Man I’m Feelin SOS Right Now!!

Posted: July 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I came across this old school joint last night and couldn’t stop groovin to it. Just listen to this spellbindingly beautiful song and feel the pathos in it. Haven’t we all asked this question at one time or another, “baby do you still care”? MAN, THIS IS BLACK MUSIC AT ITS BEST! So many memories, um, um, um. I hope ya’ll enjoy this SOS Band track as much as I am right now. 1983, I can’t believe its been 25 years. If you’ve got a special someone, just let them know you still care. I’m sorry, this joint is tight!

  1. WOW, a music post from you?? I’m speechless…;)

  2. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:


    : )

    Me too!

    Some body is aging themselves! LOL : )

  3. Kwame Madden says:

    The permisbility of whether music is halal or haram is a big debate.I personally believe it is haram .Most of our great scholars have ruled in there fatawas that music is haram citing hadiths and things that music does to people when played.There were great scholars who took a contary viewpoint Imam Abu Hammad Ghazzali,ImamIbn Hazm ,and Dawud Zahari.Abu Bakr al-Arabi even raised questions concerning the authencity of the hadihs prohibting singing.With all that said I and anybody else who is fairminded would be unjust and onesided if they do not take in the fact that music has been instrunment in the struggle for freedom for Africian Americian people in this country.Who can forget Billie Holiday melodious voice singing aganist lynching in strange fruit.Nina Simone Mississippi Godam.Black organzations such as the Black Panther Party singing liberation songs as they fed hungry children in the morning.Know doubt music , song and dance kept many of us going when whitey had his foot on our necks and backs.Some of us enter this deen after hearing someone mention it in a song.Also historically in the Africian Americian Muslim community jazz muscians were some of the first to reclaim this blessed way of life.JUst trying to be fair and balance excuse for being so long.

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