Juan Williams Gets Fired From NPR

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is jubilant that they’ve managed to get long time journalist and author Juan Williams fired from National Public Radio (NPR) for voicing some of his honest fears about Muslims. Williams is a respected author and commentator who has written a number of brilliant books on the civil rights movement and in particular, an authoritative biography on the life of the first black Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall.

None of this serves any good, for the backlash against NPR and CAIR (and by extension Muslims) has already begun. Whatever one may think about Williams, the man is a serious intellectual who was trying to have an honest and frank discussion of exactly how Muslims are perceived in this country. And for that, the “political correctness” police over at NPR – which leans to the far left – canned him.

This episode is just another illustration of why I detest CAIR and all that they stand for, really I do. Instead of trying to create good will in this country between Muslims and non-Muslims, they chose to get in bed with the hypocritical left, most of whom share many of the same fears that Juan Williams does. They are just too damn cowardly to say so publicly. Williams is not a bigot and everybody knows it, but that didn’t stop CAIR from taking down a man who’s dedicated his entire career to chronicling the struggle of black people in this country and making this nation a better place  for everyone, something CAIR could learn a lesson from. And since were talking about honesty here, I myself don’t feel comfortable sometimes when I see Muslims boarding planes. That’s because even though I’m a Muslim myself, I’m also an American who understands that the crazies in our faith view American Muslims as traitors and want us dead as well.

I think we should want to know exactly how other Americans feel about Muslims, rather than play this political correctness game and act like victims all the time. I don’t care what anyone says, CAIR is a pernicious element in this country which does far more harm than good, especially for Muslims. Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper (top two CAIR officials) may be gloating over winning this particular battle by causing a decent man to lose his job, but in the long run CAIR will always be on the losing end of that kind of attack.


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