Is There No Shame at “”: Palin as Bin Ladin?

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was checking out some of the blogs yesterday and came across an article at Muslim Matters that quite frankly turned my stomach. Its not entirely clear who authored the piece, but I hold the site’s owners, Yasir Qadhi, his associate Amad, and the rest of that crew responsible for its revolting content.

The article sought to draw some type of moral equivalence between the religious beliefs of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin with those of Osama bin Laden. Specifically, it mocked one of the religious practices of her church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, and resorted to fear mongering by portraying Palin’s Christian conception of the “end time” in a menacing way. Quoting a passage from a Wall Street Journal piece, the article derisvely mentions how they,

speak in tongues [see this video and article] and are part of a faith that believes humanity is in its ‘end times’ — the days preceding a world-ending cataclysm bringing Christian redemption and the second coming of Jesus…

In the first place, the religion of Islam catagorically forbids Muslims from mocking the religious practices of others, however strange they may appear to us (6:108 ). In as much as Muslim Matters tries to portray itself as guardians of the “correct Aqeedah” (doctrinal beliefs), they must surely know this. So on purely religious grounds they are way out of line. Not only that, many of us converts have relatives and friends who have these very same beliefs and practices, and we take deep offense that Yasir Qadhi and his friends at Muslim Matters feel privileged enough to launch so vicious and mean-spirited an attack against them. Oh and by the way, let someone in the media say something disparaging of Islam and watch them go berserk and start screaming “Islamophobia”. If you want respect you have to give it.

Secondly, is the Christian conception of the “end times” any less menacing or frightful to people who don’t believe in it than, lets say, the Islamic view. Does Muslim Matters really want to open up that can of worms, because if they do, they’ll have to defend all the terror that descends with the Mahdi, the Dajjal (anti-Christ), and the return of Jesus, which if memory serves me correctly ends with the complete annilation of the Jews (the stone [or tree] will say, Messenger of God there is a Jew behind me, kill him).

Finally though, what I found most revolting – truly sickening in fact – was the author’s attempt to portray Palin as somehow more of a threat to humanity than the man who stole the lives of thousands of people, Osama bin Laden.

While we are aware that Osama’s power is limited to his rag-a-tag army, the real question is: are Americans prepared to vote in someone, who shares OBL’s “holy-war”, “war of civilization”, “Christian vs. Muslims” world-view, to be a heart-beat away from American presidency and super-power influence?

That “rag-a-tag army”, as the author glibly demurs, just took the lives of fifty-three people in a hotel bombing in Pakistan, while the only deaths we can attribute to Sarah Palin are possibly a few Moose. This kind of writing is disgraceful, amounting to evil really.

Right outside of Washington, D.C. where I live, in Suitland, Md, sits Lincoln Memorial cemetery, the final resting place of the young lives snuffed out by that disciple of evil. They were a group of inner-city black children who had succeeded against the odds by excelling in their studies. En route to receive their well deserved reward at a ceremony held in their honor, they and their teacher met a horrifying death when their plane was crashed into the Pentagon. Palin equals bin Laden? Do these people have any shame at all? No, of course not. And as he has direct oversight of the Muslim Matters blog, a thousand times shame on the head of Yasir Qadhi, for he certainly knows better than to publish this irresponsible, deeply offensive post.

WARNING TO THE FOLLOWERS OF IMAM W.D. MOHAMMED:These people want to take you over! Read and listen to the audio tape here (found at the bottom of the page) where their leader Yasir Qadhi admits to their racism and exclusion. Imam Mohammed taught us to respect people as human beings, whatever their faith. So don’t let this crowd, through surrogates like Siraj Wahhaj and Sherman Jackson, seduce you into the clutches of their hateful doctrine under the rubric of “Muslim Unity”. Yes, we believe in unity, but what they are calling “unity” really means them controlling the agenda. Ask yourself, can there be any real unity with the Imam’s message of tolerance and respect and their hateful, spiteful, anti-American rhetoric?

  1. Siraaj says:

    LOL – actually, not everyone agreed with Amad (as reflected in the comments from both visitors and other MM authors). I’m surprised your piece neglected to mention that point.

    As for agendas, such as unifying with our black american brothers and sisters, among others (latino, arab, desi, caucasion, east asian, african, etc), guilty as charged.

    Welcome to Islam 😉


  2. […] The article sought to draw some type of moral equivalence between the religious beliefs of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin with those of Osama bin Laden. Specifically, it mocked one of the religious practices of her …[Continue Reading] […]

  3. I guess it’s a question of perspective. To Sheikh bin Laden, the millions of American children he feels he needs to kill are just as guilty as US or Israeli military personnel, whom he accuses of killing so many children in the Muslim world.

    There are people all over the world who seek to do the bidding of their Creator, and who are very serious and eager about the matter, but who would be quite surprised to find out whose bidding they are really doing, and bin Laden certainly comes to mind.

    Bottom line: is the anti-Palin rhetoric in that article really any worse than the anti-Palin rhetoric throughout, say, San Francisco? Infidels say and write some pretty dumb things, too, you know.

    Interesting post.

  4. Yankee Doodle

    Yes, I’m aware of that. Their article was just the “Muslim” version of the Dailey KOS or Move Whoever is saying it, this kind of rhetoric is extremely irresponsible and downright scary.

  5. bashir says:

    Why don’t you enroll in the army and join the fight against the Ay-rabs. You’re so-called “Imam” WD Mohammad, permitted it.

  6. Sister Seeking says:

    Salaam’Alaikum & Ramadan Mubarak:

    “Why don’t you enroll in the army and join the fight against the Ay-rabs. You’re so-called “Imam” WD Mohammad, permitted it”-Bashir

    @ Bashir

    1- Salaam alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak

    2- It is not good adab to speek lowly of ANYONE who has passed away. It is not good adab to “flame” ANY Muslim scholar– when we do this (self included) we are destroying our religion and creating anarchy. Islam has its proctols for debate, and disagreement.

    3- Many of us ( self included) take things out of context. My assumption here is that you may be reffering to the allowance of Muslims into the U.S. armed forces? My apologies if I’m wrong. I just wanted to point out here, that, I seriously doubt that Imam WD Mohammad intention was the deliberate murdering or destruction of Arabs or Muslims. For your information and personal edification, black Americans ( and now Latin Americans) have beem serving in the armed forces for decades for reasons that would be impossible to dissect in this conversation.

    1) The armed forces was desegregated before any other public/government institution.

    2) Many black MEN had better chances of succeeding not just financially but educationally, socially, and politically serving in the armed forces than if they would have entered the private sector.

    3) As a result of that success, black men were marriage material, and were able to stabilize their family systems to some degree

    4) Many black Americans have a condition that I like to call: inheritance poverty. The consquence of not passing wealth on resulted in the mass denial of higher education to poor, and lower income blacks. You only need a diplom to get into the army and during my uncles day, many black men lied about their age to get into the millitary in order to escape poverty.

    I can’t speak for Imam WD Mohammad but as a person who taught personal responsibility, and understood the next civil rights battle was wealth attainment, he may have come from the position, that its better to be in the millitary where one can work, learn, and earn versus sitting up on welfare acting as leach to those of who work hard.


  7. Sister Seeking

    Very well said sister! But don’t waste too much time with these loons.

  8. Sherifah says:

    Palin is a scary woman but I wouldn’t go so far as to mock her faith because lets face it we got a few fruit cakes ourselves in the ranks.

    No matter which way you look at it any and al fruit cakes need to be delt with on all sides. You can object without mcking for sure and Palin gives us plenty of juice to raise objections.

    I put up a interview she did with Couric. I think she endorsed Hamas for peaks sake.

  9. Kwame Madden says:

    I am the one who says Akbar when Bro.Yassir makes a mistake about the brother of W.D.Muhammad who studied at Al Azhar University.I take somewhat offence at that lecture whem a signifcant portion of Africian Americian muslim history is left out.There were orthodox or sunni muslim groups in the the 40.s and 50’s that tried to form communties way back .You had also the movements of DarIslam .Islamic Party,Mosque of Islamic Bro.and other muslioms brothers and sisters who nrevwe went through the Nation of Islam.Also there many brothers who have beem with the Tabligh Jammat for over 40 yrs. Shaykh Luqman the amir of the Jammat Tabligh in Newyork is still pushing the the dawa him and Bro.BIlal are are both ex jazz players.I personally on two occasions gave Bro.Yassir phone numbers to a few AfricianAmerician muslims who he can contact so he could get some of this history.It is one thing to read bits and pieces in books it another to talk personally to brothers who actually was a part of the history.Regardless of this criticism I still apreciate the work and scholarship that this brother has put forth.May be this can be a topic at Texas dawah.The history must be told accurate so that misconceptions and distortions are put to rest as much as possible.Yes it is true that mass exodus of Africian Americians muslims did come from Nation of Islam.I in know way want to down play this.Hopefully more books and articles will be written and published concerning the developnment of Sunni Islam in Americia.Yes Africian Muslims are not the face of Islam in this country anymore.But the many brothers and sisters who come here have benfitted from these pioneers who made a effort in establishing Islam in North Americia.The talking book of black Islamic expierence must be told and recorded.

  10. Kwame Madden says:

    Sister seeking this U.S. army support stuff of the Imam has merit it is documenred.Bro.Bashir may be should take it easy.Yes some things that were espoused and taught by this community defintenly were questionable.

  11. Sister Seeking says:


    @ AR

    Thank you! : )

    @ Kwame
    Brother, I have no idea what you are trying to say? lol : ) can you please re-type your message?

  12. Kwame Madden says:

    What I am trying to say that is that everybody not going to bury certain historical facts concerning the Imam and his community.May Allah have mercy on him.But there were many backward postions that this community and its leadership taught.Some these were discussed on this site almost over year ago know need to bring them back up.

  13. Sister Seeking says:

    Salaam’Alaikum Brother Kwame:

    There were so many typo’s in your previous message it made it difficult to decipher or comprehend. Thanks for clearing it up, and responding.

    You said: “What I am trying to say that is that everybody not going to bury certain historical facts concerning the Imam and his community.May Allah have mercy on him.But there were many backward positions that this community and its leadership taught.”

    SS: After all that I’ve experienced trying to be Muslim I totally believe in freedom of conscience. I also can’t believe that after all that has transpired in both the BAM and IMM community in the past year people are not questioning, investigating, and thinking for themselves. I certainly hope that isn’t the case, and understand some one disagreeing with the former Imam from a theological point of view based off of solid evidence versus conjecture. I’m not a follower or fan of his but I had to intervene in that conversation becuase what I do know of him, I know he would not advocate the deliberate murder or destruction of a fellow Muslim anywhere. That’s where I was coming from–not from the point that one should not or can not question or investigate.

    Also brother Kwame, I think its unfair, un-compassionate, and unreasonable to label Muslims in the military as arab hating, hypocritical, murderous, or islamophobes. Many of that previous posters persuasion think, feel, and treat Muslims in the military this way. You and I know, that not every one in the military is there based off purely patriotic reasons. Military service for better or for worse is apart of our heritage as African Americans. Many of our family successfully transitioned into the government or private sector as a result of their service, education, and training acquired during the tenure. Many of us come from military families–if it wasn’t for uncle sam our bellies may have been swollen from hunger. Colin Powell is some one that comes to mind.

    Brother Kwame, I’ll never forget the day B.E.T. had a segment with young people featuring Colin Powell. This was during his very short term with Bush whacko. An arab girl in the most disrespectful, belligerent, and down right obx noise tone asked him about the war in Afghanistan. The problem was not that she asked the problem was the manner in which she asked. Colin Powell responded matter factly to such a disrespectful young lady. Now let me tell you what I have observed in the 11 years I’ve been Muslim–for what ever reason “some” IMM Muslim do not teach their children any arab when it comes to a basic chain of command or authority furthermore they are taught to not ever acknowledge us as an authority( very evident in our current sorry az state of affairs with each other) no matter how credentialed, seasons, and world we are. This is why you will find a 9 year old Pakistani girl or 13 year old Arab girl talking to a 65 year old black grandmother like she is a dog.

    Saying all that to say, I’m attacking the belief that as BAM’s we are less acceptable to Allah if we serve in the military, or are working for the Federal government. I work for the government and I’m no less or no better than any one else. These folks in the military are getting pushed from all sides:

    there fellow soldiers don’t trust them
    the muslims don’t trust them
    plus some of us have anti-islamic ( read holy rollers) family members

    That’s where I was coming from.

    Salaam : )

  14. Sister Seeking says:

    One more comment than I promise to shut up (maybe…)

    Piggybacking on what I said in the new post by AR anyone, or anything that positions you to be unable to care for yourself, and manage your life is asking you to kill yourself.

    For better or for worse working for the Government at all levels in all degrees is the way that much of the black middle class was born, and was able to maintain itself. There is a reason why there not numerous successful black owned businesses.

    I become really concerned when I hear Imm Muslims discouraging not just military service but working in the areas of our U.S. workforce that produce and sustain a middle class quality of life.

    Yes our government has made horrific decisions concerning our military but it was NOT always that way. I have males in my family who entered in the armed forces with the intention of making it a career. Some of our brothers gift is their bronze–in this case they aren’t using it to play basketball and some of our brothers gift is their mind–they find a way or are given a way to use it.

    The aftermath of so many Islamic cults, and movements are Muslim parents flat broke with a bunch of kids. Joining the military ( not now or maybe awhile) might be a more stabilizing solution to their poverty, and instability than welfare. Notice that both BAM’s and Imm’s will object: yet have not a single solution other than empty dua to help.


  15. Khadija says:

    Sister Seeking,

    Salaam Alaikum!

    I’m still waiting to hear individuals like Bashir denounce the immigrant Muslim merchants of death who peddle the following items in their stores within the Black community: alcohol, crack pipes, marijuana cigarette rolling paper, and other drug gear.

    I won’t hold my breath while I’m waiting.

  16. Kwame Madden says:

    Khadija right before Ramadan I had a quite expierence with Arab store owner from Yemen.I The brother agreed that he would stop selling beer being that Ramadan was upon us in the next few days I asked him was he really serious he said yes.What preceded from this conversation was that I told him lets start getting this garbage out of your refrigerators now he agreed.I went to the back grabbed two 40 ounces and busted one outside the store the brother asked me was I crazy and why you do that.I said that Allah prohibits the sale of khamr.The other brother in the back responded you going about this wrong when I told him maybe we should just boycott you guys because of your foul dealings in our community.Yes, they sell other haram products along with the lotto.By the way I broke bottle just in front of them there was no customers when this occured.I also told then in the near future we might just film you guys andyour cartel of brothers from your home country who have slew of stores mainly concentrating in the black community.It is time we BAM take a stand aganist these predators it will be serious struggle .Yes many of Islamic centers have no problem with taking there dirty haram money.Along as there selling to black people or the kufr it is allright.The free ride is over time to get rid of these unrepentantant hard heated rascals out of communties.

  17. Kwame Madden says:

    Sister seeking I agree with most of your post.Your right on time when you say they are taught not aknowledge any of us in authority.Bottom line Dubois said the problem of 21st century would be the colorline this also pertains to muslims not to say this is the just the only problem facing our communties and muslim countries.

  18. Khadija says:


    Good for you! Yes, the free ride is over—for all sorts of parasites. And how could I have forgotten the gambling (lotto) in my earlier list? LOL! Yes, the color line is one of the core problems (no matter how much immigrants & delusional self-hating Black folks deny it) of the 20th & 21st centuries.

    Wa salaam.

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