Con Man Khalid Yasin Strikes Again in England.

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Do we need anymore proof that Khalid Yasin is a vicious criminal and psycho-path? After we ran this fraud out of the United States, he went back to England and without missing a beat, continued on with his crime spree. I am republishing here an expose recently posted in the comment section of the original expose I did. In this story, Khalid even threatened the life of the person he defrauded!

When I was in Philly this summer, a brother asked me to go easy on Khalid so as to not destroy his reputation completely. The following information from the brothers in England is my response to that request.  My question is; when will the Muslim community rid itself of liars, crooks, thieves, and frauds?

And just for everyone’s information, I had a brief encounter with Siraj Wahhaj at the Congressional Black Caucus program at the DC Convention Center who seemed to be more concerned about me “attacking” him than exposing Khalid Yasin. He acknowledged to me that “he (Khalid) is a bad guy” , but had no response to the question of why he hadn’t exposed him. Far from expose Khalid Yasin, Siraj Wahhaj helped to rehabilitate his destroyed reputation once again by allowing him to do lectures at his Masjid at Taqwa.

Tandeh said, on December 16th, 2008 at 2:26 pmBrother’s I have solid proof:

he was in Manchester and conned a very genuine brother into doing approx £5-6000 building work, which he is refusing to pay. After strenuous efforts to resolve the matter, he agreed in a meeting with 30 other brothers to pay in June 2009.

This is where the story becomes more hurtful, the shaykh has the money, as my brother who works for MPAC UK ( asked him to do a speech and he was asking around give or take £2000 for a speech (note ISLAM IS NOT FOR SALE!!!), which is ridiculous.

Also do not think just because people come to him for the Shahadah, it is because he was the means of them converting, it is not true. Recently a young brother became Muslim (Son of Jamil – May Allah Grant Him Jannat/Paradise) because some brothers from Whalley Range were worried after they heard that he was going to cremate his father. Eventually he was buried in Southern Cemetery.

His son was so impressed by the Muslim’s manners he became worried and started reading the Quran, then decided to become Muslim (AlhamdlILLAH) But he took Shahadah with Khalid Yasin (note I do not consider him a Sheikh) because his friend took hime there.

Back to the subject; after the 30 man Meeting, it was agreed that my freind (MASOOD) had to sign a letter stating he was taking back all his slanderous allegations (Note: they were not allegations) and in return he would get his money by the agreed date.

Because Masood owed most of the money to suppliers who trusted him and he trusted the Shiekh, who is using the son of the Shah Jalal Mosque’s (Rusholme) Imam as his right hand man in Manchester. (Note: as far as I know the Imam of Shah Jalal is not involved).

He needed the money as soon as possible so he agreed to this letter and as a favour one Algerian brother said, if they allow him to collect on their behalf he would pay Masood straight away.

They agreed to give the Algerian brother another letter authorising him to collect on behalf of Khalid Yasin’s mosque.

Both were printed at the same time but through their trick only one was signed, the retraction letter.

It has been a couple of weeks now and the Shiekh is making excuses to sign it. Now the Algerian brother who was willing to help Masood has pulled out, saying he does not want to be involved.

SubhanAllAH, this story is still on going. Make Du’a my friend get’s his money back.

The Shiekh and his associates are very clever and crafty and professional fraudsters. They make the 419 Nigerian Scammers look like amateurs in my opinion. The way he stages things and even his Friday speeches are complete opposite of his actions.

He even threatened my friend Masood with the following:

“If you were in America, I would have finished you a Long Time Ago”

Even the treasurer of the mosque claims all the money goes directly to Khalid Yasin.

  1. Kwame Madden says:

    The muslim community should do some self introspection and ask itself why we have so many bad businessman.Doing the right in business transactions for many of us is not even thought about.Fundraising efforts for any cause in our community should have transparency.This notion of he is a good brother just cause one is a talented speaker is played out.Even the girl scouts after they sold a certain amont of cookies report to there scout leader.This is on a low level how about us when thousands of dollars are at stake.IbnMubarak said if you know a brother is a thief you should let one who is going to do busiiness with him know because this is part of the duty of brotherhood.

  2. Kwame Madden says:

    Not to belabor the point this what the American people and some of the senate and congress are saying to Paulson and the banks they want to see how the money been spent.Tarp law contains transperncy.They saying what happened to the first 350billion dollars.

  3. Shakeer says:

    I doubt that Khalid Yasin would have had the male-reproductive glands in his scrotum to defraud some cold-blooded kafirs on the street because his fake, punk behind would have been taken care of. I am so vehement about crap like this because I, along with many other brothers, have been victimized but muslims such as this. The only reason most of us decided not to take things to other levels (if you know what I mean) is that we truly believe that taking blood when be outside of the shariah of Allah, ta’ala. Anyway, muslims are duty-bound to expose mujrimun and munafiqun such as this person.

    • ahmed says:

      lets say hhe did some mistakes because only allah the perfect, but let tel you who you are” you are talking talking behind your brother if you are trully a muslim , but i think that you are hypocrite, because alghaiba wanamima is not amistake that could every mulslim commit , you are such a hyppocrite how could you commite aghaiba wanamima. you hyppocrite; if you are amuslim allah yahdik inna allah the allknowoing of the mouhtadin

  4. Shakeer says:

    Sorry for the grammatical errors.

  5. ahmed says:

    i dont know where your geting this false information about shieke khalid yasin but i think that you are th pyco- path. khalid yasin is good man he is vary insperational

    maybe your just jelious that allah has blessed him with knowledge and you are a dummby. dont hate apericiate

    by: ahmed

  6. GueSS says:

    hello america!
    hello Bush/BUll SHit man!
    hello chicken Obama!

  7. Mothiur says:

    You’re going to follow Khalid Yasin wherever he goes to expose him? People, you’re mad. I like you don’t agree he’s a scholar, but he’s no thief. The man is amazing and we have a good amount of contact with him in Leicester, England (though not enough). Occupy yourself in doing something else because you’re completely wasting your time. I can’t put into words how pathetic and stupid this piece of ‘verified investigation’ based on whispers seemed to me. I’m however willing to dismantle your insufficient work of you want me to. Contact me if you’re willing to see your flaws coz I don’t want to exert the energy if you’re not going to listen regardless of what is being said on the contrary.

  8. UK brother says:

    Khalid Yasin is a con man and a lair he need to be exposed fast, just read the arctical and need help to put a stop, be trining for now 4 years i am from UK any brother out there please get in touch “MAYBE ALL THE BROTHERS IN UK CAN COME TOGETHER WHO HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY HIM, AND MAKE A COALITION TO EXPOSE HIM”. i am in the process of doing this but need information and brother to come forward from the UK

    ps brother and sister who have posted here should really should find out how an evil man he is, con man, liar, and very agressive, and has threthend.

    wasalamu alaikum

  9. mohamed says:


  10. manchester says:

    This article and the others I have come accross are laughable. Infact the Algerian brother from manchester who I know, needs to get a job. Infact all the brothers who were involved in the Dar Al Hikama scandal need to get up and get a job…They make me sick, like a bunch of old woman spreading fitna through the Manchester community and then getting the police involved! Who is the Munafiq! Problems in the muslim community SHOULS STAY in OUR community!

    Like said, Algerian get a JOB and stop claiming benefits…your nothing but trouble. I don’t care what the sheik did…I’m sitting on the bench on that..Only Allah knows.
    One thing I do know is that those JOBLESS BROTHERS are a complete embaressment!
    Searching on the net you will find that most of the articles about this sheik originate in islamic hate websites and some salafi (a sect which ensures dismantle of shariah) website.

  11. yusuf says:

    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, forget about Khalid yasin for a moment, and just visit the profile of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, the author of all the articals about Sheikh Khalid Yasin.
    This guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, has been writing about all HARAAM things like the music industry, Michael Jackson is his favorite i guess. So, my picture about all his articles regarding Khalid Yasin is just that its another article of his to draw attention.
    And he probably choose Khalid Yasin because he knows how popular Khalid Yasin is among FAITHFULL Muslims, so its more or less certain that people will read his articles. This itself is an acceptance that Khalid Yasin is a true servant of Allah.
    Allah knows best

  12. yusuf says:

    InshaAllah i am going to start a campaign against this guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, all brothers and sisters are welcome.
    I challenge this guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad to become a good muslim himself, before trying to correct or blame other muslim brothers. Who am I to judge? yes, i cannot judge you, but can any muslim brother or sister agree with his involvement with music??? Isn’t it HARAAM?

  13. qais says:

    yusuf maybe this has not been drawn to your attention but music is haraam. It is just the case that some people start to idolise their shaykhs because of an ellaborate speech and become dumb founded. Let us be rational and intelligent people and stop opression where we see it. Even if it is by the hands of Muslims. If it is true then something has to be done about it.

  14. an ordinary guy says:

    With success comes haters. I love how people try to find a fault in everything

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