Round Two of Debates, Obama Emerges the Man of the Future

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

After watching tonights second Presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, I think it must be obvious now to any honest observer that the future belongs to Senator Obama.  When asked who won the contest, the CNN poll scored Obama the overwhemingly victor with 54 percent to McCain’s 30 percent. Putting aside both men’s positions on policy, which revealed nothing new tonight, the mere physicality of the debate underscored the vast differences existing between them. Obama looked young, handsome, composed, and in command of the issue, while McCain seemed every bit of the 72 years old that he is, meandering, inarticulate, and stumbling all around the place. It was quite painful to watch.

Not only that, McCain just seems to be out of touch with what’s happening in the lives of working class Americans in the here and now. He keeps harping back to the days Ronald Reagan, Tip O’Neil, and even Teddy Roosevelt for crying out loud. He just doesn’t seem to get the fact that a huge segment of today’s electorate weren’t even born when Reagan was president.

Obama answered more lucidly what he would do about energy independence, heath care – calling it a “right” and not as McCain holds, a “responsibility”, and education.  I thought his comment about his 53 year-old dying mother having to fight the corrupt insurance companies to get needed treatment was especially moving and made the point quite forcefully.

Barack Obama is the new “Camelot”, he is the new Jack Kennedy, he is the man of the future. I believe even more strongly than I did before that fate has entrusted the affairs of this country to the hands of a Black man, and with every passing day I am more overwhelmed with the spectacular sweep of history that I am being blessed by God to witness.

  1. Hamza21 says:

    Don’t believe the hype Abdur Rahman! Obama may be the media darling and poll winner but it still comes down to votes. Will there be enough people to actually cast a vote for Obama? This remains to be seen. Because of the media’s love with Obama I’m sure many people will not vote. They will not vote on election day thinking Obama has the votes to win and feel no need to vote for him.

    Moreover, the media relies too much on polls which are far from accurate. They are usually too small a sampling in too few places to accurate gauge what people think.

    Insh Allah the polls are on target this time but one never knows until you know, you know?

  2. Sister Seeking says:

    “I am more overwhelmed with the spectacular sweep of history that I am being blessed by God to witness.”


    : )

  3. Kwame Madden says:

    Tjhe debate did not really discusss proclivity of the financial crisis that we find ourselves.Also the 681billion dollar defense fund budget that was slipped pass us which is almost as much700 billion bailout WallSt. and banking industry bailout money.That right they voted yes for that to.Obama and Mcain were two of leading propotents for the bailouts of these enconmic hitman of Americian people criminals who reside over the nations loan institions.Obama called a number of the black caucus members to try to convince them to support this bill.Mcain work on the otherside to get some republicrats to change there postions .There were 7 black Caucus Members who did not cave in and took the higher road and said enough is enough.Congressman Dennis Kucinich was brillant in the hearings concerning the bailout.Also poverty in these debates is not discussed.This a taboo subject know one once to advocate for the poor.More and more people falling into poverty and know mention of it .They both remind of me of one of my local council members she announce in a meeting she was sick and tired of hearing about the poor.Lets also not forget myself included that the national comission on presidental debates makes sure only certain things will be said.

  4. Kwame Madden says:

    By the way lets not forget that the national comission on presidental debates control this forum.What does that that mean questions will be limited in scope.By the way that was not a typical way a town hall meeting is run.Just stating facts got to keep it real.This is part of the din to state the haqq.

  5. SisterSeeking says:

    Salaam Alaikum

    “Also poverty in these debates is not discussed. This taboo subject know one once to advocate for the poor. More and more people falling into poverty and know mention of it .They both remind of me of one of my local council members she announce in a meeting she was sick and tired of hearing about the poor.”

    Brother Kwame I have some thoughts about this comment I’d like to share:

    I think we all need to ask ourselves why the “p” word has become such a taboo? Why are politicians so reluctant to use the “p” word when discussing policy? Why is the NON-PROFIT sector afraid to use the “p” word when lobbying? My own conclusion to those questions is that there is a belief that our government and workforce offer enough resources to prevent poverty or pull your self out of poverty. Therefore, politicians and other public servants are more willing to fight for “ the working class” or “the middle class” than they are for the poor—who they believe to be unemployed, and dysfunctional because they deliberately chose reckless, negligent life styles choices. I’m not saying its wrong, and I’m not saying its right. But there is a reason: also, some poor people only prove the stereotype—women who engage in whoredom and produce several children by different partners showing up in court not knowing who the farther is. This is a classic example, and I deal with this type of behavior from the information assistance point of view, on a daily basis in my job.

    Please see:

    I will say that I do believe that Obama does have a plan that would help poor people:

    •He wants to reform or repair the public school infrastructure
    •He wants to offer universal health care coverage
    •He wants to offer college tuition assistance in exchange for service
    •He wants to rebuild our workforce infrastructure

    These are all ways of reaching out to people who want to live—and live well. The problem dear brother, which many of us, especially our people do not want to live—anyone that does not want to take care of themselves wants to die.


  6. Kwame Madden says:

    Bottom line the real problem is the system of capitalism which is destroying mankind.Ribba interest economy is falling apart in front of our very eyes.Will these two favorite electorial sons of the ruling elite talk aganist this explotative system that is destroying mankind I doubt it very much.Muslims stop being delusional concerning this election.Usurious paper money system is the problem and will continue lets wake up and meet the challenge.A black imperalist head of state are you sastified to have to watch over the whitemans continue onslaght of the world?I know he still stuck in the 6o’s you know how you talk when a brother calls like it is.Kufr is one system.Muslims kick the paper money ribba system to the curb.

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