This rally for Trayvon Martin was organized four ordinary women – Meagan Goffney, Maliaka Mealy, Heather Rasberry, and Yolanda Carr – who put it together in only a week. They expected around 25 people to show up but instead got about 5000! People are furious about this atrocity and judging from the discussions I’ve been having, an arrest better come soon!

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UPDATE!!: We have acquired a picture of this creep so that women will know what he looks like when he tries to change his identity and/or pretend he is someone else. Walis should not marry their daughters to this man. He is pure EVIL (as is Dawud Adib)

Well folks, its been quite a while since I’ve written this kind of story on this site, and for good reason, it’s too damn depressing. Over a year ago I had determined to get out of the business of issuing warnings against womanizers in the Muslim community, but in this case, I’ve decided to overturn that decision. This is primarily the result of what I believe to be the sincere efforts of a Muslim woman to protect the sisters in her community in Philadelphia (or anywhere else for that matter) from the sick, perverted, and utterly depraved advances of the creep who goes by the name of Abul Hasan MalikThe long list of depravities attributed to this man by this woman, who goes by the moniker “Taqwa”, would be enough to certify even a common Joe on the street as a pathological sex fiend and maniac if only half of what she asserts is true (she has proof). But what makes this sordid tale so unbelievably sad and disturbing is that Abul Hasan Malik enjoys a certain measure of popularity, if not outright fame, in the black salafi circles as an Imam and lecturer in the cities of both Philadelphia and Camden, N.J! (Read the full story along with evidence against him here)

The sister’s story not withstanding, Abul Hasan Malik is a known entity in Philadelphia who has reportedly engaged in riotous, hotel room orgies involving all manner of debauchery and sin. In fact, the shameful antics of this man follows a long line of other well-known sexual miscreants in that area, like his good friends and partners in crime Dawud Adib (aka Lying David) and Jalil Meekins. Indeed so infamous have all three characters become for their hyper-sexual exploits with Muslim women, that a satirical blog has appeared in recent years which lampoons the trio and calls itself the Dawud Adib Magazine. All three also happen to be popular duat (callers) of the Salafi school of Islam.

And since we’re on the topic of Salafi Imams, one cannot leave off from this discussion the outrageous behavior of another famous name, the Medina graduate Abu Usamah ad Dhahabi, who some years back was let go from the Germantown masjid and literally run out of the city, after it was discovered that he was performing cunnilingus on sisters in his  office and soliciting prostitutes when overseas. To his credit though, he at least had enough shame to salvage whatever was left of his reputation and leave the country, finding a job at a masjid in England which is as yet unaware of his infamy in the states.

The point to be made here is that this town has a long and storied history of this kind of hot mess going on, and it is just as much an indictment of the Muslim communities of Philadelphia as it is of these debased and fraudulent leaders. The pathetic case of Abul Hasan Malik is a perfect example of the community’s failure to govern itself responsibly and protect the people from an unabashed hedonist. Why this man was not already a laughing-stock and a disgrace before these new allegations arose remains the real and troubling question! Nevertheless with that said, what are these new allegations?

No, this is not the run-of-the-mill womanizing that we’ve all grown accustomed to from the black Salafi “leadership”, but actually goes quite a bit further. Abul Hasan Malik stands accused of PREYING ON sisters in the Muslim community by first getting his hands on their marriage applications (and with it their contact info), calling them up under an assumed name, and after a slow process of making friends, lure them into his dark world of kinky, sadistic, and shockingly hedonistic sex. “How shocking” you might ask? Well, let’s just say we’re talking about the utilization of electricity and human excrement, if that makes it any clearer. This is precisely what happened to the accuser, sister “Taqwa”. Sometime in 2008 she received a call out of the blue from a “brother” identifying himself as “Hussein”. “Hussein” claimed to be a graduate student of an Ivy League institution who admitted purloining her phone number form the Germantown masjid administration. Through charm and intelligence, over time, he won her over and a friendship developed with the general understanding that it could possibly lead to marriage. But that was before the weird stuff started happening, like the  instant messages he sent of kinky websites full of every type of perversion and depravity imaginable. The long and short of the story is that Taqwa moved on, and about a year later learned that ” Hussein” was in reality the re-known Salafi Imam Abul Hasan Malik, certainly enough to creep anybody out. She now believes that all he wanted to do was use her to satisfy his perverse sexual appetites, only to cast her off and ultimately disappear. Yes, this is the madness going on in Philadelphia.

Abul Hasan Malik’s behavior displays all the sinister manifestations of a real-life Jekyll and Hyde, for one minute we see Abul Hasan, the stern man of Allah exhorting the believers to piety and eschew evil and wickedness, the next minute we’re presented with “Hussein”, the pathological liar and sex maniac, who attempts to draw Muslim women into his demented, sadomasochistic black dungeon of smut and “golden showers”, after having first won their trust and confidence. It is for this reason that the warning has gone out that Abul Hasan Malik suffers from some very serious psychological problems, the most serious of which is preying on vulnerable sisters through lies and deceit.

The Accuser Comes under Attack

If we are going to be honest here, we must admit up front that the accuser, sister “Taqwa”, did not do everything right, and has herself openly confessed to not being an angel (for of course none of us are). But that does not justify the torrent of abuse she’s been receiving from the blind adherents and cronies of Abul Hasan Malik, who charge that she is nothing more than a woman scorned who is using this affair to extort money from the masjid! On other occasions she’s likened to a ungrateful Muslim who spitefully refuses to put this matter solely in the Hands of Allah, and keep her mouth shut. Or again we’re supposed to believe that this lady is being led astray from the truth, and possibly even her own sanity, by the wiles of her own evil and corrupted desires. And while the accuser has had to endure these vicious assaults on her character, not one responsible party in the Muslim community of Philadelphia has had a damn thing to say publicly about the sociopaths in their mist. It is for this reason that the city continues to live with the ignominious moniker of ” Fitna-delphia”!

To counsel a sister to merely “wait on Allah to handle your affairs” is not only dead wrong, but indeed un-Islamic. In the religion of Islam Muslims are commanded to “enjoin the good and forbid the evil”, firstly with their hands if possible, if not then with their tongues, and weakest of all, at least with their hearts. That is precisely what “Taqwa” did here, for which she should be celebrated for having overcome the embarrassment of her own mis-steps to take a stand to root out the corruption embodied in this man, who fashions himself a teacher and moral leader of the Muslims.

To date, all Abul Hasan Malik has done to respond to this scandal is mount the rostrum and deliver a series of blistering sermons on “back-biting” and scandal mongering, belligerently refusing to acknowledge the wrong he has done, or the fact that he needs to get serious help with his deviant sexual predilections. Not only should this man not be delivering sermons, he should be admitted for treatment because he’s sick.


My son and I had a great time at the MLK Memorial dedication this past Sunday on the Washington, DC mall. The weather couldn’t have been any better, and the people were as friendly as could be. But one should not compare this gathering in any way to the 1963 March on Washington, either in crowd numbers or in racial composition. This thing was about 98.5 percent African-American, but everyone there enthusiastically celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with your family on a perfectly sunny fall day. Enjoy the pictures.


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Alvin Sykes, the man leading the effort to get William Bradley indicted and convicted for the murder of Malcolm X

The drumbeat to bring William Bradley to justice has only just begun. Although we face an uphill battle, as this NY Times article makes clear, nevertheless I feel confident that we as a nation will put this man in jail.

The death of Malcolm X, shot dead at the Audubon Ballroom in Upper Manhattan in 1965, never inflamed
the public imagination in the same way the assassinations of John F. Kennedy
and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did. But scholars have long believed
that a bungled investigation resulted in the imprisonment of the innocent and
allowed some of those responsible to go free. Over the decades, efforts to
reopen the case have failed.

Now a best-selling biography has helped to renew calls for a full investigation. But
this time they may well gain traction because the legal environment has
changed: prosecutors in the South have demonstrated that it is possible to
pursue and win cases that are decades old and, as a byproduct, they have made
the failures of the police in the civil rights era abundantly clear.

At the same time, news has emerged that the man long suspected of having fired the
shot that killed Malcolm X but who was never arrested is living in Newark under
a different name.

“Time is running out; these guys are very old,” said Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a graduate student at Howard University who first published the identity of
the Newark man
on his blog and was a source for the biography’s
author, Manning Marable. “I wanted justice to be done, and I knew that Dr.
Marable wanted justice to be done.”

Dr. Marable, a historian at Columbia University, died days before the
publication of the book
, “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.”

The effort to reopen the case has attracted the attention of the
nation’s most persistent advocate of civil rights-era justice, Alvin Sykes of
Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Sykes was instrumental in the reopening of the
investigation into the killing of Emmett Till in Mississippi in 1955 and in
persuading Congress to allocate millions of dollars to the investigation of
civil rights cold cases. Mr. Sykes has asked both the Justice Department and, this
week, the New York State attorney general “to conduct the most comprehensive
and credible search by the government for the truth concerning Malcolm X’s

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We had a lively and I believe informative discussion.  This was the Jazz and Justice show hosted by Tom Porter.

Listeners can get my take on the new book on Malcolm X by Manning Marable today at 1:00 pm eastern standard time. The show can be heard online here. Of course, my focus will be on investigating and arresting William Bradley, the shotgun assassin of Malcolm X. I would love to get some feedback on this.

William Bradley aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz, Shotgun Assassin of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz)

Yesterday, April 22, 2011. marked the one year anniversary of the world first learning of  the true identity of the murderer of Malcolm X, a man whose name has now gone down in infamy, that of William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz) of Newark, New Jersey. This is very significant because the statute of limitations on libel in New Jersey is one year, which expired yesterday, making it impossible for Bradley to ever sue me for exposing him to the world. He can never legally say I lied about him or that he is not who I said he is. His dastardly act is now part of the public record and infamy is stamped upon him wherever he goes.

Truth be told, Bradley had no grounds to sue anyone anyway because his name has been part of the public record for decades. If he was going to sue anyone for libel, he would have had to have done it when his name first appeared in the scholarly literature, which of course he never did.  That is why despite all the huffing and puffing from his wife about “not taking this sitting done”; that is precisely what they are doing, sitting down and hoping this goes away. But that’s impossible now because Bradley’s camouflage has been completely blown off, and his every waking hour is lived with the knowledge that we all know who he is. Bradley is a pariah in decent society and an offense in the African-American community. If it is true that he’s repented of this fiendish act in accordance with the Islamic faith (as some have tried to argue), then let him seek the forgiveness of Malcolm’s family, which has experienced a long trail of misery as the result of his demise. Let Bradley come out from behind his wife and own up to what he has done by turning himself in. Of course no one expects this will happen.

And finally, let me say it has been quite a struggle this past year getting the mainstream media to pick up on the story. They were afraid of being sued or just not interested. But with the passing of Dr. Marable they understood that history was being made and went into a frenzy to be a part of it. This then is the tremendous legacy of Manning Marable, that by being a Columbia professor he elevated the story in a way that I simply could not. I recognized that fact early on and so disclosed to him Bradley’s identity without reservation or regret. It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Dr. Marable and myself understood the huge historical significance of this explosive material and weren’t about to let jealousy or envy get in the way of sharing it with our people. I only wish some of the other scholars out there, the haters, felt the same way.