The Winds of Change Are Blowing

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am very encouraged and excited by the response by the readers to my last post. It is a clear indication that the Muslims see the need for competent new leadership and a new direction for Islam in America. With that in mind, I have been consulting with Muslims around the country for the past few days on establishing this positive direction, insha Allah. Please keep us in your du’aa and stay positive because the winds of change are blowing

  1. Hajji Muhammad says:

    Bismillahi AlRahmaan AlRahiym
    As salaamu ‘alaykum
    Yes, the leadership should and must be based on the Standards, Quran & Sunnah and the criteria established by Rasuwlullah Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. That is every leader should and must be fully certified as having the knowledge of the Quran (a Hafiz) and know al-Fushaa (pure Quranic Arabic). Second their Aqidah must be authentic. Next leadership should be in the hands of those born in America. Muslims who have migrated from other countries should only have advisory positions. All those who are presently in positions of leadership are not qualified to be in those positions? Siraj, Mahdi Bray, Farrakhan, Zaid, and a whole list of Imams should immediately relinquish the title Imam. Next, the title “Amr” must be dropped because this is not a sovereign Muslim nation there is no standing army therefore the term is innocuous and misleading. Finally, all communities should immediately initiate
    “tahkim” consultation utilizing shura (consultative bodies) this will ensure equitable input of all members of the community and remove the secrecy surrounding the wealth, property and ownership of and boards of Directors from remaining in the hands of the few?

    • Wow brother Hajj, from your lips to God’s hearing, I couldn’t of said it better myself (smile). I don’t necessarally believe a leader MUST be a hafiz, but he certainly must know Al Quran and its basic rulings. Knowledge of the Arabic language is also a must. Most of all though, they must genuinely love and care for the people they claim to be leading. This current crop of “leaders” who have been on the scene for eternity it seems, are out for themselves, bottom line. There is deep sense of outrage over the embrace Farrakhan as well as Sherman Jackson signing off on Wesley Muhammad’s blasphemous disertation, a blatent stab in the back to the Muslims. And then there is the contemptuous refusal to give an account of what happened to MANA. You have said it better than anyone, they MUST GO. They are emperors with no cloths, having lost all credibility and respect with the masses of African-American Muslims. If we continue to hold them up after these recent outrages we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Is it any wonder that in all of these many years we have not made any progress to speak of.

  2. Hamza 21 says:

    @Hajji Muhammad

    “Rasuwlullah ”

    These are known old Imam Isa (Malachi York) spellings. Were you member of York’s “Ansaarullah”?

    • Hajji Muhammad says:

      Bismillah AlRahmaan AlRahiym
      My connection is directly and only with the Ansaar of Sudan. I was never a follower of and never a member of the group that used the name “Ansarullah”
      on Bushwick Ave. in Brooklyn. For those who may be interested and those seeking a clarification know this, Dwight York, aka Imam Isa, aka 27 other aliases, is not a Muslim, and he most definitely is not a descendant of either the Prophet (SAW) not Imam Mahdi and he is not the son of Imam al-Haadi. All these claims are made up by him. The visits Sayyid Saadiq made here to speak with him was York’s way of claiming validation, ie. that the “family” gave him recognition; false. Sayyid Saadiq came here to warn him to stop telling these untruths for which York promised he would, though he lied and never changed. I was personally present at the home of Sayyid Saadiq in November of 1992 in Umm Durmaan, at which nine members of our family (two of my sons in laws are members of the family of the Mahdi) were present and Sayyid Saadiq explained in detail that York was lying and that he came to warn him and that he had to cease what he was claiming.
      So I don’t know where you received your information from and its really not my concern. Time has exposed York’s falsehood, he is the victim of his own hypocrisy and we extended an invitation to those who claim to be Ansaar to make tawbah and or know that we are still connected to the main body.

  3. rafiq says:

    @ Abdurahman Muhammad
    I hear you 100% akhee. What I would like to see from you however is a point-by-point roadmap for taking our religion back.

    • rafiq says:

      @ Abdurahman Muhammad

      I have been reading this blog for the past few weeks and I posted the above comment asking you to post a roadmap for where we can move forward. It has been almost 3 weeks since you posted this teaser and we haven’t seen any way forward. Instead we have been treated to more and more of your beating a dead horse. What is it YOU plan to do besides complain about the CAAM press conference? I am in full agreement that we need a new direction, but continuing to talk about this Farrakhan issue (which I agree with you) is not attractive to me and I am about ready to check out

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