One Year Since World Learned Who Really Killed Malcolm X; Time to Sue Has Expired.

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William Bradley aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz, Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz)

Yesterday, April 22, 2011. marked the one year anniversary of the world first learning of  the true identity of the murderer of Malcolm X, a man whose name has now gone down in infamy, that of William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz) of Newark, New Jersey. This is very significant because the statute of limitations on libel in New Jersey is one year, which expired yesterday, making it impossible for Bradley to ever sue me for exposing him to the world. He can never legally say I lied about him or that he is not who I said he is. His dastardly act is now part of the public record and infamy is stamped upon him wherever he goes.

Truth be told, Bradley had no grounds to sue anyone anyway because his name has been part of the public record for decades. If he was going to sue anyone for libel, he would have had to have done it when his name first appeared in the scholarly literature, which of course he never did.  That is why despite all the huffing and puffing from his wife about “not taking this sitting done”; that is precisely what they are doing, sitting down and hoping this goes away. But that’s impossible now because Bradley’s camouflage has been completely blown off, and his every waking hour is lived with the knowledge that we all know who he is. Bradley is a pariah in decent society and an offense in the African-American community. If it is true that he’s repented of this fiendish act in accordance with the Islamic faith (as some have tried to argue), then let him seek the forgiveness of Malcolm’s family, which has experienced a long trail of misery as the result of his demise. Let Bradley come out from behind his wife and own up to what he has done by turning himself in. Of course no one expects this will happen.

And finally, let me say it has been quite a struggle this past year getting the mainstream media to pick up on the story. They were afraid of being sued or just not interested. But with the passing of Dr. Marable they understood that history was being made and went into a frenzy to be a part of it. This then is the tremendous legacy of Manning Marable, that by being a Columbia professor he elevated the story in a way that I simply could not. I recognized that fact early on and so disclosed to him Bradley’s identity without reservation or regret. It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Dr. Marable and myself understood the huge historical significance of this explosive material and weren’t about to let jealousy or envy get in the way of sharing it with our people. I only wish some of the other scholars out there, the haters, felt the same way.

  1. Omar Shabazz says:

    I love it, well written as usual from you! Keep at it. Could’nt get
    to the phone trying to edit the new film.

  2. khalil abdulla says:

    We want the media to tell us the truth. We are old enough to look at each report and make objective opinions about what we see. We don’t want the media hiding the truth and censoring the facts to create a false sense of the world around us. Let the facts speak for themselves. Is it the media’s responsibility to worry about creating positive images for people? I read a book entitled “The Coloring Of The News”. In the book it reported about journalists who told the truth about a story and they were told by managers to either withdraw the story or censor it to create a more positive image for a selected group. Those writers who still reported the truth lost there jobs. The book is full of these examples.

  3. Jalil Ali Abdul-Hakeem says:

    I agree that this was well written and that the criminals need to be arrested. How can it happen when the Jews will not allow any arrest for the murder of our martyr. We need to spread the word and get these criminals arrested and imprisoned for a long time.

    • Thank you for the support, but lets not engage in anti-semitism please. In fact, there were a number of jewish people behind the scenes who helped immensely in getting the story out. Please lets not go there.

      The real problem is the Muslims themselves, and specifically their leadership, who believe that because Bradley is a Muslim he should be left alone. If there is anyone to blame here it is ourselves brother! You have not heard one Muslim leader come out and call for Bradley to give himself up or for a reopening of the case. The problem is not the jews, it’ us.

      • Jalil Ali Abdul-Hakeem says:

        Brother you are being naive if you think that the Jews have not been suppressing this investigation for decades including those so called working behind the scenes.

  4. khalil abdulla says:

    Bro AR Muhammad

    Are you implying that Mustafa Shabazz is not Muslim?? You put the word “muslim” as if to imply that he is not a Muslim. Please clarify. I understand you want to pursue the murder, but let’s be just

    • To be honest with you, its immaterial at this point. its precisely the kind of question you pose that accounts for the silence of the Muslims concerning Bradley. Who cares if he is Muslim or not, what bearing does that have on him having to pay for what he did? Ok, I just removed the inverted commas, now what?

  5. khalil abdulla says:

    AR Muhammad,

    Just wanted to make sure you were not making takfeer or were expressing some knowledge that the rest of us did not know. It is important as to whether or not he is Muslims because he has certain rights if he is Muslim

  6. lancelot45 says:

    “He has certain rights if he is a Muslim”…you’re kiddin me right? Brother please tell me how that is germane to the legal implications here. Let’s just say I subscribed to your somewhat asinine logic, wouldn’t that imply that Brother Malcolm (as a Muslim) had rights too? I would have to further assume that one of those rights would probably be the right NOT to get executed in front of his family. For you, Bradley or anyone else to attempt some kind of “messianic” justification for this crime goes beyond cowardice. (Further still, to proselytize in such a clumsy backhanded manner is transparent and silly) Fortunately the legal system (such as it is) in this country is not designed (when used correctly) to afford Bradley or anyone else special “rights” simply by virtue of his religious affiliation.

    • khalil abdulla says:

      Every sin that came prior to Islam is washed away and alhamdulillah that Allah does not hold one accountable for one’s actions before they became Muslim. This is the mercy and justice of Islam. The Prophet (pbuh) and the noble companions forgave all those that killed Muslims (such as Khalid ibn Walid) after those individuals became Muslim and took them in as brothers in the faith. My understanding is that the man in question has since repented, became Muslim and is a member in good standing of the Muslim community in NJ. Allah doesn’t forgive those that do not forgive.

      And all of this is assuming that the person being accused is indeed the shooter and AFTER giving him his 70 excuses as a brother. Do we even know that this person is the shooter? He has said that he is not. Is the word of a muslim not good enough? I have always believed that it was the FBI that assassinated Br Malik and we need to look there

  7. lancelot45 says:

    With all due respect to your religious leanings, none of that means anything in an american courtroom. There is no statute of limitations on capital murder, hence if this man/Muslim/etc. committed the act, and is convicted in a court of law, well See ya! That’s how it goes. Again, you’re grounded in your Islamic faith, that’s good (for you), but that has absolutely nothing to do with american jurisprudence. Our court system is not governed by God/Allah/Jehovah/Buddha/etc. I don’t know how to make it any plainer than that.

  8. Ibn Waheed says:

    Recent video of William Bradley and his wife:

  9. lancelot45 says:

    And your point???

  10. lancelot45 says: