British Press Exposes Abu Usamah for Who He Really is; Could He be Finished?

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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He was the most charismatic of all the American graduates of the Islamic University of Madina, a man whose vast knowledge of Islam was virtually unsurpassed by almost anyone working in the field of dawah at that time. He had not only the talent, but also the people skills that could have easily elevated him to the pinnacle of leadership in the American Salafy Muslim community. In 1997 when I first met Abu Usamah at Thahabi at a program in Philadelphia, he was without question a superstar Imam, a man who commanded the utmost loyalty and devotion of his young followers and students.

But today, many years and many scandals later, a story in the British Birmingham Mail  is revealing to the world exactly who Abu Usamah is, a brother from the block who couldn’t handle the responsiblity of being a revered religious figure and was incapable of controlling his lower desires. Like many of the other black Salafi Imams( read Dawud Adib, Abul Hasan Malik, Jaleel Meekins et al), Abu Usamah led something of a double life, who after devoting seven long years to acquiring an Islamic education that many would die for, could never actually bring himself to live by that knowledge and as a result, found himself embroiled in one scandal after another. His story is of course well-known, and many of us had hoped that after being forced out of the Germantown masjid for a string of sexual mis-deeds, that perhaps he had turned a new leaf at his new home Masjid called Green Lane in Birmingham, England. Maybe God would give him another chance after making repentance for his myriad of sins committed in America. Well, as the facts are now coming to light, that was simply not meant to be.

We started hearing things about the brother well over a year ago related to his pattern of womanizing and harassment, and knew that it would only be a matter of time, especially after the Undercover Mosque controversy, that Abu Usamah would do himself in. Now the British press is on to him and the only question is; is this the beginning of the end for Abu Usamah’s career as an Imam? He is already a laughing-stock in the US but now we are learning from these reports in the papers, that he’s been ban from at least one masjid in England . Anyway, this story just broke today and I’ll be offering a more detailed analysis of its ramifications in other posts soon to follow (inshallah).

  1. Anonymous 101 says:

  2. Khalid says:


  3. Khalid says:

    And regards abu usahma, the people have to fear Allah regards to this man and cover his sins, this is not a religious matter but a personal matter what should be hidden. TELL me what person who hasnt got a crime they wished the people didnt come to know, many. Whats the benefit exposing this man its better we pray for him and hope that Allah will answear our prayers. Thats is this is even true,.And the person who is making this claim should reveal themselves and not hide so we can call them to clarify the story if its true. Please fear Allah what you have to say about individuals its better to hide the sins of the people. As we were taught by our blessed messenger of Allah. Thank you for reading this and may Allah guide us all to the correct way in life Ameen

    • saima says:

      salaam, Please brother do not be stupid now, cover his sins why so he sleep with your’e family women, wallah dunya is messed i do not have the full knowledge of Islam but i know these people should be not allowed to lead the ummah. our imams are messed and we are to affraid of the white community to talk out stop being a Asian and covering everything. saima

    • aaliyah says:

      When someone is a religious leader and role model, their actions should not be ‘hidden.’ I have good reason to believe that Abu Usamah has several wives and has temporary marriages. I know first-hand of his disrespectful dealings with women.

      Abu Usamah is abusing his position of influence and privilege and should not be allowed to do so.

      • Anonymous101 says:

        @Aaliyah, you say you have good reason to believe that Abu Usamah has temporary marriages. Do you know any of those women he was temporarily married to? Were you one of them? How do you know first-hand about his dealings with women and that he’s abusing his position?

  4. ibrahim says:

    fear ALLAH in what you say you are either very stupid or very ignorant. do you not know the punishment for one who slanders? do you know who you are talking about? do you believe whatever the kuffaar who just wants to split up our religion yet you dont trust a brother who is more knowledgeable than you. think seriously about what you said for the punishment of the slanderer is great and fear ALLAH.

    • aaliyah says:

      Knowledgable? Knowledge is not wisdom. Abu Usamah is certainly not wise. What is the punishment for the defenders of sinful men who abuse and disrespect women?

      • kamalabdurrahman says:

        wallahi answer the question look back too quraan and sunnah and learn the etiquette of beneficial backbiting and subhanallah abdur rahman muhammad this is a travesty of how this is being exposed and dont think I am defending thahabi he is already been refuted by many scholars but before you go posting, islam is about saying something and backing it up with proof and thats it has has to be from creditable witnesses period also you are showing pics of yourself and no masculinity on your person if it is true Allah(swt) knows best period just from the picture I have a hard time with your credibility and the intermingling

      • Zaynab says:

        Any chance u can inbox me sis pls. Need to query something abt ur post. Genuine requeat. Jzk

  5. musa says:

    you people should fear allah you have more importand thing to talk about abu usamah is a good person i knw him

  6. Yahya says:

    We do not have the right to tell someone about the sins of others satan makes us think that we are doing good by telling about the sin of others as though we are in the clear with Allah with our sins, and on top of that slander even if it is the truth that’s din not dunyah.

  7. hot wheels says:

    Wondering what the blog owner has done for Islam other than talk about muslims. Khalid yasin, hasan malik, dawud adib, these are all washed up nobodies, and the site is ramble after ramble, over and over again the same thing, very unprofessional. Ranting and raving about a nobody. What about shamsudeen ali, his wife and daughter who stole all that money pretending to have an islamic school, wd mohamed would be proud. Why don’t you see this behavior in arab,pakistani, bangali, albanian, european muslim communities? What’s the difference between the germantown muslims and the kufar in germantown? One group claims islam nothing more. A lot of those women sneak around, have sex with other brothers, cheat, foul mouthed, insincere tramps. Brothers sell drugs, pills, pick up hookers, beat their wives, don’t pay bills. Philly black muslims make me mortified.

    • toddles says:

      You may have a point, but i am not for calling people names, a lot of african americans may have these problems due o culture many forget this, i am a revert, african american residing in the u.k. there is much fitnah here too, my wife is european, when she goes home to her country she tells me all the nonsense the muslims are doing there, drinking, drugs, slaving nigerian, Albanians etc into a ring of sex slave trade, you do not here muslims doing such in american, i am not saying it do not happen.

      Right in my building there somali, arab, pakistani befriending non muslims selling their drugs (weed) i can go look right out my window as type and see them harassing innocent people. It sounds like you have some of dislike for black american muslims??? The problem with many african american reverts is that come from so much jahaliyyah ways and many haven’t begun tarbiyyah themselves. Many born muslims come to the states and are actually worse then the reverts. They will have a wife and family back home in their homeland and yet have plain jane kaffir woman. Many discretely go gambling in las vegas. My spouse use to counsel sisters here in london, many running from their husband cause he’s beating her or they wanna take their kids away from her, theres the honour killings if they catch their sweet lil bint dating outside her tribe or she with a black brit et, he’ll try to take her to his country and take her passport or even worse kill her. I am not picking at you, but i know undercover racism when i see it, read it and hear it.
      Yes our African American sisters can be a handful, but when they are sincere they are the best. You can go to certain parts of london and see sisters in veil selling their bodies. We are all muslims nobody is better then the next except in goodness and worship to Allaah

    • kamalabdurrahman says:

      aooudabillahi please!!!!! I’ll leave my email and tell you about the other nationalities and how racist and you are absolutley correct westernized and european the arab,paki,indo,india muslims and I meen some of these ethnic muslims are no offence to true muminnen but go in san diego and the arabs own the liqour stores even in baltimore

  8. mufti idris says:


  9. Nadira Amatullah-Smith says:

    Assalamu alaikum, I am distraught that another muslim could hear this and suggest it be concealed. This is very serious due to the fact that our new converts have so many other pressures a lot of times. The niyyah should not be to exposed his sins but to protect sisters from this. I pray for my brother too but let’s not be stupid hear. To be honest I wish there were brothers appointed to put hands on men like this!

  10. Mohammed Abdul-Fatah says:

    Brother/sister what you posted about the Sheikh is absolute rubbish. Very stupid…..If your intention is to smear mud on the sheikh am sorry you have failed woefully……Whomsoever Allah holds in high esteem non can bring down…not even the the British and the west who hate the religion of Islam like hell…

  11. muhammad h says:


    You akis & uktis seems to be very jahil
    The slander & backbiting you are all engaged in,
    Is worse than the what the person is accused of,
    Look at your thumb when you are pointing your fingertips
    None of you accusers have shown any hiikmah, no taught into where your info came from
    Can’t you see how pathetic your own situation is?
    Al youm mulki amah you Will stand before ALLAH, naked next to each other unconcerned about your
    condition & others that’s because at that moment for the first time you realise what it is to be honest….and that honesty is the True Fear OF ALLAH then, “What have you prepared for it?

    You just speak & write according to the desire of this Naffs that you going to ruin all because of your careless calam.
    May ALLAH save us all from the calamity of our own wrongs. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

  12. Muhammad says:

    Salam bro. Abdul-Rahman

    Is there anyway to get in contact with you? I have an urgent request.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  13. muhammad h says:

    Salamualaykum Abdul Rahman
    My contact

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bring forth your proof and take to the police before then just shut up and go and repent for your own sins

  15. Anonymous says:

    Fear Allah s.w.t. if you cannot say anything good about a brother then say nothing. Allah forgive us and guide us. please ya Allah guide those that do not understand protecting brothers of deen.
    This is exactly the persecution our holy prophet Muhammed s.a.w , p.b.u.h told us of. Take heed. Repent before Allah and UNITE this UMMAH. INSHALLAH.

  16. CROSS-POST says:

    If you watch the video, you will have a better understanding as to how the sex ponzi and sex cult, hides, festers and coexists within the Salafi Muslim community. You’ll understand how the rights of Muslim sisters are practically non-existent and not Implemented in some Salafi Masjid. More importantly, you will understand how some Salafi Masjids claim to respect the rights of Muslim women laid out by the Quran and sunnah, but yet; these same Salafi masjids create a stage for the same corrupt, depraved, sex crazed Imaams that dishonor, beat, prey, taste and violate Muslim sisters. How can a masjid possibly claim to respect Muslims sisters and their rights laid out by the Quran and sunnah, but yet set a stage for Imaams that dishonors, beat, taste, abuse and violate Muslim sisters. Some Salafi masjids, set some of the worst examples of manhood for fatherless Muslim brothers.

    Cult Charateristics among ” The Salafis ” in the West- INTRODUCTION TO CASE STUDY



    Ph.D student (Hadith) ,M.A Fiqhus-Sunnah with a B.A Islamic Studies (Major in Hadeeth) lecturer, translator and striving to please Allah.

    Abu Aaliyah Abdullah

    Download the PDF


  17. Muhammad says:

    All of the exhortations to hide and cover up the heinous sins and crimes of these predators is one of the reasons that this ummah is sick. A problem cannot be addressed if its not acknowledged. Issues such as these need to be exposed, discussed, and dealt with.

    Honor-killing dads, Predator imams, drug dealing women-beating bros, racism—how can Muslims criticize the kuffar when the only difference is that one group claims Islam and the other one does not?

    At least most of the kuffar are real about what they do, instead of hypocritically walking about as if they are righteous while being filthy. And at least the kuffar do much of their filth in ignorance, while Muslims actually know Allaah and yet do the same as the kuffar!!

    The way that we view and practice Islam needs to be reformed, period.


  18. hei xuanfeng says:

    So finally the chiken has come home to roost! You remember me Khalifa. I’m the brother who escorted your ex-Sudanese wife back to her town in Medini when you had to go back to Medina. I’m the brother that had you not left my house in Cleveland that cold night, there was going to be a janaaza for you the next day. I’m the brother that had you kicked off the job as Imam of the Uqba ibn Naafi mosque and had you run out of Cleveland. You know me! So now you finally get busted!

  19. […] willing to investigate why Abu Usamah was kicked out of the masjid in Cleveland Ohio. On singularvoice website; a witness is leaving bits and pieces of important information. The witness goes by the […]

  20. Anonymous says:

    UR A ASS

  21. Asslam-o-Alykum, my name is Qasim, from last 26+ years Allah and Muhammad s.a.w keep coming into my dreams, over 460+ times Allah comes in my dreams and 250+ times Mohammad s.a.w comes in my dreams, Muhammad S.A.W is the last Messenger of Allah and i am the Ummati of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, many dreams related to Muslim Ummah, World and the Judgment Day, I have share few dreams on my fb page….

  22. aleah says:

    alot of these african American revert I would not take anything they say and most def not the ones from philly.

  23. Hussein Bathromew says:

    The writer of this article among the very many people afraid of muslims than even almighty God himself.
    In every word Abu Usamah said,there is nothing wrong if you realy care about ‘the freedom of speech’ as you said,and the reaction you are showing by prevailing false and hatred information against him is your best shot,ha haaaaa.
    What is British Mail? by the way,…quoting it as one of the major source,again….ha haaaa.
    Stop hating and be real to yourselves

  24. Mandy gamby says:

    Not interested in his personal life..all I care about is his contribution to building my iman. May Allah bless him in this life and grant him jannah al fidwas

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