Exposing the “Bloody Shirt” Waving Propagandists for Who They Are!

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There has been great wailing and gnashing of teeth recently in the immigrant Muslim community about an alleged “terrorist attack” at a Dayton, Ohio mosque and another “attack” on a female Muslim college student in Chicago. From the way its been reported, one would have easily imagined that the weapons of mass destruction not found in Iraq had somehow made their way to Ohio to be unleashed on the mosque.

Sensing a prime opportunity to play the victim card in their never ending campaign of propaganda, some Muslims charged that these “attacks” were the direct result of the explosive new documentary on radical Islam entitled Obsession, which very convincingly likens the jihadist agenda in western countries to Nazism.

For the most part second generation immigrants- this crowd demanded to know why the media chose to ignore these outrageous “hate crimes” against their community and why, for example, they are not accorded the same high profile status usually reserved for synagogue and church attacks. Its almost as if they believed that entire media apparatus should have suspended its round the clock coverage of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in order to cover these alleged crimes.

The man leading this propaganda machine is none other than Yasir Qadhi, who presides over the “bloody shirt” waving website Muslim Matters.org, and railed most vociferously against what he calls a “crisis of anti-Islamic sentiment in the United States” in a sermon delivered at the close of Ramadan. It is this pernicious narrative, that Muslims are a besieged and hounded group in America on par even with the oppression experienced by African Americans, that Qadhi and his close confidant and colleague Amad Sheikh, shamelessly traffic in.

Both men were warned by their own readership to proceed with caution, and wait for the results of the police investigation. But facts are immaterial to this crowd, who only sought whatever propaganda value they could wrest from the story. Well as it turned out, there was no hate crime at all, either at the Dayton Mosque or at the Chicago college! However, that didn’t bother the “bloody shirt” wavers at Muslim Matters , who not only refused to acknowledge their error in raising the ugly specter of anti-Muslim bigotry – when of course there wasn’t any – but also for spreading false accounts even after they knew them to be false!

The investigation in Dayton has concluded there was no hate crime, with one report saying that a can of pepper spray was discovered in a room inside the mosque, and another child that attended the mosque was being questioned about this incident. Yet after learning this, Muslim Matters.org continued to act like a hate crime had been committed, by including the debunked story in another published piece on the alleged campus assault, with each false account buttressing the other. This was all in an attempt to drive a narrative that Muslims are under siege and that anti-Muslim hate lurks around every corner in America! But what about that alleged campus assault? This is the most disgusting part of it all.

A Muslim student who claimed she was attacked at Elmhurst College in what school officials described as a hate crime has now been charged with making up the story.

That’s right, this young woman, a second generation immigrant Muslim, made the whole damn thing up! Police have arrested her for filing a false police report, which is a felony punishable up to three years. To what end though? She did it more than likely to indict American society and to provide hard evidence that this great nation hates Islam and Muslims. This country is so hateful of Muslims that her classmates rallied to her support and police increased their patrols, and provided rides to Muslims students to catch the alleged culprit.

The initial report of the attack triggered a lockdown at the college while police searched the campus and prompted hundreds of students to rally again the following day to protest the incident. Officials at the 3,300-student private college — which has about 30 Muslim students — denounced the attack and promised to increase security on campus, including offers of rides for Muslim students to and from classes

Let me tell you what this country hates; lying bastards who continually scream about how bad this country is when she and her parents are allowed to flourish here in a way unimaginable in her homeland, which appears to be Pakistan or some other God forsaken place where they blow people up for anything!!

And still, the contemptible little crew at Muslim Matters.org has not only failed to denounce this criminal and what she has done, providing the readers a true and accurate account of her fraud, to the contrary, they stand by the woman’s deception and belligerently accuse the police of lying!! It is my sincerest hope that the judge throws the book at this woman and makes the supreme example of her.

If there is any merit to the claim that some Muslims feel victimized living in this country, it is probably the result of their abject failure to condemn, denounce, and repudiate the scourge of terrorism, extremism, and calls to destroy American democracy. These people hypocritically demand that American democracy protect their rights and keep them safe from persecution (real or in most cases imagined) yet they won’t open their mouths to defend their country in the face of irrational medievalists who seek to over turn our western way of life.

It is immaterial to me who produced “obsession”, it really is. My concern is the content. We see in this documentary Muslims advocating slavery, murder, deception, flag burning, kidnapping, glorification of 9/11, anti-semitism, even genocide! Why doesn’t the American Muslim leadership issue a full-throated condemnation of this madness? I’ll tell you why, because many of them believe in it, that’s why. This is especially true of Saudi trained, salafi/Wahhabi propagandist Yasir Qadhi and his ilk at Muslim Matters.org.

  1. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum

    I must say I had my own suspicions, when this woman claimed to have been knocked unconscious by her attacker, but still remembered that she had made defiant pronunciations of her faith in Allah ta’ala beforehand, i.e. there was no memory loss whatever, even of the immediate moments beforehand.

    Still, when it transpired that the girl was charged with making it up, no attempt was made to censor it, and it is a bit much to blame Yasir al-Qadhi for all this – the site (does he even own it?) simply reported it, a bit too eagerly one must admit; it was the hoaxers’ own fault if the Dayton and Elmhurst incidents were hoaxes.

  2. Salaam alaykum brother Abdur Rahman,

    I was wondering, have you read any reports indicating that the Muslim sister admitted that she filed a false report?

    If not, then I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty, including our Muslim sister. The police are alleging a false report, and insha’Allah she’ll have her day in court – what is incorrect is to in one breath condemn MM for jumping the gun in condemning the West too hurriedly, and in the same breath, commit the same error against our sister in Islam.

    As for MM’s coverage of this issue as well as the Dayton issue, we do appreciate the constructive criticism of yourself and other readers about how the issues were covered by our site, and we invite you to continue providing that criticism, insha’Allah. We will insha’Allah release a statement shortly about our coverage of those stories, and I hope insha’Allah you will be there to offer your thoughts on that statement.


  3. Yusuf Smith,

    The point is that the Dayton incident was not a hoax, it was something that investigators were trying to figure out. MM would not wait for the results of that investigation and irresponsibly whipped up the people into hysteria. And as I said in the post, even after they learned it was not a hate crime, they continued to act as if it was, including it in their story on the “campus attack” to give it meat. That was a hoax, and a terrible crime.

    Yasir Qadhi invoked the Dayton incident as “proof” of a “crisis” of anti-Islamic hate in the US knowing full well there was nothing to it. That is the point brother. Bottom line is they are propagandists who lie.

  4. IBN ABDUL HAQQ says:

    ASA As a 58 year old BAM , as a child in rural Georgia i heard the same
    they are making it up accusations come from the local White Citizens
    Council. “If there is any merit to the claim that some Muslims feel victimized living in this country, it is probably the result of their abject failure to condemn, denounce, and repudiate the scourge of terrorism, extremism, and calls to destroy American democracy”

    My teen age daughter was thrown out of a bowling alley for refusing to remove her khimar, none of your above statements applied to her. As one who experienced first hand the dogs and fire hoses, as a black veteran who fought in Vietnam, as the great – nephew of a woman who was lynched by night riders. Your love or leave message lately is deeply concerning me. I supported your early efforts because you seemed to be concerned about Justice.

    As one who still has shrapnel from south east asia, I will let the wheels of justice turn in this matter. Broad brush painting was not good when it was used against us, and its not good used against others. As to who put out Obsession, just because you see Dan Pipes
    and his ilk as good guys, respect those of us who remain suspicious.
    In the QURAN even shaitan swore by ALLAH that he was Adam and
    Eves sincere adviser.

    You must not let your dislike of a people ,deny them justice

  5. Ibn Abdul Haqq

    Brother, no society is perfect, not even the one which existed in the time of the Prophet (A.S). Will there be times when certain Muslims will encounter prejudice or discrimination? Of course there will, but can that be characterized as a “crisis of anti-Muslim hate”? That is the point here. The point is that Muslims are manufacturing prejudice where none exists, while at the same time ignoring the madness that is eroding the moral authority of our community.

    Instead of screaming discrimation all the time, let us raise our voices against the segments of our community promoting murder and the killing of civilians, honor killing, suicide bombing, and the destuction of America. Can we agree that this is a serious problem?

    I do stand for justice… for whoever has it coming to him. These false cries of anti-Muslim discrimination and prejudice are an injustice to America, which allows you and I the freedom to say pretty much whatever we want on this blog, and affords us a freedom unimaginable in ANY Muslim country.

    Brother ibn Abdul Haqq, is your heart not sickened to see little children being brainwashed to hate; to see mad men with murder in their hearts calling for the destruction OF YOUR HOMELAND? Forget who produced the thing (obsession) and ask yourself, does the content have validity or not.

    Are you ok with Muslims kidnapping people and making them slaves, as clips from the program show?

    Are you ok with Muslims claiming to abhore the 9/11 attacks in the public while secretly praising them behind closed doors?

    Was there anything “suspicious” (to use your word) or hidden about what you saw IN that documentary? Is it not time for the Muslim community to do some deep introspection here?

  6. AsimG says:

    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    No offense, but you have no idea what you are talking about.

    You rage against MM for jumping to conclusions and yet you do the same?

    At least MM didn’t backbite against their fellow Muslims while you talk smack about Shaykh Yasir Qadhi behind his back.

    Obviously you’ve never spoken to him nor have you read his comments on this issue (he has some pretty vivid anti-extremist comments on MM) nor have you taken any classes with him where he has spent hours denouncing extremism and Muslim extremists.

    While you make a valid point that we should not jump on the victim status boat, you have jumped to the other extreme.

    “Nothing is wrong, America and it’s forieng policy is is awesome and can never be questioned and all the worlds problems come from Muslim extremists.”

    I want none of that tripe either.
    So stop the FEAR THE SALAFI nonsense.

    May Allah unite this ummah and keep us on the straight path.

  7. AmatulWadood says:

    Yusuf Smith:
    Someone once told me that you had problems with Yasir Qadhi.. I really didnt believe them.. Now I see the truth in it.. Only Allah knows what’s in the hearts of people.. Be careful about accusing him.

  8. AmatulWadood says:

    If i misinterpreted something, please forgive me..

  9. AsimG says:

    I hope I did too. It’s painfully obvious our brother here needs to categorize Muslims in order to better dismiss them.

    It’s all a salafi conspiracy to bring shari’ah to the shores of America or some nonsense like that I don’t know.

    But this is the fitna of our time. We just need to remember we will be held responsible for all our words, or in this case blog posts.

  10. As salaamu ‘alaykum Abdur-Rahman,

    If you’ve been reading the posts and comments at Muslim Matters then you know that I was one of the voices questioning some of the rhetoric used surrounding these events, however I must say in this post that you make a couple of unfortunate mistakes.

    First, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi has not been shy at all to to condemn extremism, and I can tell you that he speaks just as clearly in condemnation of it privately as he does publicly. Your statements about him simply show that you do not know him and I am not sure what you base your false assumptions upon. Then you label a Salafi/Wahhabi propagandist. If you knew anything about these labels you would know that Shaykh Yasir Qadhi has suffered much more abuse from and knows much more personally about the shortcomings and mistakes of people who use the label Salafi than you ever will. Yes, he does teach the Orthodox Muslim theology of the first three generations, is that your problem with him?

    Then, with regard to the sister you go into a wild speculation as to her possible motives. Allaah knows best what is going on with this sister and if she did make up the attack, as it appears, then she clearly is going through some major personal problems and unfortunately her behavior in this incident has brought harm to not only herself but the entire Muslim community and in some ways the Elmhurst College community as well. (Although I agree with your comments about the good that was shown by the Elmhurst College community and have commented on that previously at Muslim Matters). You go beyond this baseless speculation about the motives of a young sister you do not know, to then speculate that she “looks like” she comes from a certain country and then you go on to bash that country as apparently inferior in all ways to our own country. Yaa Akhi, this sounds like it is coming from one of those Youtube videos of intoxicated and ill-informed McCain/Palin supporters.

    Abdur-Rahman, more than 10 years ago I came across a tape of a khutbah that you gave called “Islam: The Religion of the Heart” I was moved and inspired by that khutbah and have come back to it several times over the years. I also met you a couple of times during that era, purchasing other tapes to support the “Islamic Propagation Project.”

    I am truly sorry for whatever may have happened to you that made you so disappointed in so many of the Muslims since that time. Truly, Muslims are only human beings and we definitely have our shortcomings and we definitely will disagree on the a variety of issues. I just find that in much of your recent work, the good points that you may have to make are covered up and lost in a lot of open hostility and ill feeling toward fellow Muslims. I know that you can demonstrate a better character and more intelligent arguments than this.

    In any event, I pray that you reflect upon what I have said, and if you can find even the smallest kernel of beneficial nasiha in what I have wrote, alhamdulillaah.

    May Allaah (swt) purify all of our hearts and unite us upon goodness, truth and sincerity.

  11. IBN ABDUL HAQQ says:

    ASA Please take this advice in the best way.The definition of gheeba is to make mention of your brother/sister who is not present saying something which they would not like were it to reach them. This may include mentioning some physical defect, a slur against his/her background, family or his/her character. It makes no difference whether it is a true statement or not. The proof for this is from the hadith:

    From Abu Huraira that Allah’s Messenger (sas) said: “Do you know what al-gheeba is?” They said, “Allah and His Messenger know best.” He (sas) said, “To make mention of your brother with that which he dislikes.” They said, “How about if my brother actually has what I have said about him? He (sas) said, “If he has what you have said about him, then you have committed gheeba and if not, then you have committed buhtaan (slander).

    Gheeba can be committed by the heart when one thinks ill of another Muslim. Allah said:

    {O you who believe, steer clear of most assumption for some assumption is surely sinful. And do not spy on one another nor backbite one another. Does one of you like that he should eat his brother’s flesh after he has died? You would surely hate that. And beware of Allah, verily Allah is Accepting, Merciful.}

    Adh-dhann (assumption or suspicion) is that to which that heart is inclined to believe. It is not allowed for you to think ill of another Muslim unless it revealed to you in a manner which leaves NO room for doubt or other interpretation. If a trustworthy individual informs you of it (in a manner which is allowed, of course) and you are inclined to believe him, they you have an excuse. For if you discredit the one who has informed you, then you have thought ill of him and it is not desirable to have good thoughts about one by having bad thoughts about the other. Rather, you should look into it. Is there any enmity or envy between these two? This could be the actual cause of the accusation.

    KNOW that one of the evil results of thinking ill of others is at-tajassus (spying on one another). The heart is not satisfied with suspicion and wants to know more and be sure and so it causes one to engage in tajassus which Allah has forbidden because it leads to the destruction of the privacy of Muslims.

    I Remain your brother ,but I haven’t read or seen nothing that proves the charges made. We must remember that to be charged with a crime is not proof of guilt. Ask many of our people.

    Having a blog allows us to express opinions, but we are not judge and jury.

    May Allah (s.w.t) forgive us for our shortcomings and sins.

  12. Ibn Abdul Haqq

    Brother, I’m not really into the “sheikh thing”, but if I was you would be one of mine. Thank you for the information. I apprciate that.

  13. Wali says:

    it is funny how immigrant Muslims feel free to fire away at black muslims’ shortcoming in khutbahs, speeches, papers and such, but when a black muslim points out some of their issues then they start quoting ayaat about backbiting and such.

    for years immigrant muslims blasted Imam W Deen Mohammed and his followers like myself. they distributed tapes and pamphlets with slander on it. i witnessed this with my own eyes. now these same individuals want to talk about slander? they laugh at how poor our communities are and how rich they are and about how they “brought us” islam and such nonsense. they pushed us to the side. no one said anything. now when the shoe is on the others foot, you all want to talk about brotherhood and the ummah. quite frankly i dont want to hear it. i have seen much more than my fair share of hatred from the immigrant community and they can deny it all they want but i know what i have seen and experienced.

  14. Muneer says:

    Someone is jealous. From top to bottom, evil permeates the American society. A populations’ spiritual beliefs reflect the character of those people. And what this says about them is that civilization should have absolutely nothing to do with them and, in no way, consider them in the same category as us.

    What they do. What they are. Should make them pariah of the international community.

  15. Muneer says:

    from evil “whitey” to evil immigrant. bravo. how much progress the blacks have made. no wonder you are going nowhere while we take over your sorry legacy

  16. ummafnaan says:

    Wallahi Abdulrahman Muhammad, you are sick! You do not fear Allah one bit and may he disgrace you and expose your hypocrisy in this life and the next.

  17. Ummafnaan

    You mean like Yasir Qadhi and Amad Sheikh were disgraced by being caught in their lies and fear mongering? This is quite an interesting develpment, exposing falsehood is now deemed “hypocrisy” by people like you.

    By the way, last I checked my “aqeedah” book I think its shirk (polytheism) to presume to know who fears Allah and who doesn’t. But you can check with Yasir on that.

  18. Kwame Madden says:

    My wife couisin told me about the Dayton incindent this is the city he grew up in before moving to Houston.I guess being that Dayton always had racial problems he right away belived the story he had read about and learned about from the news had merit.II hope that it isn’t a hoax he fairly still a new muslim and would be shocked that muslims would make something up like this.

  19. ummafnaan says:

    For your information, I AM NOT a student or follower of Yasir Qadhi. I do not even live in the west. I live in Africa. And if you have ever come across my comments on MM, you will see that I hardly agree with Amad on quite a few issues. HOWEVER, Yasir Qadhi, Amad Shaikh, and ALL the Immigrant Muslims in America and elsewhere are my brothers in Islam as they are YOURS ALSO and Islam forbids us from oppressing one another. If you have a problem with your fellow muslims, then sort it out with them in an Islamic manner that was taugth to us by Our Beloved(saw) in his Sunnah, and not in the hateful and decietful way you have chosen to deal with your differences with Yasir Qadhi and Amad Shaikh and the ‘Immigrant Muslims’ as you choose to label them. What is wrong with you?! Do you really not see that you have allowed hatred to blind you? You DO NOT stand for justice akhi; I have never met you but your words speak volumes about your unjust nature. You are only just went it comes to those with the same skin colour as you. Every other person to you is the enemy, right?

    Well akhi, PERISH IN YOUR RAGE, because Islam is not a religion that accommodates the kind of racist and hateful rhetoric that you spew. African, Pakistani, Arab, Persian, you name it, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ISLAM!!!! Whether you like it or not.

    Your tone is absolutely unbefitting for someone who calls himself a muslim and from where I stand, Yasir Qadhi and Amad Shaikh have proven to have much better akhlaaq than you do. Wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, brother, you are treading on dangerous waters! I have said this to you before and I will say it again, FEAR A DAY WHEN NEITHER DIRHAM nor DINAR WILL BE OF ANY USE TO ANYONE OF US; IT WILL BE JUST YOU AND YOUR DEEDS AND AT THE RATE YOU ARE GOING YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING ON YOUR SCALES BECAUSE ALL THE MUSLIMS YOU HAVE INSULTED AND SLANDERED WILL BE STANDING IN A VEEEEERRRRY LONG LINE WAITING TO COLLECT THEIR POUND OF FLESH FROM YOU!

  20. Yusuf Smith says:

    @ 9. AmatulWadood

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I do not have a problem with Yasir al-Qadhi other than that he is a “salafi”. I am against that jama’at and their attacks on traditional Islamic scholars and beliefs. I wonder who told you I had a problem with him, since the only person I have ever discussed the matter with is someone in Canada I once discussed marriage with.

    There seems to be so much animosity for the immigrant Muslims with some of the Afro-American brothers here. Don’t forget that 2000 is history and it cost them far dearer than it cost you, with a number of their major activists in prison.

  21. Wali says:

    Islam is not a religion that accommodates the kind of racist and hateful rhetoric that you spew. African, Pakistani, Arab, Persian, you name it, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ISLAM!!!!

    I thought you guys preached that the Arabs are superior? Now you guys are talking all of Muslim brother and sister stuff. Which one is it??

  22. Amad says:

    AmatulWudood, I don’t believe Br. Yusuf was critizing Sh. Yasir. Rather, in some sense he was defending both YQ and MM. So, I think you misunderstood.

    jazakumAllahkhair UmmAfnaan, Abu Noor, IbnAbdul Haqq, and all those who stand against the oppression of the pen.

    I have nothing more to add than what hasn’t already been said by those who are not beholden to either MM or this site. Frankly, I did not even want to add a comment here, except that I was motivated to defend Br. Yusuf who was obviously misunderstood.

    May Allah forgive us all.

    P.S. Br. Yusuf, I do think your last comment and your contention that the “jama’at” (that apparently includes Sh. Yasir) attacks traditional scholars and beliefs was unfair, and really quite irrelevant to this discussion. But that’s another topic for another day.

  23. Rizwan says:

    @ Amad

    This man “singular voice” is just part of an incompetent mass. The scale of black hatred and resentment towards the immigrant Muslims is totally unfathomable and they will not be satisfied until they have pushed us completely out of the picture. The good news is that one day, blacks will be totally left to their own devices, and we all know what that is like.

  24. Mustafaa says:


    You do not deserve guidance! You deserve to go to Hell-fire forever you kaafir in Muslim clothing. I hate you and Islam hates you. You deserve the worst in this life and the next.

  25. ummafnaan says:

    Wali said:

    I thought you guys preached that the Arabs are superior? Now you guys are talking all of Muslim brother and sister stuff. Which one is it??

    Who are ‘you guys’? Do you even know what you are talking about?

  26. Wali says:

    @ ummafnaan

    don’t play dumb with me. i saw what you people wrote about imam mohammed calling him a non-muslim all over the internet. look at what you and your friends say about black muslims. and are you not familiar with the argument you all make about the arabs being superior? of course you are. people like you come into our masjids and make fitnah for us because we do not try to make ourselves into arabs or pakistanis. well i have news for you i do not have to be arab or pakistani to be muslim and i reject that argument

  27. Khalid Al-Ansaaree says:


    I pray that you are stuck by lightning for the words against the Ummah you have continuously written.

  28. from evil “whitey” to evil immigrant. bravo. how much progress the blacks have made. no wonder you are going nowhere while we take over your sorry legacy

    The good news is that one day, blacks will be totally left to their own devices, and we all know what that is like.

    Thanks to Muneer and Rizwan for showing the world what you people really say about us when we are not around (not that we didn’t already know). You’ll never use me like you use “uncle” Siraj Wahhaj.

  29. AsimG says:

    Wali, your comments are very scary.

    Imam W.D. Muhammad was attacked vigorously on Muslim matters by the same people who attack Shaykh Yasir Qadhi and those that are not so obsessed with takfir and judgement.

    Shaykh Yasir Qadhi went AFTER all the people who talked smacked about Imam Muhammad and then CLOSED the comments so no more of that garbage would be spewed.

    I’m not an immigrant. I’m a born Muslim American that had nothing to do with the past.

    You may not like it. But I’m your brother and you are mine and I love you for the sake of Allah.

    Get over it.

  30. Wali says:


    and you dont find your collegues’ comments to be scary? I didn’t call names when I said that I saw the comments about Imam Mohammed. i only stated that i saw them which you confirmed happened so much that they had to close the comments on one forum. other forums did not close the comments and they spewed racial bigotry and hatred full fledged. but MY comments are the only ones that you find to be “scary”. that says more about you than me

  31. AsimG says:

    I find their comments disgusting and scary but they don’t post here, you do.
    I’ll voice my concern to them and I voice my concern to you.

    You are seeking conflict and discord, but you will find none from me.

    You are my brother and you have rights upon me and I have rights upon you.

    Get with the program, stop falling into the trap of tribalism that was practiced by the Jahil/ignorant Arabs before Islam came.

    Alhamdillah so happy that my masjid is so diverse and none of this racial bickering exists in my community.

  32. AsimG says:


    Repent immediately for your statements.

    Those type of statements TAKE YOU OUTSIDE OF ISLAM!

    How dare you think you say a Muslim is not worthy of guidance!
    How dare you speak of the hereafter as if you are the Hakeem.

    Only Allah (swt) judges not you!

  33. AsimG says:


    Excuse me? ‘blacks’? What jahilliyah is this?

    Do you know nothing of the History of Islam in America?

    It was not the Paki and Arab immigrants who were the first Muslims on these shores, but the AFRICAN SLAVES!

    Hold your tongue. Even if someone says something out of ignorance, make 72 excuses, give them some naseeha or stay quiet.

    Let me remind myself of what Muhamamd (s) said before I say anything stupid:

    Narrated Abu Umamah: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: “I guarantee a home in paradise for a person who gives up arguments and disputes even if he is on the truth. And (I also guarantee) a home in the middle of Paradise for a person who gives up lying (false statements) even when joking. And (I also guarantee) a home in the highest part of Paradise for a person who has a high standard of character.” (Abu Dawud & At-Tirmidhi


  34. Mustafaa says:

    @ Asim

    A Muslim?? This clown is not Muslim!

    Verily Allah does not guide the oppressors [Maidah: 51]

    There is nothing wrong with what I said. I pray that Allah strikes him down with a disease! He is not deserving of mercy. He needs to be treated with the most harshness that we can find in ourselves. This is Islam akhee and this is the way of the Salaf.

    I HATE this man and those other bloggers like him PASSIONATELY for the fitnah they are causing and I will never forgive them for the fitnah they have spread against our deen and the Muslims. I hope that Allah puts them in Hellfire

  35. Alive says:

    The University should make that lady pay for the extra patrols. These idiots don’t care that she is a liar and a fraud because they feel that her faked ‘hate crime’ COULD have happened.

    However, if she is treated in the above manner something tells me that “Islamophobia” will be screamed loudly

  36. Just Me says:

    I’ll bet this young lady is a protected, stifled princess at home. She’s lucky that in this country she even gets to go to college. Nice way to repay and respect the country you live in

  37. Big Bill says:

    They never question this stuff because they WANT it to be true. Will they now have a “rally” against the obvious race-baiting by muslim student? I won’t hold my breath.

    I find Muslims’ persecution complex very annoying. It’s pretty obvious that they want to believe that the west is responsible for everything wrong. They live here yet they hate it

  38. […] An Honest Response to the Chicago “Assault” Hoax October 25, 2008 Posted by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad in Reflections. Tags: Muslim Cowboys trackback I just read a very fine article posted at MuslimCowboys which denounces the complete dishonesty and double standards displayed by some Muslim blogs and their “coverage” of the “Dayton Mosque Hoax”, and the disgraceful Elhurst College (Chicago) fraud. Judging from the quotes used in the piece, the writer is referring specifically to that scurrilous, deceitful, contemptible den of propaganda , Muslim Matters.org. Can you tell I don’t like those people? Read my critique of them here. […]

  39. ”If there is any merit to the claim that some Muslims feel victimized living in this country, it is probably the result of their abject failure to condemn, denounce, and repudiate the scourge of terrorism, extremism, and calls to destroy American democracy.”

    Whoa, you really went out on a limb with that one brah. You and I have sparred on this issue several times and you know what I have to say about it- talk to me when you’re wearing hijab then you’ll know that discrimination is real. I feel that the majority of Muslims HAVE condemned terrorism and extremism (both loaded terms, btw). In fact, many of us have done it until we’re blue in the face. However, the failure of a *few* Muslim to condemn terrorism does not automatically invalidate claims of discrimination by others.

    Yes, this one sister made up an incident. That does not mean that other claims are false or suddenly suspect. In fact, I know a good number of sisters who never even reported their attacks or discriminatory cases…

  40. Jamerican Muslimah,

    Sister, I’m going to respond to you in a post after the election. But quickly to your point, it is more than “this one sister” as you say. Nor am I saying that Muslims don’t at times experience difficulty for their religion, only that it is not a “crisis” as these bloody shirt wavers are always sceaming.

    But again, much more about this after the election.

  41. Bint Will says:

    This is why I never rally behind any person who pulls the race, gender or religious card.

  42. […] from Ohio… And, an investigation concluded that the hate crime at Dayton mosque was made up too. posted by Gateway Pundit at 11/15/2008 12:56:00 […]

  43. […] fra Ohio – En undersøgelse afslørede at et hate crime ved Dayton moskeen også var frit […]

  44. H says:


    Actually you aere not being truthful with regards to MM and their backbiting of other muslims. They do even worse than backbiting. Especially when they don’t agree. Just look at the rage from mr Amad S on muslims he does not like:


    Now disagreeing is one thing but propagating against these muslims calling them apostates and what not is Islam in your view? The fact is MM is intolerant and judgemental. You ought to find that dispicable rather than people who in fact rely on facts.

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