Jermaine Jackson: Heir to the Legacy?

Posted: August 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Jermaine Jackson appeared on Larry King Live this week…again, leading curious minds to ask; is Jermaine becoming the face of the Jackson family and heir to the legacy? I must honestly admit, I thought the guy was washed up a long time ago, and had major problems with his having babies by Randy’s ex girlfriend (making both men’s children siblings and cousins AT THE SAME TIME).

However, since watching this deeply moving rendition of the song Smile at his brother’s memorial , as well the very dignified way he’s gone about representing Michael’s life and work in recent interviews, I’m beginning to acquire a new found respect for the man. Clearly Jermaine Jackson still has talent, and was perhaps never able to get out from under his brother’s enormous shadow. This single performance put him back in the spotlight, and could possibly revive his singing career to become heir to the Jackson musical legacy. Time will tell. Good luck anyway to you Jermaine.


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