Has Anyone Heard From the Criminal Khalid Yasin?

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Apparently the Creflo Dollar of the Muslims, the master of fraud and deceit, Khalid Yasin, has gone underground. To my knowledge no one has seen or heard from the creep since the publication of our explosive expose on his criminal exploits this past spring. What we said at that time, and continue to say now, would be fighting words for any MUSLIM man of honor. But of course Khalid Yasin has not a shred of it. That is why rather than stand up like a man and refute the charges we’ve brought against him, he has elected to crawl under a rock (like a maggot) with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he’s stolen from the Muslims. This is all part of his modus operandi; disappear for a spell until a new crop of suckers are born who are not hip to his scams.  

Anyway, for the rest of you cool Aid drinkers who demanded more “proof” of the truth of what we have reported, a brother fleeced by Khalid in Australia has posted on Salafi Burnout. Creflo Yasin you’re finished!


I live in Australia and have asked one of the brothers who has dealt with him. The organization is called One Islam Productions based in Sydney. Link http://www.1islam.net/. Apparently they made a deal when he came to Sydney in order to start a Muslim channel in Australia and that they would share the money between themselves in order to start on the project. When the donations came in he transferred all the money to his bank account and he didn’t give them anything. After several attempts to contact him in order to try and get the money they gave up. He raised thousands of dollars here in Sydney alone. Me and my brothers donated a lot of money as well.






  1. Mahoud says:

    Boy you are one dumb house-negro. You love it in America don’t you?

    You remind me of Malcolm when he said concerning your kind, “when the master says ‘we gotta fine house here’, the house negro replies ‘hot dang your right master, WE gotta fine house here.'”

  2. yusuf says:

    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, forget about Khalid yasin for a moment, and just visit the profile of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, the author of all the articals about Sheikh Khalid Yasin.
    This guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, has been writing about all HARAAM things like the music industry, Michael Jackson is his favorite i guess. So, my picture about all his articles regarding Khalid Yasin is just that its another article of his to draw attention.
    And he probably choose Khalid Yasin because he knows how popular Khalid Yasin is among FAITHFULL Muslims, so its more or less certain that people will read his articles. This itself is an acceptance that Khalid Yasin is a true servant of Allah.
    Allah knows best

  3. yusuf says:

    InshaAllah i am going to start a campaign against this guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, all brothers and sisters are welcome.

    I challenge this guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad to become a good muslim himself, before trying to correct or blame other muslim brothers. Who am I to judge? yes, i cannot judge you, but can any muslim brother or sister agree with his involvement with music??? Isn’t it HARAAM?

  4. In these days sheikh kahlid yasin in losangeles California.

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