New York Imams Repudiate Violent Extremism.

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

On Tuesday, ten imams from the New York area held a press conference to issue a strong repudiation of the violence, extremism, and terrorism committed by “Muslims” in Iraq. Islam is completely innocent of the savagery, carnage, and barbarity of these murderous psychopaths, those who have blackened the name of a beautiful religion shared by 1.5 billion people in the world, the religion of peace and mercy.

I want to especially commend Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid, President of the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York, for his indefatigable work in the cause of justice not only in New York but indeed the country, and for always leaving the public with a true and accurate picture of Islam. May God bless all of these leaders for standing up for what is right and denying the criminals the legitimacy they crave. This is in itself a form of Islamic propagation.

Read the AP story here.

  1. MistaBlack says:

    At what point do we get up the courage to be introspective enough to take some responsibility for an environment that lead to the creation of these groups? From Al Qaeda to ISIL to ISIS to IS… These groups didn’t exist 30 years ago before we along with our partners the Saudis encouraged the same “Jihadist” spirit from all quarters to go to Afghanistan to support their brothers in their fight against the “ungodly” Soviets.

    I suspect it will take a decade to face those facts as it has taken us some time to accept that the invasion of Iraq and accompanying carnage was baseless.

    And did these same Imams had anything to say about our prosecution of this war on “terror” for the past 13 years or our funding of the slaughter 2 months ago of 620 Gazan children? Just curious!

  2. Cammi317 says:

    We should all speak out against this madness. It infuriates me when Muslims go silent regarding the egregious acts of other “Muslims”.

    • MistaBlack says:

      It also infuriates me when Muslim go silent regarding the egregious of acts of totalitarian govn’ts and their backers.