They Nailed It

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

I found this video at PM’s blog. These brothers absolutely nail it in these videos

  1. Wow. So glad you shared this bro. Extremely intriguing. I never really get to see a traditional-looking Muslim man from the Arab world expressing such sentiments.

  2. Mahoud says:

    Don’t be too impressed as the first video is that of a secularist apostate liberal who once infamously claimed Allah and Shaytan are ‘two sides of the same coin’, al-iyadhubillah. He was subsequently ex-communicated by prominant scholars of Saudi, to the dismay of the political leaders.

    I’m not surprised our ‘intellectual’ blackamerican buddy who runs this idiotic blog (either knowingly or unknowingly) failed to tell his readers this fact. I mean, to claim that these men have ‘nailed it’ in their outlook on Islam is a good indication of the type of man he is himself, (I mean come on, he’s saying a apostate has ‘nailed it’ when talking about how Islam is to progress!)

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