William Bradley, The Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz) Indicts His Own Self Through Deafening Silence! See and Hear This Monster for Yourself.

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 I apologize from the very beginning for having to display so sad and depressing an image, but I felt the need to show it in order to bring clarity to this grave matter. The powerful gunshot blasts which tore through the chest of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz) were fired by the man we identified over two weeks ago, William Bradley (today known as Almustafa Shabazz) of Newark, N.J. Understandably, the entire Black world is still reeling from the shock of this explosive new revelation, the first  real breakthrough in the Malcolm X case in over twenty years. And while there may still be a few who express apprehension at our conclusions, we would simply point to the damning, deafening silence of both Bradley and his “community activist” wife, Carolyn Kelley-Shabazz. Indeed Mrs Kelley-Shabazz is a well-connected, politically astute, and quite well-known personality in Newark, one well equipped to vigorously defend her husband against so devastating an accusation. In her career she has exhibited an adroitness for garnering media attention, but it seems that all of her talents for grandstanding have now mysteriously failed her. Their only hope is to remain silent and wait for the storm to pass over. But will it pass over?  


Many people are simply confounded by how easily this brutal murderer and psychopath could live so long unmolested in the heart of a Black community! Sadly, and to their eternal shame, the Black Muslim community of Newark has been protecting Bradley all of these years, and were it not for their almost complete silence this case would have been broken decades ago. However we tender our profound appreciation to the brave individuals of that community who came forward and assisted in this investigation, you have truly done the Lord’s work. Since publishing our initial story more than two weeks ago, other individuals have come forward to offer further information on Bradley. Now that his face has traveled all around the globe he can no longer employ the method of “hiding in plain sight”, as he apparently felt comfortable enough to do in the following videos. And so we are thankful again for the lovers of truth and justice who sent them to us, because they present an extraordinary, close up look at this cold-blooded killer and his objectionable wife. They allow us to actually hear the voice of the man who committed one of the most infamous crimes of the twentieth-century, and left a gaping wound in the soul of Black America. What is most nauseating of all about these videos is that Bradley and Kelley-Shabazz apparently like to pontificate on the evils of Black on Black hatred! Once you realize who you are listening to its impossible not to become sick. So we will repeat what we asserted in the earlier article and stand by it staunchly; let the historical record forever reflect that the man you are about to see and hear in these videos, William Bradley of Newark, N.J., is the shotgun assassin of Malcolm X!   




  1. Laurence says:


    Do you have any updates on this issue Mr Muhammad? I was speaking with noted Malcolm X historian Paul Lee recently and although he would like to see Bradley brought to justice he is not very supportive of the campaign. Not sure why that is. Is there anyway interested groups and individuals can get involved to help further this cause?

    Thank You

  2. mark says:

    leave the man a lone . he did his time, he is not messing with any one now. It was Allahs decree for Malcolm to become a shaheed. we should all pray to be as fortunate as malcolm x.there is a Hadeth that states that no two people love each other more in the next life than the one that was killed and the killer after he becomes muslim. shaheed is a great gift from Allah but you need a killer for this to take place, and that man has accepted islam so he will be Malcolms best friend in jinnah inshalla.

    • lancelot45 says:

      With all due respect, “Are you insane?” I will reiterate something I mentioned on a similar blog. Fortunately we live in a country where law is not (supposed to be) governed by religion. In all honesty religion has nothing to do with this so please give us a break. Only a true coward would hide behind such messianic bs. There is no statute of limitations on capital murder, therefore, if this man is the coward who “martyred”/murdered Malcolm, then his black a*% belongs in jail period. “Leave the man alone”…are you serious??

    • muhammad shah says:

      I agrees but can we just get a confession like thalmage did he accepted islam and made taubah

  3. mark says:

    if thats the case it wasnt just this guythat commited the murder then you have to prosecute the nation of islam and all their members and the city of new york for knowing about the set up and delaying the help.

  4. lancelot45 says:

    I got no problem with that….Whoever played a role needs to “get got”.

  5. mark says:

    but because you wont be able to get everyone involved stop picking on this one individual. he is just an excape goat.this whole thing was a lot bigger than him.

    • Shab says:

      You are so wrong on this matter, mark. Today we still prosecute former Nazis, old men in their 80s and 90s who are sick and dying, with little time left on this earth. Why? Because they committed terrible crimes in the past and must be held to account by us. They must go to their graves knowing that they were caught and condemned, and remembered for what they were responsible for.

      If this man is merely a scapegoat, then he should welcome a proper investigation that will clear his name. But if he had a hand in the death of brother Malcolm, then he deserves the judgment of men. Just like everyone else involved.

  6. muhammad shah says:

    what is gonna happen to willaim bradley, they gonna procecute him, the decree is here, people just want some closure

  7. Akhlaq says:

    Mubarak to Abdur-Rahman Muhammad and his co-workers in these two stories that I’ve read today. I’m actually reading Manning Marable’s book and came across this site due to him and just wanted to say well done on your efforts. Not only due to the historic nature of the story but because it is a great triumph of investigative journalism. The video showing Bradley sneak away and the subsequent videos show a man who is completely unremorseful of his crimes and he MAY (I hope not) get away with it in this life but Allah will not let him lie easy in the next life. I sincerely hope these stories initiate the rightful pursuit of justice for the killer of Brother Malcolm and provide closure his family, especially his daughters.

  8. malique amenhotep says:

    Your just stupid! Nor do you understand your so called practice in your beliefs. Islam enslaved Afrikans 1000 years before the Europeans. This sad monster is why the whole African diaspora is suffering. The level of ignorance and hate is still hurting and preventing the spirits to heal and properly focus on our great past and seek forgiveness from our ancestors we didn’t die for properly on the battlefield of rebellion. Let Malcom X death reflect his seeds of nebula disk and dark energy and dark matter compel us to discipline ourselves with the Gods of Africa that looks like us. Reclaim all 12 million square miles of mother Africa for us alone! We will build again and share another afrikan renaissance. Pay homage to our leaders and punish all traitors by every means possible. With this in mind we look at the great architectural design and development of Nile valley indigenous buliders that still influence many societies today.

  9. mujahid says:

    If this person is truly one of the gunners of our beloved brother Malcolm…then it is necessary that the guy face justice….one way or the other. If this guy claim to be a believer in Allah then he himself should bring himself to justice before he meet the all knowing God…Allah

  10. Thomas says:

    Allah shall judge all

    No one gets away.

  11. Anonymous says:


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