An Honest Response to the Chicago “Assault” Hoax

Posted: October 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

I just read a very fine article posted at MuslimCowboys which denounces the complete dishonesty and double standards displayed by some Muslim blogs and their “coverage” of the “Dayton Mosque Hoax”, and the disgraceful Elhurst College (Chicago) fraud. Judging from the quotes used in the piece, the writer is referring specifically to that scurrilous, deceitful, contemptible den of propaganda , Muslim Can you tell I don’t like those people? Read my critique of them here. Here is what they wrote:

Let’s start with the Elmhurst College ordeal this month. Now Elmhurst is a private liberal arts school in Chicago with about 30 Muslim students. One of those 30 was a Muslim girl named Safia Z. Jilani.

She recently lied about being brutalized by a masked gunman in a bathroom. She has since been arrested and released on bond and confessed to lying about the whole incident according to police.

I do not blame the media outlets that first reported and spread this story. All indications were that this appeared to have been a brutal, hate crime. Mainstream newspapers, radio stations and blogs picked up the story.

You can see more about her case here along with the outrage of so many Americans


When I first learned about this story being a fabrication my reaction was, and still is, of anger against this girl who lied and created a hostile environment on a wonderful campus. She has created racial and religious tensions where there did not seem to be any before.

The city of Chicago has a rich history of multiculturalism and has been great to Muslims and according to some statistics half a million Muslims call Chicago home.

I am pleased to say that many Muslims shared my outrage at Safia Jilani’s behavior and that is apparent on the blogosphere and in emails I have seen circulating in the community. Those Muslims stood up for justice condemning “one of their own”.

What I am disturbed by is how some Muslim activists, educators and bloggers reacted after it was learned that Safia’s story was a lie. See this post from one well-known Muslim blog. The post was written before it was learned Safia Jilani had lied but the blog continues to display the post:

“…it’s incredible to know exactly what this sister did. The gunman, while holding a gun to her, was reported to have asked her, “now who is going to protect you?” The sister replied, “God will protect me… You can kill me, but you cannot take my soul.”

…It reminds us of the persecution of the Sahaba before hijra and how they held onto their iman even when, literally, their lives were at stake like this sister.”

Great, you just put Safia Jilani right up there with the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (s).  But would any of the companions have falsely accused the Quraysh of persecuting them?

Anyway, I heartily applaud the honesty, thoughtfulness, and integrity that went into that piece.  Articles like this are what’s sorely needed to combat the loud mouth ingrates always so quick to scream “Islamophobia” or some other such nonsense. Are there some anti-Muslim bigots in America? Of course there are, but the situation doesn’t remotely approach what the propagandists are calling a “crisis”.

  1. thanks for your feedback/ support.. may God bless honest media

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