This rally for Trayvon Martin was organized four ordinary women – Meagan Goffney, Maliaka Mealy, Heather Rasberry, and Yolanda Carr – who put it together in only a week. They expected around 25 people to show up but instead got about 5000! People are furious about this atrocity and judging from the discussions I’ve been having, an arrest better come soon!

  1. Hamza 21 says:

    There definitely needs to be justice in case however it needs to be said with all idiots buying skittles and ice tea I’m sure Arizona Beverages,Lipton and other tea makes as well as Wrigley (makes of skittles) are lovin this controversy.

    Seriously people use your brain. How is spending money on ice tea and skittles going bring justice in this case? One thing has nothing to do with another.

  2. Abu Hasan Malik says:

    Wheres the rally for the iraqi sister? Wheres the kafir president mentioning her, this blog is disgusting

  3. Liaka says:

    Skittles and Ice tea are representative of his youth and the absurdity of the racial profiling that led this beast to commit such an act of hatred. If you cannot comprehend the significance of something so very elementary Hamza feel free to excuse yourself from this discussion and every discussion that follows. That is insensitive. And the only irrelevant things that comes up when discussing Trayvon Martin is comments such as yours. Every movement has to have a way of making it real to people. Apparently stating the facts alone isn’t “real” enough, or Zimmerman would be in jail. Therefore holding these items up for all to see serves as a reminder of innocence lost. He didn’t die because of Skittles and Iced tea, but the racist cops were in for a rude awakening when they discovered this “OH” so menacing child had nothing more than these quintessential childhood staples on his person. That night, sugar meets spice.

    • Hamza 21 says:

      @ Liaka

      You seem to be blinded by your emotions and can’t think clearly? How does spending money on skittles and ice tea ,an act making some companies very wealthy at this point, bring justice to this case? It doesn’t and it in no way can!

      It is not insensitive to say it’s important say because anybody who cant see that needs to be brought back to reality. In fact it’s insensitive to purchase these items because it’s a SELFISH act. It makes YOU better.

      Purchasing these items doesn’t and in no way can 1)have the zimmerman arrested 2)bring solace to the family nor 3)bring to justice to Trayvon. However I bet it does make one feel better that their “doing something”. If people are serious about justice than that should be focus not purchasing useless items to make one feel better. The only justice in this case is have zimmerman arrested and prosecuted and if you actions don’t lead that conclusion they just selfish…. acts intended to make you feel better not intended nor can lead to a just conclusion.

      So I ask again how does spending money on skittles and ice tea bring justice to this case?

  4. Liaka says:

    Abu someone WILL cry for this woman. I weep for her. But it’s ridiculous to place the blame elsewhere my dear. What have YOU done to help tell her story. This post is about Trayvon Martin. She deserves the same level of attention and support. Perhaps you will find a way to contribute and aid her grieving family instead of typing empty shallow words behind a monitor. If you aren’t apart of the solution, you are part of the problem. This applies to everyone. Myself included. Nonetheless, I know it’s inappropriate to jeer another community grieving under the guise of disgust. I am sure that iraqi sister would not want her name evoked in this context. Let her rest in peace. Not as a tool of fodder for your personal agenda.

  5. Faheem Lea says:

    A suggestion towards securing justice for Treyvon. If you are unable to read it, let me know and I will put it in manually:!/100000127071749/timeline/story?ut=3&wstart=1333263600&wend=1335855599&hash=6697436207743994056&__user=100000127071749

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