Khalid Yasin Exposed: The Video

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

I found the video of the Australian expose which revealed the fraud of con man “da’ee” Khalid Yasin. Watching it is entirely different from reading the transcript. If you don’t catch anything else, check out the last five minutes where they bust him lying about his academic credentials. Notice how ghetto and slick he gets. Keep in mind this documentary was produced four years ago, and the Muslim TV station Khalid “raised funds” for still doesn’t exist (for those who keep screaming about the “benefit of the doubt”). In fact, just watch the whole thing and see a real con man in action.


  1. samah007 says:

    The footage of him working out is hilarious.

    • Inshallah samah007 and others please dont give up on american black speakers who are muslim we instill hope and give a spark to the ummah as anyone else. As for the sheikh if thats true we should make duaa for him not backbit and worse take sides with the kufr, because when were down and out well want someone to pick us up not kick us. When Allah swt mad us he showed our father Adam aleay aslam and Adam noticed that there were some of his children mor beautiful brighter light more deen more intelligence, he asked Allah swt why are theri some not equal to others. Allah told Adam i liked to be thanked. This is in the Ihn katheer stories of the prophets tafseer. so inshallah look up Siraj Wahajj a wonderful imam abdullah hakim quick another and inshallah look at my website im from new york and now in austraila speaking in school sand jails to the youth about islam mashallaj.

    • jck says:

      The whole ‘man’ is a big joke ……

  2. Happy to Be Gone says:

    That workout footage is hilarious. This guy is such a clown. I wish they’d do videos like this on all the scholars for dollars.

    • RamiX says:

      So what?? Why not to work out, a guy cannot be religious and sportive …
      Everyone could try and fail, no wrong in that, …
      If had a big house the report would have shown it… but they did not.. I’m not blindly defending the guy ,… I just dont buy this cheap report

  3. Old NYC Soldier says:

    Khalid Yasin begun his ministry as the “Amir” or leader of Jammat Ita’hadul Iqwa on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn N.Y. (often referred to as the McDonalds Mosque, due to its proximity to a McDonalds). Upon his return from Hajj, he was given money (alongside several prominent Muslim clerics, such as Siraj Wahhaj) by the Saudi Arabian government, through its religious ministries Darul Ifta and Rabitat. This money was for the establishment of a proper Masjid (instead of the store front) and for Dawah. Khalid returned to Jammat Iqwa, overthrew the leadership of the Masjid, assumed control, and used the funds to purchase a home for himself in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Known for his outbursts and violent mood swings, he often found himself at trouble with other imams. He was witnessed getting into a verbal confrontation, yelling wildly and verbally berating the Imam of Yasin Masjid (a Darul Islam mosque) on 52 Herkemer St. He also physically assaulted a well renowned brother, Sheikh Adl, at Jammat Iqwa by his beard and slammed him into the wall. Later on he would make public threats against the Ansar Muslims located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In 1988, as a result of his long time battle with drug addiction, he served time for “Possession With The Intent To Distribute Controlled Substances” in a New York Prison. His son was also incarcerated for the same. Upon his release, he relocated to parts unknown, eventually landing in England and attempting to start a ministry there.

  4. Adilah says:

    What have you done for the Ummah? Australia is running rampant with Lebanese gangs.
    These youth who were born into Muslim families have no direction and have lost their deen. This man has reinstilled Islam and self respect in them. I have not seen one of his videos that I disagree with. If it hurts peoples feelings, so be it. Of course, Australia is going to demonize him because they don’t want any Muslims period. Also, How is a Kuffar going to set up accreditation for an Imam? You’re ok if you teach the way we want you to teach? I don’t think so.
    He makes a statement in one of his videos that there are 1.5 billion Muslims and these Muslims are equivalent to 1.5 billion wet matches. He is definitely right. They are so afraid of offending the Kuffar that they will sell out there own brothers to gain some status.
    Keep going brother, Khalid Yasin.

  5. Old NYC Soldier says:

    @ Adilah

    First of all, we have known Khalid Yasin and his criminal activity for YEARS before he ever came to Australia. This man has not changed at all and only gotten worse as the years have passed

    Keep going Khalid? Yes Khalid, (according to you) continue to let him rob and steal from the Muslims! Let him buy personal houses and land with money that is supposed to go to projects all because a FEW Lebanese youth in Australia like to listen to his tapes???

    So according to you, we are supposed to allow him to just continue his criminal activity and NEVER warn anyone EVER? So this is all a big con game to you all? Criminal activity does not matter at all to you? This is a sickening way of thinking

    • DARRYL says:

      Since i dont worship people, i dont have an emotional connection to Yasin. I am however, black and i do have a problem with the idea that arab muslims are the yardstick of Islam. Where is the outcry when it comes to the arab kings and princes who inspite of thier dress, in every other way live like the kuffar?

  6. Adilah says:

    Where is the “criminal activity”? He made some failed business dealings. This happens all the time in our communities. Is he still producing his videos and tapes? That takes money and is also considered “media broadcasting”. They showed a building in the video that is also an Islamic center. So what if he lives there also. Is he not doing Dawah?
    Is he not teaching? Aren’t they broadcasting a radio show?

    What are you doing?

  7. saeeda says:

    @ adilah: *applause*

  8. Yusuf Fabrizio (Italy) says:

    BismiLlahi arRahmani arRahim

    AsSalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuhu

    MashaLlah sister Adilah, may Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala bless you for your true words.
    I don’t know if all this is true and it is not my business, nor YOURS.
    All that I see is a lot of arguments for kuffar to stop the dawah, and subhanaLlah, there are even muslims who help that??

    My Lord is Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala and my Master is Muhammad sallaLlahu ‘alayihi wa sallam, then I strive to follow this hadith * :

    Abu Hurairah, radiyallahu ‘anhu, reported that the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, said:

    “Do not be envious of one another; do not artificially inflate prices against one another; do not hate one another; do not shun one another; and do not undercut one another in business transactions; and be as fellow-brothers and servants of Allah.

    A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He neither oppresses him nor humiliates him nor looks down upon him. Piety is here – and he pointed to his chest three times. It is evil enough for a Muslim to hold his brother Muslim in contempt. All things of a Muslim are inviolable for another Muslim: his blood, his property and his honour.”


    * Translation of the meaning

    Here is the original with explanation:

  9. Abdullah says:

    An observation by an Arab American:
    Ma sha’ Allah… Black American Sunni Muslim converts seem to have been blessed with a charisma and way of speaking that makes them amongst the most effective propagators of Islam. Malik Shabazz (malcom X), Siraj Wahhaj, Khalid Yasin, Abdullah Hakim Quick, Bilal Phillips, Jamil el-Amin, and countless other brothers giving da’wa for decades now amongst both the Tabligh Jamaat and the Salafis. May Allah bless them.

  10. mohammed says:

    as salaam aliykum wa rahima

    MashAllah sister you are doing some wonderful work carry on..and i totally agree with you

  11. Abu Zachariah says:

    Salaam Aleikum

    I have met him, spoken to him, eaten with him and listened to him.
    I have been very observant and analytical of his behaviour and dealings with people and nothing, absolutely rings my alarm bells. I have donated as well and remember for Muslims, the most important thing before an action is the intention and then Allah decides for you to receive hasanat or not. Do not worry to much about where it will be used as long as you feel the person trustworthy.

    I sat with him at a restaurant with a few people eating and after finishing, he starts making dawah to two elderly ladies. Now if he was a con then he would have chosen a m,uch larger audience to do this in front of. Shame on those Muslims who listen and affirm the accusations from the mouths of non-Muslims. Imagine these kind of Muslims in a narration of the Prophet (saw)… The hadith would have been categorized as fabricated!

  12. Usman says:

    Salam u Alaikum,

    I have seen Shaykh Khalid Yasin lectures, and i feel so ashamed of those muslims who called themselves sunnis, wahabis or anything, and they listened to these things from the mouth of the non-muslims and make up their minds, this video has been fully edited and have chosen specific parts to demolish the respect of Shaykh, i believe he is a great man and a great scholar.

  13. reco says:

    ((They are planning and plotting , and Allah too plans and plots , Allah is the best of plotters ))

  14. Mohammed says:

    BisMilah, Salam walekum Brothers and sisters in faith..
    I ‘ve watched many lectures of Khalid Yasin, and I have to say: The Man is knowledgeable and is guided at times By Allah. But we all always seek for guidance 5 times a day in our daily Salah. “Lead Us to The straight Path”. Indeed we need it all. Khalid Yasin made many lectures and still making more alhamdulelah.. so people say so what? well people watch those lectures e.g (Purpose of Life 1 , 2 & 3) and (why should we recognize God?) & (Our beginning & our end) and then say so what!! when the truth is realized people become Muslim. As For Khalid alhamdulelah when He Represents our Case (Islam) Many People by Allah’s will Accept it and Embrace it. As for His Faults (God Knows best if He’s facing difficulties, failed, still trying) Or purposely Scammed them Then May Allah Cover His Faults or short comings and Lead Him to The Right Path

    So They May Realize what really happened with Him as they realized (most of them) That Islam Is the Truth..

  15. Kwame Madden says:

    Khald Yasin lhas lecture on halal tube called [moving beyond the rituals ]that is absoutely electrifying with alot of insight.The brother has alot of good things to and he he a good pulse on the the muslim degeneration no doubt.With all that said that still doesen’t mean he should put in leadership postion or even a postuon of responbilty were he is handling tons of donated money contributed by sincere muslims.

    • Qasim says:

      Because the man can give a good speech does that mean that the MUSLIMS that he ROBBED should not have their money returned to them? Can you all not see that he is counting on people letting him off the hook because he is famous

  16. mohamed says:


  17. mohamed says:


  18. Ahkila Johnson says:

    It is so amazing, it is so amazing the media cares about the Muslim community and its business. Why is Shaykh Khalid Yasin such a threat to you all. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that your allegations are correct and he is robbing the muslim world why does the media care about that, how convenient for you all to take such an interest. I believe he has been blessed with a gift from Allah (swt) to reach out to the youths of Islam and it scares you all to death. Lady journalist let me tell you something, none of you can take away his noor (light) none of you so, I suggest you leave him alone. Take my advice, because if you try to bring him down and might even be successful to get some other muslim brothers and sisters to believe you Allah (swt) would someone else who would be stronger and better to do Allah (swt) works. Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest). Try, you would only fail and fail miserably. I am proud to be a fan of Shaykh Khalid Yasin may Allah (swt) forgive him Insha Allah (God willing) and Bless him Insha Allah and continue to give him the strenght and the guidance he needs to continue the dawah. Shame on us Muslims who encourage and support this nonsense by the media who wants to stop the spread of the Islamic dawah at any cost. May Allah (swt) have mercy upon us all and make us stronger in the deen. — Some advice to you lady journalist you need to watch the DVD from Shaykh Khalid Yasin the Stranger because we love and we will continue to love him even with his faults and we will accept his faults and pray for him because he is our brother in Islam and we love him for the sake of Allah (subhana tallah).

  19. Mark says:

    How offensive is this crap to Muslims! Once again they are being singled out and no one thinks twice about investigating what the Christians say in their church, or what the Jews say in their temples, and we all know how much hate is spewed there. Khalid Yasin is a sweet peaceful man, people hold a grudge towards him because he converted from Christianity to Islam no sense in hiding that fact. You wont see him break out and speak in tongue thats for sure… May God Bless him always.

  20. Qasim says:

    Wallahi you people get EXACTLY what you deserve with these con men that rob you of your money. You are personality struck cultists

  21. […] preachers like Yusuf Estes, Abdur Raheem Green and Khalid Yasin are known to speak to huge crowds and have huge followings as well, though they may not be as […]

  22. Ahmed says:

    FITNAH Dont trust the non Muslim

  23. Em says:

    Typical media and government attempting to disrupt the muslim community. Just like when the African Americans were coming together and forming the Black Panther movement. It didnt last long because the media and government start turning the black community against itself. Now we have black community killing each other and the women selling themselves for the sake of “gangster/hip hop/street” culture which was invented by the media to kill any unity amongst the blacks. Now we have the media turning the muslims against their strongest forces. How many times have I heard a muslim slandering the scholars and speakers who leave a huge impact on them? Too many times. This is getting out of control. The muslims need to stand up and stay united! Like for real people wake up and stop being influenced by the media.

  24. Adilah says:

    You are right Em. I have lived through whole thing of the media trashing the Black Panthers. Also, your other comments are right on the money. Muslims must stand up an stay united and stop falling into traps setup by the kuffar.

  25. yusuf issack says:

    you guys are always happy to see Muslims in misery but guess what none of you can blow out the light of ALLAH and whomever ALLAH wants to guide he will guide him and whomever ALLAH doesn’t want to guide there is no one who can….. So brother Khalid may ALLAH BLESS YOU and give you strength to spread his word …INSHAALAAH….

    • Barbro says:

      And how do you muslims look at us as Christans?You call us whores,pigs,nazizts,kafir and worse things than that!You also burn down our churches and kill us!

  26. jasien says:

    assalamu alaikum
    dear brothers and sisters I am very sorry for this man who calls himself sheich khalid yasin, i bought over 2200 dvds from him for wholesale, one title of 100dvds are empty or damaged, so i told him after i find out (some months later after one customer complains) and this is his reply:

    so in I had to control 2200 dvds if they are damaged when I got them sealt as well who will do this???For me it becomes clear this khalid yasin is not to trust, we can only make dua for him that Allah swt will make him a rigtheous man

    (excuses for my bad english)

  27. waseem says:

    I cant understand that people cant believe what they see from their eyes but they believe what the media is telling them; which is not confirmed by any authentic source. Only based on the reports of some so called paid news-persons and reporters. Who just try to create some stories which are most of the times wrong.

    So I think people must listen what Sheikh Khalid Yasin is saying right now about belief and other things like that (Islam) instead of what he has done in his past.

    If someone is afraid that after listening his lectures he or she will become a real beneficial for the humankind, I think he or she must be thankful to Sheikh Khalid instead of criticizing him. As for as I am concerned I really got a lot of encouragement from his lectures and they really helped me o rethink about my lifestyle. I really feel the positive change. And I am thankful to him. God bless him forever.

  28. waseem says:

    Just listen this….

  29. Yusuf says:

    A focused Muslim, who thinks that it is also his responsibility to spread the message of Islam will actually become inspired by this video. Remember brothers and sisters, who are we to judge? leave it to Allah.

    what we should do is atleast stop criticizing such personals who are great assets to Islam. If you don’t want to acknowledge it, fine, but please stop going along with the Kuffars and blaming this sacred effort of this man.

    It hurts to see fellow Muslims doing this.

    Allah knows best.

  30. yusuf says:

    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, forget about Khalid yasin for a moment, and just visit the profile of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, the author of all the articals about Sheikh Khalid Yasin.

    This guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, has been writing about all HARAAM things like the music industry, Michael Jackson is his favorite i guess. So, my picture about all his articles regarding Khalid Yasin is just that its another article of his to draw attention.

    And he probably choose Khalid Yasin because he knows how popular Khalid Yasin is among FAITHFULL Muslims, so its more or less certain that people will read his articles. This itself is an acceptance that Khalid Yasin is a true servant of Allah.

    Allah knows best

  31. yusuf says:

    InshaAllah i am going to start a campaign against this guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, all brothers and sisters are welcome.

    I challenge this guy Abdur-Rahman Muhammad to become a good muslim himself, before trying to correct or blame other muslim brothers. Who am I to judge? yes, i cannot judge you, but can any muslim brother or sister agree with his involvement with music??? Isn’t it HARAAM?

  32. Adilah says:

    Start the campaign Yusuf and I’ll be there, Inshallah.

  33. yusuf says:

    @Adilah: By campaign i meant to spread the word in the internet, specially this page. and if this guy continues to write such articles we can take it up on Facebook and twitter.

    But I do sincerely wish that brother Abdur-Rahman Muhammad understands that the non-muslims are doing this in purpose to create a faction in our united Ummah. I don’t have to tell you the history of Channel-9, we know who they are!!!!!

    It’s sad to say that brother Abdur-Rahman Muhammad and many other muslims are only helping the cause of the kafirs by doing such activities. lets make dua that Allah gives such brothers and sisters the true understanding because what ever said he is still one of us.


    JazakaAllah Khair

  34. kayal says:

    muslims should see all people as brothers and sisters. people should be judged based on their character not what their religious belief is. this man targets the insecurities of some muslims who feel left out, or as the other, to benefiet himself. a lot of religious leaders in the muslim community do the same as he does. they force other people to follow their belief or polotical view by saying that there is a dichotomy of us against them or vise versa. that is clearly not the issue. there is always more to an issue than what may appear. what ever happened after september 11 has a lot more behind it than we know. we should not be so quick to label people as the enemy.

    i do not want to sound pessimistic but there isn’t complete unity in any group. this also applies to islam. there will be a divide because not all people will agree on issues together. we have to learn to accept that others have different beliefs even in our own groups and accept them.
    the problem today is that the spiritual aspect of islam is being left behind and a political one is being embraced. Islam is about peace and bettering oneself, which betters society collectively.

  35. Alison says:

    Ha, this is cheap. 9/11, while horrible, and monstrous, was awfully convenient for the American Government. I wouldn’t say he needs medical help. This is a cheap shot. An Australian man in a suit, brainwashing everyone watching this video by trying to seem civil with very irregular statements. he simply says what people want to hear…

    Khalid may be a fraud, I have yet to realise this. This video is so biased that I cannot use it as a reference for this accusation.

  36. Abu Youshaa says:

    What exposed!! Cheap shots! Twisted non-facts, and a woman trying to become famous and make a raise. What a joke! Con man yes you are “Abdur-Rahman Muhammad”

  37. oem Musa says:

    As salaamoe aleikoem wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my dear brothers & sisters,

    I thought a long time if i should wright something or not, because it’s not my intention to talk bad someone but i also think it’s my duty to warn my brothers & sisters! I don’t wanna speak about the intention of other people because only ALLAH swt knows what is in our harts and minds, but i can tell you all that you have to be very very carefull with giving money or doing business with other muslims!! Even if they are giving good and strong lectures, that doesn’t mean anything at all.
    Offcourse will ALLAH swt reward you for giving inshaALLAH but still, do we not want that this money will be used for our ummah, and that it will be used for what is been said to you?
    Everyone of us makes mistakes, there is no doubt about that, but people who are giving lectures chose themselves to be a role model so they have to be even more carefull in doings and sayings because they are an example to us!! And when a person is making the same mistakes over and over again than we have to warn eachother for this person i think, even if his intention is not bad wa ALLAHoe alem but we have to protect eachother for being hurt or misleaded!
    I want to give an advice to you all: We are all people, also shaykhs, imaams etc and we can all make mistakes in what we do and in what we say! So learn about Islam, try to get more knolledge and don’t trust blindfully!
    We have to follow the example of our Prophet Mohammad saw and not the shaykhs or imams! I don’t mean that we don’t have to respect them and that they can not advice us but they are not the Dien! And there are some people who call themselves shaykh or imaam but actually they are not in the position to do so!
    And listen to the words they say about Islam and learn from that but don’t idealize the person who said those words because then you become very weak when you see that the speaker doesn’t practice what he is saying! That’t why you have to learn from the words and don’t idealize the person because he is just human like you and me, please don’t forget this and keep up the fait inshaALLAH!!
    May ALLAH swt guide us all to the straight pad & forgive us for our mistakes & sins; AMIEN YA RABB!


  38. What a horrific witch hunt. When watching the full 30 minutes of this “report” you realize that they have cut out very small segments and sound bites that seem to some how support what they have already decided ahead of making the program. They speak of being SHOCKED that anyone hold such views on for example the 9/11 when in reality anyone who does not believe that it is an inside Job is the deviant. The free fall collapse of building 7 (which was never hit by anything) alone shatters the whole official story. YET the minister of education and the Mrs Sarah F. can not contain their shock that anyone on earth can hold such view when there have been 10s of documentary made by professional (engineers, scientists and demolition experts) and eye witnesses that says that he is by no stretch of the imagination is alone but actually main stream, but that is not what this program wants you to know, and if there was an ounce of honesty they would have mentioned the prevailing general views about 9/11, but no, they made it sound like he was a lunatic.

    As for the homosexuality and bestiality why even mention it or bring it up unless the whole purpose is to make this one man look the way they wanted him to look, namely an extremist. The reality and the absolute judgment of all 3 major Abrahamic religions is that anyone who practices such behavior is to be put to death. If this is dramatic and controversial DO NOT MAKE IT SOUND AS IF IT WAS HIS UNIQUE PERSONAL VIEWS. The only balanced way to relay his acceptance of this verdict is to put it in context and explain that he is merely following the teaching of Islam which is also the exact copy of the teachings of both Christianity and Judaism on this subject. But even bring it up at all is at best dubious. Imagine making a similar investigative report about Christian priest/Preacher and asking him if he believes everything in the Bible and when he says yes they start bringing up all the extreme violence, vile atrocities and sexual perversion that is part of the Bible and accusing the man of being a supporter of such views. This of course can NEVER happen because they are not Muslims (Today’s punching bag of the West).

    The rest of the allegations are contrived, made up, made out to look shocking by simply having people come on and say so etc…

    And finally the whole tone of the program from start to finish is revolting, it is without a doubt a witch hunt that if applied to ANYONE human being let alone a public figure, and the same devious and underhanded methods are used they can indeed make mother Teresa look like a suicidal maniac bent on world destruction. or make her sound like a God hating witch because she once said that she was not sure that Gd even exist. Imagine Sarah Ferguson taking that and running with it.

    As for the claims that IBC was a fraud and that the proof is that it is not in existence today does not prove anything. The way I see it and even this vile program showed that this dedicated and devoted man had an idea and a plan to see it come to light and the only thing that was missing and the most important was the funding (as with any similar projects). What happened was not fraud on his part but a highly orchestrated witch hunt that followed him around and made it impossible for him to acquire the needed funds to see this project come to light. First with the Saudi Al Haramain being listed as “terrorist supporter” (like ALL US based Islamic charities) and then followed him to the UK and then to Australia and not allowing him to breath let alone generate the required funds to accomplish his project. So NO it was not fraud it was a collaborative effort by authorities in many countries with the cooperation of co-opted and controlled and fabricated media that neither this man nor his project succeed.

    I am truly revolted by this insane witch hunt. Khalid Yasin is a wonderful human being and great Muslim scholar and teacher. Allah does indeed put those he loves most to the test and I hope and pray that Brother Khalid will always have the patience to persevere and pass the test.

  39. Mas'ood says:

    Many Muslims now know about the lying and stealing of Khalid Yasin (May Allah guide him to repent and return the money of the many Muslims he misled) This man is known to collect money for fund raisers and then pocket it and no one hears back from him.

    • Barbro says:

      Then why are so many muslims adoring him?I just do not get it!And how can he be a good muslim if he does ot give the money back to them?This is not nice!

  40. A true muslim says:

    Yeh a great muslim doing sports what is your problem ,don’t you have a problem with those who killed millions of muslims in Iraq and afghanistan and serbia and chechnya and Serbia and sure in our holy land Palestine ,what is your problem muslims you beleive in dunia more then akhira ,do you thing you are really a muslim so what you did for your brothers killed?millions suffered and suffer!!.

  41. Nuha says:

    I first read aou this on a Jewish websites supported by the “Tea Party” of the US. Personally, I like his lectures, but yesterday I watched his lecture about Judgement Day and accoring to the information I have the hadith mentioned by him is weak and odd and also he refered a story to Prophet Ibrahim, alayhi salam, instead of Prophet Muhammad, sal Allahu alayhi wa salam, as far as my limited knowledge tells me. So I am less concerned of his fraud or else, because I have not seen any evidence and everyone can post here and elsewhere whatever he or she wants, but I am more concerned about wrong knowledge spread within the Ummah.

  42. Khaleel Mughal says:

    Aslm. How dare you continue to distribute fitnah based on Kufr media. Khalid Yasin has reverted many people to Islam.. Allah knows best.

  43. Bilal says:

    So if a man has given a lot of shahadahs that means it is permissible for him to steal the money of the Muslims?

  44. salaamu 3alaykum,
    no, respected brothers and sisters, khalid yasin IS a complete fraud with ZERO islamic qualifications. presently, he is doing his dirty work in my adopted home of seattle. i have personally seen him and tried to approach him many times, this is NOT a person who will be stopped by good will or any appeal to islamic decency.
    he is a con artist from hell and i see it as my personal DUTY to stop his evil, for very personal reasons which i summarize below.
    in the last “khutbah”(as i consider a khutbah by such a person to be invalid in shari3ah) he used the appeal of “helping the homeless and at risk youth”. i myself have been both homeless and “at risk youth” due to many years of having been hooked on hard drugs(something me and khalid have in common, i guess). alhamdulillah i have been clean for almost 3 years now.
    also, he claims to have a “center for at risk youth” in a suburb of seattle called Sammamish, WA. now, Sammamish is a very expensive, rich suburb where most of the people who live there are microsoft workers. i am not sure where he found these “at risk youth” in this lily white neighborhood. i jokingly suggested that khalid might want to consider having a “youth center” in the rougher inner city areas of seattle.
    i am SICK AND DISGUISTED that someone would lie so brazenly not just to me personally but to the whole world. now, i have been through the corrections system and the streets, and there is a saying “game recognize game” and khalid yasin just so happened to have “messed with the wrong person”, as they say on the streets. he acts and carries himself much like a prison yard gang leader, the type i am well familiar with, with one exceptions. THOSE guys make no bones that they are die hard thugs.
    inshallah, i will be able to help run this snake out of our communty
    may allah aid me and others

    • @Alauddin Sibbri

      This information about Khalid Yasin has been out there for years now, but people are just too damn stupid, cowardly, or corrupt to stop this bastard. All of the well known black Imams in New York city KNOW, and have KNOWN for many years, long before the above video was produced, that Khalid Yasin is a criminal but refused to say anything!

      But if you go after him you’ll have to also go after the “Prosperity Duat” like Muhammad Al Shareef’s so-called Al Magrid Institute.

      • Abu Abdillah says:

        Seems to be that you are simply a music loving, sinful sufi who has an agenda against popular du;at of the sunnah in the west. Produce your proofs if you are truthful!

  45. oh yes, one more thing, please do contact me at
    i welcome any insight and advice

  46. Zubair Haq says:

    @ alauddin sibiri

    You should show as many people in Seattle the video above as possible so that he does not continue to rob the Muslims of their money

  47. Zubair Haq says:

    Khalid Yasin’s “prosperity dawah” must be stopped

  48. Afzal Khan says:

    Assalamu’Alaikum to my Muslim Brothers & Sister! Brothers who r u to say that dawah should be stopped, u r supporting this Anti-ISLAM pepoles. Its the work of Allah (SWT) and no one can stop this, not even u coward name sake Muslims.

  49. Afzal Khan says:

    Assalamu’Alaikum to my Muslim Brothers & Sister! Brothers who r u to say that dawah should be stopped, u r supporting this Anti-ISLAM peoples. Its the work of Allah (SWT) and no one can stop this, not even u coward name sake Muslims.

  50. mark says:

    what did this guy ever do to you mr. Muhammad? are you just jealous that a criminal could out do you in fame and skills,thats fighting and speaking. yeah he could kick your ass.
    he been all around the world. where have you been? still on the corner, University libraries because you cant afford a computer.

  51. mark says:

    if someone lies in for the sake of Allah i see no problem in giving him $100 .as long as we see the money going to good use we all should not have a problem with it. How many people have asked in private dont say that, or made dua for him. you see my point , you need to correct your nia first.

  52. mark says:

    one reason why so many people love and support him is that Allah controls the hearts of men.

  53. yasin t.b damba says:

    i think its high time we reflect verywell on these issue, but there onething i want muslims to be aware that the prophet said who so ever disgrace his brother muslim Allah will disgrace him in this world and on the last day. i believe it is the hycrites of islam who have conspire with non belevers to radicue against him but isha allah khalid yasin has done more good to society than good and hence i believe allah will vindicate him and grant him success. the quaran already spoke about this in suratul surf that the want to darken the light of islam with their tongues but Allah already given success to islam this just a challenge to khalid yasin but i think he should the opportunity to come out and establish another plat form for islam to florish. all those agitating this nagative impression and non believers and the hypocites of islam. nothing can stop islam from getting to the pinnacle of success. shame on you advocates

  54. yasin t.b damba says:

    he has done more good to society than he has harm any onee

  55. Dawud Adib says:

    I don’t know about all of this stuff. I just know I need to find another bint to marry with the quickness. I prefer a virgin!!! Dawud Adib-style


    Aboo Tasneem

    • mohamed khamis aganas says:

      Regardless of faith, those who have wronged Society are all always hauled before a court of law. are the evidence not conclusive? is the Government afraid of Him or the F B I has turned a blind eye?
      What was the response, has anyone confronted Him with the accusations?
      Actions speak louder, He has reached out to many people by lectures, by what criteria would anyone judge him to be a fraud.

  56. Kamal says:

    I think they’re scared of him! He’s effective.

  57. Akinremi A A says:

    Allah is there to punish those of U muslims or non muslims who are spreading evil about muslims and islam.I know those muslims doing it have alterior motive and they’ve been paid.Allah will punish U if U don’t repent.

  58. Sharif says:

    Shame on the muslims for discrediting Sheik Yassin on the basis of a documentary made by kuffar

  59. Abdul-Hakeem says:

    Shame on those Muslims who look the other way while Khalid Yasin STEALS from the Muslims. This is not based on this documentary but on what I and MANY others have seen in person

  60. Naj says:

    I dont know how i came upon this post but i feel very uneasy reading it.The blogger seems to have dedicated such a great amount of time and passion into getting this out there,which means if its not true or if it in any ways attacks his personality or him personally and has spead this amongst possibly milions….i cant even imajine what the concsequence qould be.
    From reading this from my gut instict it feels like this is plain backbiting,basically we are taking a non muslims word against a muslims.They probably dug up so much from his past and skewed and thwarted it.Even so if worst case scenario it has any truth to it shouldnt you conceal your brothers faults and address him first atleast then handled it more tastefully with more awareness of Allah and his deen.

    To the miskeen Brother who dedicated all this effort to either backbite or slander and all those who are just oohing and aaaarghing in belief at it all ITTAQILLAH(Frear Allah!!).If anything you could of have addressed issues regarding aqeedah and minhaj integral to our knowledge as he is a da’ee,rather than calling him a thief and swindler with no solid proof,and in islam we are taught that the proof is upon the claimant so prepare to be judged for your accusations and to bring forth evidence and then to justify the manner in which you spoke of him and that you sided with the non believers in the attack against him.

    Their seems more concern about money than iman and aqidah.This blogg saddens me and reminds me of the fitnah of backbiting and division amongst the ummah.This problem isnt as common as the blogger makes it out to be exremely rare from my experiences Alhmadulillah.I dont know to what extent any allegations are true all i know is something isnt right about this blog.

    May ALLAH SWT guide us all and keep us sincere Ameen,

    A very concerned sister.

  61. Indus says:

    Khalid Yasin is a very bad man that has no scruples and is doing a lot of evil.

  62. Yahaya Seidu says:

    Asalamu Alaikum Warahamatulahi Wabaraktuhu.

    All i can say is that whom ever ALLAH SWA has blessed no man i mean not even the whole world can put asunder. May ALLAH SWA bless Shayk Khalid Yasin with more wisdom and knowledge to continue his good work no matter what the KUFAR think or do. May ALLAH SWA bless us all and give us understanding. Asalamu Alaikum.

  63. alauddin says:

    salaamu alaykum
    dear brothers and sisters
    i have posted on this website about 2 years ago about the activities and deception of this trickster. he has openly violated many laws of my local state(washington state) during his “fundraising”. last time i checked he left seattle in unknown direction. i have had personal threats from his “bodyguard gorillas” and other people sympathetic to him, i call this sickness “gangsterism in the mosque”
    please help stop this because khalid yasin is NOT the only one who operates along these lines
    please contact me with any information at
    my name is alauddin

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