Immigrant Muslim Buyout Scheme

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I found this plan while scanning the internet researching my upcoming book. Since so many immigrant Muslims (like Amad and the crowd at Muslim Matters) who feel so oppressed and hate the US so much, this is an excellent idea: Pay them to go home

The solution: If Muslim immigrants put such a high value on family reunification, they can move back to the Old Country.

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  1. Amad says:

    You know dude, unfortunately for you, I am here to stay. And I am doing really well alhamdulilah, like many other immigrants who built this nation. The only “original” folks are the Indians. Everyone else came later. So, quit riding the high horse, and recognize that your vitriol and hate-speech against Muslims (ironically as a Muslim_, isn’t getting you anywhere. Even your LGF buddies are no where to be seen.

    Need I remind you of the First Amendment? Need I remind you of the importance of criticism and self-evaluation? America has done a lot of good, and in the last 8 years, it has done a lot of bad. Perhaps if you would remove yourself from the depths of conspiracy theories and immigrant-hatred, things would start to crystallize.

  2. Amad,

    Precisely my point. Not only you, but thousands of other immigrant Muslims in this country are doing quite well, even better than the average working American. This explains why I and other Americans are fed up with you’re constant bitching and crying about how bad it is for Muslims here. I’m talking about all the victimization nonsense you keep peddling.

    Not only that, but you do so in such a dishonest way; conflating the government’s right to go after CONFESSED terrorist supporters (like the liar Sami Al Arian) as a general attack aganist all Muslims, and portraying those INDIVIDUAL trials as some type pf general witch hunt. You know, the kind of stuff you guys at Muslim Matters traffic in.

    If there is anything I hate its liars and propagandists. For example the recent “controversy” surrounding Siraj. Our critcs never said that we had no right to share our religion on the bill boards of NY trains. That was never the issue and you know it! Rather, the issue was Imam Siraj’s support for the Blind Sheikh and allowing him to give talks at his masjid (which is why he was named un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing). Siraj also made radical statments about the destruction of democracy and the FBI being terrorists.

    No one ever challenged our right to promote our religion, but people like you smelled fund raising potential and whipped up this whole thing about “them” being against us, SEND MONEY! You people are shameless.

    “First Amendment”? “Criticism and self-evalution”? When have you ever been for that? Didn’t you just recently shut down the comment section of your post “Islam is the Cure for Racism” because one brother insisted on promoting your favorite topic; the superiority of the Arabs? You not only deleted his comments (which can be found at A Singular Voice) but closed down the entire discussion. So much for the “First Amendment”, “critcism and self-evalution”.

    By the way, why don’t you “criticize’ or “self-evaluate” the madness in your own home country Pakistan instead of constantly playing the victim card in this country?

  3. Amad says:

    My home country is doing better than your home-country in Africa in many ways (maybe separated by a few generations, but who’s counting). And to be honest, America is my concern… here is where I “live” in all ways. By your standard, all those screaming against Bush’s policies should also leave America.

    You know you shamefully talked about the Imams of the Muslim Ummah in America as Uncle Toms. But I think, akhi, slowly but surely, you are taking all shades of what this title truly implies.

    Alhamdulilah, very few people pay attention to the garbage that you recycle… your writings had so much potential until you decided to turn your guns on your own. May Allah bring the love of the Ummah back to your heart. Until then, be prepared to be lonely.

    checking out for the last time here,
    your immigrant brother.

    P.S. I am just one writer on MM, the only immigrant actually. All others are either converts or 2nd generation Muslims. Just to correct another of your misrepresentations.

  4. Amad,

    For someone “not paying attention” you sure responded rather quickly. I “turned my guns” on my own”? That is the difference between me and you, I don’t regard those who gun down children and blow up innocent people as “my own”. Nor those who plot against this country and their supporters. The “us against them” stuff is bankrupt Amad, don’t you see that? I’ll be with the Muslims when they are right, not when they lie and commit crimes. As expected, you evade the real issues.

    And for the record, I don’t, nor ever have, sought your approval for my writings and the “potential” they contain, so don’t patronize me. Save that for Siraj, Johari, and Mahdi, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

    May Allah put love in your heart for truth and righteousness and destroy the “anything for the Muslims goes” disease that now afflicts it.

  5. SisterSeeking says:


    My oh my… what do we have here?

    I’m completely astonished that some of us persist in being in denial, and condemning those who aren’t? It’s a very human reaction to be angry, and enraged when you’ve been bamboozled or had. Anger can become a crime of the heart, and soul if we do not subjugate that anger to the commands, and spirit of the scripture. Anger can blind you, crush you, and misadvise you. Be careful, for anger of this degree will only aide and assist the people who used and abused you in the first place. Don’t give away your power or allow others to interfere with your relationship with Allah—once you do, it WILL become a slippery slope into disbelief. You can not fight evil with evil; hatred with hatred; or violence with violence. We are on the eve of Ramadan, forgive and let vengeance be God’s versus our own. Have pity for the people who can’t or are unwilling to understand because they only live for this life. Have pity for the people who do not want their relationship with Allah to be liberated from the confines of alien cultures, and political agendas that are unhealthy and destructive. Pray for them like you pray for your own child. Some times when you have done all that you can do that is humanly possible you half to let go, and submit to the will of Allah.

    Just my two cents for what ever its worth.


  6. ummafnaan says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi

    Before I begin I just want to point out that I am not an immigrant muslim. I am as black as black can be from Africa.

    Akhi Abdur-Rahman. Allah(swt) says in the Qur’an:
    ‘…And do not allow your dislike for a people, to cause you to do injustice…’

    You need to be very careful lest you come on the day of judgement and find a long queue of people just waiting to take away your good deeds and then giving you their evil deeds in return. I have read a few of the articles on your blog and wallahi akhi you sound so angry and full of spite. This in my humble opinion, is not a characteristic of a true believer and just yesterday I came across the ahadith of Rasul(saw) where he mentions that ingratitude to Allah(swt) is a form of lesser kufr. And you truly do sound like a very ungrateful servant of Allah azza wa jal.

    To me all your words seem to be doing is further complicating an already complicated and sensitive relationship between the Black American muslims and the Immigrant muslims and this akhi is the Asabiyya that our Beloved(saw) compared the one who practised it to the Dung-beetle, i.e, it is a disgusting trait.

    You need to really have Khashya of Allah azza wa jal and stop all this nonsense before it is too late for you, i.e before death overcomes you. Majority of your articles preach an ‘Us vs Them’ idea which is very much alien to this beautiful deen of al-Islam. Why is that akhi? Hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters are being massacred and humiliated in all corners of the earth and all you seem to know how to do is bicker about who did this or who didn’t do that for ‘Black American Muslims’ as you choose to put it. Does you Islam only constitute the Black muslims? Isn’t this NOI doctrine?

    Anyway, this is seriously genuine advice from a concerned ‘Black sister’ to a ‘Black brother’. I seek your forgiveness if my words have come off a bit harsh, but seriously brother your blog really just spews hate and division amongst muslims in America and frankly, this IS NOT ISLAM! And I pray Allah azza wa jal guides us all to His Siraat ul Mustaqeem.


  7. Z T says:

    There are and always have been munafiqs infiltrating the Ummah. I normally don’t like to post, but now we see that suddenly we have a Muslim referring to Sami Al-Arian as a liar. It is Muslims like the above poster, he doesn’t deserve to be dignified by using his name, that need to be taken care of. Sami Al-Arian is not a liar, but I say that you, you are a liar. This has nothing to do with Arian, this has everything with those who are confuse… confused to the point of schizophrenia. When Muslims talk we need to talk the truth, even if that truth is hurtful and disquieting.

    I know what this is all about, Arabs hate African Americans so the Arabs can push off. African Americans that cooperate with Arabs are backstabbers so they can push off also (Siraj Wahhaj being the one named).

    Guess what, in this instance (not necessarily in others) no one cares. See when you are pissed off, it clouds your mind, and when your mind is cloud “BROTHER” all of us need to just walk away, and hope you think straight.

    I know of African American men that have married Pakistani Women, and I know of Pakistani men that have married African American women. There does that make you happy? We are all one big freakin’ happy family.

    I try not to relate to some of my more insane relatives, regardless of whether I am told to by my parents.

    You believe in the conspiracy theory that 19 Arab hijackers attacked the world trade center on passenger planes bring the 2 buildings down. I am sorry but I am not one of those mindless sheeple that lives on Oprah and network news. I actually rely on Newtonian physics. Some people refer to physics as a small of the sunnat of Alllah in the observable world. What part of free fall don’t you understand? What part of 911 investigations were covered up don’t you understand? How about this? This is not for you “brother” but for the rest, you hatred of the “others” forces you to choose not to be objective, and this “war on terror” is your convenient outlet, at least in this instance to vent your hatred on the “others”. Here is some nasihah, I will say it in the most civilized way that I possibly can. Please shut up. A man without knowledge is a man that has not right to an opinion.

  8. Green says:

    @ Z T

    What do you mean that he needs to be “taken care of”?

  9. salmaan says:

    Truly you are on the path to halaak(destruction). You promote black racialism just like your buddy, Tariq Nelson, the one who is bothered by a racist cartoon of Condoleeza Rice and isn’t bothered by her support of the War On Islaam. You are no different than the Arab Muslims who favour Arab Christians over non-Arab Muslims or the Arab secularists who ridicule Islaamic brotherhood. So you can take Steven Emerson, the LGF crowd and Tariq Nelson can favour Condoleeza Rice over the Muslims but remember al mar’u yuhshar ma’ man ahab!

  10. salmaan says:

    I forgot to mention that Steve Sailer is a white nationalist who believes in the genetic and moral superiority of whites over blacks and who has busy instigating the brain-dead Ann Coulter crowd against the presidency of Obama. Why don’t you condemn him?!

  11. Z T

    All you punks do is slander and threaten people. Calling me a munafiq (hypocrite) and inciting some sick individual to “take care of me” is how you cowards respond to the critics of your insanity. I didn’t “REFER” to Sami Al Arian as a liar, I PROVED IT! And because you can’t disprove it all you’re left to do is imply I am not a real Muslim and should be harmed.

    Let me inform you and anyone else making these kinds of threats that I am passing ALL your information on to the proper authorities.

  12. Z T says:

    You never proved a damn thing. In fact it is YOU that made slander against Arian and even Siraj Wahhaj. You made a bunch of allegations and then said he was a liar. That is not proof. On the other hand you have proven yourself to be a slanderer and back-biter. Here let me throw you a bone. Arabs can be jerks, happy now little baby? Guess what, you have shown that unfortunately African Americans can be just as bad and just as racist, and don’t hide behind the excuse that you are merely “responding” to what you have observed.

    What part of “don’t be stupid” don’t you understand? Are you one of those jackasses that claim to be Muslim that believe the lie that 19 Ayrabs (I spelled it the way you would want it pronounced) slammed planes on the World Trade Center? Even Osama bin Laden’s son doesn’t even believe that his dad is on some of those video, and you, stupid, idiot, brain dead, want to talk about Wahhaj and Arian as if one is in fact an unindicted co-conspirator, and another is a liar?! Why don’t you give yourself a can of whoop-ass to save me the effort? My SAUDI friend was right, Muslims can be stupid. It has PROVEN several times from even non-Muslims that the Nick Berg video is a fake. It has been shown by science, which is the world I live and breathe, that WTC was not downed by planes, even though planes hit them. It was explosives planted in the buildings before hand. The majority of residents in New York don’t even believe the government version any more, and you claim to be a Muslim and you are this STUPID!!? Eat more fish man, better yet, save the world and cut your damn fingers off so we don’t have to see your typing. Idiot… fool…. You want to repeat the mantra that is on the TV, tell me “BROTHER”, tell me, are you on the side of TRUTH, or are you a part and parcel of the lies….

    O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done. Quran 49:6

    Conclusion…. you got nothing … nothing…

  13. Z T says:

    btilly, don’t be a liar, we are speaking english, english is a great language. God made all languages for us to learn. Get with the program.

  14. Z T says:

    sister ummafnaan
    Salam alaikum. The problem with this guy, and even with me, and a whole bunch of others, is that of anger. I have a major problem with anger. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I am going through an active process of change. What is required is tazkiyah nafs. That is a different subject. As you saw in my post, I unfortunately got upset, if not more as ARM.

    This will probably be my last point since I just realized that ARM is actually the owner of this blog. I don’t blame some people for being upset at what they see. What I do blame is the extent of the anger that they go through that it clouds their judgment. It has seriously clouded the judgment of ARM, and I can not respect him for that. It is good to give nasihah as you did, however I am not up to that challenge I let my opinion of him show.

    Anger is a sin in Islam, Prophet Muhammad (S). During his rant against “foreigners” where it was obvious he was losing it, he should have taken a break and said or thought “Auzu billahi Min Ash-Shaitani-rrajeem”. Anger opens ourselves to bad thoughts, bad thoughts are was-waas. I good friend told me the other day, and I never thought of it this way. When a person is angry, he/she is highly suggestible, especially from thoughts inside him/herself. This is known as auto-suggestion. Auto-suggestion is then was-waas from the shaitan that is in us. Subhanallah! This is the source of a large number of problems we have. Auto-suggestion, which ARM is a victim of, is in fact a victim “min sharr il-WAS-WAAS il-khannas, allazi yuWAS-WISU fee sudurinnas, min al-jinnati wannaas”

    In Arabic when a person is so angry that he just loses it, he goes into a state of “jahalat” which can mean foolishness, but also depending the kind of anger a person can become majnoon. Majnoon is a serious phrase, and if you call an Arab majnoon, they are ready to fight. In casual language it means “crazy” but notice that the root of Majnoon is “Jinn”. It in very classical Arabic means someone possessed by a jinn. It is a mental state that once again comes from anger. It all fits in together. Inshallah this ARM will get some guidance.

    For some people going the direct route is not appropriate. It might not be possible to say Auzu billah, and expect to reduce anger, at least on his / her own.

    One of the benefits of Tassawuf is that it does help a person with his temper and to remain calm. Going through a peer who can assist and offer support is a good way (and I don’t mean anger management classes). If that is not possible then there are nice medical softwares that can help. 🙂

    Just in case any of you all are wondering, not that it matters, I am NOT Arab. This forum seems to spend a significant portion of its resources on bashing them however. There is good and bad in everyone, but there is no need for this kind of fitna. Just be around the good brothers and sister wherever they happen to be from. Invite them to your home, go to their homes and for Allah’s sake don’t post too much negative. This Muslim buyout plan is not going to work at all, especially coming from a jackass like ARM. I would just as soon take his money rip it up, and then shove it back in his face. See I am getting upset again 🙂

  15. SisterSeeking says:


    *What is behind depression? Anger…

    *What is behind anger? Pain…

    *What is behind pain? Despair…

    *What is behind despair? Disbelief…

    *What is behind disbelief? Arrogance and pride…

    *What is behind arrogance, and pride? Shaytan: whispering; picking; and manipulating…

    ZT, I half to give you props for one thing out of all your angry posts: honesty. You are a person, I believe discussion, and dialogue is possible with, because you are honest about yourself, and your struggle. I don’t agree or accept your political positions, but that is between you, and Allah. What I do agree with is your assessment about all of us being angry. What I see on both the blogsphere and in real life, is a bunch of hurting people going around hurting each other.

    I’m not a “great” Muslim. I’m not even a “good” Muslim. I’m just trying to submit to Allah to the best of my skills, and abilities. I have been struggling with my eman and ebadah for years (11) to be exact. Some of the darkest moments in my relationship with Allah occurred when I was angry, vengeful, and arrogant. I could not see the mercies of Allah; I could not feel the grace of Allah; and I could not find solace or rest in prayer, fasting, or the revelation. There was a time when I couldn’t stomach hearing the athan or seeing ANY Muslim of any ethnicity. I wanted to get as far away from Muslims as much as I could given the fact I was married to a born Muslim. I reasoned being married to a born Muslim was enough.

    I converted to this religion when I was a child who was in term oil. As a result of that term oil, and disconnection with my family I ended up being spiritually abused and taken advantage of by Muslims when I converted. To add insult to injury I ended up being shamed, blamed, and slandered for the behaviors of other Muslims, including so called Imams. Let me show what “spiritual” abuse looks like: its being bullied, coerced, and pressured to marry two weeks after your conversion to an immigrant Muslim man twice your age while you are supposed to be in high school; its being emotionally abused by your in laws by being told that you need to get on your knees to apologize to them because they feel irritated with you; its attempting to seek shelter with “good” Muslim families where the immigrant or American born husband tries to get into your panties in exchange for a place to stay and when you refuse to do thrown out onto the street and slandered in the masjids; its having an African American Muslima whose husband is white and works for a so called Muslim organization reinforce racism of the immigrant Muslims at the mosque instead of protecting a black infant/toddler instead; and that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg brother.
    I’m not a bit surprised at Abdur Rahman’s response or reaction to his research, observations, and PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Nothing he writes on this blog or what will be seen in his books will be new information to me. After going through all of that fitnah, and being on the verge of reverting right back to Catholicism, I decided to research some things about these people (ISNA, ICNA, MAS, etc) for my self. I detached my self from the Muslim community, and went to a non-Muslim professional who specializes in cult deprogramming. I know exactly how he feels, and why he has come to the conclusions he has. Abdur Rahman IS educated. He’s not some ignorant street pump people are trying to make him out to be. And for the record, don’t think because people do not post, they aren’t reading. I have referred not only family and friends but the non-Muslim professional I sought professional help from to this blog among others for field observation, and analysis. They can not compromise their reputation or credentials by commenting on blogs.

    I don’t agree with this post because after immigrants are kicked out or detained black people, Hispanics, and others will be next. It happened in Germany with Hitler and history can repeat itself if mankind forgets: forgets the timeless values in all three scriptures.

    I do LOVE Abdur Rahman, and I will repeat it again: I do LOVE him for the sake of Allah—incase anyone gets in perverted notions I’m a happily married wife and mother for six years now, Ma’sha’Allah. I refuse to have a “throw the baby out with the bath water” complex anymore. Been there and done that. He “may” be flawed and broken or maybe he’s not: that’s between him and Allah but I sincerely believe based on my research and professional intervention that he is telling the truth no matter how hateful, angry, and vile it may come out, he is doing an immeasurable public service to any Muslim of any ethnicity who values: peace, justice, and love not just for their people but for all people. It is the Abdur Rahman’s that speak for the “isolated” cases like me, people Imam’s and Muslim groups want to discard to the landfill because they have determined people like me have no worth or dignity; we are entitled to no respect or even common courtesy. I love him because he has the courage to stand up and that he is persistent. He is not allowing people to bully and intimidate him. His rhetoric is crazy and so are some of his thoughts: but that’s between him, and Allah.

    Finally, I realized I had to leave not only the so called “Immigrant” masjids but all of the masjids because of the self hatred of African Americans who are in positions of authority. They do not protect, and they do not provide. They are in this religion because its just another movement they joined during their youth. I didn’t convert to join a movement, I didn’t convert to get married, and I sure in heck didn’t convert to be tossed about like road kill. I’m a mother now ZT, do you know what it feels like to hold an infant in your arms, and feel the tremendous pressure to protect them from harm? They day immigrant Muslims in a masjids “tried” and I repeat “tried” to practice their clamp down racism on my daughter was the day I went through a “ I know a change gonna come” mode and I realized what time it was. If people do not want to experience true liberation, let he who will accept it accept it and he who will reject it reject it. Its too late; God’s will is already being done, rather we like it or not.


  16. SisterSeeking says:


    Another issue I wanted to put out there is this:

    If these so called “leaders” are truthful—they are in this deen because they decided to live for Allah through serving mankind, why is there no[ aggressive] outreach to begin the process of:

    4) Penance AND Repentance

    If these Imams are going to focus all of their resources on political agendas rather here or overseas where are the “human” resources for dealing with the healthiness of our community? Where are our “pastoral” counselors at? If the spiritual, mental, and emotional health of our faith community is not a priority but some ones reputation, ego, salary, and political agenda we will NOT heal, we will NOT forgive, we will NOT reach reconciliation, and we CAN NOT repent because penance involves humbling our ego. Penance involves admit to faults, failures, and sincerely seeking to atone for them.

    This Ramadan, I’m planning on sincerely trying to atone for the crimes I’ve committed against myself self, HUMANITY, the earth, the animals, and even the air. I’m sincerely going to ask Allah to forgive me, because life is too short to be angry, hateful, intolerant, egocentric, arrogant, and abusive to other people so I can feel good about myself. Abdur Rahman, as a sister who cares about your soul, I suggest you do the same thing. Don’t let shaytan deceive you, and don’t let others bait you into their own despair. I’ve been where you’ve been, and I’m saying this out of humility. I’m just poor wretch trying to hang on to the rope of Allah the best I can, and I hope for the preservation of your family’s health and well being you do the same.


  17. Z T says:

    Salaam alaikum Sister,

    I am sorry to hear about your experiences. I am not going to deny what you went through, the only thing I can say is that I am glad there are others, a lot of others who did not go through what you did. Like I said, anger is a sin. I would go even further, anger is one of the worst enemies you can have. There is a limit to one’s tolerance, however I would suggest that sabr is the best route. Sabr reinforce with Zikr-ullah. Zikr-ullahi Akbar.

    We all Muslims live in the same time and age that you do. I have my own experiences. I have had traumatic expeiences on the job where the people can’t digest their food unless they oppress someone. I alhamdullillah will never change to their way of thinking. I did not become what they wanted me to be. We are living in the end of days, where keeping faith will be as difficult as holding a hot iron rod. You are inshallah passing that test sis. You had the experience of a guy wanting to get in your pants, guess what sister so did I. You wanna know what makes my situation worse? I’m a guy. Bada boom boom crash!

    Sister you have to be responsible for yourself, and there is a way to get out of a situation, be polite, and still come out unscarred. No one ever points a gun to your head. They will cajole you, pressure you, and even condemn you. But in the end you have to live with the choices that you make, and I am sure you already know that.

    As far as ARM goes. You might have one opinion about him, which is light years away from mine, but I have to say, but let us say that what that jackass says is true. Let me ask you, did that jackass come back with something better? He has his observations, analysis, and “research”, but look what he comes back with. “The Muslim Buyout Plan”. Do you know how many Muslims, of ALL colors shapes and sizes would tell him to just “duck off”? Let me be the first one to stand in line.

    I was an assistant in Imam at one time, should I expose all the shit that I saw amongst the people who referred to me as “Brother Imam”. I will give you just one example. A knife fight broke out when I was entering the Masjid during khutbah! You have been reading “Brother” ARM’s point of view. Now what do you think an immigrant Muslim is going to think? And there were immigrants in that Masjid. I want you to think about that.

    There is no way that I will ever start a blog digging up dirt about the African American community, for one reason and one reason only, it is one of the least ethical things to do. There are 50 reasons why any blog which digs up ethnic dirt should not be done. ARM is doing NO ONE a service. He is in fact part of the problem.

    If he said Salaam to me, I just might give salaam back. But don’t ask me what I would be thinking inside.

    As far as my political beliefs, I am not sure what you meant by that. If you are referring to 911 stuff, that isn’t political, it is mere truth. I don’t come at it from a political bent, I come at it from a scientific bent. I have a degree in Applied Math/Computer and Biology. That’s just the way it is. I have read more than enough literature on 911 and the so-called war on terror to know better than this garbage that ARM is posting, and to be honest on my better days, I would use his posts in certain comedy routines, in other I would use it to show just how brainwashed and stupid Muslims can be. If anyone has the time, I will be able to deconstruct the whole 911 scenario and if ARM’s flames get enraged then I guess I have done a better service. But he needs to check himself cuz there are more than enough stupid people out there that have too much time to repeat what is in their SICK heads. Take it from me I work with enough pseudo-geniuses.

  18. SisterSeeking says:


    “Sister you have to be responsible for yourself, and there is a way to get out of a situation, be polite, and still come out unscarred. No one ever points a gun to your head. They will cajole you, pressure you, and even condemn you. But in the end you have to live with the choices that you make, and I am sure you already know that.”-ZT

    I respectfully disagree with this entire statement here. This type of mentality only condones the cycle of spiritual abuse that IS occurring in our community. Sorry man, but you can’t break me here. I’ve been through five years of therapy being coached on how to deal with people who resort to this very tactic. I’m too strong now. And for the record, the professionals I worked with are far more educated than you are Doctors are scientists too. Furthermore, if the clergy of any community can not protect children and teenagers from predators within their ranks or laity, the community IS functioning as a cult—spiritual abuse IS occurring. If no adult can refer a child to the appropriate governmental social services agencies insteading of whipping marriage down their throat, they are undeserving of their rank, and should be removed. Case and point: the incident at the Islamic Saudi Academy concerning a minor who reported abuse but because “some” of the people there are more concerned about their reputation and ego, it went unreported.
    Your position here if I understand it correctly in my opinion is dangerous and immoral.

    No where did I ever indicate that I abdicated my personal responsibility: to the contrary, I took the appropriate steps by removing myself from the situation, and getting professional help. Furthermore, I shared my story with the intention to encourage others to not resort to anger because it can become destructive. I did not share my story to drum of some type of pity party or resort to the blame game: I shared my story because there’s is a lesson, which you didn’t get.

    There is no way that I will ever start a blog digging up dirt about the African American community, for one reason and one reason only, it is one of the least ethical things to do. There are 50 reasons why any blog which digs up ethnic dirt should not be done. ARM is doing NO ONE a service. He is in fact part of the problem.-ZT

    I DO agree that gossip and backbiting isn’t helping: I DO NOT AGREE WITH CENSORSHIP. I have BIG problem when others try to CENSOR the decimation of information rather it’s through the blogsphere or a newspaper. When I see that, I know immediately something is up, and he has evidently struck a nerve. My proof is that if the people he is so called attacking are sincere, they would resort to our religion devotional practices in problem solving: forgiveness, reconciliation, penance, and repentance versus doing the same whacky stuff he engages in. They aren’t doing that. Until they do, I trust no one. And will remain just a name in the blogsphere for my own safety, and the preservation of my new family.

    P.S.—I can’t blame him for being some what nutty( sorry AR no offense) if I had no outlet, and my mind and heart was holding what his is, I’d be a total nut case too. I’m done with this conversation.

  19. Dee27 says:

    I am African American and I would like to share my story. I am 33 years old and I have a 13 year old daughter whom I have only seen several times since she was 2 years old. You see, when I was 19 years old I married a Lebanese boy from school. We grew up in the same town, we knew the same people, and we lived only blocks from each other. I came from an extremely conservative Christian theocratic background and he came from a Shia Muslim background. His family immigrated to the U.S. when he was only 5 years old and he never returned to Lebanon. We met in high school when I was 17. He had just experienced the death of his father. From the first moment we were introduced he expressed his intention to marry me. I was raised to be a wife, even at a young age so that did not surprise me. He expressed family values that I held dear so that appealed to me. He expressed belief in his religion and passion for his culture and I respected that. He had close bonds with his family which led me to believe that he would be a dedicated family man. He was a hard worker, expressive with his emotions, devoted, giving and loving. We enjoyed a lot of the same things and we enjoyed each other. Why not fall in love? I work hard at not being prejudiced, biased or racist in any way. So for me having different spiritual beliefs was simply a matter of diversity, it was interesting to me. We were friends for 2 years before we married. I thought it was long enough to get know someone. We were young, I knew it would be difficult but with faith, loyalty, love and devotion I knew we could make it. There were warning signs along the way, but I didn’t recognize them. There were incidents and occurrences that sent up red flags, but I thought we were reconciling the issues. He moved very fast! Once we were dating he pressed for marriage, I wanted a long engagement. The more I drug my feet, the more he pressed. He became very demanding even showed signs of manipulation. I was young and naive and in way over my head. He pressed harder and finally, before we were even married demanded a baby. I knew that was not a sign I could ignore, I broke of the engagement. That was the beginning of the end for me. He become so aggressive, volatile, controlling, manipulative, abusive, he was the epitome of a domestic abuser. I was the epitome of a battered woman. After a while, whatever he demanded he received. Even to the extent of getting pregnant against my wishes. Whatever he demanded he received, even if it meant by force. After we got married things only became worst. I was VERY afraid, he threatened to kill me, my family, our unborn child, and he even threatened to find distant family members to kill them. Right away he threatened to take our child and send her away where I would NEVER find her. He had me right where he wanted me. For years I worked very hard to try to keep him calm, pleased, happy. Anything to keep him from hurting me or our daughter. Anything to keep him from taking our daughter away, anything! It was never enough. He was insanely jealous over imaginings. He kept me isolated from any and everyone including my family. He abused me in every way and his abuse just continued to grow the weaker I became. He came and went as he pleased. He lived separately when he wanted. He never supported me and he stopped supporting our daughter, he even went so far as to control my earnings. Obviously for the health and safety of both myself and my child I had to make a break for freedom. I was born free and I knew well what my rights I was entitled to. I knew that I did not deserve to be treated in such a way. The circumstances however were overwhelming and I had no help, support or safe haven. When I found out that my 17 month old daughter had been abused I could no longer wait for the opportune time, I had to go. I took my child and fled the country. He tracked me down. In my albescence he had managed to convince the courts that I abused our child, that I am unfit, mentally unstable and a danger to myself and our child. He had been awarded custody. I was FORCED to return to the U.S., my passport was illegally taken by the courts. The battle that ensued from point left me financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. To this day, my child is still kept from me. I speak to her by phone perhaps 1 to 2 times per year. I have seen her only a handful of times since then. She believes that I chose not to have her in my, not that she is kept from me. I still have my hands tied as the threat still looms. If I don’t behave I can not even talk with her 1 to 2 times per year. Or, I may never see her again at all. I can not ever begin to explain the pain that I have suffered. The legend of my mental instability became a reality when I was faced with the pains of abuse, the pains of my daughters abuse, the accusation that I abused and neglected her, no way to defend myself and no way to see my child. I have suffered from major depression for a number of years now. I know that it will be a battle for years to come. All I want in life is to see my little girl, she sprang from my womb! How could a dedicated and loving mother lose her child to a family actively involved in Hezbollah? How could a dedicated and loving mother lose her child to a family who assisted those who were directly involved in the 9/11 attacks? What has become of the world? I can not say, I can not even say what has become of my child!

  20. Z T says:

    sounds like a seriously fake story. keep up the drama you might be a good screen play writer.

  21. Dee27 says:

    Sounds like you are SERIOUSLY ignorant. You obviously spend a lot of time listening to yourself talk, try listening to others for once. Or better yet, do some research. My story is not at all unusual, it happens to woman all over the world everyday! Perhaps not everyone is as willing to openly talk about their experiences as I am! I do it not for people like you, but for the ones who afraid to admit the truth and step out of their situations. As long as self righteous people such as you continue to deny the atrocities that are being committed against woman, people like me will continue to speak out. By this time your blood pressure should be rising, but let me go further. Generally speaking, people who attack others verbally are ABUSERS! You are not different from any other kind of abuser, you are passive aggressive. At some point in your life someone made you feel powerless and now you attack others with your words via the internet because you are too afraid to confront any real issues within yourself or without. Now having said all that let me say this. After years of abuse, and later recovery I have learned to peg people fairly quickly. You have now been pegged. You see you accomplished what you wanted, you hit a nerve in me and now I am sure I have hit one in you. If my story had an ounce of fabrication to it, you wouldn’t be capable of invoking such emotion from. Particularly since I neither know you nor care to. The fact is, the issues ARE REAL, this story is REAL and it is my life. HOW DARE YOU EVEN SUGGEST ANYTHING OTHERWISE? You should be ashamed of yourself but generally abusers are more interested in trying to shame others. Continue to speak, that is your God given right. However try to do so intelligently and responsibly, not egocentrically.

  22. Z T says:

    Stop your nonsense, I have seen people who have been abused. Yours is a fake. You start out with your problems and then it ends with a politcal statement about terrorism. Take that somewhere else. What emotion, because I don’t believe you, because I know you are a fake? Because when people start mixing politics with their personal boo hoo stories they sound like that fake Betty Mahmoudi or that other faker Norma Khouri or that Palestinian woman that never even existed that talked about her being burned alive? I believe sisterseeking’s story, there is no truth in yours. Yours has the textbook characteristics of a fairy tale. Don’t try your shit about how DARE I. How the hell DARE YOU get on the internet and make these LIES, you lying sack of feces. Then you end up making a political statement, and even the characteristics of that political statement are not even true. Aside from your spelling there is nothing correct about what you wrote. Give it up, lady, if you are even that, you are not going to confuse anyone else.

  23. Dee27 says:

    You have proven my point very well! Every ounce of your statement is abusive. If you were to meet me face to face you would instantly be intimidated. Abusers like you can never face the truth, because that would mean facing the truth about yourself and your own inadequacies. You have no power over me or anyone else for that matter. You have rendered yourself powerless through your ignorance and negativity. Women who have experienced real tragedy, trauma and abuse recognize the truth. The important thing is that people are encouraged. You are only perpetuating the lie by intimidating woman who need to come and talk about their pain. WOMEN IGNORE THIS NARCISIST!!! People who lie to themselves can only ever project their own self-loathing, contempt and hatred on to others. You need therapy, desperately. The world does not need anymore ranting and ravings of a lunatic, do us all a favor and heal yourself.

  24. Z T says:

    where did i abuse you? because i called you what you are, a liar. suddenly describing what you are doing is a liar. don’t talk nonsense lady and get a grip on your own reality, otherwise someone might think you are yet another norma khouri. people are free to make judgements, but let’s lay your pattern of discussion, first you talk about your boo hoo life with its highly doubtful claims, then you finish with a political statement that most muslims in the know know is patently false.

    when i catch you on that providing you evidence from what you have stated, you resort to adhominem attacks, that is blatant evidence that what you are stating is false. you are a liar. then when i catch you on that, you up the ante on the ad hominem and then out of the blue you want to control other people by saying i am the abuser, and tell others to ignore me. i really couldn’t care who listens to me or not, but it is you that are are losing it, and it is you that have been trying emotionally manipulate the reader, and it is you that have been going on the insult rampage.

    oh and speaking of ranting ravings of a lunatic, in response to my stating that you are a liar, you were the one that clocked off. this is fun for me. because i know how these things work. you are liar, those events never happened, and you are trying use emotions to stoke up racial and politcal hatred. its clear as day. oh and about healing oneself i wouldn’t say that at any scientific seminars if i were you, especially not in your current state.

  25. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:


    @ Z T

    As I continue to say I have had my own differences with brother Abdur Rahman’s “style” at times and even some of his conclusions BUT unless you can prove the “COURT” documents and transcripts he published months ago were frudulent, then you have to acknowledge that most of his ascertions are true even if he does draw extreme conclusions from them.

    Do I think that all immgrant organizations are out to subjugate Blackamerican Muslims? No Do I think they sometimes use their money and power to push foriegn agendas to the fore front of American Muslim discourse at the expense of issues that effect Blackamerican Muslims? Yes Yet, on the other hand I’ve seen immigrant Muslims individually as well as organizationally assist numerous Blackamerican Muslims causes. Bottom line in my oppinion Blackamerican Muslims have to “do for self” otherwise shut up about how they are being treated.

    Also, may Allah forgive me if I’m wrong but, I agree with you, I’m not buying the “tear jerking” story of “dee27” either. Matter of fact I’ve already seen the movie, didn’t Sally Field play the lead role? I guess “dee27” is going to recapture her daughter in the sequel?

    Don’t get me wrong I, do believe immigrant Muslim men are capable of abusing and misusing Blackamerican Christian women in fact two young men whose mother raised them as Jehovah’s Witnesses are the products of such relationships. One of young men’s father was Iraqi and the other Yemini, in both cases the “immigrant brothers” just walked away. I’ve been mentoring these young men for years and trying to bring them back to Islam. So while “dee27’s story” may have occured before to “somebody” somewhere, her’s just reads too much like a plaid out hollywood script for me.

    @ SisterSeeking

    On this eve of Ramadan again I applaud you for promoting forgiveness

  26. SisterSeeking says:

    Salaam’Alaikum Abu Usamah al-Aswad:

    Boy is that a long name! lol : )

    “One of young men’s father was Iraqi and the other Yemeni, in both cases the “immigrant brothers” just walked away. I’ve been mentoring these young men for years and trying to bring them back to Islam.”

    SS: Ma’sha’Allah… May Allah reward you, and continue to use you as guide in their life.

    “As I continue to say I have had my own differences with brother Abdur Rahman’s “style” at times and even some of his conclusions BUT unless you can prove the “COURT” documents and transcripts he published months ago were fraudulent, then you have to acknowledge that most of his assertions are true even if he does draw extreme conclusions from them.”

    SS: Thank goodness, some of us are not “throw the baby out with the bath water” individuals. I agree with this 110%. I do think this Muslim Buyout Scheme was nutty as heck, but that’s between him and Allah—we all struggle with humanity at times, but I refuse to throw away brain in exchange for goody points from anybody—black, white, immigrant, green, what ever…

    “On this eve of Ramadan again I applaud you for promoting forgiveness”

    Thank you. I sure hope, I can be about our Master’s business.

  27. Z T says:

    @Abu Usamah al-Aswad

    Salaam alaikum, a pre-Ramadan, Ramadan Kareem. As far as the court “documents” I have just one thing to say, Osama bin Laden video. That is just the tip of the iceberg as you know. ARM’s problem is this, he hates Arabs, foreign Muslims, and then will find anything out there to justify the conclusion given to him by the voices in his head. It needs to be the other way around. If it’s not that way than we will all end up like ARM, and brother I do NOT want to end up that way.

    I have seen some nasty brothers, I mean brothers from all places, foreign domestic you name it. Like I said I was an assistant Imam so I can provide you all kinds of events. There is no need to dig into anyone’s dirt. Yes I know a lot of immigrants are racists, but I also see that people, and I mean people see racism where none had existed, if the line is not exactly straight in Salat, and one guy is just 2 centimeters ahead of the guy next to him that has been seen as an insult. If someone didn’t hear the next guy say salaam, and so a salaam was not returned, that is considered an insult. It happened to me, I said salaam to a guy who was walking out of the door, and he kept going. I was pissed for about 30 seconds till he turned back around said sorry he didn’t hear me.

    I am sure alot of you have the skill to weigh a person within about 2 minutes of a discussion. Just don’t be around people that are bad, no matter where they are from. There are people whom I have cut off most contact with, even though I have known them since I was in kindergarten because of the way they grew as the years past by.

    It takes time to control our nafs. Some of us have truly gone through serious issues with people as SS has. My issue has always been my temper. There is a way out for the racism, the perceived racism, the anger inside, the hatred of others, the hatred of ourselves, as individuals and as a community. That is tazkiyah nafs. It is not an easy process. But we should all be each others Murids and Peers at the same time.

  28. Z T says:

    @Abu Usamah al-Aswad

    Glad you brought up “not without my daughter”. When people like dee27 post, I really wonder what is inside their soul to make them so nasty, so dishonest, so distasteful? She tells about her “husband”. Here is a review of another book that came out a couple of years back. I would like for you, since you seem intelligent enough to analyze her story. She is using the techniques of mind control to win over the reader in almost every other paragraph. This is not some fly-by-night assohof that wants to stoke up hatred. This is someone who knows something about the power of dark propaganda. Notice that the story in the end, does not conclude with a continuation of her loss. It ends up as a political statement, and a false one at that. Planting in the minds of the people that Lebanese supporters of Hizbullah supported Al-Qaeda. You know and I know that kind of scenario never happened.

    Here is a review of a book about another event that never happened, reviewed by a friend of a friend. Please understand that there are dozens of dee27’s out there, and she is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a concerted effort, not just at the level of TV to portray Muslims as monsters. Take look:

    Somewhere down the middle of the document you will see mention of a “charity” that helped “save” the victim. You will see what is actually going on.

    May 2, 2005
    Truth, History, and Honor Killing

    A review of Burned Alive
    by Thérèse Taylor

    In recent years, two best-selling titles have appeared on the subject of honor killing in the Arab world. Norma Khouri’s Forbidden Love (also published under the title Honor Lost) and “Souad’s” Burned Alive were both published in 2003. In that fateful year, while the international media raced us toward the invasion of Iraq, these books evidently met a public appetite for information about the Middle East.

    Both are entirely undocumented memoirs, which ask the reader to take the story on trust. In the case of Forbidden Love, this trust was misplaced. The book was set in Jordan, and an investigation by Jordanian women’s rights activists showed that the author was a complete fake, having lived in America all her life and invented the story. Burned Alive, by contrast, has not been subject to public scrutiny. It is, however, a controversial text.

    The Book

    Burned Alive, published pseudonymously under the name Souad, tells the story of a Palestinian girl who survived an attempted honor killing, fled her homeland in 1979, and now lives under a false name in Europe.

    Like Norma Khouri’s Forbidden Love, Burned Alive has been very favorably reviewed, without any criticism at all. Extracts have been printed in the leading conservative London newspaper the Telegraph. It has been praised not only as a memoir, but as a document that gives an insight to the entire Israel/Palestine conflict. The Washington Post Book World declared that “this is not a literary effort so much as it is a rare artifact whose mere existence should be regarded as nothing less than a miracle.”

    The British edition of Burned Alive identifies Souad as the author and copyright holder. However, the text has contributions from others and is partly narrated by “Jacqueline,” a European aid worker. This co-author has been interviewed in the French media and is Jacqueline Thibault. Burned Alive appeared first in French, under the title Brûlée Vive. Both the French and the English texts have been consulted in this study. The English translation is generally accurate, but some parts of the text have been subject to editing. (Except where otherwise noted, all quotations are taken from the U.S. hardcover edition.)

    An important point to note is that Burned Alive is a work of “recovered memory.” None of the reviewers who praised this book found it worthwhile to mention, but it is a very pertinent detail. Souad did not always know of the events she recounts. In the past, she used to tell people that her burns were the result of an accident. This misunderstanding was widespread – for some reason, the medical staff who treated her at Lausanne hospital were not informed that the burns were the result of an assault. She writes, “The people around me in this hospital did not know my story.” Only recently, after years of mental health problems, has she remembered, and to remember torments her: “I would like to forget all these horrible things completely, and for more than 20 years I unconsciously succeeded in doing just that.”

    According to interviews given when Burned Alive was published, Souad even forgot how to speak Arabic. She is said to have altered her appearance through plastic surgery.

    Some psychologists and scholars regard all works of recovered memory as fictional. Even those who are willing to regard them as valid stress that they are assessed differently from ordinary accounts, and need to be confirmed by the use of other sources. This has been shown by the case of Binjamin Wilkomirski’s 1995 memoir, Fragments, the story of a child survivor of the Holocaust. Like Burned Alive, this book came from Switzerland and was a work of recovered memory. It was praised by historians and received many prizes, and the author was personally recognized by another “child survivor” of the death camps. However, a lengthy investigation by one skeptical writer uncovered that Binjamin Wilkomirski was a Swiss citizen who had never been near any Nazi death camp. Apparently, the whole story was a product of false memory syndrome.

    There are similarities in most works of recovered memory and unreliable memoirs. The authors’ stories are extreme, they are the victims of every conceivable circumstance, and everyone they meet tends to be a sadist. Their survival is always a miracle.

    The Victim

    Our society is strongly marked by the culture of victimhood. As Andrew Ross acutely observed in Bookforum, much literary and artistic criticism is conditioned by a notion promoted by the Maoists of China’s Cultural Revolution – that only victims speak the truth. This longing for victim voices causes sensationalist accounts to be favored, and the more delicate testimonies of real people are drowned out in an irrational clamor.

    Engagingly, the writers of recovered memories usually state that they are wrestling with a past too difficult for rational thought. Binjamin Wilkomirski wrote, “My earliest memories are a rubble field of isolated images and events. Shards of memory with hard knife-sharp edges, and events, which still cut flesh if touched today. Mostly a chaotic jumble, with very little chronological fit.” Souad wrote, “I remember very little of my earliest childhood, and my memory is still full of gaps. The first part of my life is made up of images that are strange and violent, like scenes in a film for television. I have so much difficulty putting these images back in order that it sometimes doesn’t seem real.”

    The story of Souad’s childhood is one of persecution. She was illiterate and extremely poor, and she was beaten daily by her parents. The entire community was filled with hatred, and women were worthless. Families that practiced infanticide were socially honored, and Souad suggests that the dead bodies of murdered children may have been fed to dogs.

    Souad’s story quickly escalates into a drama of endless death. Burned Alive describes how she witnessed murder after murder. She saw babies smothered and her sister strangled; a companion on a bus trip is murdered by the driver. At the village shop, one of the customers is decapitated and her head is paraded around the village. Souad was also subject to many attempts on her life. Each of her parents tried to kill her, on separate occasions, but they failed. This is surprising, as they seem to have killed off as many as eight of their other children.

    When Souad was around 20 years old, she fell pregnant out of wedlock, having been seduced by a young man who lived in the house next door. She claims that she did not know his father’s name, an unusual situation in the close society of a Palestinian village. When she was six months pregnant, she was attacked by her brother-in-law, who poured petrol over her and set her on fire. She managed to escape and was then relocated to a hospital on the West Bank, where the staff tried to kill her by withholding care. Her baby was born severely premature, and he too was menaced by people who wanted him dead.

    Finally, Souad was rescued by a European aid worker, identified in the text only as Jacqueline. Jacqueline states that she was employed by the European aid agency Terre des Hommes and worked with disadvantaged children. Souad, the baby, and Jacqueline took a flight to Europe, where a new life beckoned.

    This is a remarkable story. The book makes many grave allegations, yet produces no evidence at all. Rana Husseini’s reaction to Forbidden Love – she was “astonished that Khouri’s book contained not a single reference for any of the thousands of ‘facts’ it reported” – could be applied with even more effect to Burned Alive.

    The Village

    Souad’s village is described as an isolated hamlet, so remote that you will not find it on any map. It could only be reached by an unpaved road that was almost impassable. Her family was deprived to such an extent that they had no shoes to wear even when attending a wedding. However, elsewhere in the text, Souad says that her sister was murdered in the family home by being strangled with a telephone cord.

    This is a serious error. None of the villages of the West Bank, which have the features she describes, were connected to the telephone line as early as 1977. In fact, the vast majority of smaller communes still have no phone lines. If Souad’s village had a telephone line, by definition it would be on the map and would also have had a paved road and a school.

    Almost casually, Souad states that she and her relatives had telephones, and also that the house had running water plus a hot water service. Some of the statements about these amenities in the house have been revised out of English-language editions. Probably, this is because Souad also claims that she had to do the laundry outside, drawing water by hand from a well and heating it with a wood fire.

    Souad shows no understanding of the layout of the West Bank, and she claims that one of her childhood memories was “working near Tel Aviv with my father when I was still small, maybe about 10 years old. We had been taken there to pick cauliflowers for a neighbor who had helped us harvest our wheat. There was a fence that protected us from the Jews because we were practically on their land.” Souad comments that this visited showed “the Jewish people never did me any harm.”

    Why is Souad’s neighbor on a field near Tel Aviv, if she lives in a village 40km (25 mi.) deep into the West Bank? No Arabs from the West Bank are allowed to own or lease fields in Israel, and only adults are allowed to visit Israel for employment. Even during the 1970s, access was severely restricted and the border closely policed. Elsewhere in Burned Alive, it is noted that at the age of 17 Souad had no identity papers.

    The story of the carefree visit to Tel Aviv, by a young girl from the West Bank, to “pick cauliflowers for a neighbor” sounds inaccurate. Another one of the journeys in Burned Alive also indicates that the authors are not very good with maps.

    Jacqueline claims to have rescued Souad by taking her to Switzerland on a commercial flight out of Israel. It was, she crisply states in the French edition, “Direct flight to Lausanne.” In the U.S. edition, Vol direct pour Lausanne is translated as “We are on a direct flight to Lausanne.” There are no direct flights from Tel Aviv to Lausanne, there never were, and the airport at Lausanne has a short runway that cannot take the large jets used for international flights. From any departure in Israel, one can only fly in to Geneva. When confronted with questions about this, the publishers claimed that this “was deliberately stated in the book in order to make it impossible to trace the location of Souad’s new home in Europe.”

    I am not sure how pretending that one flew direct to Lausanne in 1979 will really help conceal one’s location a quarter-century later. It seems more likely to be an error, similar to the geographic mistakes in Forbidden Love. The description of the flight to Lausanne is very detailed and dramatic, showing the quiet heroism of Jacqueline and the abject plight of Souad. The scene, Jacqueline solemnly informs us, was “surrealistic.”

    The Allegations

    Critics have not noticed the contradictions in this text. Booklist magazine has even praised this as a “narrative that drives home the statistics.” Actually, the stories told fly in the face of statistics. Although individual lives do not necessarily reflect social norms, in Burned Alive, the departures are excessive and constant. Souad’s allegations that women are kept illiterate, and that girl babies are routinely killed, are not reflected by profiles of the population as a whole.

    Souad suggests that, “If I had lived there, I would have become ‘normal’ like my mother, who suffocated her own children. Maybe I would have killed my daughter. … Now I think that is monstrous! But if I had stayed there, I would have done the same!” If this behavior really was “normal,” it would be documented. Societies that practice the infanticide of females cannot hide the fact – it soon declares itself in their population statistics. The West Bank population shows no imbalance of males over females – their ratio is the same as that found in Spain, France, and Australia. On the West Bank, as in most other parts of the world, slightly more boys than girls are born, but more boys than girls die in infancy and early childhood. Indeed, the population statistics on the West Bank show that it is the Palestinian male, rather than the Palestinian female, who is more likely to die before the age of 20.

    The text actually suggests that the people of the West Bank have control of their own legal system. “The land there is beautiful, but the men are bad. In the West Bank, there are women who fight for legal protection. But it is the men who vote the laws [Des hommes qui votent les lois].” This is a preposterous statement. How can anyone describe the West Bank in these terms? The Palestinians of the West Bank have no functioning legislature. They are subject to laws made in Israel and Jordan. They have no state.

    Burned Alive is also inaccurate on the details of private life. Souad’s only description of the domestic customs of Palestinian women is that of pubic-hair removal. It is obviously an important topic to her, as she mentions it on five separate occasions. Yet she reports this practice inaccurately, “Hair on certain parts of women’s bodies is thought of as dirty and I can’t stop thinking about this. We don’t remove hair from our legs or our underarms, only from the vulva.” She also claims that the pubic patch is removed for the first time as a ritual before the wedding.

    Arab women practice hair removal – but it includes the legs, underarms, pubic area, and stomach. The idea of removing only the pubic hair strikes Arab women commentators as bizarre. A complete depilation is customary before the wedding, but it is not the first experience – body hair is removed from the time of puberty. Every Arab woman knows this. Souad’s ignorance is astonishing.

    The most sensational allegation in Burned Alive is that the medical staff on the West Bank maintain a custom of withholding care from victims of honor crimes in order to ensure their death. Further, it also claims that illegitimate babies are at risk of being murdered when placed in Palestinian orphanages.

    It is claimed that Souad gave birth prematurely, entirely unassisted, under “nightmarish conditions.” He was placed in an institution where some such “children die without any explanation.” “[M]ore a rathole than an orphanage,” writes Jacqueline, who describes how she found and rescued the baby. He had been in the custody of ruthless people, some of whom were “in favor of the child being submitted to the same fate as his mother. There are those who favor getting rid of a problem and a mouth to feed….”

    It is incredible that so grave an allegation can be made without offering any evidence.

    The official press release for Burned Alive in the United States actually stated that Souad had burns to 90 percent of her body, and the British translation stated that her son was born three months premature. This is now being scaled down, after I sent queries reproaching the publishers for such impossible claims. The London publishers have since explained that these points had been made in error.

    The official story now is that Souad had burns to 60 percent of her body – the U.S. publishers have been told to amend their statement, but most recently, they claim that she had petrol burns to 70 percent of her body. Souad’s baby was born at seven, rather than six, months, as stated in the earlier French version. The mention of six months will be corrected in a later edition.

    A textual error is not blameworthy, and is quite a common event in publishing, but the strange thing about this slip in the translation is that it happens consistently in different parts of the book. Even in the last chapter of the book, the question “C’est vrai que tu as accouché à sept mois?” – “Is it true you gave birth at seven months?” – is rendered in the British edition as “Is it true that you gave birth at six months?” The French text claims that the baby “had known neither an incubator, nor any care,” and the U.S. hardcover edition reads, “He was never cared for in an incubator, even though he was born prematurely.” It would be too ridiculous to say this of an infant born at six months, but it is hardly less absurd even when the date is changed to seven months. Premature babies do not look after themselves.

    Possibly the reason for this oscillation in the dates is the time and season given for the birth. The chronology of events in Burned Alive works better if one changes the time of the birth from seven months to six. The child is supposed to have been born at the very beginning of October, but the text also states that the baby was conceived in spring, amid descriptions of lush greenery, a field of wheat, and bees feeding on wildflowers. It sounds like a description of May. It is at least easier to believe that this took place in March/April, rather than February/March.

    The reduction of Souad’s burn injuries from 90 percent to 70 or 60 percent is not sufficient to make these claims credible. A person with burns to 60 percent of her body is in critical condition and cannot possibly survive without an intensive care unit.

    American hospitals in the early 1960s had antibiotics, sterile dressings, IV lines, and other adequate medical technologies, but, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “As recently as the early 1960s, doctors couldn’t save a patient with burns over more than 30 percent of the body.” (FDA Consumer, vol. 19, 1985). Even in the 1980s, “burns covering half the body were routinely fatal” (FDA Consumer, vol. 36, 2002). The West Bank hospital where Souad was allegedly treated had none of these amenities, yet we are told that a patient with 60 percent burns survived.

    Jacqueline writes that when she arrived at the hospital some weeks after Souad’s admission, “I … learn[ed] that, in effect, [Souad] ha[d] received no care.”

    The accounts of Souad’s persecution in the hospital are extreme. She was deprived of water: “I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since I’d arrived there. … I knew they were letting me die, because it was forbidden to intervene in a case like mine.” She was forced to have a shower in ordinary non-sterile tap water while her wounds ran with blood. The nurses ripped her dressings and even tore off pieces of her skin. Her wounds were “infected” and bled “continuously.”

    There are too many improbabilities in the story told in Burned Alive. If one credits the Palestinian medical staff with wishing their patient to die, it is inexplicable that she survived. She was in this hospital for at least six weeks. Even in optimum conditions, the nursing of burn victims is an exacting task that often fails if infection takes hold, or if organ failure sets in through dehydration and shock. Effective medical aid has to be given immediately, and a patient with 60 percent burns cannot wait for days or weeks.

    When describing the hospital, Jacqueline stresses that the medical staff could not act differently because of their ingrained cultural values. Even the one doctor who cooperated with her could do no more than ask her, as a foreigner with different values, to aid Souad. He would not offer effective medical assistance. Jacqueline tried to persuade him to move the patient elsewhere: “The argument makes sense to him because he is a doctor. But he is also from [the West Bank], like the nurses. And as far as the nurses are concerned, Souad or any other girl like her should die.”

    The authors of Burned Alive are not willing to name the hospital or the orphanage where these supposed events took place.

    The Charity

    In order to understand this book, one needs to look at the people who are promoting it. One reason why Burned Alive has been accepted without any form of documentation is because of the understanding that the anonymous tale is supported by reputable charities. As one reviewer noted, “Souad’s story has been verified by Fondation Surgir.”

    Fondation Surgir is a privately owned Swiss foundation created in recent years. A notice appears in each copy of Burned Alive asking readers to donate for their work in rescuing women “throughout the world” who are menaced with violence. Its director is Jacqueline Thibault, the former Terre Des Hommes employee mentioned in the text. In a clear conflict of interest, the same person who verified the story is also the one recounting it. I wrote to Surgir inquiring about their charitable work. However, they declined to even name their board of trustees, and ended the correspondence.

    When seeking information about Surgir, I spoke to women activists in Jordan, who did know of the organization but regarded it with misgivings because of their activity in transferring young women, in secret, from the Middle East to Europe. They expressed grave disquiet about this, and pointed out that women’s refuges in the Middle East itself, under the scrutiny of registered social welfare organizations, are a much safer option.

    Several leading Palestinian women’s rights activists did not know of Fondation Surgir, and the only account I could find of their work in the West Bank indicated that they were working with the administration set up by the Israeli Defense Forces. This link with the Israeli occupation authorities is not mentioned on the Surgir Web site.

    The influence of Israeli political culture might be the explanation for one of the minor puzzles of Burned Alive. Although it is set in the Palestinian community, it avoids the words “Palestine” or “Palestinian.” In the original French text, the authors refer to “the people of the West Bank” and occasionally to “Arabs.” Translators have followed this to varying degrees. The refusal to use the word “Palestinian” is a characteristic of literature from the far-right wing of the Israeli political spectrum. They believe that the people who live in Palestine are not a genuine nation and should not be described as such.

    Truth and History

    When researching this article, I made every attempt to obtain information from Fondation Surgir and Terre Des Hommes about their activities in the Middle East. The London press, Transworld Publishers, answered my queries politely, but seemed to know little about the real background to the manuscript. The French publishers asserted that the story was so entirely true that it was beyond question. I have not been in contact with the U.S. publishers. (The U.S paperback version is due out in a couple of weeks.)

    I asked the Swiss charities if they could substantiate any of the grave charges against Palestinian social workers and medical staff that are made in Burned Alive. Fondation Surgir flatly refused to enter into any discussion. Terre Des Hommes, who have directed funds toward Fondation Surgir, would not provide any project reports giving details of the activities. Nor would Terre Des Hommes give a statement, in writing and on letterhead, as to whether the story told in Burned Alive is true in all respects.

    For the record, Palestinian social services deny that children in their care can die without explanation, or that they employ people who wish to murder their charges. If Palestinian hospitals have a “system” that involves the systematic fatal neglect of honor-killing victims, why has this not been observed and recorded? Authorities in this field, such as Professor Nadera Kevorkian of the Hebrew University, a distinguished writer and activist, have never even mentioned such an idea. During the late 1980s, Kevorkian and other activists, including health workers on the West Bank, were engaged in the important initiative of setting up a telephone help-line for women at risk of honor killing and domestic violence.

    Ultimately, the last word might be given to Souad, who commented that many of her memories are like scenes from a film. When reading Burned Alive, I did find myself in agreement that “it sometimes doesn’t seem real.”

  29. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:

    @Z T

    The bottom line is there is a psychological cyberwar going on and curbing Islam in it’s totality is the target. I’m going to be honest I don’t know whose who, feel me. Yet even though I know Islam is a target that doesn’t mean that all Muslims accused of something are innoscent.

    I reject wholesale the racist tinged so-called buyout plan, it leaves out indigenous Muslims who don’t like the current American policies, I guess since they/we would have no where to go I we’d just go through a modern inquistion.!?! LOL plus I would need at least $150,000 in relocation money. plus the sattlelite so I could still get insanity and combs

    As for the Bin Laden video I think even the CIA is ashamed of that awful forgery, the continuity checker guy must have been high LOL

    Oh I agree that letter from “dee27” was almost certainly the wrote of a trained pragandist, I should know I watch FOXNEWS, LOL

  30. Z T says:


    Ramadan kareem. You got it right that there is a cyberwar, and the dirtiness of the war is such that the perpetrators are using dajjali methods to “Win the hearts and minds”. ARM is a 2 bit amateur in this game. True that not every muslim is innocent, but the islamic attitude, especially in this internet game needs to be innocent until proven guilty. That should bre a general rule of life anyway, but in this world of fast moving lies, the burden of prrof needs to be more stringent, otherwise you could be the next hapless victim, even ARM will not be spared if and when histurn comes. Please be careful of what you say on the internet, it could be that ARM is being used to gather information about ,Muslims by their reactions and content of their posts. Anonymity is doublle edged sword, and ARM might be another J Edgar Hoover (with sequins and all).

  31. jund says:

    I’m not an immigrant. I was born in america. But hey, if you wanna pay me to leave I’ll gladly take your money. $200,000 and you got a deal.
    And I’ll keep up my end of the bargain, I’ll get out.

    But talk is cheap, little man.

    When you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is (instead of just runnin’ your mouth to please massa) then come find me at IslamicAwakening forums, I go by the name jund-al-islam.

    My guess is you will never contact me and you will never pay up, and you were just runnin’ your mouth. Oh well. This was probably one of the few get-rich-quick schemes on the internet that didn’t require any down payment. I shoulda known.

    Hey, what’s this ad? Free iPod, click here? Woooord up!!! Excuse me, fellas!

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