Abu Usamah Refuses to Call Sunday Mercury Allegations a Lie!

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


In an apparent act of desperation the embattled imam of Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, England, Abu Usamah At Thahabi, has decided to take to the airwaves in order to respond to (not to be confused with refute) the damning charges of womanizing and sexual harassment launched against him last week by Briton’s Sunday MercuryWhat is most significant about the 9 minute, self-serving diatribe is that at no time does Abu Usamah categorically deny the sexual allegations, though he has no problem refuting another less serious charge. Sadly, his poor, brain-washed followers have been railing against what they call “the lies of the kuffar (disbelieving) press” on a number of different threads and in the comments to this video, never stopping to realize that Abu Usamah himself never said that the story is a lie!

The above response provides a case study in all of the technic of mind control – double-speak, demagoguery, fear and intimidation, conspiracy theory and paranoid fantasies – all of which have been employed by this imam over many, many years and explains how his alleged pattern of abuse has gone unreported . The Muslims of Green Lane have already been mentally programmed to reject any information that doesn’t emanate from a Muslim source, as witnessed by the Undercover Mosque documentary wherein Abu Usamah is heard to declare that “all the kuffar lie”! But even if that paranoid assertion were to be believed, it will not insulate him from the present scandal inasmuch as the Sunday Mercury – the kuffar so to speak – are not the ones making the allegations but are only reiterating and reporting the charges made on a Muslim website, Protectmuslimsisters.com.

There is the ridiculous suggestion that some diabolical conspiracy is afoot – by whom he doesn’t say – to use the story and the allegations contained in it, to divide the Muslim community so as to destroy the spiritual blessings of Ramadan. Again, this is because the enemies of Islam in the media consistently slander certain Islamic personalities (he means principally himself), proof of which is the Mercury’s reporting that Abu Usamah advocated beating Muslim girls if they refuse to wear the hijab (head scarf) in the aforementioned documentary. Abu Usamah quite rightly defended himself against that charge because the comments were made by Muhammad Al Jibali and not him, although he did share the same panel with Al Jibali without raising an objection. In fact, Abu Usamah is quite passionate when it comes to defending himself against what he sees to be a baseless accusation, proclaiming to the public…

That’s something that I don’t believe in, that’s something that I didn’t say! 

He is, in other words, calling them liars, at least on this point. His denial was clear and emphatic, creating in the minds of his devotees the logical inference that all subsequent allegations contained within the pages of the Sunday Mercury are equally untrue… without him ever explicitly saying so.

Now here is the central question; if, as the conspiracy theory goes, the Sunday Mercury set out to ruin the Ramadan of British Muslims, then why doesn’t Abu Usamah simply refute the “unsavory” sexual allegations in the same manner that he refuted the allegation above?! Indeed, if they are scurrilous and completely untrue he would have a religious obligation – indeed a duty – as imam to completely vanquish the sinister plot by coming forth and proclaiming to the world his innocence. Any normal man, not to speak of a man of religion entrusted with a congregation and a reputation to protect, upon seeing these charges in print would have come out swinging,

These allegations of womanizing and sexual harassment are completely false, it never happened because this is not my character, and my lawyer is now preparing a libel suit against my accusers.

But what does Abu Usama do? Not only does he not refute the sexual allegations, but he takes the coward’s way out by hiding behind some legalistic rules of evidence and threatening Muslims who suspect  his guilt that he will take from them their good deeds and give them his evil deeds on the terrible Day of Judgement! This is the behavior of the cult leader, to resort to thuggery and demagoguery, but for Abu Usamah the tactics are no longer effective. The veil is coming down and people are starting to see that the emperor has no clothes.

If we parse his words carefully, especially his cryptic, euphemistic admission to “making mistakes”, it becomes quite obvious to anyone with half a brain that Abu Usamah is essentially admitting his guilt in this whole sordid affair. The one and only grievance he has, if we may call it that, is that the sisters who were wronged by his conduct didn’t strictly follow Islamic rules in handling the matter. He is only taking issue with the form of how the allegations were leveled, but not the substance of them.

Abu Usamah then went on to berate those Muslims who denied him the benefit of the doubt, citing the slander of the Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha found in the Quran. But that right is extended only to the righteous Muslims, not to a known voluptuary, serial marriage bandit, patron of whores, and seducer of his fellow Muslim’s wives, all transgressions that are well established of Abu Usama’s character from his days as imam in Philadelphia. These crimes have long been part of the public record and have also never been refuted! His blind followers in Green Lane need to wake up and smell the coffee, they’ve been had. He should have been vetted more thoroughly before he was given access to their sisters, daughters, and wives.

Abu Usamah’s “response” is really nothing more than a bunch of double-speak devoid of logic. For example, the notion that he is not “infallible” and is no different from all the other “sons and daughters of Adam” is a red herring, inasmuch as the administration at Green Lane never had that expectation when they hired him. They did expect however that the man they were entrusting with authority and prestige would not be a lech and a voluptuary.

Or again, he wants to argue that since some of the charges against him entail illegality, that the sisters he’s allegedly abused, taken advantage of, and otherwise harassed should have taken their case to the police and handled it as a purely legal matter. According to his thinking, that approach would have spared the Muslims all the fitnah (controversy and distress)they have had to contend with now. Common sense however suggests quite the opposite. Making this a police matter would only inflat the story and bring more unwanted scrutiny and notoriety to Green Lane Masjid. For sure, Abu Usamah is selling a pile of rubbish here, for he knows full well that Salafi Muslim women, having been taught forever to reject the kafir system and its man-made laws, would never even consider such a thing. Additionally, they would not want to be identified as the people who brought the law down on the community and incur its wrath.

I agree with Abu Usamah and Green Lane on one very crucial point however, and that is this; at least some of the women involved in this case must bear the responsibility for their own wrong doing and come forward and make formal charges. For as much as I can sympathize with their plight, I also recognize that Abu Usamah will continue on his corrupt path until he is stopped by responsible individuals in the Muslim community, especially his victims. The sisters must overcome the shame and stigma of what they have fallen into, band together, and stop this man before he can harm other sisters again.

And finally I ask the brothers in the administration of Green Lane Masjid to ask themselves, is holding on to Abu Usamah really worth it? Do you really want these sisters to come forward and produce their proof of the corruption of this man? Will that really serve the interests of the institution that you all have worked so hard to build. Is is possible to find mercy for these sisters and spare them the shame and embarrassment of having fallen down with this man? Isn’t it starting to become clear that making this brother the face of the community was a tragic mistake.

  1. Phantom Menace says:

    Abu Usamah athahabi was officially fired from the germantown masjid for a love letter which was found in a sister’s house he was having an affair with…..

    The letters had excerpts like “I cant wait to grease you down”

  2. UMAR says:

    This is nothing but Barelvi and Shia propaganda supported by the clerics of the EDL!!!!!

    • Phantom Menace says:

      The Germantown Masjid
      4944 Germantown Ave,
      Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA
      : 2614-848-2615
      : 215-848-2615
      Call and ask umar theyll tell you clearly

      • wagweyn says:

        jizakalaah brother we already knew about goldie, but thanks for the info and a liar can’t fool people you can see thru his lies. goldie is a hustler not a scholar.

  3. UMAR says:

    what does the Philadelphia issue have to do with this Current issue?

  4. UMAR says:

    how can you say that was even a genuine accusation?

  5. UMAR says:

    before people jump on the bandwagon, as a responsible ummi of the ummah of Muhammed I’ll take my previous comment back about ‘barelvi and shia propaganda’ I don’t know whose behind this so i’ll give credit to my fellow brothers in biddat lol Sorry!!!!

    • Phantom Menace says:

      Well it confirms a pattern then time has no matter it’s the crime,whether it was done at 6:00 today or 6:00 ten years ago, He wasnt a child was he?

      the letter was written from him. What accusation are you talking about?

      It was written to a woman that wasn’t his wife and confiscated from the woman’s house.

      The scholars(the Jordanians) understood if the masjid felt like he should be fired.

      Stop being a D-rider that’s defends a joyrider and start defending your sisters in Islam.

      How many times has Abu Usamah been married ?

  6. UMAR says:

    How many times did the prophet Muhammad marry? How many times a person marries is his personal life and none of your business. Furthermore give details of this mosque in Philedalphia, I bet you any money its either a barelvi, shia or a sufi mosque or just to put an icing on the cake a mosque belonging to the salafis of Wright street in Small Heath ha aha come on guys we all know these accusations are a stunt and yes a cheap stunt to bring down the rightly guided scholars but Allah is also planning and he is the best of planners!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Phantom Menace says:



      Germantown Masjid is a salafi masjid

      I left a number for anyone to call.

      It doesn’t matter if the masjid was Sufi or takfiri.

      He still was flirting with a woman that wasn’t his wife and the letter came from his hands claiming hot steamy boot knocking

      Marriage details of a person can be exposed or anything that could harm the future spouse can be exposed.

      Like when the prophet gave advice to woman about men she inquired about.

      I told you he was caught RED HANDED so keep on trying to fight a losing battle.

      • Sadiyq says:

        Abu Usamah came to Germantown Philly with a lot of support and excitement. Then the administration found out about the scandal with the brother’s wife and he was fired. There were also other accusations regarding his indiscretions, but there was no hard evidence other than the love letter to the brother’s wife. However, that was sufficient to fire him. That was the last thing that the admin of the time wanted to do, but saw no other choice.

        Since that time, the new administration at Germantown has shown itself to have no moral underpinning and hired a snake in the grass like Dawud Adib not once, but twice!!

        The fact is that the administration in the UK Green Lane Mosque should have done their due diligence and spoke to the admin at the Germantown Masjid about this incident before they hired him. However, I don’t think anyone in the current G’town admin has any direct knowledge of the hiring and quick firing of Abu Usamah. I’m sure that with all of this negative exposure, if they had to do it over, the Green Lane people would probably have done checked him out. Now they have to close ranks and support him.

        From G’town, he took a job in a small masjid in Peoria, Illinois, then suddenly left for the UK when the child support posse was getting too close for his comfort. He has been hiding out there ever since. That is another scandal with him. All of the children that he has out there that he is not supporting.

        Someone in the UK should ask him about his children if they want proof of just what kind of “man” he is. He is in the UK and all of his children are in the US being raised by single mothers.

  7. Abu says:

    To Phantom Menace – you are true to your name – a menace!!

    If you have some proof, provide it as requested, or SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  8. Anonymous 101 says:


    Actually, Abu Usamah went to Cleveland Ohio after he was sacked from Germantown then he moved onto Peoria about a year after that.

    He has 7 kids with Umm Usamah including a disabled child, 3 with the British sister from London (the eldest boy died about 3 years ago) 1 child with a sister from NJ and all of them have remarried. He has 2 kids with a B’ham sister he’s currently married to. That’s it as far as I know. Do you know of any more?

    • Victim says:

      @ Anonymous
      also add: 2 kids from a Somali sister in London, 2 kids from Jamaican sister, 2 kids from Kenyan sister, was married to 3 Moroccans, 1 Jamaican revert sister that she got in Depression and killed her self, 1 french sister that left Islam, 1 Somali sister in Norway he marry her for 2 days and lied that his going to bring her to UK and left her. I can go on more but maybe later.

      • Confused says:

        Whos the one that killed herself ? And why would the french sister leave islam ?

        All of this seems like out of space. But i do think there is truth in it somewhere

    • hei xuanfeng says:

      I was the one who got him dismissed from the Uqba ibn Nafi Masjid in Cleveland, for dand make itoing the same thing he did in Philadelphia. And truthfully had I known about what he did in Philadelphia, I would not have treated him like he was some learned Imam. I would have taken shura with those in the IRM in Cleveland and we would have handled that problem. Khalifa should have repented when he got busted in Philadelphia. But he didnt. He should have repented in Cleveland, when he lost his Sudanese wife, but he didnt.. I can assume that when he was Michigan he did the a,e thing. At some point some real MEN are going to have to get together CHECK this brother! It is as simple as that!

  9. Sadiyq says:

    When I say “single mothers” I mean that he is/was not involved in the lives of most of those children – including the one that passed away a few years ago, whose funeral he did not even attend. The fact that his ex’s got remarried and the children were raised by a new man, still does not take away from the point of that man’s gross irresponsibility.

  10. UMAR says:

    Sadiyq ur a sad-dick!!! how the heck do you know wether or not he attended his dead child’s funeral or not? and so what if he didn’t? some times due to geographical location and family ties sometimes people can’t attend. With regards to raising children of yours who have remarried, then we are not gorey we don’t attend ex wives houses, i don’t know if you have any hahyah?

    Furthermore with regards to this salafi mosque in Philedelphia, rest assured they have got links with wright Street in small Heath in Birmingham, who are behind this false scandle!!!

    • Sadiyq says:

      I know he didn’t attend the funeral with certain knowledge. And so you people believe that once you divorce a woman, you also divorce the children and do not send any money or visit. How sad and what a great example of men you all are!

  11. Kwame Madden says:

    Once again Abdur Rahman Muhammad gives a commentary about muslims who are given trust by Allah to uphold and they violate them. Abu Usama is someone I love to listen to but it’s unfortunate that this U.of Madania graduate from the class that came back in the early 90’s can’t stay out of trouble. Scandal after scandal has plagued this talented, gifted brother. Are all the accusations some nefarious witch hunt to bring down our brother or is it that our brother dosen’t live up to the expectations that are expected of a person in a leadership postion. A religious and spirtual leadership postion at that. Why should muslims have to tolerate grotesque acts of abuse of power!I pray that these allegations are not true aganist Abu Usama because England was a new start for him away from the scandals that plagued him in America.This stay away from his home country was also a chance for redemption and repentance from the havoc that he allowed himself to partake in while being a leading caller to salafi minhaj in America. Just as we benefited from your tapes, cd’s and your youtube videos, we hope that you will also take time out and reflect on what type of character a man in your shoes is supose to have. I’m not saying your guility, but I’m not going to give you the benefit of doubt either.Those days are long gone after seeing Imams and organzations etc. engage in not just immoral behaviour, but wacky ideals you wouldn’t expect from people who have been given an oppurtunity to study abroad only to come back and deviate from the principles of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’ah! This leaves us the layman saying, “what the heck is going on here”? And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you,O believers,that you might suceed Surah an-Nur 24 :31 lets all follow this command!May Allah forgive us all and make us better muslims! Ameen

  12. Al muwahiddah says:

    SubhanAllaah, is it really a coincidence that after Sheikh Abu Usamah advised the people from Salafi Pub. This so called allegations are made???

  13. CROSS POST says:

    Safiyah Bint Ali.

    SISTER SAFIYAH will be your voice and make sure your matters are heard by Green Lane Masjid in a manner that’s comfortable for you.

    44-74 2442-6326 London ph#


  14. umar says:

    Where was this super girl sister SAFIYAH when barelvis and shite molested our muslim sisters and also when the jahil pakistanis and indian subcontinents forced their daughters in to arranged marriages here in the UK?

    Abu Usamah has not even been questioned by the police to say the least so lets give this cheap defaming a rest and concentrate on improving your tawheed. I bet you most people on here don’t even pray, let alone 5 times prayer lol.

  15. Gina says:

    You mean where were the Muslim brothers and where were you when all this was going on?

    • umar says:

      No Read the message again, I mean exactly what I say in the message, if you are dyslexic the contact my nursery, on Greelane Small Heath, ‘Tiny treasures’ to assist you with your reading.

  16. umar says:




    ALLAH HU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Omar hussain says:

    Grow up umar. Are you sure you don’t attend the nursery to learn?

  18. DARRYL says:

    never again am i involving with salafis!. never really did.
    untrustworthy snakes with their fakeness.

  19. La Hawla Wala Quwata Ila Bila Al Aliya Al Athim. What are you secular or suffi? Or even worse are you Shia? Since when are Muslims suppose to slander others in this way. You got a problem with this guy, then go to him and give him the Naseeha. Not publicize it like this. Whats the difference between you and the followers of Abu Khadeejah in this case?

    • hei xuanfeng says:

      Well the difference is that, Khalifa, did his dirt in Philadelphia and did not get away with it. He did his dirt in Cleveland and I saw to it that he did not get away with it. He did it in the UK and people like you refuse to amr bi’l-ma`ruuf wa’n-nahyi an’l-munkaar, so he is getting away with it. The responsible thing to do is let one of the Muslims who is a police set up a honey trap for him. He will fall for it, and bust him on tape – that will settle it once and for all.

  20. Sadiyq says:

    Abu Usamah is a snake in the grass and so are those that are covering his tracks and enabling him

  21. As'Ad As Silaaf says:

    Bismillah, Alhamdulilaahi wa salaatul wa salaam ir rasulilaah amma b”ad. The people of innovation are described with expletives, they are accused of impropriety and their integrity is impaired, they are left with comments of disparagement by the scholars, belitted in the estimation of the people of knowledge generally and warned against by the masses specifically with whom the muslims and the non muslims are disinclined from.It has humiliated those whom the religion had previously honored, It debases them to a level that is more blameworthy than sins and which would eventually decieve them at the fountain.May Allaah save us from falling as others have falling, and show us mercy that he Allaah Ta’Ala has withdrawn from most.

  22. AT says:

    I think it is so upsetting that the Muslims who I look up to for guidance which is both salafi publications and green lane mosque are both against each other. This is what the non Muslims are probably looking at and laughing at- Where’s the unity and love and PEACE (salaam) that Islam is meant to promote.
    What happened about back biting and slander being a sin. What happened about hiding each others sins?
    If Muslims can’t unite and help each other then what hope do we have for others!

    This entire conflict between the two parties of so called SALAFI-hoodness (if that’s a word) has made me just want to follow my own interpretations of the quran and sunnah- MY RELIGION CAN NOT BE THIS CRUEL the way both parties are acting.

    Do u really think the sahabas would act like this?

    It shouldn’t be about who’s going to log on to who’s site the most- it should be about genuinely wanting to preserve the ways of the SALAF- and actions speak louder then words.

    What’s the difference between these rap singers who sing about each other and their iligitamate relations etc- it’s like the “Muslim” version! Astagfirallah

    Surely there is a SAHIH scholar out there who can get these two parties to stop this SHOW as that’s what it’s becoming and who’s being made a mockery of- ISLAM and all Muslims as a whole.

    When u point a finger at one imaam for being indecent – people don’t think OHHH THAT ONE MAN FROM WHEREVER – they think ALL THOSE MUSLIM PRIESTS ARE THE SAME- astagfirallah- so save the respect of the UMMAH and rewrite something that will bring love between you both- ANOTHER HADITH that u all seem to forget which is surprising when your all hyped in being HARD CORE SALAFIs but not a single Hadith on loving what you want for your brother for yourself or concealing ones sins or not holding a grudge- lying to reunite people?

    WHERE IS THE FEAT OF ALLAH? Not even a mention of Allah in your article.

    • Abdi says:

      brother i feel the same way, the truth is there are plenty of salafis who never engage in this kind of crap. these idiots are going to extremes with regard to salafiyyah see shaykh haitham haddad or shaykh feiz mohammed, these guys clearly have spirituality, but are also firmly upon Quran and sunnah. there are no sex scandals surrounding these guys

  23. Basheer Abdul Aliyy says:

    Salaam Aliakum, where are we going with all of this? If I was not a Muslim, and interested in Islam, this would not be a good look. Brother’s please, fear Allah (SWTA), let’s be gentle with one another. Time will reveal, and Allah’s the best of planners

  24. Abdi says:

    I am a Salafi myself and I have to say i have been shell shocked by this article. whether this is true or not, Allah swt knows best, however for the sake of argument lets just assume it is. there are two things I have to point out though, firstly you get nasty, sick perverse people in every group. i know of sufis who engage in homosexuality for instance. i do not think you can attack an entire group based on whats some of its adherents do. none of us are immune from the shaytaan, and when a person is upon the correct aqeedah and struggling hard to follow Islam properly, shaytaan attacks him harder.

    secondly, i heard abdullah al faisal was quite a womaniser as well and thats a man who hates the salafis. in fact all these supposed “sex fiends” and (Allah swt knows best) have two things in common, look at their names: –
    1) abu usamah
    2) abdullah al faisal
    3) dawud adib
    4) abul hasan al malik
    5) the jamaican guy who raped his 3 yr old step son (whatever his name is)

    they are all REVERTS and all BLACK men. now i am not a racist, by any means, but i think the argument could be made that before Islam a lot of these men were used to a certain life-style regarding women, and have clearly found it difficult to shed that life-style upon entering Islam. i am not saying all black reverts will have this problem, but as a Muslim community perhaps we should realise that some brothers are struggling with issues, from their previous life and lifestyle?

    • kkfkfkfkfk says:

      Abdi, well said. Issues NORMALLY arise over the BLACK reverts. I agree 100%. Marriages always fail with these brothers. I know many cases where sisters say their husbands dont like spending on them neither are they responsible. They love polygyny without any financial commitment. This don’t usually happen with other races. I would advice sisters to think a million times before marrying a black reverts. I am NOT a racist. I’m just talking facts here and advising my sisters in Islam, as once married and divorced life gets tougher. Marriage is no game, divorce is no game especially when there are children involved. My advice would be black brothers marrying black sisters as they will have more in common from their days of jahiliyyah. Allah knows best

    • Abdi….please don’t get me started on Somalis here in east Africa along with in the u.s and Canada.

      P.s. white people and Arabs consider you black too.

  25. fahlito says:

    “Muslim society is based on purity of feeling, love, sincerity toward every Muslim, and fulfillment of promises to every member of society. Its members are endowed with piety, truthfulness, and faithfulness. Cheating and deception are alien characters in contrast to the noble character of a true Muslim. There is no room in it for swindlers, double crossers, tricksters, or traitors.”


  26. Mohammed says:

    There is one very simple reason that he did not call the allegations a lie. The allegations are apparently not lies. I would not have believed such a thing was possible for an Imam to do had something similar not happened in our very own community with the imam of our masjid. He was caught “sexting” some of the women (Muslim women!) in our community. Both parties were exchanging pictures of their private parts. We never looked at the imam the same and all I could think about when he gave khutbah or led salah is that this man sent pictures of his private parts to women. He has since been fired and has moved on to another community

  27. fahlito says:

    “In most religious organizations, you find a mixture of both unbalanced and balanced leaders. We now need to consider what happens when an unbalanced person attains a leadership position in a religious organization.

    As I said, few people are attracted to such positions unless they feel it is important to work for God’s purposes. Therefore, almost all such people will feel a sense of importance, even ultimate importance, because they truly believe they are working for God’s will and God’s purposes. They also believe that doing so is more important than doing any worldly task. This in itself is not wrong. However, when an unbalanced person embraces this world view and attains power in a religious organization, you have the possibility for misuse of power.”

    • hei xuanfeng says:

      I disagree with that. Most people who are attracted to being Imams now a days are losers who are basically unemployable. Who could not hold a job in the private or pubic sector. These are the Last Days where the people leading the Muslims and raising their voices in masaajid are clowns just like Khalifa. Those who should hold jobs as Imams should be elders, men known in the community for their lifetime of piety. In certain schools of thought it is reprehensible to pray behind an Imam that no one knows.
      In Cleveland, had Khalifa not left the house when I told him; there were two cars just outside waiting for him to come out. Had there been even the least sign that there was some conflict, we would have ended his career as Imam right then and there. Perhaps we should have done it that would have spared the Muslims having to see videos of disbelievers deconstructing Islam by shaming our Imams.

  28. fahlito says:

    “The dark side of charisma is essentially a crisis in character or character flaws of the charismatic leader, which neutralize his/her core value of integrity and his search for excellence. Charismatic leaders can be prone to extreme narcissism that leads them to promote highly self-serving and grandiose aims. As a result, the leader’s behaviors can become exaggerated, lose touch with reality, or become vehicles for pure personal gain. In turn, they may harm the leader, followers, and the organization.”


  29. fahlito says:

    “True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders.” Robert Townsend

  30. Sallianne says:

    Always cheap viagra online be ready

  31. Raylin says:

    Bang health care her till she finishes

  32. SALAM says:

    subhanallah, if this is acuzation let Allah protect Abu Usamah Ya ayu hallazina amanu injaakum Fasiqun binabain FATABAYANU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hi Muhammad,

    Sorry to hit you up here, but I’m having trouble finding your contact information. I’m the lawyer for the Howard University students who are suing over the roaches in the dorms. Could you get ahold of me? Thanks.

  34. CROSS-POST says:

    If you watch the video, you will have a better understanding as to how the sex ponzi and sex cult, hides, festers and coexists within the Salafi Muslim community. You’ll understand how the rights of Muslim sisters are practically non-existent and not Implemented in some Salafi Masjid. More importantly, you will understand how some Salafi Masjids claim to respect the rights of Muslim women laid out by the Quran and sunnah, but yet; these same Salafi masjids create a stage for the same corrupt, depraved, sex crazed Imaams that dishonor, beat, prey, taste and violate Muslim sisters. How can a masjid possibly claim to respect Muslims sisters and their rights laid out by the Quran and sunnah, but yet set a stage for Imaams that dishonors, beat, taste, abuse and violate Muslim sisters. Some Salafi masjids, set some of the worst examples of manhood for fatherless Muslim brothers.

    Cult Charateristics among ” The Salafis ” in the West- INTRODUCTION TO CASE STUDY



    Ph.D student (Hadith) ,M.A Fiqhus-Sunnah with a B.A Islamic Studies (Major in Hadeeth) lecturer, translator and striving to please Allah.

    Abu Aaliyah Abdullah

    Download the PDF



  35. Unknown unknown says:

    Abu usamah is right everyone makes mistakes some more shameful and emberrasing then others. Why you hating on a good person.

    • Enaam says:

      How can you call him a good man? My best friend is married to him, he won’t divorce her nor give her rights. He humiliates her and abuses her, they have a child together, he doesn’t provide for neither. Green lane mosque turns a deaf ear to her. He is also married to his best friend’s ex wife, who he was seeking whilst they were married. He has wives all over the world, some temporary others just hit and go.
      He’s a drunk and a druggie.
      A good person?

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