Blacks Not Voting This Election…on “Principal”

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I just got into a shouting match with a good friend of mine that ended with him cussing me out and hanging up on me. What produced the argument? He said he’s not voting in this Presidential election because Barack Obama has not been supporting Black businesses and has never mentioned anything about the poor in the debates. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Apparently there are some Black writers out there who are actually promoting these pernicious ideas.

Some African Americans are so jealous of Obama’s success, and so selfish and resentful of the man, that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Of course we all realize there are Black Republicans voting for McCain out of sincere belief in their party’s philosophy, and I can respect that, however misguided I think they are. But the idea that a Black man (or women) would refuse to vote at all, simply because some Black newspaper publishers feel the Obama campaign doesn’t throw them enough advertising dollars, or that he hasn’t specifically mentioned the poor as often as they would have liked, especially when the middle-class itself is loosing so much ground, is to me unforgivable. Hasn’t the “Black economy” myth been refuted decades ago? And when Obama talks about universal healthcare being a “right”, isn’t he standing up for the “poor”. To my friend I say, “come on brother, get with the program”.

This is the same rubbish Ralph Nader was pushing in 2000 which most commentators agree cost Gore the presidency. I just couldn’t believe that someone so close to me signed on to this nonsense, and as he put it, “I’m not voting for a Black man just to make a symbolic statement”. Man, this brother just doesn’t understand what this thing is all about, and it is painful to know that some Black people think this way. 

I believe that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States, and all the numbers seem to support that conclusion. Today I can tell my 11 year-old son, as I did this past weekend, that he too can seek the highest office in the land, an aspiration completely denied to me when I was his age. I’m sorry brother, with all due respect, you don’t get it.

Let all of us who do understand the stakes involved in this election mobilize our efforts to insure a massive turnout at the polls, Let’s give this tremendously talented man, Barack Obama, a landslide victory. We’ll just pray for the other lost souls.

  1. Abu Usamah says:

    I agree with you on this one why is it that Blackamerican feel that each Black politian has to be overtly pro poor or even overtly pro black? Clearly, Obama has economic policy proposals that assist the middle class and below.

    As for the Black Republicans voting for McCain out of sincere belief in their party’s philosophy, well that’s BS, the current Republican platform is now primarily based on white American identity politics, so how can any Blackamerican vote for them when they are openly courting the wealthy and pandering to the most vile racial sentiments?

    The current Republican leadership has sold out every major economic principal on their previous platform.

    1) on fiscal responsibility – they have not past a single balanced budget since gaining control nor have they reduced any costs
    2) free market – they have created the largest socialist corporate welfare programs in history
    3) trade – they haven’t reduced a trade deficit with a single nation inspite of dollars steady decline

  2. Your point about being able to tell your kid that they could actually become president is my main point.

    I don’t believe that Obama will save the world, but I think he’s better than McCain. Not only that, but Obama has done what even Black business owners fail to do. He graduated from an Ivy League school and went to work for a $13,000/yr job to help uplift people in the inner city. He didn’t set up shop to take money from the community, he took a loss to help them.

    Self hatred is a sad thing. Were in not for the attitudes which support Obama, Black Republicans wouldn’t have the option to be Black Republicans *as we know them today.

    *The positions of Republicans and Democrats/Dixiecrats have switched parties over the years.

  3. Khadija says:

    Before I say anything else, let me say that I (without enthusiasm) voted early, and voted for Sen. Obama. I apologize in advance for writing a book in response, but there are some nuances involved in this situation that I think haven’t been considered.

    I wouldn’t so much describe it as insisting that a candidate be “overtly pro-Black,” it’s that I don’t like being treated as if I (and other Black people as a group) have political “cooties” that the crossover Black politician must flee from. I want the same courtesy, deference, and respect that Black crossover politicians give to every OTHER constituency.

    Another reason why I am not enthusiastic or caught up in Obama-delerium is because I have lived (and voted) through “Let’s make history with the first Black [fill in the blank].” I was pleased and proud as a fresh out of high school voter to vote for Mayor Harold Washington. Mayor Washington got LOTS of crossover votes from Whites and other non-Blacks without feeling the need to run from Black audiences and “Black” issues. He truly was our champion while simultaneously being fair to others, and the Mayor of all of Chicago. I’ve heard many, many non-Blacks in my age group (40s) fondly remember him, and sing his praises, decades after his death.

    Mayor Washington was the only “Let’s make history vote” I cast that I feel good about decades later. The rest that I lived (and voted) through: “Run, Jesse, Run,” Sen. Carol Moseley Braun (1st Black woman senator), etc. have left Black people worse off. We keep “making history” while our collective condition deteriorates.

    The final reason why I haven’t gotten caught up in Obama-delerium is that we haven’t collectively thought through the implications of him getting elected. Let me be clear: a Pres. Obama is much, MUCH better than a Pres. McCain (which given his health, equals a Pres. Palin {shudder}).

    The problem is that we haven’t thought through the fact that once he gets elected, the days of complaining about racism are over. Whites won’t entertain any more racism complaints with a Black man in the White House. As things are, whining about racism is the ONLY “strategy” we, as well as our (mis)leadership class, currently have. We should have developed other strategies long ago; but the reality is that we haven’t.

    Once he’s elected, a Pres. Obama will feel the need to prove to Whites that he’s not partial to us in any way. This means that there won’t be any help specifically designed to meet our needs coming from an Obama Administration. This is a real problem given that we are entering the 2nd Great Depression. Furthermore, unlike during the 1st Great Depression, most Blacks don’t have strong family ties to turn to for support in tough times. This is why we’re more likely to be homeless, etc.

    Yes, it’s good to have barriers broken. Yes, it’s good symbolically & emotionally to see “Black faces in high places.” However, symbolism won’t put food on our tables, keep us warm during the winter, or keep us from being homeless. I would feel better about all of this if it appeared that we were actually making plans to deal with the price tags attached to an Obama Administration.

  4. Kwame Madden says:

    Abdur Rahman I never vote in Presidentals elections and never will.In our conversation you accused me of reading to many leftist blogs and you also stated the poor don’t vote.Truth of the matter I barely ever read in socialist websites or newspapers.As far as your comments that the poor don’t vote let me tell youif they don’t vote in this election Obama loses his bid for the whitehouse.Come election day they will be there to cast there vote.The information that I relayed to you concerning his campaign treatment of black advertisers,newspapers ,and other businesses you did not even have a clue about.You just went on rampage as if they were all nothing but a bunch of pimps.Also I referred you to a article that was posted on Black Agenda Report by Ronald Waters of Howard U.that looked at white paternalismin and the undermining or disregard for Black civic organzations.Why is it that you can critique muslims mistakes and shortcomings but when it comes to Mr.Obama you have and almost close door policy .I guess Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberly,Dhouraba Bin Wahad.Imam Khalid Griggs ,Prof.BillSeales and others who have deconsructed Obama Mania are all wrong and Abdur Rahman dream of symbolism without substance is right.By the way there is a serious book that has just been released by Paul Barret that really looks at this campaign and what does it mean to future elections in the Africian Americian community.By the way did hear Mr.Obama praise Senatot Biden support of the crimebill that was launch by Mr.Clinton in 1994.This bill first targated Africian Americian youth then four years later this adminstration came with a even stronger bill that went after muslim charties .This led to the immature reactionary get out the vote drive for Bush.I guess your going say another fictitious conspiracy theory without any substance.Brother you are a serious journalist but when others give you information or facts to look at take the time out to do so.Just don’t brush them off like they don’t what there talking about.By way in Peekskill ,Ny there will be a forum in the examining the meaning of this election it will take place Sunday October 26,come join us and bring your thoughts and defend your premises.

  5. Kwame Madden says:

    By the way do you know this is a two party system and one man can not change a tradtion that has been in existence for hundred of years.Negroes get over the Messiah complex.Haven’t we had enough of that nonsense.

  6. Kwame Madden says:

    Khadjah ,the same thing happen in NewYork with David Dinkins.I know many people who worked on his campaign and were so let down afterwards.He refused to take on the issues that were so a part of the campaign platform.By the way Charles Rangel head of ways and means commitee another let down.The list goes on and Obama will do the same.Finance capital controls this show.

  7. Khadija says:


    Yes, the vigilant staff of Black Agenda Report (and others) have done an excellent job of describing the reality behind the false messiah, Sen. Obama. I would suggest that people check them out. It’s greatly needed food for thought.

    I would add that we have a “cargo cult” mentality, in addition to a false messiah thing in progress. As suggested reading, I would ask people to look up the history of cargo cults in the Pacific Islands during WWII and compare these cults to Black folks’ concept of voting. It’s very similar. Both groups are people who imitate the superficial exterior of a process or system without having any understanding of the underlying substance.

    Unlike other ethnic groups (Cubans in Florida, Jewish Americans, and the Mormons in Utah, for examples) who have positioned themselves to get what they want no matter who, or which party, is in office we engage in voting as if it was a magic ritual. We never treat voting as simply one tool among many to further our collective interests. Instead, we make hysterical calls to register, vote, and “make history” during each election season, and then promptly slip back into our collective coma until the next election.

    Yes, I remember reading disappointing news stories coming out of New York during the Dinkins era. Didn’t racist cops have their own little riot during his administration? He sounded as weak as Mayor Goode. [Who also “made history” by being the first Black mayor to preside over the police-sponsored firebombing of a Black residential area. All of this to get at a group of what sounded like cult members. {long sigh}]

  8. Kwame Madden says:

    Sister Khadija,the southren belt of this country has sufferd horrofic huricanes.HurricaneGustav and Hurricane Ike which we are all aware of.Even as the third anniversary passed for Katrina,the Gulf coast was still recovering from the devastating Category 2 hurricane.Also public housing has been condemmed in many areas of the City of Galveston,Tx.Nearly two thirds of those residents are disabled, elderly, or handicapped.Unfortunely some espouse the ideal that poverty should not be a focus of this campaign because the middleclass is now fallen to the wayside also.If that is the case it make even more relevant of issue to talk about.This new group will also need help from differnt agencies to help them through this depression.I just can’t believe that a working poor person can be so blinded by Obama Mania that they will feel that this issue can be dealt with later after we get the brother in the whitehouse.I thank Allah for giving me the expierence of working on the ground in my community.The fallacy of electoral poltics become so clearer to you.I am not promoting the ideal not to never vote but if you do come with some demands .Also engage in real a educaution platform of the issues and hold these elected officials feet to the fire. Some of Black America in love with Mr.Obama lets see how in love he is with them.This democratic centerists is going to give you negroes a rude awakening.By the way how can I in my right mind vote for somebody who doesn’t even believe in reperations.Also right in Somalia right now a country next door were Obama father comes fromwhich is Kenya there is a genocide taken place.The United States is backing Ethopian troops with money ane weaponary .This foreign policy issue we don’t hear peep out of either canadite.Some son of Africa I exspect the whiteboy Mcain not to say anything.Will Obama adminstration oppose Africom military station bases of imperalist America ?I can answer that defentenly I not.Will black America be comfortable with a black face representing US imperalism.Khadija stay relentless I am proud of you for not falling for this trick game.American cities when they started fallen apart they gave them over to black elected officials.Now that this country fallen apart and fallen into econmic chaos a black man now all sudden becomes worthy of the highest seat of goverance.I guess Lesson from the dam was never on many of our reading list.

  9. Khadija says:


    I salute your steadfast efforts in support of our people. I do what I can. Those of us who know better need to redouble our preparations to help pick up the pieces for our foolish people when the total “crash” comes. I was a teenager during the Reagan years. I remember the news stories featuring interviews with elderly people who were eating dog food because that was all they could afford.

    I remember.

    I wonder how many of our elders will be (silently) eating dog food during the next administration. If Sen. Obama is elected, Black folks will gladly suffer in silence across the country in order to” support the ‘brother.'” Most Black folks will want you, me, and others to remain silent too! The argument will be that we can’t speak out against Pres. Obama ignoring us & our issues because we “have to support the ‘brother.'”


    Wa Salaam.

  10. Kwame Madden says:

    I thank you sister Khadija for your compliment.Basheer Hameed former BPPmember just a few weeks ago return to Allah .May Allah have mercy on him.I was sorry I missed the brother janazzah.It was reading and learning from brothers like former poltical prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahad,Bial AbdulHakeem,Safyia Bukhari,Ashanti Austin,Sunditta Siddiq,Ahmad Obenfi,KweliKinya ,also my father Nashid Mahdi.I can name many othersbut the list will be to long.I remember riding in the car with my father as a little boy and him telling me a my twin brother who is deceased about the jackson brothers.Later on in my late 20’s when I started really taking reading about poltical figures and movements serious I came across literature about these two indivuals right away I knew who they because of Father,telling me about them when I was little kid.It is from these expierences and interactions with dedicated warriors for our people liberation that aint on fly by knight corporate control negro going trick me and my comadres.By the way the muslims who are so gun hoe in supporting Mr.Obama what is your agenda do you even have one?You have Keith Ellinson and Andre Carson has it really made a big impact.Even these two are not consistence in the arena of econmic and social justice and there muslims.As they say you easily get influence by the crowd you hang out with.Wouldn’t you agree the CBC has been some of the most paid off reactionay black folks.There is only a handfull who have any courage the rest of them have just become career polticians.Obama himself belongs among the inconsistence always careful negro who won’t offend master.Race neutral polticians boy Council man Charles Barron in Newyork a breath of fresh air .In his district in East Newyork this brother takes care of business hopefully one day he will make another run for congress.Brothers and Sisters who have love for there people and uplifting humanity.Also understanding God will hold them accountable.May Allah, open his breast and guide him to Islam.

  11. Hamza21 says:

    It seem Kwame and black folk like him just don’t get it and are in a state of ignorance.Ignorance, as defined by Buddhism which one part delusion (not seeing things as they are) and one part confusion (because you’re observing reality you’re bewildered why your actions don’t produce the results you seek).

    The reality is there will NEVER be a black politician or leader who say,act and do what YOU think they should do. The reality of the situation is obama or mccain. There’s no other choice. No voting for obama is a vote for mccain. Will Obama make a better president than Mccain? the answer is obvious.

    It’s curious Kwame critiques the obama messiah mania but by his writing he seems to looking for just that. A messiah. There are no messiahs. Obama is politican plain and simple. Will Obama wrong all injustices done to black folk in country …nope …but nobody will.

    Kwame doesn’t seem to be dealing with reality not supporting Obama he doesn’t support reparations? Are you kidding? As though there will be a time when repartions will be paid. Wake up brother you’re dreaming.

  12. Kwame Madden says:

    Listen brother Hamza .we who claim were so conscience and been around little a while defintenly should not fall this.My problem is not so much if you support Obama or third party candidate that your prerogative,but lets lay out the facts and stop selling this messiah nonsense.Lets look at people history and where they come from and who is there backers.Surely Obama is a democratic centerists and pro free market .Take a look at his econmic and foreign policy advisors.As far reperatiomns goes even if we never receive any compensation I will never as person of Africian descent refute the merit behind reperations.After this election is over who ever gets elected we better be ready for what getting ready to come down the pipe.We will have to push for drastic reforms whether it is in the jobmarket,healthcare,immigration,labor,consumer products, energy,environment ,housing,and the list continuesThe question is will be ready for the challengeAs a muslim do you support Obama postions on financeing the troops in Iraq and Afghanastain.Even though he said no to the war he kept on being in favor of financing them in the name of being loyal to country.Please dont give me he has to do that in order to get elected nonsenseAlso I did not hear him or Mcain oppose the 681 billion defense bill that was just passed prior to the so called bailout of Wallst.Obama wont correct all ills done to black people and I dont exspect him I am not going.We should not be so naive to believe that we have to compromise what is right to get someone in the whitehouse..

  13. Hamza21 says:

    Not to blogd*ck Abdur Rahman ‘s post but Kwame you seem to not have read my post carefully or didn’t understand it. I will say again the most important part of my post:

    “The reality is there will NEVER be a black politician or leader who say,act and do what YOU think they should do.”

    As for you question I don’t support 100% of any politicians stances on issues. Again I don’t think you understand politics or politicians and naive to think one day a messiah like figure will come to power and act,say and do everything you believe they should.

    Now for’s dead issue. Whether black folk deserve it or not is mute because it’s never gonna happen. What’s more important spending precious time on something useless like promoting the idea of reparations or stopping young black females from being immoral and stupid by having babies with men they know not to be proper father material? Or creating jobs for young saggypants-wearing-underwear-showing black men who are unemployable and can’t get jobs any other place.

    You seem to be engrossed by ideas & politics of the past. We have to deal with reality. If, we as people ,couldn’t receive freedom,justice and equality as the number one minority is this country what makes you think we will by being the second and soon the third.

    The poltics of past of speech talkers and protesting is not effective today. We need to rely more on ideas from Marcus Gravey & Booker T Washington and less on SCLC and the NAACP.

    One black business employing one black employee is more useful to us as people than a thousand Michael Eric Dyson running all over country giving the same old speechs.

  14. Kwame Madden says:

    If we had the faith and commitnment of some of our people I am sure we would be further along.I agree with you about running around the country giving speaches and nothing concrete comes outof it.Also many of this lectures have turned this into nothing but a hustle.As far as protesting is not effective I would defintinely not write it off as something of the past.If it wasn’t for protestinng journalist Mumia Abul Jamal would have been executedby now.By the way Democracy Now had excellent interview with Glen Ford the editor of the Black Agenda report..

  15. Kwame Madden says:

    Obama mania has turned out to be like a cult both amongst nonmuslims and muslims.If you examine his policies you become a traitor and a automatic Mcain supporter.I guest blogs like the Black Agenda Report according to the Obamia cult group are for people who haven’t let the 60’s ago fathertime has pass them by.If we can fall for this trick we don’t stand a chance when the Meesiah Dajjal appears.May Allah protect us from his tribulations.Hamza and the rest of you what happened Al-Wala Wa’l-Bara has it become outdated.As the poet who said whoevertakes the crow for his guide will be led to carrion and swine.May Allah guide All of us.

  16. […] October 22, 2008 Posted by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad in Uncategorized. trackback I recently asked the question of why on “principal” some Blacks are not voting for Obama, and well, I think I’ve […]

  17. Kwame Madden says:

    My good freind Adur Rahman in 2006 the the corporate control finance capital flunky Obama voted aganist [Hr676sposered by Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers].this was bill to insure single payer and slash the adminstrative costs that make up roughly 1/3of every health care dollar spent by eleminating the duplicative nature of these services.His repeated claims of being in favor of Universal heath care has been nothing but talk to garner more votes.Rember his wife is a vice president of community and external affairs at U.of Chicago Hospitals.Many of his campaign contributors have come from the health care industry and the insurance industry.Mr.Obama has sided with the coroporate power structure on so many bills and leglislation that were not in the best interestof Americian people it is incrediable.the Black Agenda report ,Z magazine ,Healthcare policy journals, and books like Paul Street have all this info compiled and accesible.One paragraph in the book saids the campaign is about Obama ability to aspire rather than focus on any specific issue or cause other than amorphous desire for change the message is becoming dangerously self-referential.The Obama campaign is all too often about how wonderful the Obama campaign is.As Malik Shabazz would say you been duped and hoodwinked.Cabral said no invesgation no right to speak.This black fake euphoria is no subsitute not telling the truth.You Obama groupies are the ones not being principaled.Myths and fairytales must be deconstructed especially when the country is facing a depression not seen in a long time.Now that is being principaled my good brother..

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