The Emperors Have No Thobes

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Even though I have been writing about this for roughly three years now, having taken quite a bit of criticism for it at the time, the truth is becoming painfully obvious to everyone that the Black Muslim leadership has sold their own people down the river. After having played the “Tom” for the Immigrant Muslim Syndicate over three decades, empowering them to the detriment of their own urban-based, grassroots communities that are overwhelmingly black, they are now seething that they’ve been discarded by their long time masters whom they’ve loyally served. Realizing now that they are no longer the darling of immigrant Muslims as they once were, and being totally excluded from media in the Park 51/Ground Zero Mosque debate, they have desperately turned for help to the arch pagan heretic himself, Louis Farrakhan! Together they have formed a new organization called the Coalition of African-American Muslims (CAAM) and are demanding recognition and inclusion in the New York controversy. Not only that though, they actually want to reassert themselves into the Muslim agenda in America.

Siraj, Zaid, Abdul-Malik, and Wright "Mahdi" Bray amongst those pictured with Farrakhan

It has been reported that the black Imams literally begged Farrakhan to take the lead at the press conference held a month ago to announce the new formation, who himself went on to kiss the asses of the Immigrant Muslim Syndicate by pushing their spurious line that opposition to the mosque equates to Jim Crow segregation! Not merely ridiculous and absurd, it is profoundly insulting to those who suffered and fought against real segregation and racial oppression in this country.

One may reasonably ask how it came to be that the Immigrant Muslim Syndicate feels comfortable enough to appropriate black history and insult our ancestors in so disgusting a manner? The answer is that they were permitted and enabled by Uncle Tom Imams of the likes of Siraj Wahhaj, Abdul-Malik, Johari Abdul Malik, Zaid Shakir, Sherman Jackson and the rest of that crowd, that’s how! It is they that have been preaching for years to the immigrants that Muslims (meaning immigrant Muslims) have been as harshly oppressed – or even harsher – than African-Americans ever have in this country. This despite the fact that Immigrant Muslims enjoy above average incomes, often secure advanced degrees from expensive elite universities, build opulent masjids and schools, and live in some of the most affluent neighborhoods and luxurious homes in this country.  Now we are witnessing immigrant Muslims, like Eboo Patel, on television saying that they are suffering from “Jim Crow-like” conditions.

For those needing a reminder of what real Jim Crow segregation actually looked like I offer the following images. Is this what the Immigrant Muslims are saying that they’re enduring in 2010?

A couple of weeks ago they held a so-called “unity summit” with the developer of the mosque, Sharif El-Gamal, and demanded that they be included, despite the fact that the proposed mega structure will bring no benefit at all to their struggling, benighted communities. They are so positively hurt that their immigrant masters no longer love them, or are willing to throw them anymore crumbs from their tables, that they don’t know what to do. How sad and pathetic can you get?   undefined

Siraj pictured with Farrakhan at yet another event with Ahmadenajad

These perfidious Imams have been claiming for years that Farrakhan and the NOI are “Coming to the Sunna” and all we must do is “cooperate with them in doing good” with the aim of giving them “dawah” (propagation). But no amount of this kind of sophistry can mask the fact that Farrakhan and the NOI are becoming even more obnoxious and shocking in their damnable heresies. So for those still suffering the delusion that the NOI is “closer to the Sunna than ever before” (a lie Uncle Siraj is fond of telling), then just sit back and listen to Dr. Wesley Muhammad, one of the NOI leading “intellectuals” and future leaders, expound on his doctoral thesis that Fard Muhammad is the god of Prophet Muhammad (I seek refuge in Allah). Some of us may also be shocked to learn that it was none other than Dr. Sherman Jackson who assisted Muhammad in preparing this insane disertation, and acted as his academic advisor at the University of Michigan!   This whole project is reeking with kufr (disbelief) and shirk (Polytheism). [Thanks to bro. Kwame Madden for passing alone this clip!!]

What Happened to MANA?

And finally the introduction of this new “Coalition of African-American Muslims” lends the question of the what happened to the once highly touted  Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA)? We were led to believe that MANA would be the vehicle by which to advance the issues of black Muslims, but as of late Uncle Siraj Wahhaj has refused to utter a word about the now defunct organization that dashed the hopes and aspirations of many sincere black Muslims.

Why doesn’t he stand up like a man and give an account to the people who have invested their time, energy, and hard-earned finances of what became of the effort?  It is this precise lack of accountability which in fact accounts for the demise of MANA, an organization which never conducted itself in a professional, business like manner. In truth, it was nothing more than a collection of incompetent store front imams that had no idea what on earth they were doing. The ineptitude of the MANA hierarchy was nothing short of scandalous, squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars in senseless activities which in the end amounted to nothing! Proud and fat-headed, they refused to take advice and guidance from professionally trained people for fear of losing their grip on the organization. So now some of the holdovers from MANA have decided to embark upon a new quixotic venture with Farrakhan at the helm. Shameless, simply shameless! Unfortunately, some of us must also share the blame for the MANA fiasco, inasmuch as we didn’t hold their feet to the fire and demand that they conduct their affairs responsibly.

This writer will not share in that blame, for I was one of the few people who tried to warn the community of what was going on in MANA, and publicly condemned the dangerous path of embracing Farrakhan and his officials. It is now perfectly clear to all and sundry that we must find new leadership for the 21st century.

New Leadership is Emerging!!!

All is not bleak. I have been in discussions with a number of young, gifted brothers and sisters around the country who realize that the old guard leadership is totally bankrupt and recognize the need for a new direction. I am also encouraged by a group of dedicated believers in Philadelphia who broadcast the Deen over Dunya online radio program. After listening to Saturday night’s program I am convinced that the religion is strong and Allah will help us chart this new course. Insha Allah.

  1. Abu Yaquob says:

    A.S.A LEADERSHIP,WHAT LEADERSHIP? Compromise for self grandisement seeking,personal benifit form those sources they feel can benifit them. Allah (swt) reminds mankind that Shaitan invites us to
    compromise.Rasoolilah (saw) admonished that “AMBITION” leads to “CORRUPTION” The prophet of
    Allah (swt) taught us by “EXAMPLE” not to sit and indulge oneself from the table of the rulers,for that can
    lead to “CORRUPTION”The prominent Sholars of our deen such as Bukhari and al-Nawawi would not
    compromise. Bukhari (ra) would not take a hadith from someone he felt had questionable character.
    Nawawi would take food from someone if he was not certain it was Halal.Rasoolilah (saw) would not
    grant the demand of the Kufr leader to meet with him,but not to include his “Poor” companions.
    COMPROMISE LEADS TO CORRUPTION.Al Hajj Malik Shabaaz (ra) gave us the famous “HOUSE NEGRO
    FIELD NEGRO” Masser is we sick? Masser is we sick? Masser is we sick? YES WE ARE VERY SICK!!

  2. Kwame Madden says:

    It has been 35yrs. since Ellijah Poole died and and 30yrs since Louis Farrakhan had restarted the NOI and they stll are spouting and believing in kufr and shirk. Allah said in His Glorious book Surah 4 ayat 105 Indeed,We have revealed to you[O Muhammad],the Book in truth so that you may judge between the people by that which Allah has shown you. And do not be advocate for the deceitful. Also in surah 4 ayat 48 ‘Indeed.Allah does not forgive shirk with Him, but He forgives whatever is less than that for whosoever He wills.Surah 29 ayat 68And who does more wrong than he who invents a lie aganist Allah or rejects the Truth when it reaches him? Is there not a home in Hell for those who reject Faith? The Quran and Sunnah is our guide not our whims.Thank you Abdul Rahman for this post and the brothers from the Deen over Dunya Radio blog talk show for advocating the truth concerning this urgent matter.

    • Say: What thing (shay) is mightiest in testimony? Say: Allah. (6:19).”
      O Iblis, what prevented thee from submitting to him whom I created with MY TWO HANDS (bi-yadayya)? (38:75)
      “And the Jews say: The hand of Allah is tied up. Their own hands are shackled and they are cursed for what they say. Nay, BOTH HIS HANDS ARE SPREAD OUT.” (5:64)
      “Every one on it (the earth) passes away-And there endures for ever THE FACE (wadjh) OF THY LORD, the Lord of glory and honor.” (55:26)
      “There is no god but He. Everything (that exists) will perish except His own Face.” (28:88)
      “And make the ark before Our eyes and (according to) Our revelation…” (11:37)
      “…then We sent to her Our spirit, and there appeared to her a well-made man.” (A BLACK MAN NO DOUBT)(19:17)
      The orthodox doctors, such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Hisham ibn Hakim, and Al Ashari condemned the Mutazilia and affirmed that Allah is just as He described Himself in the Holy Qur’an: Hanbal argued:
      “The Throne of the Merciful is above the water and God is on the Throne. His feet rest on the stool (kursi)…He is in movement, He speaks, He looks, He laughs, He rejoices, He loves and He detests…He created Adam with His two hands and IN HIS IMAGE…(Encyclopedia of Religion).

  3. Quan says:

    Abdur-Rahman Muhammad,

    Muslims in America currently live in an increasingly hostile anti-Islamic society which quite frankly does not give a damn about your perceived masterfully superior outlook on Black / African-American muslim affairs.

    In looking at your previous comment posts, it would appear that the bulk of them are a collection of destructive criticisms of others efforts and activities.

    Do you not have any constructive criticism, instruction and/or guidance to offer to those you deem to be wayward and off the correct path? Do you have any constructive activities to put forth as models for those whose activities that so disgust you?

    Usually, those who are most busy doing the work which they have the spirit to do, are too busy and preoccupied with those works to constantly critique everyone else’s works.

    • Khadi says:

      I don’t know if you are a Br. in Islam so I won’t began with Salaams or calling you Br.. However, you are way-off if you feel and think this Brother is ‘destructive.’ And yes, we do (I’ll use the word care here) care about this Brother’s ‘masterfully perceived superior outlook on Black/African-American Muslim affairs.’

      You are probably what we use to(and still must term) a ‘plant’. For the intensity of your negativity has no ground. If you are a Brother– As- Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu.

  4. @Quan,

    Do you call getting into bed with a notorious heretic like Farrakhan “doing the work” of Islam? Perhaps you don’t care about the legacy of African-Americans and their courages struggle to fight and overcome REAL racial oppression, but I and many like me do. We are sick of immigrant Muslims using us and now trying to diminish our history in this country. We are also sick of these TOMS who only want a few crumbs from the immigrant table, even as they enable them to insult our ancestors. Jim Crow segregation against Black people was real and brutal, not a cheap political tactic to help immigrants build an elitist mega mosque in New York.

    And for your information, I have always worked for Islam and continue to do so.

  5. Quan says:


    I would certainly consider one’s “geeting into bed” and allowing oneself to be a willing tool of bigots such as Sean Hannity to be certainly not “doing the work” of any self-respecting man. I would consider such to be the epitome of TOM’ism! ..IMHO.

    With respect to what you call the “elitist mega mosque in New York”, the muslims in the press conference were first and foremost supporting a principle that those “elisits” muslims indeed have the right to build the mosque without being harrassed by the individuals caught up in the political-driven anti-Islamic climate. I think they all spoke quite articulately, candidly and truthfully in that regard.

    Contrary to your sentiment, the profiling, the vandalism and burning of property as well as the physical assaults against muslims is indeed comparable to historic and recent racist attacks against Blacks in America. To say otherwise in the face of these facts is rather doltish.

    • Al-Hassan says:

      @ Quan

      There is no since arguing with this imbecile. If he can’t see that Muslims now have it worse than blacks then he is too stupid to argue with. It is like arguing with a door

  6. ASA Bro. Abdur-Rahman,

    I seek refuge in Allah from the madness and falsehood I saw on that video clip. That was . . . unbelievable.

    It’s good that you posted photos of what Jim Crow was really all about. Foolish African-Americans have let so many other people appropriate our martyrs and our suffering for their own purposes for so long, that many have no idea of the reality of African-Americans’ experiences in this country.

    I don’t blame the Immigrant Muslim Syndicate for stealing our history and our martyrs (particularly Malcolm X)—after all, the immigrant Muslims have never really had any legitimate martyrs of their own in America—and we foolishly let them steal our heritage.

    However, by the grace of Allah, we can work to turn all of this around if we truly want to. It’s up to each of us.

    Wa Salaam.

  7. @Khadija Nassif

    Ameen. With strong, beautiful sisters like yourself we will turn it around inshallah.

  8. Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

    as salaam alaikum,

    We all have to deal with a basic contradiction. The NOI talk is fireball and insult and over the top and they taught black people to talk like that. Prophet Muhammad in his sunnah and Allah in His book, teach us to be humble in speech and to say things in the best manner. So please brothers and sisters let us talk to each other kindly, even if we have bad things to say. I can’t believe that Farrakhan is being embraced by Muslims who know better. When it was time for Imams Siraj and Zaid to learn Islam, they didn’t go to Chicago and learn from Farrakhan. They spent a ton of money and went overseas and learned from what you are calling, the Immigrant Syndicate. We all have to struggle with difference. I love Muslims, even though I have never met a perfect Muslim, I love all the imperfect Muslims I meet. We need to quit the in-fighting. The media goes to the immigrants because African American converts are a huge embarrassment to the black Christian community and the whites want to keep the black Christians in line. The American audience can understand how Mr. Khan wants to keep the religion he brought with him from the third world. It is quite another thing when an articulate intelligent black American rejects the dominate religion in black American culture. We reject Jesus and it is out there and people shun us for it. Don’t blame the immigrants when the media plays to its audience and avoids talking to African American Muslims. You know we are really contagious! And please let’s calm down. I want the Imams to explain themselves. I am sure I won’t be happy with their explanation, but at least I won’t be liking the term, “in bed with Farrakhan” so much if Imam Zaid at least explains why he is embracing a non Muslim and calling him a Muslim, when we all know Farrakhan is not a Muslim. Farrakhan can solve the whole thing by simply saying he is not a Muslim, but that he is a follower of Elijah Muhammad. I would love him then, even though he killed Malcolm…….

    • Quan says:


      “We reject Jesus”? What does that mean? What kind of muslim would reject Jesus son of Mary (Isa ibn Maryam)?

      • Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

        as salaam alaikum,

        I ask that we not be confrontational. Please brothers and sisters. This thing where we embrace bad people on some backwards crusade ends up taking us backwards. Bombastic hyped-up talk usually accomplishes nothing. The Islamic position on Jesus is not the same as the Christian position on Jesus and for them, if you don’t take their position, that Jesus is God incarnate, God in the flesh, then you are rejecting their true Jesus. That is their position. Forgive me for not being specific enough. But some of this not understanding me is denial. You know that if you go to the church folk and tell them you love Jesus, but he was only a prophet, they will say you are putting down their god. Christians worship Jesus and we Muslims reject the notion of praying to a man for salvation. We reject their belief in Jesus. And they are insulted by it and the white establishment wants to keep them on the plantation. Putting spiritually free African Americans on television undermines America’s mental slavery. This explains the media ignoring African American Muslims more than the idea of an “immigrant syndicate.” Does anyone really believe the immigrants go to the media and tell them not to cover African American Muslims or that the media would follow such orders? The fact is, if you behave like Farrkhan and say you are Muslim and you say racist hateful things, they will rush at you with microphone and cameras rolling, no matter what your color or ethnicity …..

  9. Shuccallkek says:

    Excellent post. I am anxiously awaiting the new program and new leadership you were speaking of

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  11. Jamaal A.A.Craft says:

    As Salaam Alaikum

    My brothers and sisters keep in mind how demographics effect changes. In the 1970’s over 75% of Muslims in America were African-American. Fast forward to 2010 and African-American Muslims may be anywhere from 25-40% of Muslims in America. Allah knows best. The point here is that immigrant Muslims are now a bigger majority so the media will approach them over us as many of the issues deal with them more than us in regards to 9-1-1 , Park 51, immigration issues ,terrorism and so on.

    Allah will raise up many more Muslims in America. If African-American Muslims dont take a stand then other Muslims will come forward. Dont hate on them for doing so. We often have different issues that confront us as a people and as Muslims. Love him or hate him Minister Farrakhan has spoken out on many issues that concerns African-Americans including Muslims.

    To Abdur-Rahman Muhammad you’re criticisms were more destructive than constructive. This is how the government cointel-pro agents talked back in the 60’s to divide black leadership , to turn them against one another as a tool to keep us down. And now there are agents in Islam doing the same for there masters wether they are in Saudi Arabia or Alabama . The best thing to do is start you’re own organization to provide leadership. Imam Siraj ,Sherman jackson , Zaid Shakir and others have worked tirelessly in the cause of Islam in America. We are the Ansar in America. African-American Muslims were first and we have been helpers to many immigrant Muslims in America. This do not make us sellouts and uncle toms. This is the Sunnah . We are Medinah and the immigrants are like visitors.

    Again if you cannot work tirelessly in the cause of Islam as the stated imams that you name
    as being toms then you have to come forward and put forth deeds and actions that the people can relate to. Otherwise do you want to eat the flesh of you’re Muslim brothers?!

    • Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

      as salaam alaikum,

      Brother Jamaal, you are right in much of what you say. Cultural differences divide people. And the growing immigrant presence in America has complicated matters.There are Indo/Paki masjids, Arab Masjids and African American Masjids and this is not the way it’s supposed to be. We feel like foreigners when we go to the immigrants masjids and we feel disrespected and all of it is not in our imaginations. However, there are many good immigrants and immigrants have been some of my primary teachers and there is good and bad in all groups, including and especially black Americans. So you are very right. The immigrants are not the issue. This thing has really obsessed me for the last couple of weeks. I just knew we are all smarter and older now and this is not the 80s, so no one will bother giving Minister Farakhan play, because his rhetoric is old. Brother Jamaal, Minister Farakhan is the issue. The last time I looked, he killed Malcolm and bragged before and after the fact. The last time I looked, he preached that his god came to earth as a man and deemed Elijah Muhammad a messenger after Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah. So this guy with polytheistic heretical beliefs kills the first prominent African American Sunni Muslim, whose death sparked the African American Sunni movement of the seventies and that continues today. Imam Zaid, I saw him give khutbah and he is deep. I know that. But why won’t the Sunni Imams explain themselves? You bet some of us are upset. That brother had four daughters and they all carry the scars of seeing their father gunned down by the NOI. You can’t always blame the white man. The shooters were not white and Farrakhan’s statements are a matter of public record. The Sunni Imams are not explaining why they are forming a Muslim partnership with Malcolm’s killers, who also happen not to follow basic Islam. There are possible good outcomes. One is that the NOI declares they are not Muslims and that ends the Muslim complaint. The other is that they actually convert, but Farakhan left the Muslim American Society and Sunni Islam to restart the NOI, which makes him a sort of murtad. Takfeer is a thorny issue that is best avoided, but if someone says they don’t believe what you believe and that Arab and Indo/Pakis are evil and the whites are evil and then smiles and give you “as salaam alaikum,” are you really doing the right thing to encourage such racist and backwards thinking by going along and forming alliances with black racists, whose greatest claim to fame is that they make black Christians feel good about not being Muslim? If someone denies the last line of Ikhlas, “there is NONE like Him.” and says their god was a man, in the same way as the Christians, and refuses to let go of that belief and says there was a messenger after Muhammad ibn Abdullah, then tells you “as salaam alaikum,” is that really a Muslim? The final point is this: they formed this coalition because the African American voice was not being heard about Cordoba House. How does bringing in a black man famous for killing Malcolm and being a black racist, give you better standing with the media? And for me, as much as I love the African American Sunni Imams, as long as they refuse to answer the obvious questions posed by their new partnership with Farakhan, I have to take their refusal to address their embrace of the infamous black racist as some sort of embarrassment beyond their explanation. Some of us love Malcolm so much because he was our first step into Islam. And we studied and we know the NOI thugs did it, not some white man. This is what Malcolm’s family believes as well. No one is explaining and the last kind of blind following I am going to do is follow some black person who embraces farakhan the Muslim killer, like I have to go along because it’s a room full of black people. No explanation, No conversions or admissions of not being Muslim. Don’t look at me to go along….. NO HEALING

  12. Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

    The short version of my long rant is….how do you form a “Muslim alliance” with someone the entire Muslim world knows is not Muslim and even worse, makes false claims about Islam and being a Muslim?????

    • Anthony Muhammad says:

      @ Mutuku

      The premise of your last statement is flawed. The entire world does accept Minister Farrakhan and members of the Nation of Islam. Minister Farrakhan has been enthusiastically welcomed all over the Muslim world consistently for many years. Members of the Nation of Islam make the pilgrimage to Mecca each and every year without a single issue. The owner of this blog himself posted a picture above of Minister Farrakhan with President Ahmadinejad the proves this point. The only people that do not recognize that Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are Muslims are malcontents like you and the author of this blog who are of no consequence. May Allah the Almighty BLESS CAAM and the Muslim leaders that have put it together even if the hypocrites may hate it

  13. Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

    Mr Anthony,

    you didn’t answer a single point I made. My “premise” is that Farakhan and those who follow him are not Muslims, but black racists pretending to be Muslims. You said your people make Hajj, but bad people can make Hajj. What you didn’t say is that you believe there is no messenger after Prophet Muhammad. You didn’t say that you reject Fard Muhammad. It is possible to somehow make hajj and not be Muslim. Hajj is a trip and not aqedah. It is an article of belief in Islam, but not the belief itself. Muslims don’t believe in Hajj. We believe in Allah ALONE and His FINAL messenger. So Mr. Anthony, I mean no disrespect. Maybe you didn’t understand my point, because I didn’t ask you about who you take pictures with. I made statements about what the NOI believes. Please show me I am wrong and that you reject Elijah being a messenger and Fard Muhammad being a god. You can fly all over the world and take all the pictures you want, but that was not what I addressed. I pray to Allah that you are not a black racist hiding behind Islam. Black racists are stupid and you certainly don’t see yourself as stupid, so you are not in a racist organization, correct? You believe in Allah, who has NEVER been a man and in Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s FINAL messenger, to the exclusion of Elijah, so forgive me. Maybe these are just false rumors I am spreading. I eagerly wait for you to say what I know makes us brothers. My salvation lies not in the color of my skin, but in two basic things. The first is Allah’s Mercy. The second is my acknowledgement of my Creator. I say and believe with the best of my weak abilities that there is NO god, but Allah, who has NEVER been a man (far is HE above such nonsense) and I believe that Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah, the best of God’s creations, was His FINAL prophet and messenger. Some people told me that’s what makes a Muslim by a minimalist definition. Mr. Anthony, do we believe the same thing? If we don’t believe the same thing, should we use the same word to the outside world? Don’t talk politics and who likes who. Let’s drop the polling and you simply state your aqeeda and then all is gravy. And don’t do the black racist thing of spouting irrelevant facts. I look forward to your straight forward reply about what you believe. May Allah guide us as ONLY HE can guide us…..


    • Anthony Muhammad says:

      Mr Mutuku, you stated that the “entire Muslim world knows is not Muslim”. I simply refuted your blatantly false statement. End of story.

  14. Jamaal A.A.Craft says:

    As Salaam Alaikum

    Well it could be said that some strong points have been said by all of the respondents. Brothers where do we go . Do we continue to rant ,rage and fight among ourselves while the real enemies are organizing day and night to undermine Islam and African-Americans in particular. Truth stands clear from falsehood and error.

    I agree that the prominent African-American imams need to clarify their position and purpose of starting this new organization. We do not need more Fitnah and confusion. We have plenty of that already.

    Brother Anthony Muhammad the reasons why some Muslims are raising issues with minister Farrakhan is the ideal that master Fard Muhammad was god in flesh and it still proclaims this in the FINAL CALL newspaper. THIS IS OPPOSED to the Holy Qur’an. and the Sunnah. No group of Muslims anywhere in the World will follow this. We follow and believe in the GOD of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the last of the messengers of Allah Muhammad [ S.A.A.W. ].

    No doubt that minister Farrakhan knows Islam to a degree. He’s probably more informed than many Muslims who claim to be orthodox Muslims. I ‘ve seen him recite versus of the Qur’an in Arabic and even teach some lessons of hadith. He just need to disassociate teaching about Fard and i think the gulf that separate him and most Sunni Muslims will be overfcome. You see how Malcolm Shabazz and Imam Warith deen Mohammad both rejected Fard teachings and they both knew Elijah Muhammad better than minister Farrakhan ever did.

    So i leave you with God’s peace. As Salaam Alaikum

  15. Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

    Mr. Anthony,

    I was wrong, you did answer a single point I made, but your answer is questionable. To the best of my knowledge, and I will research this and post the most correct answer….to the best of my knowledge, the Saudis ask for a letter from converts asking their masjid to verify that they are Muslim. So the real question becomes can your Temples certify people for the Hajj. There are non Muslims allowed to see the Hajj, for filming, dawah and advertising purposes. Many Arabs think they are doing dawah on the NOI and that is some of the association and the pictures you speak of. Mr. Anthony Barack Obama’s minister was only a fan of Luis Farakhan and the President dropped his black preacher ;like a bag of hot poop, just because of his association with Farakhan. On the other hand, a hallmark of his presidency has been his huge outreach to Orthodox Muslims. You know and I know and anyone with an ounce of sense knows that President Obama would not touch Farakhan with a 10-foot pole. So you are not accepted as you claim, just because someone takes a picture with you. And my guess is the Saudis don’t let you do Hajj, but let you come and see what you are missing. Mr. Anthony, don’t you think there is something wrong when you are in the United States of America and you can’t tell people what you believe? If you have to hide what you believe, can you tell us why you are hiding it? The case is not closed. I ask you to please talk with us. You certainly don’t agree with what is being said here. So tell us what your beliefs are and why we are wrong for rejecting them. That is the real issue. Farakhan killed Malcolm, but that is easily forgiven if show us Islam coming from you and Farakhan. I asked you and I still ask, please show us how we are wrong. We Muslims have to be nice to everyone. So when you say accepted and I say accepted, we mean two different thing. Accepted for me, is the one who believes what I believe and follows the God of Abraham, Moses Jesus and Muhammad, (pbuh), not that I can get someone to take a picture with me. If you have to hide what you believe, why do you have to hide it? Can it be defended in the light of day? Can’t you take 30 minutes to do dawah on us who read this blog?

    wa alaikum

  16. Abu Abdullah says:

    Assalaamu alaikum warahmahtullah, Abdurrahman have you spoken to Siraj about your concerns? If not then your clearly backbitting the man. Also its better to speak to him in person then blogging about this. This is the best apporach as a Muslim. We need give each other our rights…. It seems people with no knowledge have blogs these days. When we need to just appoarch these brothers with our issues.this destroys brotherhood…

  17. Abu Abdullah says:

    Assalaamu alaikum warahmahtullah, Abdurrahman have you spoken to Siraj about your concerns? If not then your clearly backbitting the man. Also its better to speak to him in person then blogging about this. This is the best apporach as a Muslim. We need give each other our rights…. It seems people with no knowledge have blogs these days. When we need to just appoarch these brothers with our issues.this destroys brotherhood… Its sad that we are still on this black tip. Why can we just be Muslims…. I’m sick of black this black that. Let’s move on. If other muslim have a problem you as a african American then that’s on them. We need to just practice Islam…..

    • Mas'ood says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you brother Abu Abdullah. The call to nationalism, be it Arab, Black, White or otherwise, is a call to the hellfire. That is why I actually disagree with the so called “CAAM”, as the basis for them coming together is simply upon “blackness”. It is a call of confusion and misguidance.

      However, upon reading this site, we see that the author of this blog ALSO calls to “blackness” but seems opposed to this new group based upon some personal disagreement with the speakers. Perhaps he is angry that he was not invited? We do not know. But based upon the pictures and opinions that the author of this blog has posted and the opinions that he himself has written on this very site, he seems to be a good fit with the “CAAM”

      Furthermore, if anyone searches this site, there are many questions that could be asked of Abdur-rahman Muhammad who is proudly making coalition with openly secular Muslims, speaking on their panels and praising dead kufaar simply because they were black. This man has also blasted the Muslims on openly right wing websites, TV shows and in major newspapers and now seems to be attempting to set himself up as some type of leader. This is no alternative to “CAAM”.

      Fellow Muslims, know that there is an orchestrated effort, under the sponsorship of the West, to discard the body of work done by centuries of scholarly work by the Imaams of our ummah and dismantle shariah rule. But to put it that way is to put it mildly. It is in its essence a covert attempt at abrogating all the verses of Qur’an and ahadith that call for the establishment of Islamic rule, fighting aggression, and for the spread of the call of Islam. According to these people, these rules simply have no place in the modern world. According to them there is a New World Order that necessitates a New World Islam. An Islam of rendering what is unto Caesar to Caesar, an Islam of voting for Obama and attending kufr black caucuses. An Islam of Ghandi and Martin Luther King and not that of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. An Islam that allows the cowards to live in peace.

      Changing the status quo is not an easy task. Rocking the boat affects everyone. The Prophets experienced the consequences of challenging the status quo that was instituted and defended by the powerful. They suffered, and their followers suffered. But that did not deter them from carrying on their mission. Today the status quo is fiercely defended by the powerful and not everyone has the courage to go against it. If you defy it you suffer. You pay a price. Those who oppose the status quo see a powerful current and they are reluctant to cross it because, in the eyes of many, to go against the tide in today’s world is insanity.

      Sadly, today many Muslims have opted for safeguarding themselves rather than safeguarding the religion. Even more troubling is that others have gone even further and opted to cash in masked under the cloak of religion. This is no alternative to “CAAM”. The real alternative is following the Qur’an and Sunnah of Allaah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم

      May Allaah guide the author of this blog AND those in “CAAM”. I sincerely hope that they all repent and return to the Sunnah.

  18. Quan says:

    Salaams.. Mas’ood, you unfortunately seem just as misguided as those you are lecturing in your comments.

    You are actually suggesting that it is somehow un-Islamic for a Muslim to be caught “voting for Obama” or attending “black causes”. According to your logic, one would conclude that it is als un-Islamic to attend “Palestinian causes” or any other “causes” that may (or may not) be on behalf of segments of the Muslim ummah.

    It is in fact, NOT anti-Islamic for Muslims to support one another’s causes, be they in support of nations, tribes or other.

    From my perspective, Martin Luther King’s fight for his people’s civil/human rights in no way contradicts Islam, neither does supporting his legacy diminsh the place of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him).

    O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). -Surah 49:13

  19. Mas'ood says:

    @ Quan

    Do not try to make this only about blacks. Nationalism of ALL TYPES is haraam by CONSENSUS of the scholars of this ummah. A SECULAR Palestinian cause has nothing to do with this deen! Our goal is to raise Allaah’s word above all else. When one is voting, are they not raising up and endorsing the kufr system? The Islamic system is superior and this is what the Muslim should be promoting.

    The translation of the ayah actually means the OPPOSITE of what you are implying. We are NOT to split along racial and nationalistic lines. Are we as Muslims supposed to only work toward peace for our own race or are we only to work for “democracy” and “constitutional rights”?

    This attitude shows no respect to the sufferings of our ummah. Nationalism is a slap on the face of the widow in Iraq and the Afghan orphan. It is disrespectful towards the millions of Muslims around the globe who are suffering.

    The international order that you all respect so much was born at the funeral of the last Islamic Khilāfah. The Western powers came into domination after they exterminated the Ottoman Khilāfah and divided it amongst themselves into zones of influence. They destroyed the Khilāfah, established control over the international community and then came up with these treaties; and we were not there at the table, we had no representation whatsoever, we were completely and utterly ignored in the decision making process on the world stage. We were not even present at the signing ceremonies. So why are we bound to those treaties? What kind of fiqh or logic would make such treaties binding on us? We had no part and no say in any of these treaties. We only have a presence in the crammed hall of the general assembly of the United Nations, but not at the Security Council which is still off limits to the 50 plus Muslim states. (It needs to be noted that I am only describing the current state of affairs. By no means should it be understood to be an approval of Muslims states being part of the United Nations.)

    Probably you all should read up a bit and refresh your memories with, not wars of the past centuries, but the wars fought recently by these particular democratic nations they are trying to protect.

    The civil democracies you all love and protect have banned the niqab and fiercely defended the right to defame Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. They allow a very restricted form of personal worship that does not truly accommodate for the comprehensiveness of Islamic practice. The civil state has more authority over the wife and children than the Muslim head of the household. The law of Allah is not recognized by this civil state and the Muslim is forced to accept rulings of courts of law that are contrary to the law of Allaah. So, on the whole, the modern civil state of the West does not guarantee Islamic rights.

    I challenge you to point out to me one – just one – Prophet of Allaah who lived in peaceful coexistence with the disbelievers?

    From Adam (peace be upon him) all the way to Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, not one of them, not a single one, lived with the disbelievers without challenging them, opposing them and exposing their falsehood and resisting their ways. Not one of them lived without a conflict with the disbelievers that ended up with a total and final separation between the two camps: a camp of belief and a camp of kufr. The disbelievers were then destroyed either through a calamity or by the hands of the believers.

  20. Quan says:

    Salaams, Mas’ood

    Let me make sure I am clear, according to your logic and interpretation:

    a) Voting in any election (from President down to local school board) is haraam.
    b) Supporing the civil rights movement is/was haraam.
    c) Supporting Martin Luther King is/was haraam.
    d) Fighting against racism and white supremacy is haraam.
    e) Fighting against classism is haraam.
    f) Fighting against sexism is haraam.
    g)Supporting any organizations that advocate on behalf of b, d, e and f is haraam.

    • Mas'ood says:

      @ Quan

      Islam is complete. No need for all the other movements to supplement it. Promote Islam and it will solve the rest of the problems

  21. Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

    as salaam alaikum,

    Well we have certainly moved to a new argument. The Quran says the earth is spacious, so we should not live in a bad place. In the West, people vote and form groups based on color and ethnicity. The first hadeeth most of us read in summarized Bukhari, is that actions are judged by their intentions. So if I get with a bunch of people who have the same background as I do and we feed the poor, can any Muslim seriously argue that the good I have done is haram because I did it with people who look and speak like me? Even nationalism has it’s uses. The immigrants are not colored blind and neither are native Americans. Blacks are prejudiced, that’s why we have the NOI after all these years. It still appeals to enough people to keep wheezing along. We all like some things more than others, be it vanilla ice cream better than chocolate. None of us is neutral. None of us is this Muslim that doesn’t come to Islam with cultural baggage. But if we are honest and work towards Allah’s instructions of knowing one another and King’s idea of integrating with every group we meet, with Allah’s mercy, then I don’t think a little prejudice has us all bound for the fire for all eternity. However, when you put ANYTHING in front of Allah, that thing is haram in the worst way. So if you think your skin makes you a god or better than another group, that is another thing altogether. If you live in the West, you should vote, because the law says you pay taxes and the system says the way you control your tax dollars is through voting. You should not live in the West, collect government benefits and benefit from living in the West and then talk about how the “kuffar” system is beneath you. If the US and Europe stink so much, you shouldn’t be in the US or Europe….that’s Quran!

  22. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Bismillah: I wanted to provide you with this quote in part from a true expert in the Arabic language, a Jurist, in addition to being one of the greatest personages in the entire history of Islam, a Sufi Shaykh with hundreds of millions of followers, as well as a blood line descendant of the Prophet (SAW).

    Let me point out to you the deceit and misinformation of this heretic, that you have in this short video clip. First, his deep lack of understanding of the Arabic etymology and the fact that his dissertation on the true meaning of the word “shakhs” meaning a corporeal form, has been gleaned from spurious sources, acknowledged by all as heretical. This has always been viewed as not only shirk for which many volumes have been written and which are not quoted, no not one, he goes on to quote from controversial source material which has and is held as being outside the norm of Islamic Aqida.

    True Aqidah: In part.

    The Creed [‘aqida] of ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani
    (may Allah sanctify his innermost secret)

    Extracted from “Al Futuh Al Ghayb”

    In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful:

    Praise be to Allah, the One who modeled the mode [kayyafa’l kaif], though He is completely free from modality [kaifiyya];

    And has localized locality [ayyana ‘l-ain], though He utterly transcends location [ainiyya];

    And exists [wujida] in every place, though He is far removed from circumstantiality [zarfiyya];

    And makes Himself present with [hadara ‘inda] every thing, though He is far exalted above “withness” [‘indiyya].

    He is the First of everything, and there is no posteriority [akhiriyya] applicable to Him.

    If you say “where [aina]? ”, you are imposing location [ainiyya] on Him.

    If you say: “how [kaifa]?”, you seek Him through modality [kaifiyya].

    If you say: “when [mataa]? ”, you are besetting Him with temporality [waqtiyya].

    If you say “He is not [laisa],” you are excluding Him from being [kawniyya].

    If you say “if [law]”, you are confronting Him with deficiency [naqsiyya].

    If you say “why [lima]?”, you are disputing with Him over sovereignty [malakutiyya].

    Glory be to Him and Exalted is He!

    He is not preceded by precedence [qabliyya]. He is not superseded by subsequence [ba’diyya]. He cannot be compared by likeness [mithliyya]. He cannot be matched by comparability [shakliyya]. He is not flawed by matrimonial conjugality [zawjiyya]. He is not known by corporeality [jismiyya].

    Glory be to Him and Exalted is He!

    If He were a tangible object [shakhs], He would be known in terms of quantity [kammiyya].

    If He were a physical body (jism), He would consist of elements combined in structure [binya], but He is Singular [Wahid], in refutation of structurality [banawiyya].

    He is Eternal [Samad], in refutation of idolatry [wathaniyya].

    There is nothing similar to Him, in rejection of [the anthropomorphism] of the Hashwiyya.

    There is nothing comparable to Him, in refutation of those who maintain the heresy of characterization [wasfiyya].

    No mover moves, in good or evil, in private or in public, on land or at sea, except by His Will, in refutation of the Qadariyya.

    His Power [Qudra] admits no comparison, and His Wisdom [Hikma] has no final limit, in denial of the Hudhaliyya.

    This misfit then considers himself more exalted than Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Jilani one of the greatest personages in the entire history of Islam? Astaghfirullahil-‘Aziym.

  23. Hajji Muhammad says:

    P.S. For all those interested the Shaykh was previously a Jurist in the Shafi’ Madhhab and on the direction of his Shaykh revived the Hanbali madhhab.

  24. Hanif says:

    Holy Qur’an 2:142 – The fools among the people will say: “What has turned them from their qiblah which they had? Say: The East and the West belong only to Allah; He guides whom He pleases to the right path.” (Maulana Muhammad Ali translation)

    The following interview came more than 11 years after the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, received a very special cloak and staff from the highest spiritual teacher in the Muslim world the 104-year-old, Abunah Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Al-Mahi, during an arranged meeting between the Minister and the Abunah Sheikh in Medina, Saudi Arabia, in January of 1998.

    This experience would eventually unfold its most significant meaning and value several years later, while we attended the World’s Islamic People’s Leadership Conference of which the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is the Deputy Commander with over 85 nations being represented in Tripoli, Libya, in November, 2009. When this cloak and staff were passed to the Minister, following a very brief visit with the Abunah Sheikh, the Minister was deeply moved and deeply concerned about what was meant by this gesture and pondered over the meaning for some time.

    During the Libya trip we were accompanied by a very beautifully spirited brother by the name of Hassan Ali, who, just in conversation, mentioned that he was aware of the Minister’s experience and meeting with this highly respected Sheikh of all sheikhs. The conversation led to the following most revealing interview about the significance of Minister Farrakhan in the world of Islam as determined by Abunah Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Al-Mahi of the Mosque of the Prophet (PBUH) in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

    Bro. Sultan Muhammad (SM): Bro. Hassan Ali would you please introduce yourself to us.

    Bro. Hassan Ali: (Tripoli, Libya): I’m in the service of the Minister Louis Farrakhan and Bro. Akbar Muhammad and the American delegation to translate and do whatever they need me to do, primarily to do whatever they need me to do. I am the student of Muhammad Ahmed Al-Mahi from Medina, who gave the Tariqah (spiritual path of one’s teaching) of Prophet Muhammad—May the Peace and Blessing of Allah be Upon Him—and all the related authorities to Minister Farrakhan during Umrah during his visit to Medina in 1998.

    SM: Bro. Hassan, what is an Abunah Sheikh?

    Bro. Hassan: Abunah Sheikh, literally means “our father sheikh” in Arabic, “our father sheikh,” and he, during his time (among us), he was (in the Orthodox Muslim World) the highest spiritual authority on this planet. This is evidenced by his living in the city of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and being the highest spiritual sheik in that city during his time. What’s very relevant about it is his relationship with Bro. Minister Farrakhan and what he gave him (Minister Farrakhan), some which is known and some which is unknown.

    SM: First of all, I learned that most people, regardless of station, as King or Prince, would have to wait to see him, is this true?

    Bro. Hassan: That is absolutely true.

    SM: However, I remember that when we first arrived, the Minister was asked to come up immediately. And I just learned from you that the Abunah Sheik was actually waiting for him?

    Bro. Hassan: Yes sir, what I understand from his inheritor, one of his sons, who is presently in charge of the affairs in Medina, the Abunah Sheik was awaiting Minister Farrakhan.

    SM: Now, I was present when the Abunah Sheik said to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who did not even know the Abunah Sheik, had any knowledge of him, that he prayed for the Minister 500 times a day.

    Bro. Hassan: A minimum of 500 times a day!

    SM: This was a very privileged meeting of which it was a blessing and honor that I and a few others were allowed to meet this very special human being. We were allowed to take a picture of him and then, him and the Minister. I’ll hold the significance of that event till later. Nevertheless, when this brief, but surreal meeting was over we were invited to go down to the floor below for tea, which is usually the gesture in a Muslim meeting of any kind. It was then that I heard some kind of clamor or dispute with someone upstairs and one of his sons; I believe the inheritor, came down and passed a cloak and staff to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

    I also learned that the clamor that I thought I heard was another son who strongly disagreed with passing this particular cloak and staff to the Minister. Because this was, in fact, the Abunah Sheik’s own cloak and staff, which would now pass out of Medina into the hands of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who would be heading out of Medina to America. Bro. Hassan, what is the significance of this cloak and staff which had not gone out of Medina?

    Bro. Hassan: The significance of the cloak and the staff in the tradition of Islam, as most of the masters understand it, is the passing on of the spiritual authority of one on to another. The staff, because the Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessing of Allah Be Upon Him, always wore (carried) that staff and he wore a cloak. These two things are not light symbolism, it’s very powerful symbolism. That cloak, it is a symbol … of the passing on of authority.

    SM: The Minister was overwhelmingly humbled by this gift and having some knowledge of the extolled position of the Abunah Sheik in the Muslim world, he sat there for a short time and then went to our own hotel and sat in the lobby for some time. He questioned Bro. Sheik Ahmed Tejani, one of our traveling companions and translator about the meaning, but he was really too overwhelmed, I think, to get the full impact of what Sheik Tejani said. Bro. Hassan, I wondered if this was significant of the Abunah Sheik passing his authority to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, since this was not a cloak and staff, but the Abunah Sheik’s cloak and staff.

    Bro. Hassan: I’m not qualified to give an understanding in and of myself; however my understanding of it is, that he was absolutely passing to him some measure of authority, especially, in his domicile in North America, because this is an age of greatest spiritually and Minister Farrakhan has been mentioning that for the past couple of years if you study his teachings. No teaching is valid without authority and he’s been given that. He’s been given that by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and he was absolutely, given something by the Abunah Sheik.

    SM: Bro. Hassan, this is what is in my mind. Now that the Abunah Sheik has returned to Allah and May Allah Be Pleased with Him, would it be correct or can you comment on whether or not the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, by tradition would be considered “the” or at least, “an” Abunah Sheik?

    Bro. Hassan: That, absolutely, could be the case. I was not there for the meeting. I can’t say it is or isn’t. But we absolutely know something was given to him perhaps that was waiting for him in Medina before he arrived.

    SM: Again, was that cloak and staff that of the Abunah Sheik?

    Bro. Hassan: It absolutely was.

    SM: And there is not a duplicate of that, is it?

    Bro. Hassan: No! No! No!

    SM: And that has been traditionally passed down?

    Bro. Hassan: That is something that one Sheik will give to another Sheik or perhaps to a student whom he is elevating to the status of Sheik.

    SM: You were a student of the Abunah Sheik also?

    Bro. Hassan: Absolutely, and I’m presently serving his son, who is his global inheritor, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jayli, who is his oldest son, who has very high regard and concern for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

    SM: Now, you are from America, right?

    Bro. Hassan: Yes … My father came to Islam under the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I was raised in the University of Islam at a very young age, so I was born and raised, Muslim. I traveled overseas to study. I went to my first Hajj in 1999 and the buzz for Minister Farrakhan was so reverberating in that region that I was surprised and I was seeking teaching in Suffism.


    A second interview was requested from Bro. Hassan Ali, December 3, 2009, following a second talk which revealed some very profound and humbling events which followed the Minister’s departure from Medina.

    Bro. Hassan: After Bro. Farrakhan exited the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia), a series of events, regarding Abunah Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Al-Mahi occurred which were related to me by his oldest son, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jayli. He was the oldest son and the inheritor of the Abunah Sheikh in Medina. He related to me that soon after the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan exited the Kingdom, the Abunah Sheik gave a talk to his top students and that talk lasted for hours; so many hours—his oldest son related to me—that the men were getting antsy on their feet as if they were getting tired. The context of that talk … there’s one man in Medina who was present and knows it, his name is Mohammed Mawlid and I will get it at a later date and give it to Bro. Sultan for the Minister to peruse.

    A couple of important points:

    One is that his son mentioned that he (the Abunah Sheikh) told those who were present (that) talk is more valuable than gold. So, it’s important to find out what that talk was.

    The second point is that after the Minister exited (Arabia), the Abunah Sheik had a practice of exiting his house every Friday at 11:30 for Jumu’ah at the Mosque of the Prophet, PBUH, and I don’t know how many weeks after, it may have been the week immediately after, I’m not certain, but I can find out. One of his oldest sons would escort him on Fridays to Jumu’ah and (that son) would knock at his door every Friday morning at 11:30 AM and tell him it was time to leave.

    This particular Friday, he knocked at the door and he told Abunah Sheik, “Abunah Sheik, its 11:30.” The Abunah Sheik says, “I know.” So, the son came back 15 to 30 minutes later, knocked again, and said, Abunah Sheik it’s now 12 o’clock. The Abunah Sheik said, “I know.” The son came back a third time to tell him and the Abunah said to him, “Don’t you think I know what time it is?” And that was the last time that the Abunah Sheik went to Jummah, ever. This was immediately after the exit of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Pertaining to the Sufi aspect of the Abunah Sheik’s teaching, someone asked him what Tariqah is he? This is what the Minister inherited from him, this spirituality, this spiritual authority. He told the person it was called “Tariqah al Kamilah,” meaning the complete tariqah. Meaning whatever you look for of Allah and his Prophet, PBUH, can be found in it. So, that encompasses the whole of Islam.

    SM: Did you not say that at some point you came back to America with his eldest son on another mission?

    Bro. Hassan: Absolutely, I came here in August or September of 1999. I drove here from New York City, at the express order of the eldest son of the Abunah Sheik; one year later after the Minister had visited. His son came to see the Minister to invite him, as per the Abunah Sheikh’s instruction to the Hajj and when we came we stayed with a group on Manchester Rd., the mosque of Omar, Inc., of which the leader of it had some affiliation with the Abunah Sheikh in the past. He claims himself the leader of Abunah Sheik’s community in America which is not accurate. We were blocked. We had to rely on that group to get in contact with the Minister and it did not happen. I knew nothing about Chicago, so we had to rely on them. Not even a year after that the Abunah Sheikh went back to Allah.

    So, this, I believe, is in keeping with what the Minister mentioned to us when he said he was invited to go Hajj with the Abunah Sheikh. He sent his son here to follow through on that desire.

    SM: We understand that we actually met with the Abunah Sheikh in his room or apartment on the top floor. Did you say that even some of his children had never met him there and that no King, Prince, etc. had ever sat with him in that room and none had ever visited him above the second floor?

    Bro. Hassan: He had several students and some children who had never gone up to the top story where he lived and did his prayers. I, myself, have never seen that room, physically. The highest I have ever been in that building is the second floor.

    SM: When he met with kings or princes …
    Bro. Hassan: They did not go in that room. No, No. He would meet them downstairs at the front door in an area called the host, like the front yard.

    SM: During the Minister’s Peace Tour in which he saw, yet tried to avoid the barbaric bloodshed which has now plagued Iraq, just as it has Afghanistan, we encountered difficulty when we wanted to continue to Mecca to make Umrah. We were to delay and wait for a better time when he could be received with the proper respect. Personally, I thought there may have been some trepidation, because of former President Bush’s telegraphed move against Iraq and they were backing out?

    Bro. Hassan: No, I don’t think they were backing out. You see, the Minister has a base of support in Saudi Arabia that’s built in, just because of what the Abunah Sheikh transmitted to him.

    I would challenge anyone on the planet. I would find a million dollars to give them if they could find a picture of them with the Abunah Sheikh. The Abunah Sheikh did not allow his picture to be taken in Saudi Arabia. The only pictures that were taken in Saudi Arabia, were the pictures that were taken upon Minister Farrakhan’s visit.

    No one has a picture of themselves with the Abunah Sheikh.

    SM: No one has a picture with the Abunah Sheikh other than Minister Farrakhan?
    Bro. Hassan: That’s it. He has one picture with his young daughter playing patty-cakes or something like that. No one else. I challenge any one to produce one. No one has one.

    The last mention of Bro. Hassan Ali was that he was told that when the Minister left from the Abunah Sheikh’s presence, the sheikh raised his fist and pumped it saying, “Shujah, shujah, shujah,” which translates “Courageous, courageous, courageous.”


    • Hajji Muhammad says:

      The adaab of the Prophet (SAW) requires that all who travel to meet with elder religious personages receive tokens of recognition such as a shawl, cloak, Immah (turban), sibha (prayer beads) walking stick, etc. Unfortunately, many in the West mistake and misinterpret this and take it to mean that is a recognition of their exalted state.
      That being said, it is and has been the history of Farrakhan in particular, and others in general, have for opportunist reasons declared themselves to be some special individual born and destined for some messianic purpose? This is the height of megalomania and neurosis.
      Case in question: A former student of Khalifa Hamaas Abdul-Khaalis had returned from Pakistan carrying with him an item which he was told absolutely not take out of the country. He disobeyed the Saadiq Pir Faqir and did it anyway. Being privy to this, some years later he was in need of a place to live so we arranged for him to move in with a brother and his family.
      While in the residence he began to exult himself and make all kinds of claims of being a Shaykh and then he began showing this item to the children of the residence. At that the owner of the home informed brother Hamaas who then instructed that he be immediately removed from the home. That was done. Now some twenty years later this same individual has raised this issue again saying that he never received an apology and that he is a Shaykh and that he is the Khalifa of Isa ibn Maryam (AS) and that he has permission and Ijazah from the Qadiri Shaykhs including the Shaykhs of the Mukashfiyya.This person has blown a fuse and has a few loose screws and really needs to see a psychiatrist.
      There is no difference between his claims and those of Farrakhan, in that this same individual was one of the victims (his nine day old daughter was murdered by the devils who raided the Hanafi Muslim home in 1973) it was his daughter and now he is making erroneous claims; he’s lost it.
      The alleged visit of Farrakhan was if it did take place, was a duty one Muslim would afford to another. However, Shaykh Jayli (RA) the son of Abuna Shaykh knows that his father was/is a Shaykh of the Mikashfiya Tariqah and that this person Hajji Muhammad Salaam the poter of this missive is the student of Sayyid Hajji Awad Amasaib who is a blood relative of not only Shaykh Jayli, also Shaykh Abdul-Baaqi Mikashfi and they all know that the family are ‘Araqiyn?
      So you all need beware and advised that Farrakhan is still up to his old tricks and that every Shaykh and or brother he has deceived will ultimately have to answer for his own self, and that soon he will meet Allah and that will then settle the matter.
      P.S. As for the statement that Farrakhan is the only person to take a picture with the Shaykh,
      For certain this is an outright lie.

      • Alhamdulillah. Brother Hajji Muhammad: Your understanding of the events regarding Louis Farrakhan and Abuna Shaykh al-Mahi is very sound. I am a student o his inheritor, Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jayli and this is what I’ve learned from him:

        With regards to initiation into Tariqah, one must be a muslim who adheres to the Ahlus-sunnah wal-Jama’ah. He said this to me, before I took Tariqah from him. However, outside of actual tariqah, or initiation, the Shaykh will still work with people. This is when the Shaykh will give awraad (a set of litanies) to a person, with the idea that the awraad will set such a person on the right course to perhaps one day receive Tariqah. I saw him do this with a member of the Nation of Islam with my own eyes. With me receiving this understanding and clarity from him from his own mouth, I have no choice but to believe that this is the same thing given to Farrakhan, being that he is the leader of this group that is clearly outside of the mainstream Ahlus-sunnah wal-Jama’ah if they are even muslim at all. I have met and talked to the Shaykh a number of times about Islam and America and have never heard him once refer to Farrakhan as a spiritual authority of the path but rather I have been pointed in the direction of others,namely, his Muqaddim in Maryland, and some other brothers in the states. May Allah bless us all with clarification. Amin

      • hot wheels says:

        Ya Allaah, sorry but hanif abdul-alee is a trouble maker in philly, him and his leader khalil abdullahi are not of a real qadri tariqa. This is the problem with uneducated muslims, like a dog, throw them small amount of food and they will do anything. Shame on you for lying on Sheikh AbdulQadir Gilani. He is free from your black lies.

  25. Mutuku Abdur Rahman says:

    as salaam alaikum,

    I sure will never understand people whose belief is so weak that they can’t stand to have open two-way exchanges in open forums, but only resort to baby cut and paste nonsense instead of being men and standing up for what they believe. I guess they either have to sneak up and shoot you, like they did Malcolm, or they have to parrot nonsense they get from Final Call. It’s sad how far people can be off from the Haqq in the modern age…..

  26. Jo Ann says:

    Peace and Blessings,
    This is Fitnah and confussion is from Shaytan. Not knowing the truth about Islam and seeing what is going on…..

    Shirk is the only sin Allahta’ala is not going to forgive. Associating patners with Allah. Authubillahimnashatanirajeem, I will not associate my self with others who associate themselves with Shirk. Master Fard Muhammed is not Allah and Elijah Muhammed is not the Muhammed that received the revelation. Muhammed ibn Abdullah Peace and Blessings be upon him is the Last and final prophet and messenger. La ilaha illallah, Muhamadur rasulullah! The Aqitah of Islam the way the prophet Muhammad sallahualaihiwasalaam, taught is not the way The Nation of Islam teaches. I know I was part of temple #7 long time ago when it was in Brooklyn. I thank Allah for guiding me to the right and straight path. I hope all those who went toward the Nation of Islam thinking it was the right way, that Allah guide you to the right way. None can gude who Allah has strayed and none can stray who Allah has guided. May Allah protect the belivers keep us on the straight path, grant us Mercy and Grant us all Jennatul Firdos. Ameen!

  27. As salaam alaikum,

    Dude….for starters, your name is shirk. You think you are supposed to call yourself Allah???? May Allah give me patience. I will call you Infi. You are not Infinite. Your torture in the hereafter will be infinite if you do not accept Islam. You use caps as if you are making a point, so insha Allah, I will not rise to your methods.

    Allah is not a man. There is nothing like Allah. Glory be to Him. He is the Most High. Allah is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. When human analogy is made in the Quran it is not evidence that God is a man. The analogy in the Quran is God speaking to men in terms they can understand. Christians take small parts of their book, misinterpret them and start entire new religions. You are doing the same thing with Islam. Infi, you are not Imam Shafii. You are not a great Islamic scholar. Please brother, drop being so in love with yourself and get some humility. True Islam has been interpreted already and handed to us. As Muslims, we don’t imitate the Christians in how they treat their book. The Quran is not whatever you think it is. The Quran is not for you to interpret. You are interpreting English, when the Quran is in Arabic and we Muslims don’t use English interpretations to decide aqeedah. Infi, you are NOI. Now the first thing you should say is that you are NOI. And you can be different from the non men there and stand up and debate what you believe in the open, without calling yourself a god, or you can dump NOI dogma here and run like you fellow NOI people do. Infi, racism is not very smart. You are taking a belief that says your value is in your skin. You really think your skin makes you special to God or anyone else for that matter? Please be rational. Your skin? Think! Your skin makes you better than the white man? Ya Allah! You are dust. You are born to die. There is absolutely no doubt. You will be in the grave. You are no god. You are a man, created by Allah. You are nowhere near Allah. Allah has not and will NEVER DIE…sorry. You will certainly see death Infi. God will never see death. Please be rational and leave the cheap escape of racist thinking. We use escapes to deal with difficult realities. The best true defense against the harsh dunya is Allah. If you want, I will go into details Infi, but the main thing is, if you are going to fall into the whole my-god-is-a-man thing, then common sense says you should take the white man’s god, since the white man is the top dog these days. If you are so in love with the fire and the dunya, then at least get the best price in the here and now. Why would you embrace a black racist cult that says you are a god, when you could take the Christians god, get money and acceptance and at least be beyond impotent racism? If you are not serious about the God of Abraham, (Abraham never said he was a god) then go to the pagans with the most to offer and let go of impotent unproductive nonsense…..I pray that Allah Guides you to be a man who knows that no man is any type of God. We serve God, and bow to Him as solely Divine….when we are really smart.

    Abdur Rahman

  28. Infi….

    the rest of the quranic passage you cite, of 6:19, that you are trying to show as evidence of any man being a god says:
    “Say He is One God and behold, far it from me to ascribe divinity to any other thing besides Allah!”

    So if you really read infi, you see that the Quran tells you NOT to call yourself a god…even in English translations.

    “And who could be more wicked than he who attributes his own lying inventions to God or who lies on His messengers?”

    Peace be upon the messenger of Allah

  29. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Proof That Farra-Con had Malcom X Set up

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