It Finally Happened; Al Qaida Hijacks Malcolm X

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You could see it coming. The signs have been there for a long time, but now it finally happened. Yesterday, Al Qaida number two man Ayman Zawahiri issued a disgusting, racist statement calling our President-Elect Barack Obama, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and General Colin Powell “House Negros”, invoking the intellectual legacy of Malcolm X to do it.

First of all, let me state for the record that I think Osama ibn Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, and the rest of the al Qaida gang are a pack of murderous psycho-paths representing a grave threat to humanity. I support fully our new president’s stated mission to eradicate these cold-hearted butchers, and the sooner the better. Having said that, let me also make it clear that the sentiments expressed today by that cave dwelling maggot, amazingly, are shared by a considerable number of younger Muslims in our own country. These fifth column al Qaida Muslims, mostly second generation immigrants, have been openly (and not so openly) preaching this despicable line of racism and anti-Americanism in the blogoshere for quite some time, with no “responsible leaders” (whatever the hell that means anymore) stepping up to PUBLICLY denounce it!

For example, on one of these radical immigrant blogs, takfir (pronouncing a Muslim to be a disbeliever) was made on one blogger because he condemned their assault on, and defamation of, black womanhood by calling Condoleeza Rice a “black b$#th”. Similar pronouncements have been made against me as well, all while invoking the name Malcolm X. The rationale here is exactly the same as Zawahiri’s; any Black person, Muslim or not, who doesn’t endorse their radical program of violent jihad has to be an uncle Tom or House Negro, because if (according to their logic) the “revolutionary” Malcolm X were here today he would surely be with them. This is the sick madness afflicting those Muslim youth.

I’m speaking here of course of people like Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir, Sherman Jackson, Mahdi Bray, et al, who if they were any kind of self-respecting Black men would have immediately crafted a statement defending their new President (the first Black in U.S history) and the two high ranking public servants who were demeaned and insulted by this sick, perverted mad man. Where is the Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA), ostensibly the representative of Black Islam in this country, to stand up and defend the honor and reputation of the millions upon millions of Black folks, indeed all of Americans, who voted for this brilliant young man? It is this silence that outrages fellow Americans, and casts suspicion on their loyalty and commitment to America. Why didn’t they immediately denounce this outrageous affront to their own Black race and nation? The absence of any public indignation on the part of these so-called leaders is truly a disgrace, and if it were any people other than the Muslims would have been a scandal. In my judgment, if there are any “house negroes” around, it is these servile, supine, completely useless leaders who allow their people to be abused in this ugly manner without a word!

But then again is anyone surprised? Who is it after all that’s traveling coast to coast pumping up these immigrant Muslim kids on The Autobiography of Malcolm X , stoking an imaginary sense of grievance and victimhood as if the 1960’s are still here and they’re the new “African Americans”. Forget the maniac Zawahiri for the moment, even on our own shores immigrant Muslims have hijacked the legacy of Malcolm X in some vain attempt to prove their plight to be somehow worst than African Americans! Who could ever imagine something so ridiculous so openly expressed – and quite belligerently I might add. It has gotten to the point where these second generation Muslims are lecturing us about what Malcolm X would think and do, and how we’re a bunch of punks for not signing on to their program.

The real question is: what is it about Malcolm X and his legacy that makes it so easy for him to be high jacked by these jihadists and fifth columns? More about that later…

  1. Khadija says:

    Bro. Abdur-Rahman,

    I would caution our people about mindlessly celebrating “the first Black _____________.” We seem to have forgotten (or never knew) that sometimes these “1st Blacks” are USED to do things that Black folks would never tolerate from a White politician. As I have mentioned in another comment, I have lived & voted through enough “let’s make history with the first Black ______________” moments to know better than to blindly celebrate “1st Blacks.”

    I will remind the audience of the example of the first Black mayor of Philadelphia, Wilson Goode. Under his leadership, he allowed the Philly police to firebomb a Black residential neighborhood in order to evict some cultists from a group called MOVE. Black lives were lost, included the lives of several Black children who were incinerated in their own home. Dozens of Black families from this neighborhood were made homeless after their homes burned down. Well, Black folks certainly made history with Wilson Goode—the first Black mayor to preside over the police firebombing of a Black residential neighborhood!

    I will remind you of just another example of these prominent Blacks. During the Katrina catastrophe, Condoleeza Rice was busy shopping for expensive shoes and seeing “Spamalot” while Black bodies floated down the streets of New Orleans. She only opened her mouth to speak on this situation when Pres. Bush used her as a sock puppet to reassure people that there was nothing racist about the federal government’s lackadaisical response to people in the afflicted areas.

    Back to the main point of your post: Black folks passively allow this hijacking of our leaders all the time! Haven’t we silently watched FOR DECADES while White racists have appropriated Dr. King’s words out of their historical context. Well, now Malcolm X has joined the ranks of Black leaders that we’ve allowed other people to hijack out from under us. We recently saw another example of our passive acceptance of disrespect right here, where the bulk of the Muslim Blacks who visit this site failed to check the immigrant who came here to disrespect us.

    I believe that the phenomenon that you’re describing will only escalate because of our mostly passive silence. When we first came into contact with them, we failed to “check” the Arabs/Pakistanis about their overall anti-Black racism. Then, we allowed them to presume to speak for us. These Arab/Pakistani racists presuming to interpret our leaders for us is simply another step in this process.

    This will only stop when WE stop it by opposing these immigrant racists (and their Black sock puppets) everytime they form their lips to talk about us, our issues, our organizations, and our leaders.

    Wa Salaam.

  2. Charles says:

    I don’t believe MANA has formulated a plan of action for these things. The organization doesn’t have the functionality that many thought originally and, from insiders, I’m sure red tape has to be cut before the ‘one and only’ can make a pronouncement against al-Qaida. I think people within MANA have strong oppositional feelings about Zawahiri’s statement but MANA doesn’t have a media wing.

  3. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:

    “This will only stop when WE stop it by opposing these immigrant racists (and their Black sock puppets) every time they form their lips to talk about us, our issues, our organizations, and our leaders.”
    Abdur Rahman

    Salaam’Alaikum Brother Abdur Rahman,

    Reading some articles from various blogs on the blogsphere almost has been like an “electric shock” that “jolts” you into reality—even if it forces you to examine your own in relation to the big picture.

    I’ve decided to seek refuge outside the Muslim community with both the Baha’i community and the Unitarian Universalist’s community because it’s very clear to me that many of us will persist in a permanent state of insanity and denial. I’m tired of bumping my head up against the wall.

    I’ve silent for a minute, but I’ve read your articles about Brother Malcolm and the responses as well.

    This whole belligerent tirade from Al-Zawhiri is just another form of spiritual abuse and as usual none of our clergy is going to do anything about it because they are just as sick as or sicker than the man himself.

    I’m beginning to understand the statement “you can’t give what you don’t have” Why would anyone in their right mind expect any sincere and legitimate action from the so called leaders you named?

    This is just getting disgusting…

  4. Amirudeen says:

    I think that MANA may be allowing CAIR to speak on their behalf as CAIR is speaking for all Muslims (immigrant and indigenous). I don’t think that most black Muslims support Obama

  5. Minister Turbo says:

    Malcolm X was, prior to his conversion to what some call “true Islam,” a militant who likely would have agreed with the ideology of what is called Al-qaeda. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all, right?

    Malcolm came to the realization, however, that his thinking prior to his conversion was mistaken, and that while resistance and fortitude were certainly called for, the road to equality required everyone’s efforts. When speaking of black-white cooperation in the issues of race relations in the U.S., Malcolm said, “[i]n our mutual sincerity, we might be able to show a road to the salvation of America’s very soul.”

    If Malcolm were alive today, I strongly believe he would not be supporting Ayman or is ilk, or anything they stand for. These people have no integrity or honor, and that’s what Malcolm was all about.

  6. Faisal says:

    The Muslims need to teach blacks that they have no place in America…even if Obama is in charge

  7. Grated Tomatoes says:

    This guy is just portraying Arab racism veiled as anti American rhetoric. Arab racism towards blacks is real and as bad as (maybe worse than) Western racism.
    Even without the background of the war on terror, say this was pre 911 and this guy was just some obscure muslim cleric, he would be saying the exact same things about Obama. My point is, regardless of the rhetoric by the Muslim world that all muslims are brothers, they still consider us blacks as inferior. He feels free to use insulting racial language against Obama because it is obscured by the politics of the war on terror.

    IMO his words have little to do with the threat of what Obama can do but rather a knee jerk reaction that has been seen in certain parts of the world that is still in denial about a Black American President. There is that Austrian commentator recently who said on National Television that this was a disturbing development in the Western World because blacks are too uncivilized to rule.

    These terrorists feel the same way. Not only is America capable of kicking their butts but it will this time be done by ::gasp:, a black man, the horror of horrors.
    Their world view to has been severely affected. And they can’t bring themselves to accept that. SO instead they are trying to psychologically put him in his place. These people still practise slavery so its a direct assault on their world belief. Even that remark by the Italian Prime Minister isn’t as innocent as it seems, given he made it in the company of Russians. They are trying to demean him. They are foolish if they think little psychological games will work.

  8. Wali Ameen says:

    MANA is at the mercy of the immigrant Muslims and will not say anything without their permission

  9. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:

    Brother Amirudeen,

    I mean no disrespect to YOU personally but CAIR is not in any position to represent as you said ALL Muslims? On whose authority? What ONE Islamic or Muslim group has the MONOLOPY on Islam?

    Not all Muslims of ANY ethnicity or ANY Islamic persuasion are comfortable with CAIR? They have NO creditability? This organization has been exposed for several major issues related to: national security; money laundering and racketeering; and tax fraud—the same problems some Masjids in this area have been wrote up about in the Washington Post for?

    What does support for Obama half to do with this?

    This is NOT only about Obama per se

    This is about:

    1) A world wide CULT that has been allowed by both Muslim and the non-Muslim community to murder, rape, and pillage HUMANITY.

    2) The use of kinism; tribalism; bigotry; and even the practice of natalism on persons of African descent both Muslim and non-Muslim.

    3) Perverting the Qur’an—slandering the Prophet Muhammad pbh

    Do people realize how many of us are seeking refuge outside the Muslim community because of those three problems?

  10. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking says:

    @ Abdur Rahman

    If this incident straight from the horses mouth doesn’t stamp the “I’m just a Muslim” into the ground, know that, nothing else will.


  11. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:

    My brother Abdur-Rahaman I don’t understand the point of your attack on MANA, as you nor many of the posters here respect ANY leadership, least of which is MANA. I’m sure you have all of these brothers e-mail addresses, so did you reach out to any of them before launching your attack? Reactionary lurching from one position to the next does not make for effective leadership.

    I expect leadership to stay on message and work on solutions which really redress the social ills (woeful education, proverty, unstable marriages or criminality) within our community. I don’t expect leadership to jump to respond to every “international intrigue” like a sinlge-cell organism in a petri dish responding to stimuli.

    Yes we should have some concern about what goes on in the world, but it’s not al-qaeda shooting and killing in my city. It would be a different matter if Zawahiri made the “abeed al-bayt” comment to your face, and to be honest I’m not sure this whole thing isn’t a sham anyway.

    I can google for free and see my neighbor standing on his front porch and see the color of the book he’s holding, but they can’t find a guy they’ve supposedly spent billions trying to find. LOL

    Abdur-Rahaman, you claim to have studied our Islamic history in America yet, you keep falling for the “bannana in the exhaust” trick.

    Stop taking your eye off the football like Charlie Brown, don’t trust Lucy because she is going to move it. You are exemplifiying how we got thrown off track in the past, constantly bickering and posturing at each other jockeying for who best represented Islam, becoming overly involved in foreign affairs while our communities were crumbling.

    Next will come the exchange of death threats from your so-called detractors, while the actual culprits sit back and laugh. Nope I’m not falling for it. Brother you are brilliant when you stay on message but sometimes you get out into never never land.

    As long as WE are producing the truthful and acurate account of OUR history and leaders, I could care less what propaganda COINTELPRO/CIA/al-Qeada is puting out.

    What I’m also curious about is why do you keep suggesting what someone should do? It’s clear you are your own leader, you don’t have allegence to, nor follow any of the brothers you mentioned in your post, you’ve already blasted them in the past for failures you preceive, so why would you expect them to change?

    Just do you, if you feel you are obligated to respond to each and every “al-qaeda” pronoucement then do so, have it. Why attack others in the process?

    You are own leader so its a red herring to call them leaders for the purpose of your attack, when you don’t follow either of them.

  12. Mustafaa says:

    @ Abu Usamah

    Black Muslims and Immigrant Muslims are united. The author of this blog will be humiliated when he sees just how united all of us really are. All of this division are his imagination and barking at the moon…lol

    Our masjid has some black Muslims as well as Muslims of all other races and we all love each other and there are no tensions. What he speaks of is strange. I think he is a liar trying to inflame division

  13. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:


    Actually, we do have some real issues that need to be acknowledged and resolved. The resolutions required won’t be brought about by a blog either but by brothers sitting down face to face in candid dialogue.

    We need to get rid of the fantasy idea of utopian unity, and recognize that our various ethnicities are a good thing why hide it and pretend? For example we Muslims love giving our organizations all empassing names with “America” in the title, pretending to be universal, yet these organizations only really represent specific constituencies or ethnicity. This is not a “bad” thing per se, it should just be acknowledged.

    There was a time that if someone would have told me that there would be Blackamerican of president of the United States, before there was a Blackamerican Muslim at the helm of either ISNA, ICNA, MAS or CAIR I would have said they were on something. And to be honest I don’t forsee an immigrant becoming the head of MANA. Yet, even if an organization isn’t headed by a Blackamerica does that mean as a Blackamerican I can’t unite and work with these organizations for common caues? of course not.

    Still I believe Abdur-Rahaman is a good brother who means well at as he sees it, I just don’t think he fully understands the team or community concept or chain of command. These are valid concepts which can not be simply dismissed as “Kool-Aid drinking” . I don’t he outright lies, his perspective is skewed. I would gather he never played or excelled at team sports or he would understand that sometimes you lose because a leader calls the wrong play, that doesn’t mean you blow up the whole team concept.

    Perhaps someone he followed in the past led him down a blind alley before, so now he has foresworn team, and this colors his actions. yet that doesn’t negate that at times he can be insightful if caustic. This can be constructive at times because there are those leaders who keep their ear to the ground so to speak who sometimes reads what he writes, he knows this so I think that eggs on him on LOL

  14. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:

    I don’t THINK he outright lies, its just that his perspective is skewed.

  15. Anwaar says:

    Read it and weep

    a Pew Research Center poll last year showing that African-American Muslims were the subset of American Muslims least hostile to Al Qaeda. The poll showed that 63 percent of foreign-born Muslims in this country had a “very unfavorable” view of Al Qaeda, compared with 36 percent of African-American Muslims.


    African-American Muslims are firmly in the camp of Al-qaeda and love them

  16. TawheedNotShirk says:

    May Allah put you and your family in the lowest depths of Hellfire you little rat

    Ameen, Ameen, Ameen

  17. Mary Ann a.ka. Sister Seeking says:

    “My brother Abdur-Rahman I don’t understand the point of your attack on MANA, as you nor many of the posters here respect ANY leadership, least of which is MANA…”Abu Usamah al-Aswad

    Mary Ann:

    Brother Abu Usamah, I’m an adult, and I’m capable of representing my own interests. No blogger or person in real life is my advocate: I AM MY ADVOCATE. It’s not my fault the Washington Post from 9-11 onward decided to publish articles about the allegations some which were proven against various Muslim( I will refrain from using the word Islamic) organizations in the MD, DC, VA area. That has absolutely nothing to do with me nor the many other Muslims who are literally (((hiding out)) in the UU churches in this area either.

    Who are YOU or ANY ONE else to tell ANY adult who they should or should not follow? Who they should or should not support?–This is the problem I have with both the BAM and the IMM community–one manifestation of spiritual abuse is thought control, which is often seen in statements like this–you can not control who people regard as worthy of their TRUST, and respect. That’s not YOUR CHOICE.

    For the love of God, stop making choices for other people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Still I believe Abdur-Rahman is a good brother who means well at as he sees it, I just don’t think he fully understands the team or community concept or chain of command. These are valid concepts which can not be simply dismissed as “Kool-Aid drinking” . I don’t he outright lies, his perspective is skewed.”Abu Usamah al-Aswad

    Mary Ann: I have professional training from the government ( and the documentation to prove it) in: leadership development; team work skills; conflict resolution; meditation and arbitration; workplace violence; facilitating; and communicating sensitive issues. Based off my professional training, I can honestly say that while ARM has certainly violated many basic principles of leadership, and following a chain of command, the people who you expect us to report to have ABUSED it( authority) to the degree that many people have become cynical, condescending, and distrustful of ALL Muslim leadership–including those that are BAM’s. Dictating to people, emotionally battering people, perverting the word of God, and shunning people ( all forms of spiritual abuse and abuse) is the not the way to repair the damage that has already been done.

    “Yet, even if an organization isn’t headed by a Black America does that mean as a Black American I can’t unite and work with these organizations for common causes? of course not. “Abu Usamah al-Aswad

    I can’t find a single statement by ARM that implied this? I’ll re-read again.
    I have been blogging on his blog for some time now, and I can not recall a single time that ARM has positioned him self as (((the))) authority or even (((a))) authority on any given matter. I can not recall a single time that he did not allow people to disagree or challenge him–people have come here as you can see on this thread calling him out of his name, threatening his life, calling him racial epithets, pronouncing takfeer on him, and a whole list of abusive, and profane behaviours.

    I have never seen him “demand” that some one adhere to his “instructions” , “advice” or “message.”

    All I have ever seen is a man present some information, and ask that others chew on it and make THEIR OWN DECISION.


    I’ve seen the manner you, and others are trying to”check” or “police” Tariq on his own website. He is a grown man, he is entitled to his own thoughts, feelings, and life decisions. If you don’t agree that’s one thing, but dictating to people how they should feel and live is quite another.

    It is this that ran many “mentally stable” Muslims of ALL ethnicity’s right out of the Muslim community. ALL people have it within them to recognize injustice, and abuse when they see it. There are IMM’s of conscience who are seeking refuge with other faiths currently in PROTEST of the mis-leadership; spiritual abuse–especially in regards to women and children; and the lop sided political agenda. They do so becuase they believe that ALL people deserved to be treated with dignity not just THEIR people–be that their ethnic group; their persuasion of Islam; or anything else.

  18. Mary Ann a.ka. Sister Seeking says:

    To the “so called” Muslims who come on here using racial epithets, and condemning us to hell:

    Your behaviour IS spiritually abusive

    Your behaviour only reinforces many of the points made not only on this blog or in private discussions between families.


  19. TawheedNotShirk says:

    @ Mary Ann

    You are a KAAFIR and I hope you go to Hellfire for the kufr you are uttering. The Muslims have no need for the likes of you and your stupid family.

    May Allah destroy you and raise you with your buddy Abdur-Rahman and drag you and all of your children into Hell

  20. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:

    Mary Ann,

    As I am not a therapist, usually I don’t reply to your blanket condemnations which you seem to use a catharsis. Far be it from to tell you what to do but truly and sincerely my Sister after turning to Allah first, then if you choose to, it may be of benefit to speak with a professional. I have empathy for you and those who have been through similar experinces (I’ve seen people totally apostate as a result of abuse, so may Allah preserve you and your familly and grant you all ease), thats why I’m working to bring about change in our communities.

    If cathartic bloging helps you in some way, then do so. I’m not trying to restrict your free speech. I must, however correct you when you aim your anger at me as I wasn’t the one who abused you in anyway.

    No where in my post did I ask/tell Abdur-Rahaman nor you to follow or support anyone, so quote where you feel it was implied. I stated a fact that Abdur-Rahaman doesn’t follow ANY of the brothers he mentioned.

    I didn”t say he had to follow them or should follow them, it’s his choice. Yet, since he has already dismissed the brothers as effective leaders and admits he doesn’t follow them, then it doesn’t logically follow that he would keep singling them out for attack after attack. He’s the one telling them what they should do. Re-read his article LOL

    How illlogical is it for him to direct someone do something (ie, defend Obama), when he takes no direction from them? Better yet, why not attack every “self-respecting” Black man for not commenting on this so-called al-Qaeda announcement.

    No he’s singling them out for attack because they do in fact represent leadership and he’s acting like a scorned ex-spouse rather than trying to contructively bring about change from WITHIN the community.

    It’s amazing that you speak of your “professional training from the government” totally oblivious to the abuse that women before you had to endure from sexists pigs and the racism Blackamericans had to endure to allow your “training” to even be possible. What they had become inconsolable swearing off any possible change in the US government?

    If Blackamericans can have faith in the ability of the US government to be changed from within. A government which systematically allowed wholesale murder and other abuses and injustices to occur upon non-Whites. If that change can be brought about, then pardon me Sister for having faith that the Blackamerican Muslim communities can be changed from WITHIN.

    All I’m advocating is that we as Muslims show at least as much fortitude to change our communities. If 300 yr old institutions can be changed, surely 40 yr old (or younger) communities, that don’t have a faction of the systemic inertia, can be changed. If that makes me “mislead” I’d rather go down swinging in the game, than throwing rocks from the sideline.

  21. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:

    Mary Ann,

    Also as to your non-sequiter about my trying to”check” or “police” Tariq. I consider both Abdur-Rahaman and Tariq (and Umar Lee for that matter) my brothers, as such neither you nor anyone can restrict how I communicate with them. If either have a real problem with anything I’ve written they know how to get in contact with me offline. Make no mistake I strive to be united with my brothers. In unity there is strength. Others know this which is why they have think tanks (not to mention private individuals who take it upon themselves) which try to foster rancor and disunity among the Muslims.

    Their thinking being that by keeping up the perception of endless bickering they want to prevent various Muslim communities from consolidating their forces or to recruit new or youthful converts.

    We as Muslims have to keep our eyes on the prize.

    Our collective intellectual memory has to go back beyond 2001, we have to understand the it can be documented that since 1919 (Chicago, Rosewood, Tulsa etc) there has been various govermental sactioned endeavors to disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of Blackamerican communities, organizations, leadership, spokesmen, membership, and supporters.

    To achieve their goal of disruption or neutralization, the organizational and personal conflicts of the leaderships of the communities were illegally fostered and exploited by the government. Existing fissures were exploited and capitalized upon, where fissures didn’t exist, they were fostered and formented.

    Every effort had been exscerted to prevent long range growth of community organization and movement apparatus necessary for productive activism in the Blackamerican communities particularly the Blackamerican Muslim communities.

    So with this in mind do you think I could fall for feeble attempts to pit me against my brothers? Yes, I will vigorously debate them when they are in error, but at the end of the day they are still my brothers. If I wrongly accused my brothers of anything, I would apologize without hecesitation.

    If you see that I don’t respond to every wacko that posts a threat or epithet, know that its not for a lack of caring for my brothers, but rather an understanding that we are communicating about serious matters over the open internet, therefore message discipline requires that you sometimes have to speak above the chatter.

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