The Wheels of Justice Grind Slow….

Posted: October 4, 2008 in Uncategorized



Well, it looks like it over for the “Juice”.  Like most African Americans at the time, I too cheered when O.J. Simpson was acquitted 13 years ago for killing his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. It wasn’t so much that I believed he was innocent, because in truth I knew he was guilty the day I watched that Bronco chase. I just felt that the trial was severely tainted when the prosecution called to the stand a hardened racist police detective, Mark Fuhrman.

While Orenthal James now seems to be getting his just desserts, Fuhrman’s reputation has been completely rehabilitated, having gone on to become a best selling author and media personality. I just wonder (rhetorically of course) how that happened.

In any event, I’m glad they finally got this psycho-path Simpson off the streets, the guy is a true menace to society if there ever was one. Remember his sick book entitled, If I Did It ?

  1. Smudge says:

    Just catching up on your posts. This sounds a bit like two wrongs make a right. And a third wrong makes it finally, actually, really right. The guy cut two people’s heads off. Mark Fuhrman’s view of the world doesn’t change that.

    Your Fan

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