A Happy and Prosperous 2011 to One and All. Do You Have Any Resolutions for this Year?

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

  1. Ali Swaby says:

    My resolution is to reconnect with the brother who first gave me a book on Muhammad while in college that lead to my taking shahada, and engaging him on serious and poignant issues of the day, especially after having lost our way by being sidetracked by external concerns these last 21 years.

    • @Ali Swaby

      So good to see an old familiar face my dear brother, last saw you at the disastrous second MANA conference. We have a lot a work to do in 2011, and with Allah’s help we will be successful in charting a new course. I will be connecting with you soon regarding the Townhall Meeting in May inshaullah.

  2. Umi Says says:

    Improve my Salah, read and memorize more Quran, do more activities (specifically with my boobala), make healthier decisions (pertaining to food choices, exercise, product choice), graduate and get a job (and or into another program). They are more specific but tmi to list here. Lol they tend to be the same thing every year….

  3. Dawud Adib says:

    My resolution is to find another community to split and get married again


    Abu Tasmeem

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