A Daughter Finds Her Father. The Final Resting Place of “Big Bilal”.

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am extremely gratified to share with everyone the news that we’ve located the final resting place of “Big Bilal” Abdullah Rahman and his fallen brother, Muhammad Ahmed. Sadly though, that information did not come from the family of sister Sayyidah Abdullah Rahman (daughter) or any of the “old soldiers” in New York. I was under the mistaken belief that they would have tried to make the situation right. They didn’t. Even after the original story sat on this site for a week, no one came forward with the information. A hostile comment did appear however on another site which identified the funeral home, and with that information it was easy to determine the location of the grave site. 

The funeral for both brothers was well attended, and held the same day at the Erskine Funeral Home in Brooklyn, N.Y, on Feb 6th, 1974. Miss Rahman told me that she shared this information with her older children and together with her two sisters, plans to visit her father’s grave for the first time in the 35 years since his death. She would like to express her gratitude to all the people who supported and prayed for her family, but now needs a quiet moment to take this all in.

Big Bilal and Muhammad Ahmed are interred at the

Heavenly Rest Memorial Park, 

268 Ridgedale Ave. East Hanover, N.J. 07936-2304  

(973) 887 – 0386     Please call first.

Grave Locations:

Bilal Abdullah Rahman,  Elm section,  grave 81,  block D,  row A

Muhammad Ahmed,        Elm section,  grave 82,  block D,  row A

  1. Abu Usamah al-Aswad says:

    Al-hamdulillah the sister was able to locate her father’s burial site, inshaAllah this information will provide her and her siblings some small solace and some closure.

    May Allah ease their pain and strenghten and guide the family upon the straight path.

    And they should know that I and others I know have always made du’a for those that came before us, particularly those that have given their lives to establish Islam on these shores. Not only these brothers and El-Hajj Malik and others who were martyred, but also those unsung whose life long work was aimed at establishing Islam, may Allah widen their graves, forgive them of their sins and grant them paradise. Ameen

    These brothers were martyred adhereing to the jamaat under the leadership of an Imam, seeking some sort of autonomy in this land, and there are those of us who still seek to build upon the good and accomplish this goal, inshAllah

    On another note, this does bring up an interesting point of tracing ones history. I myself have done some research in this area on one of my great-grandfathers from my father’s side who was a Gullah / Geeche. And just in case I have some lost relatives, his name was John Engrum from from Beaufort, SC

  2. @ Abu Usamah Al Aswad

    “And just in case I have some lost relatives, his name was John Engrum from from Beaufort, SC”

    From the information that you have provided above, and talking to the old folks in my family, I have made the startling discovery that You and I are….BROTHERS! Can you believe it?!

    Just a little humor akh (smile).

  3. AbuHannah says:


  4. Rabiya says:

    I’m glad she has at least been able to get this… I hope she finds peace and tranquility.

  5. […] AR Muhammad uses his blog to locate the grave of “Big Bilal” Abdullah Rahman, one of four Muslims slain in a Brooklyn masjid shootout in the bad old days of 1974.   […]

  6. […] AR Muhammad uses his blog to locate the grave of “Big Bilal” Abdullah Rahman, one of four Muslims slain in a Brooklyn masjid shootout in the bad old days of 1974. […]

  7. gilani says:

    was this the incident that jameel abdul-haqq was put in his wheel chair ? that guy is buried in islamberg home of the fuqra jamaat. did yahya abdulkareem die too ?

  8. A. Rahman says:

    yes, they have both went back to Allah.

  9. gilani says:

    I left Gilanis gang back in 2000 after I divorcing one of gilanis followers , I never seen any real dedication to islam with them , but I seen dedication to the sheikh , they accused many of being cia , fbi and even mossad agents especially if you were not african american…..what a shame.

  10. J says:

    At the turn of the new day, I decided to do something I had previously never attempted to do….look for information on my father. Things have changed in thus dawn of the technological era we live in today. So I started by searching Google. ( Ive always been taught to look in the simplest place first when it comes to tracking something down) So I typed his name into the Google search engine (His Muslim name as I was made aware that most people knew him by that name) and the entries for the the search came up. The first article read; “Where is “Big Bilal” A daughters cry for answers.” I began reading the articles as I knew the odds of this woman looking for her father suddenly and mine had nothing to do with each other. The name Bilal is also a very common Muslim name. I began reading the article and while certain things were similar, I still did not bold the thought that the two were related. Even when I saw his last name was also the same, I was a little surprised, but nothing made me think there was any connection.

    Then there was the year of his death…that began to make my stomach churn a little as the similarities were getting too close. My father died the in the same year…5 months before I was born.

    Then came his given name.(Patrick Quince) My heart dropped and I knew that I was not dreaming or mistaken……

    My name is J. Abdullah Rahman.

    “Big Bilal” Abudullah Rahman is my father….and I am his last child.

    I’ve thought of looking in to WHO my father was and WHY he was killed. Where he was buried. I’ve even just wanted to see just what he looked like.

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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