With all of the speculation out there that Michael Jackson is broke, it is not surprising that he’s announced a series of concert dates over the summer in England, which he promises in the press conference above to be his last. If I may throw my own two cents in it, I believe Michael Jackson will never be broke, if by broke we mean losing the ability generate a substantial income. He still has millions of fans all over the world, and probably always will, who would gladly put down good money just to attend a personal appearance. You doubt me? Just look at the creepy grown-ass fans in this clip, screaming and acting like gully-headed teenagers.

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I found the video of the Australian expose which revealed the fraud of con man “da’ee” Khalid Yasin. Watching it is entirely different from reading the transcript. If you don’t catch anything else, check out the last five minutes where they bust him lying about his academic credentials. Notice how ghetto and slick he gets. Keep in mind this documentary was produced four years ago, and the Muslim TV station Khalid “raised funds” for still doesn’t exist (for those who keep screaming about the “benefit of the doubt”). In fact, just watch the whole thing and see a real con man in action.


The Murderous Cowards of Pakistan

The Murderous Cowards of Pakistan

Most of the visitors to this blog have probably noticed that I have written very little in recent months on the madness in the Arab lands. I chose instead to focus on the good and positive things happening in this country, beginning with the election of President Barack Obama. I didn’t even comment on the Jeffery Dahmer-ish ambassador of Islam, Muzzammil Hassan, who displayed what was suppose to be the beauty of Islam (he wanted to combat negative stereotypes of Muslims) by hacking his wife’s head off.

With that brutal killing to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the Mumbai massacre in November, and now this savage attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, a sad truth is beginning to emerge; all of these cowardly atrocities were committed by Pakistanis. It seems that Pakistan has now become a land of cowardly murderers in addition to being an international basket case possessing nuclear weapons!

It’s no wonder that Pakistani second generation Muslims want no part of their motherland, and choose instead to self-identify as “Muslim American” rather than “Pakistani American”. I guess if I were from that hell hole I’d be ashamed too. Ali Eterez wrote a revealing piece on the collective shame of Pakistanis living in other countries that I’m sure you’ll find quite interesting.

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Abdur-Rahman Muhammad Lecturing at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad Lectures at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

This past year I’ve been invited to deliver a series of lectures at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. on the Autobiography of Malcolm X and the origins of the Nation of Islam. These photos were taken from the two 90 minutes classes I taught at the school last week. The students were very engaged and asked many good questions, especially during the second section where the discussion carried over an extra forty minutes. Much of the material in these lectures will be contained in my forthcoming book on Black American Islam. The manuscript is now being edited and will be available in the bookstores soon.

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Some more pictures from that historic day. Yes, I make an appearance in these.

Abdur-Rahman and Congressman Keith Ellison

Abdur-Rahman and Congressman Keith Ellison

Actually, the picture above was taken the day before, but I wanted to show off the suit. LOL

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Yesterday, I was extremely blessed to witness the inauguration of the first Black president in United States history from one of the best seats in the house! I had to brave nineteen degree weather from eight in the morning until two that afternoon, but would happily do it again as this was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

As it happened, I was seated in the celebrity area, and sat only two rows back from Jay Z, Beyonce, and P Diddy. I met singer and song writing legend Smokey Robinson, boxing promoter Butch Lewis, and got to see Denzel Washington and his entire family. The frigid temperature reeked havoc on my camera battery, which died before I could get a better picture of him.

Man, what a day it was! Nothing can really prepare you for walking up the capital steps and having that presidential seal hit you in the face. It is a powerful experience I must say. I could literally feel the roar of the millions of people assembled on the mall against my back, and kept thinking to myself how fortunate I was to have such a close proximity to this historical event. I also remember thinking that those capital steps where I sat had to be the safest place on earth at that moment, with Secret Service, helicopters, National Guard, and Capital Police everywhere.

All of the pictures were taken by me, except of course the ones I appear in. I’m just posting them up without much commentary. They are below. Enjoy

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Well, its 2009 and I am back blogging from a well deserved and desperately needed vacation. So what do I encounter upon my return? The same old depressing catastrophe that is the Black American Muslim marriage. I will admit up front that I am emotionally exhausted and extremely cynical about this issue, so please view this post in that context.

Political scientist Charles Catchings wrote a beautifully moving and powerful commentary on the disgraceful treatment being meted out to  Black Muslim women by a deceitful class of lecherous Black Muslim men. Now it seems these “brothers” have seized upon a new tool in their libidinous bag once  the prerogative only of the Shi’a, the infamous mut’a or “temporary” marriage. Apparently this is all the rage. The tried and true three month (or three week) “stranger-marriage” is still with us of course, its just that the Muslim womanizers have stumbled upon a wonderful “legal” device with which to shield their dirt.  Permit me to share a story here.

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Do we need anymore proof that Khalid Yasin is a vicious criminal and psycho-path? After we ran this fraud out of the United States, he went back to England and without missing a beat, continued on with his crime spree. I am republishing here an expose recently posted in the comment section of the original expose I did. In this story, Khalid even threatened the life of the person he defrauded!

When I was in Philly this summer, a brother asked me to go easy on Khalid so as to not destroy his reputation completely. The following information from the brothers in England is my response to that request.  My question is; when will the Muslim community rid itself of liars, crooks, thieves, and frauds?

And just for everyone’s information, I had a brief encounter with Siraj Wahhaj at the Congressional Black Caucus program at the DC Convention Center who seemed to be more concerned about me “attacking” him than exposing Khalid Yasin. He acknowledged to me that “he (Khalid) is a bad guy” , but had no response to the question of why he hadn’t exposed him. Far from expose Khalid Yasin, Siraj Wahhaj helped to rehabilitate his destroyed reputation once again by allowing him to do lectures at his Masjid at Taqwa.

Tandeh said, on December 16th, 2008 at 2:26 pmBrother’s I have solid proof:

he was in Manchester and conned a very genuine brother into doing approx £5-6000 building work, which he is refusing to pay. After strenuous efforts to resolve the matter, he agreed in a meeting with 30 other brothers to pay in June 2009.

This is where the story becomes more hurtful, the shaykh has the money, as my brother who works for MPAC UK (www.MPACUK.com) asked him to do a speech and he was asking around give or take £2000 for a speech (note ISLAM IS NOT FOR SALE!!!), which is ridiculous.

Also do not think just because people come to him for the Shahadah, it is because he was the means of them converting, it is not true. Recently a young brother became Muslim (Son of Jamil – May Allah Grant Him Jannat/Paradise) because some brothers from Whalley Range were worried after they heard that he was going to cremate his father. Eventually he was buried in Southern Cemetery.

His son was so impressed by the Muslim’s manners he became worried and started reading the Quran, then decided to become Muslim (AlhamdlILLAH) But he took Shahadah with Khalid Yasin (note I do not consider him a Sheikh) because his friend took hime there.

Back to the subject; after the 30 man Meeting, it was agreed that my freind (MASOOD) had to sign a letter stating he was taking back all his slanderous allegations (Note: they were not allegations) and in return he would get his money by the agreed date.

Because Masood owed most of the money to suppliers who trusted him and he trusted the Shiekh, who is using the son of the Shah Jalal Mosque’s (Rusholme) Imam as his right hand man in Manchester. (Note: as far as I know the Imam of Shah Jalal is not involved).

He needed the money as soon as possible so he agreed to this letter and as a favour one Algerian brother said, if they allow him to collect on their behalf he would pay Masood straight away.

They agreed to give the Algerian brother another letter authorising him to collect on behalf of Khalid Yasin’s mosque.

Both were printed at the same time but through their trick only one was signed, the retraction letter.

It has been a couple of weeks now and the Shiekh is making excuses to sign it. Now the Algerian brother who was willing to help Masood has pulled out, saying he does not want to be involved.

SubhanAllAH, this story is still on going. Make Du’a my friend get’s his money back.

The Shiekh and his associates are very clever and crafty and professional fraudsters. They make the 419 Nigerian Scammers look like amateurs in my opinion. The way he stages things and even his Friday speeches are complete opposite of his actions.

He even threatened my friend Masood with the following:

“If you were in America, I would have finished you a Long Time Ago”

Even the treasurer of the mosque claims all the money goes directly to Khalid Yasin.

What Do You Think Would Happen…

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…if this fool threw his shoes at Saddam Hussein, “President” Mubarak, King Mohammed, King Abdullah, or President Al Asad? You all get the point.

Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid

Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid

UPDATE: Johari Abdul-Malik has also weighed in on this issue. I must give credit here as well for coming out strongly against these evil people

UPDATE II: Electronic Village has made this racist and murderous man the current “Village Villain”

I want to extend a heartfelt appreciation to brother Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid and all the principled Imams of the New York area, who stood up yesterday in a press conference to condemn the racist attack of al Qaida leader Ayman Zawahiri against President-Elect Barack Obama, General Colin Powell, and Secretary of State Condolizza Rice. Invoking Malcolm X, Zawahiri called all three respected Americans “House Negros”.

Imam Talib and the brothers are to be applauded for their strength and integrity, especially for highlighting the historical fact that Arabs, Zarwahiri’s people, never lifted a finger to advance the cause of Black civil rights in this country!

The imams called the recorded comments from al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri, “an insult” from people who have “historically been disconnected from the African-American community generally and Muslim African-Americans in particular.”

In their statement, released from what was once the Audubon Ballroom, the site of Malcolm’s assassination and is now the Malcolm X, Dr Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center, they also rejected the presumed right of anyone to speak on the behalf of African American Muslims. Although a little belated, it is still greatly appreciated. Perhaps challenges in securing the center were responsible for that.

Good job brother!