Has Pakistan Become a Land of Murderous Cowards

Posted: March 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
The Murderous Cowards of Pakistan

The Murderous Cowards of Pakistan

Most of the visitors to this blog have probably noticed that I have written very little in recent months on the madness in the Arab lands. I chose instead to focus on the good and positive things happening in this country, beginning with the election of President Barack Obama. I didn’t even comment on the Jeffery Dahmer-ish ambassador of Islam, Muzzammil Hassan, who displayed what was suppose to be the beauty of Islam (he wanted to combat negative stereotypes of Muslims) by hacking his wife’s head off.

With that brutal killing to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the Mumbai massacre in November, and now this savage attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, a sad truth is beginning to emerge; all of these cowardly atrocities were committed by Pakistanis. It seems that Pakistan has now become a land of cowardly murderers in addition to being an international basket case possessing nuclear weapons!

It’s no wonder that Pakistani second generation Muslims want no part of their motherland, and choose instead to self-identify as “Muslim American” rather than “Pakistani American”. I guess if I were from that hell hole I’d be ashamed too. Ali Eterez wrote a revealing piece on the collective shame of Pakistanis living in other countries that I’m sure you’ll find quite interesting.

Pride and the Pakistani Diaspora

The Pakistani diaspora is significant, around 7 million people, and contributed almost US$8 billion into the economy last year. It is composed by and large of people who only retain a connection to Pakistan via their families. Once the recipients of the remittances pass away, or as is more often the case, themselves leave Pakistan, the financial connection is severed. At this point, the Pakistani migrant takes his place in the new country, even if it means being a second-class citizen. If he is in the West, he usually defines himself as a ‘Muslim’ or ‘South Asian’ or sometimes even an ‘Indian.’ He then ceases to have a meaningful relationship with Pakistan. This depressing state of affairs is due to the identity struggle within Pakistan itself. Pakistanis abroad don’t know who they are or how they should relate to Pakistan because they don’t know what it means to be Pakistani. (continue)

  1. Kalimat says:

    I have never met a Pakistani in the diaspora who is “ashamed” of his identity, quite the opposite actually. There are times when we are all dissapointed with the actions of groups or governments but it does not reflect on ordinary people. I am sure many Americans felt ashamed to have had a government that waged a disastrous illegal war and supported the use of torture. Being ashamed to be American is a separate issue though. Do you classify every country affected by terrorism as a hell hole?

  2. anon says:

    What a joke! Why should collective guilt only be ascribed to Muslims when all sorts of groups commit violence. Why shouldn’t African-Americans suffer collective guilt for the violence committed by their own?! Your a disgusting hypocrite who only attacks Muslims and never attacks the kuffar or the enemies of Islam.

  3. Hamza 21 says:

    I agree with Kalimat. I never known any Pakistani who was ashamed of being from Pakistan. Since Ali was raised in the Arab world maybe his view on this issue is skewed.

    Indeed Pakistan has many problems however the nation is only 62 years old and as whole it has no more problems then countries older than itself.If you were judge Pakistani problems against problems in the US then you might have better view on this issue.

    I remember Shaykh Hamza Yusuf once said to effect of “as bad as they are. The problems in the muslim world are apparent. You can see them in with a clear view unlike many of problems of western nations.” I’m paraphrasing of course.

  4. yayaya says:

    meh, pakis are more obsessed with trying to be arab and turning pakistan into saudi arabia than anything else. pakis are ashamed of their culture, hence why they often allow saudis to come in and turn their country into another talibanized dump. just look at how they think saying “khuda hafiz” is a sin and try to arabize themselves. they are a joke and they try too hard to kiss khaleeji arab rear ends.

    no wonder why pakistan is the laughing stock of the world, who wants them when all they do is turn against their adopted homeland by bombing london subways?

  5. Khadija says:

    Bro. Abdur-Rahman,

    You’ve raised some interesting points about Pakistan. I think all of this is the result of successives waves of Pakistani (mis)leaders making poor policy choices that resulted in the madness in their society that we see today. And this madness has led to the savagery that we see.

    Here’s my take on how this came to be:

    From what I can tell, Pakistan’s military has NEVER won any of its wars [First Kashmir War, Second Kashmir War, Indo-Pakistan War, War of Bangladesh Independence]. Like many 3rd world militaries, Pakistan’s army is only really skilled at killing civilians. It hasn’t performed well against Pakistan’s traditional enemy, India.

    Instead of training their military to be a disciplined, effective fighting force, Pakistan’s various leaders decided to take a “short cut” and depend on terrorists from religious extremist groups to advance Pakistan’s interests in Kashmir.

    Instead of investing their resources into SANE public education, Pakistan’s successive leaders left it to lunatic-sponsored madrassas to “educate” the poor masses. These madrassas have now educated several generations of Pakistani boys into religious extremism, backwardness and savagery.

    After decades of coddling and supporting these lunatics, this decision has backfired and bitten the Pakistani government in the behind. The lunatics have turned on their former masters. And lunatic ideology has spread throughout the country over the past few decades. This is very similar to how Bin Laden and others quickly turned on the same American government that was happy to “sic” them on the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    And now there are ever-widening circles of chaos and barbarism, just like in Afghanistan.

    The Pakistani military has consistently performed poorly against external threats. And now we see it performing poorly against internal threats such as the terrorist groups it nurtured and supported in the past. Unfortunately, I don’t see a happy ending here.

    All of this shows that policy decisions DO make a huge difference in a nation’s fate.

    Wa Salaam.

  6. @ Khadija

    Brilliant observations as usual.

  7. MT.Akbar says:

    Ali Eteraz sounds like the basket case. How does he get authority all of a sudden? A liberal homo promoter and well known sell out? I’ve never heard a SANE Pakistani indentify himself as Indian.

    Secondly your hatred of and characterization of Pakistan and Pakistanis as all cowards is quite revealing of your own cowardice. Yes, grow some balls AR and stop seeing every thing through your prejudiced Ameri-centric Imperialist Colonized lens and don’t give me your “been there, done that speel.” You’ve gone from one extreme, a radical Bin Laden-esque thought to a whole other extreme of proud-American-flag-waving-patriot with no balance or ability to critique the actions of this nation. Believe it or not there have been people who were balanced before your most recent conversion to the Democratic party.

    In the attack on the Sri Lankan team, 6 Pakistani policeman lost their lives! The jury is still out on whether it was Muslims who did it or the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) who have been facing a military crack down by the Sri Lankan government. Yet, in the fashion of Rush Limbaugh you’re quick to bust down a whole nation of Muslims.

    Why do you choose to ignore the GRASSROOT MOVEMENT, the LAWYERS MOVEMENT, that garnered support from the wide spectrum of Pakistanis from Islamists to Secularists united to topple dictatorship to restore independent judiciary and the Constitution. AND IT WAS SUCCESFUL! AND IS NOW BEING TRANSFORMED INTO AN INSTITUTION. Are those that sacrificed their blood to go out on the streets cowards?

    Are the ones who captured the masterminds of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh and have taken the brunt of this so called War on Terror Cowards? Or are you the coward for sitting on your ass in Howard Uni. pontificating on the cowardice of people who are actually on the battlefield.

    Yet America the beacon of Light sends drones killing civilians in the Western tribal regions and you defend it. It causes further destabilization yet because your man Barack gives the green light it’s all good. Who is the coward here, those sending drones and thosand pound bombs on civilians or the civilians? Where is the consistency of principles? Where is humanity? Who is savage and who is civilized?

    Then you bring up Bridges TV. You should be ashamed of yourself. This horrendous domestic act of violence has what to do with Islam? Has what to do with Pakistan being Cowards?

    I’am not surprised at your endorsement of Khadija’s views as “birds of a feather flock together.”

  8. Kwame Madden says:

    Now we must add to the cowardly list the murders of 10 people in Alabama and believe 17 inGermany.Bottom line know matter the geograhic location of a country or ethnic group people in general are losing,their minds.Yes,as muslims we must call this degenerate laying to waste culture of violence out.Tariq Ramadan called for moratorium on the sharia due to the inbalanceof justice .This should not lead to people now saying he is a hyprocite.The case of the 75yr.old woman from Syria who has been sentrencedto 40 lashes and deportation in the Saudi Arabia is a perfect example of the inbalance of justice.Her crime is that she met with two 24yrs.old men after she asked them to bring 5loaves of bread to home.We can refute this nonsense with this example during the time of Umar.There was woman whose husband was away.Umar,who was the khalifah, wastold that she admitted men into her house in absence of her husband.AsUmardisaproved of this,he sent someone to summom her to him.’Oh,woe unto me!Why should Umar want to see me?The woman was pregant,and on her way to him she was scared that she went into labor.She therefore entered a house where she gave birth to a child who died shortly afterwards,Umarconsulted the companions of the Prophet,some of whom advised that he was not to blame for anything,he was only doing what his officerequired of him.Ali on other hand,kept silent.Noticing that,Umar came up to Ali and asked him;Whatdo you say?Ali replied ;If what these companions said is what they really think,then their opinion is wrong.Butif they said that in order to please you, they have not given you proper advice.I beleve that you have to pay compensation[diyah]for the child.It is you who scared the woman,and she miscarried because of you.It is said Umar yielding to the opinion without feeling any resentment.This can be found on pg.46 in the book Ethics of disagreenment in Isalm by Taha Jabir al ‘Alwani.This is the just social order that we in muslim ummah don’t see nor the nonmuslims.When the Messiah Obama sanctions bombing villages in Pakistan he is know better then the nuts Mumbai,India.Everybody should called out who play apartin murdering inocent people.When so called takfir groups go on killing sprees they should also be brought to justice.Terroism is universal it has affected capalist.communist,anarchist and relgious extremist.

  9. Sabir says:

    I am a Pakistani-American and I’m proud of my homeland and its culture and history, notwithstanding its recent problems. What I’m ashamed of is you and your ilk who do nothing but attack other Muslims (and in this case, an entire country). When a nameless blogger like you who has done nothing for the Muslim community attacks people like Sami Al-Arian and Mahdi Bray who have sacrificed their time and their freedom, well… let’s just say it’s no wonder that nobody takes you seriously.

  10. Abdul says:

    Recently went to New Zealand, and found many pakistanis resturants with Indian names.

  11. Aziz says:

    Just a a quick query. The Pakistan Airforce considers itself to be one the best in the world. How comes it’s pilots cant seem to shoot down unmanned drones which regulary (assuming that they aren’t lauched from Pak airfields!) breach Pakistan’s airspace murdering civilians in the process?

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