My Thoughts on the Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I have been getting a number of requests to weigh in on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy rocking the country. My thoughts on this issue can be found at Pajamas Media.

  1. Topnife says:

    I was pleased to see your comments on the GZMosque and Imam Rauf, on PJM. The world is sorely in need of the opinions of truly moderate Muslims, not taqiyya-moderate like Rauf. What does a moderate Muslim believe, if not the quite aggressive doctrines of the Koran, Hadith and Sunna? And why do even moderate Muslims mostly root for the “home team” , or remain silent, when disputes arise?
    G. Wesley Clark, MD

  2. Irvin Robinson says:

    I also applaud you Mr Muhammad for your article on PJM. There are many different versions of Islam out there and it is unfair to paint all of Islam with one broad stoke. I hope that your Islam prevails over the extreme versions

  3. Hamza 21 says:

    Had you not posted a link of your own blog I wouldn’t have believe you wrote this dribble. Abdur Rahman at times you made extreme remarks before but this is just pure lunacy. You obviously didn’t place any thought nor any research into your opinion. You just repeating neo-con propaganda.

    “radical Muslim Brotherhood (the parent of al-Qaeda)”

    Are you serious with comment? The Muslim Brotherhood in not the parent of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda started in Afghanistan by a group Saudis not Muslim brotherhood. The MB may be conservative and even not fit for leadership of Egypt bu they not be any means radical.

    Also it really a ground zero masjid considering a masjid a place where the main focus is the musalla. This project has a supposed a swimming pool,basket courts and even interfaith prayer room. Sounds more like Muslim YMCA to me.

    “It is not even entirely clear to me that, were the Muslim developers of the mosque genuinely moderate, it would be so bitterly opposed. ”

    Imam Faisal works for US Government. You can’t be more “moderate” than that! Imam Faisal has always be known as having accommodation mindset. If Imam Faisal isn’t “moderate” nobody is.

    On another note a scholar (not sure if Imam Faisal actually studied under any shuykh) working for a government is viewed as an anathema by Islamic tradition. Unless under extreme necessity or extreme duress ulama shouldn’t be working for the ruling powers.

    “But how can anyone believe that Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf and his followers are moderates when they very deliberately refuse to condemn Hamas, a sworn enemy of this country and a major center of terror in the world?”

    Hamas is political party in one country since when do judge a person’s morality and islamic knowledge on condoning or condemning politiclal parties. You really have no concept of adab Abdur Rahman. Shuykh have always condemned behavior but always stayed clear of condemning people.This from the sunnah. So we should disregard the the sunnah to appease people? This is not Islam!! It’s not shuyukh job to condemn individuals or groups. In fact this is sign of absence of Islamic training, knowledge and manners.

    “If he manages to get the thing built, he will be one of the most powerful personalities in the Muslim world — radical, moderate, or otherwise.”

    You really reaching with that comment. Imam Faisal today and tomorrow is little known imam of group most never heard before. Imam Faisal will never be a Shaykh Hamza Yusuf nor even Shaykh Hussein Abdul Sattar for that matter. The fact ii is well publicized he works for th US government just about destroys any credibility he really had to begin with.

    “More importantly, the mosque will come to symbolize in the radical Muslim world the triumph of Bin Laden’s attack, and provide a kind of heavenly validation for his approach to spreading radical ideology. For what other reason could the tenth anniversary have been chosen for the groundbreaking?”

    wow Abdur Rahman with that comment I have say I’m very suspicious you actually wrote piece. How can a Muslim be so short sighted and unaware. Every Muslim under sun knows Sept 9- 12 is Eid al Fitr.

    “Non-Muslim Americans have yet to see any clean line of demarcation between radical and moderate Muslims.”

    Because that is fiction. A “moderate Muslim” is akin to wet water. Is there such a thing as dry water?

    In Islamic thought people who engage in acts against Islamic principles are not radicals but either munafiq (hyprocrites), muharibun (those wage war against society and property) or mufsidoon (those who cause evil) . The language spoken and acts taken don’t follow what non-muslims want to see. The Shuyukh’s job is to teach morality,closeness to his creator and good manners not condemn individuals or groups. Again this from the sunnah. The Prophet made it very clear saying something bad about a person is backbitiing,even if true. As well saying something bad about a person you’re unsure about is lying. A great sign of bad morality is someone quick to condemn individuals which why you won’t see people who supposed to teach morality (Islamic scholars) condemning people or groups. Instead they will follow the sunnah and condemn behavior.

    After reading your articles for about 2 years or so all I can say Abdur Rahman do yourself a favor and either leave Islam or increase your Islamic knowledge. Over past years or so you seem to have gained a perverse pleasure is slandering Muslims. This behavior is a sign of unhealthy heart and people with unhealthy hearts will only bring destruction,disappointment and frustration to themselves.

  4. Abdul Qadir says:

    @ Hamza21

    The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is NEXT YEAR. Not this year. Imam Faisal announced earlier this year that the ground breaking of the mosque would be 9/11/2011

  5. […] who speaks with an incredible amount of honesty and it’s no surprise that Muslims are already attacking him on his own blog for writing it. The pollsters tell us that nearly 70 percent of all Americans […]

  6. Hamdo says:

    The guy behind the center is a Sufi working for the US government. And it’s a center that, if built, belies bin Laden’s claim that America is the enemy of Muslims. So how can it be validation for bin Laden since it totally goes against his ideology?

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