another job doing secuirty when he got fired he said to the people
    how can you fire me when muhammad also has a criminal record
    khalid yasin is a slick talkin deciever who im suprised has not been whacked a long time ago
    he is a liar , thief , con man and back stabbing caniving devil

  96. Dixon M. says:

    In essence, what should be done to Khalid?

    • Mohammed Abdullah says:

      people should stop listening to him and demand that he pay back all the money that he has stolen over the years with his scams

    • Alfian says:

      If Khalid Yaasin is what people say he is… then why was he invited (quite recently, as in a few months ago) to The Deen Show? … I am not supporting nor am I judging brother Khalid. Merely asking an honest question… Any ideas? Or don’t they know about these allegations? …Ma’assalaam

      • Mohammed Abdullah says:

        the people from the deen show apparently are not aware of Yasin’s criminal activities


    RUBBISH! get your FACTS right before making any accusations…..PEACE!

    • Sumayah says:

      I am not on either side, because I dont have enough proof , but if many are making the claim that this man is a thief, where are proofs that hes not? Saying “get ur facts straight” shows us no facts at all, if u know they dont have them straight, then u must know something, so what are the facts?

    • Jawariyah says:

      Thought we are supposed to be “big ass” fans Allah rather than worship common men like YK, when in fact we can account for nobody else but ourselves. “Rubbish” is not an argument or a fact. The above article with detailed direct information from the horses mouth, so to speak, are facts. Deal with it. Even if it bursts your pink bubble. Peace, y’all!

      • NO EXCUSES says:

        Let me guess, black, uneducated inner-city muslim, similar to KY,

        Allah does not change the condition of a people until they (first) change that which is in their hearts. (Surat ar-Rad 13:11).

  98. The perfect wedding speech will be remembered for years. But there is a lot of pressure to say the right things, whether you are the bride, the groom, the best man, or the maid of honor. You want to do your part to make the day as special as possible.

    It is best to think about what you want to say or even rehearse. And if you are not sure, you can download great wedding speeches online to get ideas.

  99. […]  You couldn’t make it up.  This is Khalid Sheik Yasin  lunacy. “The evil use of humanitarian work” corrupts and deprives innocent Muslims of […]

  100. imaani says:


    In the UK an undercover investigative team researched the extremist rise/effect in the UK mosques.

    The programme was called Dispatches – Mosque Undercover and made for Channel 4 (UK independent channel). Its old though. I think in 2007?

  101. anti corruption force says:

    very few african american imams are good citizens, khalid yasin, dawud adib, abul hasan malik, jamil al-amin, the Gilani imams all over the usa, shamsudin ali in philly, abbdul-wahid moss in philly a self proclaimed man of ilm who likes to contact married sisters to make sure they are ok. some men have been jailed, the others need to be exposed, they bring their ghetto ways to masjids and use the innocent muslims have to suffer.

  102. Ali Ahmed says:

    Allah says in Surat Al Hujurat 49:12:- “O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, ye would abhor it…But fear Allah. For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.”
    My advise to all Muslims who are mu’umins to avoid suspicion, slandering, backbiting and spying unnecessarily. If any has any evidence that the Sheykh (Rahimahullah) has any misdeeds, he shoud follow what Islam says; bring it forth and let the law take its due cause.

    Jazzaka Allah Kheyran

    • philly stinks says:

      @Ali Ahmed, none of this is suspicion, its warning a people of a corrupt person who steals, there is so much proof, also what court do you speak of? the kafir court? most of his dealings are in other countries, australia, uk to name 2 , How can a person bring him to justice, the best thing is to warn the masses. check out about another person who ripped off the masses, its not suspicion brother, its fact based on eyewitness accounts and documentation and threats. Do you think 1000 people who never met each other from different countries all of a sudden decided to make up exact stories about the same man, same incidents, same threats? dont be so naive.

    • Taqwa says:

      Allah also commands, we should speak the truth. It is not slander, backbiting, suspicion or sin when you mention publically available information about Yasin. You call him “sheykh” but how do you know he is one? Evidence? Have you seen his merits, credentials, his tutors? Yasin is fully aware of the criticism levied against him as it is well documented or you may attend his lectures/dawah gatherings. So let us not cover up for people under a misplaced pretext. This problem is not inherent to just “sheykhs” of african descent but allover. Allah commands we use the senses he gave us and to not follow other men (or women) like blind herds of sheep. I welcome Yasin to answer to the criticism and concerns raised by others and not use the standard “you misunderstand or take my words out of context”. Like the prominent mufti of Australia, when confronted with footage incriminating him. He angrily claimed “there is something wrong with the camera”. Be careful in your blind defense, no matter how noble your intentions, as silence can easily be construed as agreement.

  103. is there any imam in america that doesnt have some kind of sexual deviant way about him? is there any lecturer that doesnt swindle money from the people? Every person I see or hear has done something like this, in philadelphia pa you have so many corrupt imams its unreal, in nyc you have imams that are dope dealers nd dope users, in new jersey you have imams who have sex with any women who will give it up, in atlanta you have imams that have 2 wives and still got a single sister pregnant. Its so disgusting.

  104. lol@u says:

    it seems this is just another muslim blog that faded away…

  105. Jamila Abdallah says:

    Salaam alaikum, Am stil love and respect Khalid Yasin, may Allah reward Shaykh Khalid Yasin and give him healthy life to continue with his da’wa

  106. michael says:

    dat is a lie,christian must fall,am a christian from Nigeria who turn tu Allah tru khalid’s lecture,Nigerian’s love him and so does African’s does,xtian formal,God wil punish u xtian for dis

  107. SALEH says:

    One question, why don’t whoever wrote or set up this blog go out and defend islam instead of what you are doing now, getting money or not, stealing money or spitting bullshit I don’t care what you do. at least do something in the name of islam, I saw his ” what do you really know about islam”, it’s true that he makes mistakes. NOBODY is PERFECT, but at least he studied islam and standing up defending it. taking an almost 3 hours of effort he gave and shredding it because of a mistake like the Aids stuff doesn’t make you better.

  108. aisha Khan says:

    This story is baseless ,u r d enemies of Islam.

  109. tandeh says:

    He is a fraud, but unfortunatley most people will only realise after they have paid him large sums of money and he has hurt them, I WILL SAY WALLAH HE IS A FRAUD, i dont swear on god often, but only in extreme cases, if you want proof come to manchester, UK and i wll take you to the proof.

    • masa says:

      your argument mean nothing. see what? 6 hundred person became muslim by him. Then I’m asking you. Who many ppl became muslims by you?

  110. universal TV says:

    Can I simply say what a comfort to find somebody who truly knows what they’re discussing over the internet. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people ought to look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you are not more popular given that you surely have the gift.

  111. Wondering the World says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Please remember that every man is there to make mistakes, what short I read of this blog is just a defemation of person.
    If any of you wish to understand the theory behind the hate for the west please read the history of Islam, this is not about right or wrong or better or worse it is about Christians and Jews against Muslims.
    This what has been for more than a 1000 years and as Muslims allow themselves to be enslaved by others and ask for help from others it will be the case.
    No white above black no black above white no arab above non arab no non arab that is what islam is you are as good as your deed and Allah SWT is the judge of your deeds and intentions.

    • alnoor024 says:

      Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmutullahi Wa Barakatahu
      who are talking about Shayih Khalid Yasin , Please remember that there is a some Muslims (Young Generations) in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonom Regions in China (Eastern Turkistan) are bece muslim becouse of studying English Language by Missionieries who call themselves orientalist . They are studying Uyghur from Us and teaching English freely but wash the student brain by their English……at the end many of them became cristian and get their sallery from the cherch in Urumqi……or ….
      So please do not being busy with the back biting words about Shayih Khalid Yasin do more effort as he do for the all human kind. As ALLAH swt says in Quran , If you save ones soul , It is like to save all souls of all humand kind ( just meaning by my poor english)………….
      Do you like to being a english Teacher in Urumqi and Save Their IMAN ISLAM????

  112. khalifadanazumi says:

    dis is all nonsense………bull shit !

  113. mahdi says:

    It is an obligation upon us to shun away any slander against another muslim. Keeping mum will also never do. Khalid yasin is a muslim and has given the sahadath to Allah(SWT) which is an absolute testimony whereas the slanders being put up are mere Human rantings which dont have any authority or testimony… Shun such slanders. Which dont have a strong standing… Even if so… Then shun away such backbiting… The truth is with Allah(SWT)… Fear Allah for whatever comes out of your mouth.. I dissociate myself from such talks and may Allah(SWT) be my witness…

  114. soraya says:

    this all a whole view how human beings are fully blinded what true religion is. Nothing but control over non educated ppl we are been manipulated since birth with all this fraud people put among us all. The goverment has put all this nonsence in our heads and all these so called leaders want us to become their followers to only have control over our people. If there was no religion in this world everyone will be lost and dead because we have no purpose as humans in this world. We all have one life to live enjoy life because our only purpose in this life is to live and die just like a plant we get old or sick we not here to live forever there is no life after death but u can believe what you want and just be another follower and get trapped.Alot of words i see written in a book but is up to me if i wanna believe the stories about someones life i have never met in my live nor seen with my own eyes who this person is Id rather watch movies. theres alot of questions out there yet theres no answers but think again and ask your self, Why are we here? why do we all have different blood type if we are all created by god? who created god where did he come from? and if he loves us so much why we suffer and die? If god created us why we kill and hate? God is great? why? we dont know or have any scientific proof why we here and if theres a god. A god should be able to protect us all from harm loving one each other but then again people still believe in this crap that has no meaning but to go by a book someone wrote. maybe i should do the same and lie about the spirit of god appeared upon me and say through me you will have salvation, but then again those who follow jesus or other prophet still die where is the salvation. you mean we all have to die naturally to have salvation who will i know i will be save i am dead where is the evidence on this after life, did anyone wrote a book on the kingdom of god, paradise, who do we know is there? why do we have to die to get there, if im been following the word of god all my life why doesnt he just lift me from here and take me to paradise? i dont know we all humans are nothing but stupid people we believe everything we hear.

    • shohrah says:

      i know where you are coming from. and i wil try and answer your question on why are we here.. according to me ofcourse there is a God and all that..i mean u dnt think this big bang theory would create a world soo perfect…trees animals and people, gravity forces, ozone layer and all that are not just accidental things. so Yes, there is a God. so the next question would be y are we here. to me life is a test. to see how u handle situations, hardships, happiness and all. we all know life is not a staight path. thre r hills, valleys, lakes…..and according to me, going to heaven or hell depends on how one handled themselves in these different situations.were u kind when you had all the money in the world, or did u dispise the people who werent as rich as u were. if u were poor, did u have hope and faith and work harder, or did u curse all the rich men and say its their fault u r poor and just lay back go on being lazy. were u helpful,kind, generous, forgiving, patient, steadfast, truthful or were you selfish, abusive, impatient, arrogant, haughty, disobidient, a hypocrite or a gossip. these ways people decide to take up will determine where they end up in the life after cause as we have all noticed, life is short. as in ask Muammar Ghadffi…he isnt here anymore, he was a muslim believer, but did he behave like what his religion tells him to…and where is he now. remember, signs like these are only for people who reflect.

  115. pinkee says:

    listen only to words that bring you lasting peace and joy in your heart. the rest whatever they do or say…they are responsible for that before Allah the Almighty. love being a Muslim!

  116. Abdullahi s. Mohammed says:

    In the cause carrying out the work nobody said he shouldnt be paid and we muslims wont disowned sheik yasin because of curruption aligation, that is between him and his God, thats why muslim we are better, we submit to the will of Allah almighty. All we know sheik khalid yasin is a good man whatever are his sins he will answer to the creator faqat what donated we give in the name Allah

  117. shohrah says:

    after all these posts i wonder what people are getting to.. so the originator of the posts wants us to think Yasin is a liar and all tht he says is a lie too. Okay, 1st of all, we all arent perfect and we have flaws…those who go out to highlight the flaws of others should check themselves first…as in cast the stone if u r not a sinner. so Yasin has done this wrong..and according to you his research is wrong too about the AIDS issue. why dont u come up with your own home work and post it then challenge what Yasin says..honestly this post is surely done by someone who doesnt think deep about his/her actions..if u say what Yasin says is garbagethen go ahead and bring to us the right information and make sure its authentic coz Yasin always makes sure and give authentic information. so my dear…..dont fight Islam as a religion. its a waste of time. and bad mouthing our leaders is too. even when what they r doing is wrong, they have taught us to keep our dirty linen inside. i suggest u do so too.

  118. hamza says:

    pure bullshit… you have to do better than that to bring a respectful and logical man like him down. hahahaha nice try 😀

  119. Abdullah says:

    Dont want 2 believe dis

  120. fab says:

    they all practise Taqeeya …! never believe these imams – the whole lot of them are liars .

  121. Dawod Homed says:

    ladies and gentale-men, know one has cofirme this news, i will not believe infidle trying to tarnish the image of man who is doing his best to propagate islam. many western have averted to islam because of his effort, so i want argue u that no body should believe such scandal, and if its true then we shall pray for him that allah to forgive him.

    • Philly Blog says:

      Many people have confirmed this, everything isnt about the kufar trying to destroy islam, sometimes we as muslims have to realize all other muslims are not like Abu bakr, umar, utham and Ali, some are like Hajjaj, some are like abu jahl, some are worse, some are thieves, some are liars, stop blaming the kufar for everything, only the Prophet was perfect, therefore, we have to know people will do stupid things. come to america and see where all hi money went, look at his home, the one that he says isnt his, you people need to open ur eyes.

      • Muslimah says:

        Yh but people need to go back to the basics and fill their hearts with iman however Allah guides whom He pleases and misleads those whom He pleases. Ur correct we shouldn’t blame everything on the kuffar rather we should make excuses for our fellow Muslims as our beloved SAW said.

    • asiya says:

      Excuse me brother dawod but should we forgive him … i know of someone who gave all his lifes saving to this cheat because he said he would invest it in his tv channel and then he would give it back and give the profit on top aswell… why should he forgive him….
      when allah has said that we dont have to forgive , i dont think anyone has any right to force this one someone
      .. on the day of judgement allah has said he will have to pay for all this with his good deeds and that is what i console the person who was scammed with … i tell them its a win win situation for you .. if he gives you the money back in this duniyah then you get the money back so alhamdulillah and if he doesnt… well all the good deeds that he has earned in this life he will be forced to hand them over to you until your debt is cleared.. and from the looks of it it seems this shaikh will be dishing out alot of it…

  122. Muslimah says:

    Swrwb not happy with this article. Go back to the basic knowledge of Islam and then think twice about slandering and backbiting about our fellow Muslims. If u claim this is the truth then keep it to ur self may Allah SWT have mercy on us all and keep the ummah together ameen.

  123. Faheem Lea says:

    The truth of the matter is we have a horrible history of exploitation by Black leaders, particularly in the religious realm. Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, Daddy Grace, Marcus Garvey, Father Divine, Dr. York, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Bishop Eddie Long, you name it. We shouldn’t be so naive as to think that it is not possible with current Islamic leaders. A red flag should go up when this stuff starts to follow these people, and we shouldn’t be distracted by the nice and inspirational talks they give. I am not saying anything concerning Khalid Yasin, but why is this stuff following him? Why is he associated with this?

  124. asiya says:


    my dear brothers and sisters …sheikh khalid yasin is definitely a cheat and a thief…i know of at least 2 people from whome he has swindled money from (in england)…
    and what about the Spanish 25 year old he converted to islam. he married her moved to manchester , had 2 children with her in the uk but when the manchester people started catching up with him about the scams, he fled the country and left his wife and children high and dry .. she is in so much trouble now poor thing may allah give her sabr and ajar and may her children become pious and a source of sukoon for her..
    what i dont understand is why are we sitting quietly.. why dont we have gather the evidence and have him jailed… the people whome i ask say that he is a prominent figure in the muslim world and they dont want to taint that and embarrass the muslim nation ….
    All this is soo sad cos i used to love his lectures before but now when i hear them and see him all i just hear and see hypocrisy…
    it is so ironic he rose to fame with that lecture on” purpose of life ” yet he is the one has lost his way and does not know the purpose of life.. he has chosen duniya over akhirah for it is haraam to steal peoples hard earned money like this under the pretence of charity and islam…i mean hes what , nearly 60 now how much longer does he think he will ive? this life will end and then nothing can save him. he can give all the money in the world to the angels but then only his good deeds will help … .. people who do not believe i urge you to do a little research .. he has married and left women all over the world.. in america alone has has married and left 2 ,,,, in britain i personally know of the one i mentioned above…..but these ones i know definitely of only allah knows how many more there are.. people please wake up and investigate and think why arent these allegation against any other sheikh why him …

  125. jumaa says:

    Salafists, do not force your religion if it is the will of Allah it will prevail, n dont hide oyurselves under the pretence that your informing the muslim world of Khalid yasin rather let the world know about how salafist deviated from sunnis in the ways of not following taqleed n fuqahaz n thus there shall be a war waged on ol sunnis from the media n from the ground. Innovation in islam iz harram oh salafists thus one reason the prophet neva went around calling himself a salafi. I am a muslim n i pray with ol the war the salafist will wage on muslimz till we convert to their religion till that die i pray allah strenthens my imaan!

  126. Umaru Inuwa says:

    Is a pitty that the Muslim clerics,unlike the christians that are out to extort there member.your story has shown how you hate the religion of God.which is islam becouse sheik khalid is preaching the and that makes you uncofortable then you choose to blackmail. For your information, we dont worship human being in islam. We worship only one God. So hold your peace.

  127. Abu Bakr Carolann says:

    If you’ve read this far down the comments you might go a bit further so please bare with me here….
    Let me say right off the bat that I KNOW that Israeli Jails are bursting with very brave Jews that are my brothers and sister whom I will defend with my life their RIGHT to life and the practice of Judaism as EQUALS with me and mine……. pay ya Zakat….Ya takes yer ride…. No Problemo….
    However…… (as the Judge said….)… the Modus Operandi of criminal Jewry whom corrupting for their own ends has their nasty little thumb print all over this thing………
    Pretending to be guided by their own scripture…… unlike the final main scene in ‘Schindlers List’ where the cozy old rebbe in his cozy old cardigan surrounded by the cozy old Jews (of whom it has to be said these are the very same people who would later elect the terrorist criminals to the highest offices of Israel whom are on record as having committed some of the most heinous crimes on our Palestinian brothers ans sisters known to mankind)…tells his saviour Schindler (a German non-Jew) that it says in the Torah………

    ‘If a man saves a single life,,,, it as if he has saved all of humanity….’

    Now…. before I have Muslims bouncing off the walls,,,, yes I know… Not only does it say no such thing ((I had to confirm that this is NOT in the Torah with an old friend of mine (went to Hebrew school…) He’s now a major ‘coke’ dealer living in Dubai)) they stole it from Al Qur’an….. If you try to check this yourself you will quickly discover exactly how hard it is to get hold of a copy of the Talmud (later than the Torah written by self appointed lay priests after the so called exodus)… The reason for this is simple…. JEWS are DESPERATE that nobody does cos if it gets out the game will be up…. as they say…. It’s a nasty racist document that will tell you that a million NON JEWS are not worth the FINGER-NAIL of a Jew….. It is there in black and white that the job if you like of a Jew is to annihilate ALL non Jews…. because we are no better than cattle anyway…….. take over the world…. and run it with the help of 69 other Rabbi’s (the 70 Rabbi’s that run your life have been there a long time) from Jerusalem…..JOB DONE>>>>>
    So now we’ve got that out of the way………
    AIDS WAS developed in away the brother said….. no question. The is physical proof in the form of paperwork….. and a veritable raft of ‘whistle-blowers’. They were given initially 2 million dollars to do it. It WAS introduced into Africa in polio vaccines and what have you…… But more than that…. After personally waking up to this conspiracy of the global mafia consisting of yes…. many Goyim (non-Jews, masons from non-Jewish backgrounds doing a lot of their ‘dirty work’) and many again are Crypto-Jews but I have no doubts in my mind and this after eight years of illness with 24 hours a day on my hands with nothing better to do than immerse myself for many thousands of hours of study…. hitting the books… not just watching a few hours of You Tube…. I KNOW that the head of the hydra has a star of David on it’s mast….. and this article stinks of it…..
    How many of you out there are aware that there is in Tel Aviv a group of people (they regularly advertze quite openly in the classified ads of the main Israeli newspapers whom travel the states recruiting ‘helpers’ to the JEWISH… NOT ZIONIST…cause, That being…… for example they might be asked to work in shifts in a room with any number of others who do nothing but answer comments on You Tube….either promoting Zionism or hating on Islam…. all amounts to the same thing. They could be even asked to produce an on-line scandal like this that nobody has any way of checking…….
    I’ll pass….
    On the ‘black issue’… I’m white….. so I’ll leave black politics to them…… they HAVE to sort this themselves….

  128. Abu Bakr Carolann says:

    I hope you all gathered from the above ramble…. that the fact that my comment does not contain any further comments on the brother…… is because I wouldn’t immerse myself in the fitna of it…..Non of my business till I know better….

  129. Abu Bakr Carolann says:

    This of course could all be a set up… even down to the comments. Personally I suspect that they may well be true as I’ve seen it all before….. especially using young women to get a British Portpass etc……..but of course Allah azawijaal knows ALL
    There is now a little line up of these black (particularly NY) brothers whom have fallen by the way side… Rather like the tales may grandfather told me they would hear after the war (WWll) of people ….. in order to avoid it ever happening again….. filled whole rooms full of tinned foods as a safety net to help stave off the possibility of the experience of being staved half to death in the Nazi concentration camps ever happening to them again…. So with these guys who grow up hustling from the time ‘they’s little ‘Nigga’s’ on the corner…..’
    I can imagine it must be nigh on impossible to break the pathology since it has burrowed deeply into the neurological pathways…….like great motorways in the brain……

    Allah……Please forgive forgive forgive… us all

    Now…… we all have heard the following….
    “There will come a time when a Muslim will wake upon Iman and go to bed in Kufr……”

    ….. and I personally believe some brothers with a seriously twisted childhood are extremely susceptible from such difficult temptations……I DO NOT offer this as an excuse….. just mitigation….

    Whatever our thoughts…. this much I know for FACT……

    The Sheik is responsible for HUNDREDS of souls entering Islam and potentially saved from the hideous HELL FIRE………I have been a Muslim for almost 30 yrs and I have took only THREE (two of whom are apostate’s) Shahadas so……… You figure it out…
    Let’s ALL pray for him LONG and HARD whatever you believe he has or has not done………………… He deserves that much from us…InshALLAH…!!!!!!

    But know this….. The more we spread this ‘story’ the more we remove the possibility of him reversing his apparent loss of faith (if of course any of it is true)…. because if he thinks EVERYONE knows this…. the emmbarressment will be so very great that he might as well just give up and not bother since he knows it will hound him to his dying day…… This I believe is the reason Allah in his great wisdom instituted this into our Muslim lives….. and forbids back biting and GOSSIP….. of which we are ALL guilty…..

  130. Aristo says:

    No way Jose! No way. I heard this kinds of stuff all before. Isn’t it strange the blogger writes what s/he writes -and not to mention- isn’t it kind of obvious? The Devil is in the details, there say.

    On the other hand, I’m honestly impressed by the style of English, grammar and even the template (black & red) used in the piece. I could learn from this. And you wander why dosen’t such a writer use these skills to address the very things Yasin speaks about in his lectures -the dedicance, immorality, disparagement and suffering that eat away peoples’ life in the Western hemisphere. Yasin speaks out of his guts to disseminate the issues that facing the Muslims worldwide.

    I think the truth is people like Yasin have knowledge of both world’s the so-called east and west and that’s a dangerous thing something that makes a lot of people upset and understandably so. This has nothing to do with financial transaction or complcit deals -absolutely nothing. If fact the first thing I did when I first saw this blog was laught to myself saying “here we go again”…well, you get the picture. No, but seriously give us a break. and no I’m not trying to bury my head in the sand…I’m honestly telling you to take some time out and put your efforts elsewhere in order to address real issues facing real people. or to say it in another way, this time take the red pill.

    PS atleast he facilitated the path of truth for many people, what have you done lately?

    Aristo has just left the show.

    • Aristo says:

      Oh yeah, Just one more point, I realised one of the things Yasin is castigated for is his beleive that the AID virus is man made. Duh, isn’t that kind of obvious and well known.

      I think your own mother knows that well. I think you know that. I think the same person who asked him this in his lecture knows this very well. I think George Bush knows that.

      Even your own school teacher knew that. NO NEED FOR DETAILS!

      The distinct professor and physician John Siel and Jacob Seagal at the Univeristy of Berlin know that too.

      I think Jimmy Carter, former US president, knows that. I think the Sunday Express in October 26 1986 knew that. I think Steven Spielberg knows that.

      I think all the biologist out there and virologist know the AID virus could not have survived anywhere in nature except in the human body.

      AIDs is nothing other than the modern day final solution -germ warfare against the weak and innocent’

      …and so we beleive in the afterlife the final and ensuing judgement, the inescapable reality that awaits all and I say to you all rectify your positions now and make your contribution towards the essential unity not the division.

      “…and We have prepared for them a painful torment because of what they use to do…” (Glorious Quran)

      ‘O, you who tread the narrow way by tophet-flare to judgement day, be gentle when the ‘heathen’ pray to Buddha at Kamakura’ (R. Kiepling)

      And by the way nice ‘repeaters’…you could have trimmed here and there but other than good stuff.

      Arsito has spoken indeed.

  131. Ayesha Single says:

    I would just like to say that with people who make ignorant statements as I think you did it’s a wonder why you are allowed to even type. A suggestion of something that could very wellcould be true does not and never will establish a man nor woman as a criminal.Let alone any thing to do with the moral of Islam.What nonsense! Talk about the positive message he’s brings rather than trying to distract people from a truthful message to boost you stupidity.Ya Allah.We know that people go and dig to find every bad thing in the past of someone for the meer sale of promoting an agenda to belittle the very character of a person when that very message offends you.Or shall it be stated calls you out! So the only way you can act I’d to blowup propaganda and make shrewd comments that don’t stand a chance when put up against straight up truth.Its a wonder why anyone still even listen to ignorant fools when they can clearly see the agenda to somehow take truth from everything.But that’s what a gossip does.May Allah swt Protect the character of Sheikh Kalid.Insha Allah.And make his skin and his mind tough.Because you not after him your after Islam..And ALHUMDULILAH. You will Never be successful. why Because Allah Says So.ALHUMDULILAH to the God who made everything in Heavenly and earthly places.And that includes you May Allah grant you. Sense enough to repent for your mouth because some people on the earth have been graced and blessed by Allah. So may your slander be forgiven Insha Allah. Just from your experience after giving the good a chance please.This ensures safety from the fire in that area of your life can’t speak about the parts I don’t know.How people who gossip should think! My Opinion.Have a wonderful day Insha Allah(smile)

  132. Ayesha Single says:

    Sorry for the typos the phone had a mind of it own it was supposed to read about the negative things being blowed up with the intent to distract. And no not a terrorist! Ask Baba Ali.ALHUMDULILAH

    • Hi all again,

      Ayesha, that’s well said. We have to admit we are living in an age of deceit, envy and jealousy. The list just goes on. Isn’t it strange how many embraced Islam as a result of the sheik’s efforts and how many may change their minds after seeing what this person wrote here? Perhaps some people do love eating the dead flesh of their brothers, if you get my point. But that’s another story.

      I just say let it go man, it isn’t worth it. Mind you though the whole thing here could be a hoax. Why are we acting as though that couldn’t be so? What if a non-Muslim wrote these stuff in order to draw some attention and gossip like a wild fire –think about it –seriously. It’s good to be innocent but let US not be fools.

      PS personally I think this website or blog looks too good for a Muslim blog –I’ve seen these things.

      The Precious is ever watching and you know it.


  133. Muslimah says:

    Fear ALLAH. Because you are unbelievable! May ALLAH GUIDE YOU.

  134. faheem says:

    Subhannallah,this deceiving,I respect kahlid yasin very much,its nt good what u say abt him,he is agood leader good imam,dnt talk shit abt him,

  135. faheem says:

    Subhannallah,this deceiving,I respect kahlid yasin very much,its nt good what u say abt him,he is agood leader good imam,dnt talk shit abt him,if only I had the eluquent of speaking,I could have shown you more and spoken more

  136. Abdullah Yusuf says:

    This is nothing but a pure blackmail, slandering and the hand work of the conspirators. This is obviously a non muslim pretending in order to deceive the very elect but Sheik Khalid Yasin has built a reputation for himself across Europe and America. Long live Sheik

  137. Abdul Yaqeen says:

    Where were you when the tide was eating up the Islamic shorelines? Shayk Khalid came to free and motivate us to higher heigths. He is the best ever.

  138. musbahu yabisu says:

    Ya. sherk yaseen
    What about our muslim brothers
    IN gonternamo say some thin about them

    • son of kahlid yasin says:

      i here this all…but truth always has a way to rise…. even when lies a.k.a (dirt)… is threw on truth…

      the truth will even remind you of nature….
      this is why when so many hear that man speak…
      they can feel it…
      the rain, the wind ,
      the heat and the cold…. the day and the night

      so i say today…to all (wright or wrong)

      judge someone by there actions… you so much can see…

      and judge yourself by intentions of your own heart…

      no research needed… (just think)

      the truth is in us all

      so go find it….

      thank you…

  139. Abubakar says:

    FuckOff enemies of Islam

  140. Bashir says:

    We dont trust u.

  141. fahlito says:

    “Muslim society is based on purity of feeling, love, sincerity toward every Muslim, and fulfillment of promises to every member of society. Its members are endowed with piety, truthfulness, and faithfulness. Cheating and deception are alien characters in contrast to the noble character of a true Muslim. There is no room in it for swindlers, double crossers, tricksters, or traitors.”

    • bmujahid says:

      this applies most prominently today to the so-called rulers in the “muslim” world. Palestine, Iraq, and Libya have demonstrated to us all their treacherous nature. The genocidal wars being waged by jihadists mainly from the khaleej throughout N. Africa and the middle east bears witness to the ethnic and racist realities of their true objectives which have no resemblance to true Islam. Is this not the highest act of deception? They are all traitors, betrayers and munafiqun of the worst kind who have sold out the believers for a pitifiul price to the unbelievers. Does not Islam forbid seeking aid and protecton from the disbelievers, whether that be by money or weapons or power and influence (NATO)? Does not Islam forbid the desecration of the body and the mangling of corpses? Where does beheading and burning by fire fit into the teachings of Islam? For the most part, as was foretold in the ahaddith. the muslim world has returned to a state of jahiliyyah. This is abundantly evident in the so-called “arab” world in particular. Recall that Islam came in the beginning (to the arabs who were jaahil) as something strange,and for those who are true adherents today, it is again something strange (gharib) and unusual. That being said, the believers have earned corrupt leaders as that is all that we today deserve FOR NOT FOLLOWING THIS DEEN and the SUNNAH of Rasulullah (saws). Whatever faults may be present in the person of Sheikh Khalid Yasin are those which Allah (swt) must judge and weigh. May we all have the benefit of having our scales weighed in our favor on the day of judgement.

  142. Wally Abdullah says:

    Take this website down… It is adisgrace to true muslims with iman.. this webside crator is most probably a munafiq or kuffar!!!!!

  143. Abdullah AL-Amin says:

    My name is Abdullah AL-Amin and I believe that the truth that Allah has placed in the heart and tongue of Khalid Yasin has raised a great deal of jealousy in the hearts of his so-called Muslim brothers and it has made them blind to truth of his words and they need to separate themselves from him to prove to kufir that they fear them more then Allah. Inshallah, may Allah always give the brother the strength to continue the Jihad.

  144. fahlito says:

    “In most religious organizations, you find a mixture of both unbalanced and balanced leaders. We now need to consider what happens when an unbalanced person attains a leadership position in a religious organization.

    As I said, few people are attracted to such positions unless they feel it is important to work for God’s purposes. Therefore, almost all such people will feel a sense of importance, even ultimate importance, because they truly believe they are working for God’s will and God’s purposes. They also believe that doing so is more important than doing any worldly task. This in itself is not wrong. However, when an unbalanced person embraces this world view and attains power in a religious organization, you have the possibility for misuse of power.”

  145. My question is :who wrote the topic “the criminal imam”and hw the u know of khalid yasin sharing 50 percent of the money raised for that school….at that country mentioned above*…
    This is my advice to the dedicated muslims::: sheikh khalid yasin is a profound and a sincere muslim from the point of attestation from his mouth,that there is no diety of worship except to Allah (s.w.a) and the seal of prophet his Mahammad (s.a.w)… a nough for me to accept that sheikh khalid yasin is a sincere believer….But to all of the people on the surface of the earth ‘Allah (s.w.a) knows best..
    My brothers and sisters don’t allow any back bite from anybody,is a big sin in the sight of Allah (s.w.a).Beware of such hypocrites in the recent human raise..***

    • fahlito says:

      But isn’t it at least a possibility besides the nice, inspirational talks that Khalid Yasin gives(as well as others), that there could be some truth to this fraud issue? Is it really above our capacity to believe such, especially since we have many reports that confirm it? Are we that far gone as an ummah to consider that our leaders could possibly have committed some type of fraud?

      • bmujahid says:

        You are phrasing this question in the wrong context. This is not an issue of denial but one of crediibilty. The allegations all stem from contractual disputes which are best handled through legal methods if they are true. This would be the case for any criminal matter. Destroying the reputation of a man behind his back hardly seems appropriate or “islamic”. Furthermore, anyone who feels they have credible evidence to make these allegations should do so directly and exclusively with Sheikh Khalid. This man has helped hundreds if not thousands of people with his guidance. He deserves to have his good and bad deeds weighed and not distorted by those eating his flesh behind his back. Sheikh KhalId leads no masjid and claims only to be da’ia. It’s iinteresting that the more effective a da’ia becomes, the more people come forward to discredit them. Are we attracted to personallity cults? Let those who have direct knowledge address their issues directly and not eat the flesh of their brothers..
        Sent from my BlackBerry® device on the Simple Mobile network

  146. fahlito says:

    @ bmujahid,

    How would the issue be handled by legal methods exactly, when the particular issue mentioned in this blog was a fundraising event, and there was no contract? Also, the fact that he is only a da’ee, and not attached or affiliated to an organization or community makes it even worse, because it is more difficult to hold him accountable. How about we find out where in northern Virginia that this took place and see if it is true? I’ve spoken to brothers from the UK who have said that similar things are associated with him, as well as in Australia. Apparently he is banned from the U.S., and where exactly is he located anyway for someone to address him?

    I agree with you that people shouldn’t discuss it in this capacity, but is it practical to think that IF they were to approach Khalid Yasin, would he really ‘come clean’ if he is indeed guilty of this? It would be a his word against theirs kind of thing, and his style of speak would probably lead people to believe him. Now don’t get me wrong, we want to cover our brother’s faults as we would want (and need) our faults covered, but when these faults concern the violation of the trust of other Muslims, then it has to be addressed.

  147. Zuri says:

    AsSalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu!

    May Allaah (Subhaanahu wa ta ‘Ala) have mercy upon Shaykh Khalid Yasin and reward him abundantly for all the great Da’wah work that he has done Feesabeelillaah!- as well as the 1000’s (literally) of Shahaadah’s at his hands (bi idhnillaahi ta ‘Ala) – and rwaerd him for each and every time someone backbites him. Ameen!

    Personally I know nothing but good from my Muslim brother and I proudly defend the Honour of my Muslim Brother in Islaam, even if no one else does, this is the Sunnah of Rasoolullaah (Salallaahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam).

    If anyone disagrees with the Shaykh or has any issues with what he may say from time to time then know that he is only a human being and is not infalible. So you should contact him privately to rectify any personal issues that perhaps you may have with him – with Akhlaaq, this is Adab akhi, we don’t publicly expose the faults of our Muslim brothers & sisters to millions worldwide – unless they invite people to Kufr, Shirk & Bid’ah.

    This whole website creates nothing but Fitnah. Listen to ALL of his lectures (not just snippets here & there) – before you pass judgement – and even then, do it with Adab!

    Rasoolullaah (Salallaahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam) said: “He who sees something which should be kept hidden and conceals it will be like one who has brought to life a girl buried alive (a pre-Islamic practice). – Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 2292

    “O community of people, who believed by their tongue, and belief did not enter their hearts, do not back-bite Muslims, and do not search for their faults, for if anyone searches for their faults, Allah will search for his fault, and if Allah searches for the fault of anyone, He disgraces him in his house.” – Sunan of Abu Dawood, Number 2283

    “Beware of suspicion, for it is the worst of false tales and don’t look for the other’s faults and don’t spy and don’t hate each other, and don’t desert (cut your relations with) one another. O Allah’s slaves, be brothers!” – Sahih Al Bukhari, Vol. 8 Number 717

    Fear Allaah (‘Azza wa Jal) and correct a Muslim with Adab, you’re attempting to assassinate the character of a known righteous Muslim who works extremely hard day & night conveying the Message of Haqq for the sake of Allaah (Subhaanahu wa ta ‘Ala). This does not deserve this Shaytanic treatment in his absence!

  148. juma says:

    what so he do or say l believe in him khalid yasin.we love this man here in south africa.hiw much money he make we don’t care as long as he does daawa thats perfect.ok khalid keep on going on till u die we ginna support him and we welcome him here at south africa.

  149. fahlito says:

    The thing is this: no one wants the brother to be seen in a bad light, and we don’t want him to lose the reward for his good deeds, but we are talking about trust and dealings with other people, and if their trust and rights have been violated, then this is a serious matter. The Prophet said “There is no faith for the one who has no trust, and there is no religion for the one who does not fulfil his promises.” We trust, but we verify as well, and Shaykh Khalid Yasin is not above that.

    • bmujahid says:

      I don’t believe anyone said Sheikh Khalid was exempt or above anything. The loud message here is not to eat the flesh of your brother, commit nameemah (which is being committed here by discussing Sheikh Khalid’s faults) or to commit geebah (repeating that which is harmful to Sheikh Khalid that we personally do not know is true) or even worst, committing bhutan (saying falsehood against the character of Sheikh Khalid). This is not the appropriate forum to address these kind of concerns. Those who feel they must address an issue with Sheikh Khalid should do so with him directly. He is not that difficult to contact and he most certainly is not in hiding. And Allah (swt) knows best.

      • fahlito says:

        I agree about not eating his flesh, but the other loud message is why are these allegations following him, from Brooklyn to Australia, to the UK? Will it take another fundraising event, and the possibility of more allegations, before people start to investigate? We shouldn’t be suspicious, and we shouldn’t slander him either, but we also shouldn’t overlook these allegations is all I am saying.

        I like Shaykh Khalid, but there is a commonality with these brothers that allegations of fraud, deceit, and mistrust seem to follow them wherever they go, and it just seems strange that these issues CONTINUE to follow them.

      • bmujahid says:

        @fahlito, unfortunately, several posters here have tried to tell you that what you are doing is backbiting, but you don’t seem to understand. May Allah (swt) grant you with understanding. I do understand your concerns but that does not by any means justify using incorrect idhab and methodology to address the issue. To speculate and raise suspicion behind a person’s back is by no means justified or islamic. Please take heed to what others have already said here and find a different venue to address your concerns. May Allah (swt) guide and forgive us for our shortcomings. Wa ma’a salaam.

  150. fahlito says:

    Not really a concern of mine at all akhee, I haven’t said anything disparaging about the man; I have only raised the issue of investigation. I did read what others have said (and not just in his defense), and there are people who have commented on here that they know him personally, and some say they know personally some of the people he allegedly swindled. Allah knows best, but there is no blame if a person wants to investigate a fire when they see and smell smoke, and what is unfortunate is that a lot of these leaders are leaving brush fires. Furthermore, this is not behind his back, this is a public forum, so the people who know him personally (such as yourself) can very well bring this to his attention. Some of the comments on here have been out of line, I agree, and may Allah clear Shaykh Khalid, and forgive us and him. Ameen! Was salaamu alaik

    • bmujahid says:

      .. the place to investigate a fire is where it happened, wouldn’t you agree? And since neither you nor I have first-hand information regarding what has occurred, it is improper to raise suspicion about it here behind Sheikh Khalid’s back. As I said before, and as others have said, these individuals should address their grievances directly with Sheikh Khalid. He is neither in hiding or in exile and unreachable. It’s a pretty weak argument to suggest that scandal mongering is the only way to address this issue. Tearing down the man’s reputation on the internet is certainly not appropriate or islamic. It solves nothing and is the worst kind of fitnah. And I am not a brother but your sister in Islam. May Allah (swt) guide us and grant us forgiveness for our shortcomings and protect us from the fire of jahannam. I have offered all I can offer on this topic and hope those who seek the pleasure of Allah (swt) will strive to follow the best example in all matters of din. Wa ma’a salaam.

  151. fahlito says:

    “The dark side of charisma is essentially a crisis in character or character flaws of the charismatic leader, which neutralize his/her core value of integrity and his search for excellence. Charismatic leaders can be prone to extreme narcissism that leads them to promote highly self-serving and grandiose aims. As a result, the leader’s behaviors can become exaggerated, lose touch with reality, or become vehicles for pure personal gain. In turn, they may harm the leader, followers, and the organization.”

  152. fahlito says:

    “True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders.” Robert Townsend

  153. mohamed says:

    salamualaikom dear accuser of cheikh Yassine, the great cheikh of all muslims,
    i advise you to fear Allah the almighty, what you say about cheikh yassine is not correct. He teaches people the right and correct things. i have listened to the lectures you criticised and found out the he was honest in everything he said.
    i advise you dear muslim to deal with the man as a sincere and neutral critic instead of an enemy. it is not becuse you do not follow his straight path to authentic islam that you wage a war ganst him.

  154. Tariq says:

    Salaam brothers well i am a great fan of brother Khalid and loved all his speeches.He appeared more rationale to me in his ideas that many other scholars.He always stressed the need of serving the community and country which you live in and explaining them in the light of QURAN AND Sunnat of PROPHET MOHAMMAD (SAW).From the beginning of this world devil always found easier to stray more people because bad things are more tempting whereas path of the righteous has always been tough and full of criticism.So in terms of number of good and bad people,devil side will always be in majority.So whenever a good man start talking truth the agents of devils ,full of resources try to malign the good ones.When such people did not spare the Prophets,brother Khalid too wont escape unattacked..I fell that this person is doing a good job and he should be supported and its not for us to judge based on others assumptions regarding his character and based on hearsay.Leave it on ALLAH.If he is doing something wrong he would be judged and so would be us.So think twice before you say anything because ALLAH is all watching.If you are clear in er heart ALLAH wont question you.So do things with a clear heart and conscience and INSHA ALLAH we will be judged and rewarded AAMEEN


    I just stumbled over this piece five years after its debut. Those of us very familiar with the christians hatred of Islam and Muslims could easily know where the publication emanated from. No wonder the author took about five to six paragraphs raining all sorts of mischievious allegations without stating what the offence of the Imam. Afterall, the socalled Abdur Rahman Mohammed is the usual characteristics of christians hiding under muslim names to ridicule Muslims and Islam. As such, one would not be suprised about this piece.

  156. The Truthlady says:

    THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. ALLAH PROMISED THAT. The Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa salam aid that if you tell a lie on someone, then you have slandered them. If you tell the truth,then you have backbited him. Astaghfirullah FYI Brother Rahman…THIS WAS POSTED IN 2008. I HOPE YOU POST AN APOLOGY and a RETRACTION and vindicate Sheikh Yasin’s name. BECAUSE NOW IT IS PUBLIC INFORMATION THAT THE HIV VIRUS WAS CREATED IN AMERICA, TEXAS OR WHEREVER,BUT IN AMERICA and passed on in AFRICA during a so-called vaccination campaign.

  157. IT does not make any sense,since its only about the worldly material.not about his faith

    • Muwahid Al Bosni says:

      In fact his faith comes into question a swell. I don’t care much about him scamming naive Muslims of money because they can always make that money back and learn a lesson from it. What I am more concerned about is him leading people to Jahannem for eternity. 2009 I was in Masjid where he was giving lacture in Syrocouse,NY where his sister lives. I had respect for him but I was not amased by his pre scripted speech jokes and other non sense he was saying like american white/black reverts would be because I solely focus on Aqeedah. Half way thru speech he started calling for democracy uttering CLEAR KUFR statements, gathering numbers muslim canadidate, said our “manhaj is ballot not the bullet” speaking ill of ppl who don’t believe in this and not voting and other garbage. I regret not making takfir in his face that night.

      Allah’s Messenger (saas) said, “In the End Times men will come forth who will fraudulently use religion for worldly ends and wear sheepskins in public to display meekness. Their tongues will be sweeter than sugar, but their hearts will be the hearts of wolves.”


      • VCURAM says:

        the fact that you chose instead to commit gheebah against Sheikh Yasin behind his back rather than address your concerns with him when you had the opportunity demonstrates your extreme lack of character. If you were so outraged by what you saw that night, you should have acted at that time and not from the anonymity of your keyboard where you do nothing but spread poison. And Allah (swt) knows best.

  158. Eddy says:

    we are aware of what people like you try to do to Islam,dont think you can fool us with slanders.May Allah bless Sheik Khalid assin .

  159. Adil of Bosnia says:

    You are right. Zionist would never do such a thing, it’s fairy tales, hundreds of millions native peoples destroyed, African slaves, poor and weak, 25.000 children who die every day of hunger, millions of Muslims poor and desperate, divided, weak, they all know it’s bullshit and that real Islam is Saudi Islam and that Muslims should use Dollar and riba interest and should ally with Zionist and do Yankee Jihad in Syria, Lybia and other places where Zionist don’t have control and forget Afghanistan, Palestine, they are Terrorists and weak, almost defeated, Iran are Shia kufur, only Saudi Islam, for Merica, for dollar, for Dunia wealth, Arabia is not land of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Arabia is Saudi land, Saudi’s all fairy tales.

  160. Deni says:

    Of all the things that Khalid Yasin said, you particularly just want to focus on the AIDS virus thing? That’s where you want to attack him? Clearly you’re not a muslims, or at least not behaving like one. You just want to attack him and find a hole on his lecture. Yeah, typical. Muslims must all comeback to Quran and Sunnah in all of their behaviour. That’s what Khalid Yasin lecture is all about. And you, you want to attack him based on your nonsense and made up thinking? And calling “we muslim have this problem and that problem with our imam”? And the based of your statement is??? Pathetic.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Another blatant islamophobe moves by unbelievers whose business is to make muslims looked underrated.

  162. twitter says:

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  164. CROSS-POST says:

    If you watch the video, you will have a better understanding as to how the sex ponzi and sex cult, hides, festers and coexists within the Salafi Muslim community. You’ll understand how the rights of Muslim sisters are practically non-existent and not Implemented in some Salafi Masjid. More importantly, you will understand how some Salafi Masjids claim to respect the rights of Muslim women laid out by the Quran and sunnah, but yet; these same Salafi masjids create a stage for the same corrupt, depraved, sex crazed Imaams that dishonor, beat, prey, taste and violate Muslim sisters. How can a masjid possibly claim to respect Muslims sisters and their rights laid out by the Quran and sunnah, but yet set a stage for Imaams that dishonors, beat, taste, abuse and violate Muslim sisters. Some Salafi masjids, set some of the worst examples of manhood for fatherless Muslim brothers.

    Cult Charateristics among ” The Salafis ” in the West- INTRODUCTION TO CASE STUDY



    Ph.D student (Hadith) ,M.A Fiqhus-Sunnah with a B.A Islamic Studies (Major in Hadeeth) lecturer, translator and striving to please Allah.

    Abu Aaliyah Abdullah

    Download the PDF


  165. Mohamedek Abdi says:

    Please can you stop creating lies upon our Imams,Sheikh and Ulama

  166. kalil says:

    please brothers and sisters the same kind of slander was formed against the prophet of islam s.a.w. by the people of his own place and time…also it was the nation of islam that said the most hurtful things about malcolm x..remember caesar and brutus..jesus and judas?….backstabbers do this

  167. kalil says:

    indeed!…do these people think it makes them bold and courageous when they throw about slanders against khalid left and right?what is the true success in life? …greatness..sad that it inspires great envy and hatred in them…makes me angry…..

  168. kalil says:

    look ….whatever your problem with khalid is ..come out and say it..its definitely not those things you claim it is…youre a hater of the man’s style~ youre a confused admirer

  169. hassan ibn uthman says:

    o! Allah help the muslim ummah! i see some muslims are associating with kufars to tarnish the name of our religion! “fear the day when you shall return to your lord”…..may Allah bless sheikh khalid yaseen!

  170. Anonymous says:

    i think u r jealous of a muslim scholar coz people are entering in islam through this. please keep your ideas with yourself. another vicious try by CIA and Mossad

  171. Hussaini Ibn Zakari. says:

    Peace be unto you dwellers of Paradise, Walahi i have not find anything positive in this post, do the Knowledge some people would say. Leave the scholar alone, none of us is perfect….. If you cant say any good then keep QUITE. salam brothers and sisters.

  172. elachijetpack says:

    Khalid Yasin is a servant of Allah. When someone gains popularity people are bound to be against him. Do not buy into the gibberish this guy is posting here. Its not true.

  173. Shocked says:

    How is it blatant antisemitism if he says that some jew told him that they raised a lot of money for the purpose of killing muslims? Just one remark made jou stagger, because you feel it’s wrong to say something about jews. Poor people, why wont everybody leave them alone, so that they can continue killing muslims in peace. What planet are you living on?? Isn’ it obvious that they’re killing muslims on a massive scale? Somebody is funding that. Are you more conscerned with the “antisemitism” that’s going on in the world? There is no antisemitism, they own the world and you are their doggy.
    As for Khalid Yassin, I would believe him over you, anytime. You are obviously a blind human being, allthough Allah gave you eyes.

  174. Shocked says:

    I’ve never heard of Khalid Yassin until today, and i saw a lecture of him on youtube, before coming on this website, and i was impressed with his eloquence. That being said there are a lot of comments here of genuine-sounding people that say that he has been scamming people. Wallahu a’lam. And the people defending him sound a lot less genuine to me, usually I follow my intuition.
    And the person who posted this story and talked about antisemitism really infuriated me. Whats up with the guilt they’re trying to burden us with? If you happen to disagree with someone, and he happens to be jewish, then you are labeled antisemitic. Who killed all those jews in WW2? It were the Westeners with a Christian background. Muslims had nothing to do with it. Yet, to “correct” their mistake, they took a country away from muslims and gave it to the jews. And now the jews on their turn are commiting massmurder on arabs. And you have the audacity to talk about antisemitism, when someone makes a comment on them? You are feeling a misplaced guilt towards these poor “victims”. How do you call hate against arabs? Against muslims? There will never be a word for that. Although Palestinians are being slaughtered as we speak. Although Syrians are being massacred at this very moment…
    I don’t hate jews, I hate zionists.

  175. Hajj says:

    You have not returned since 2008?

  176. Thomas says:

    Salafeh. The key.

  177. Aman Ali says:

    I would love to sacrifice myself and my whole family for Shaikh Khalid Yasin, almighty has already given him respect and dignity throughout the world no one can take that from him. May all mighty give long life with good health.

  178. Sylum says:

    Lol, antisemitism. Though I agree with what you said about Khalid Yasin, there’s no excuse for your denying jewish involvement in conspiracies like 911.

  179. Concern brother says:

    Why are u devils living on this brother h think we are going to belong be this garbage that I are trying to put out well it want work

  180. Anonymous says:

    This “crackpot” is a muslim, this same muslim is a man who biIthnILLAH could’ve possibly saved plenty of kufaar from the fire. I am pretty certain the person who made this idiotic character assassination hasn’t been engaged in dawah to the high level he has and or propagated the religion of ALLAH swt. The companions wouldn’t engage in this type of behaviour of drafting whole essays of hatred for those who’ve fallen short if that is the case, may ALLAH swt guide you. I pray ALLAH swt never humiliates you. Your guidance isn’t from yourself nor is your piety,it is from ALLAH swt.

  181. BigTy says:

    I feel your dis of shirk Yasin, he has taken upon himself to inform, Muslims, black men and women, of how some Governments of European Nature. The have declared a complete Genocide of Black Peole in the World. He is no different than these Lying Governments. Govern by the People and for the People. Don’t put someone down for exposing you for what you are. Farakahn says “Devils that you are”. Peace be up on him

  182. Karim says:

    It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever removes a worldly hardship from a believer, Allah will remove one of the hardships of the Day of Resurrection from him. Whoever grants respite to (a debtor) who is in difficulty, Allah will grant him relief in this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever conceals (the fault of) a Muslim in this world, Allah will conceal him (his faults) in this world and in the Hereafter. Allah will help a person so long as he is helping his brother.”

    Narrated by Muslim (2699).

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