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Unmanly Coward Predator, Abul Hasan Malik

During this blessed month of Ramadan we have some wonderful news to report: Abul Hasan Malik, the now disgraced and repudiated sexual devient and predator Imam of Philadelphia and Camden, N.J, has quietly snuck out-of-town and has not been heard from since. Word on the street is that he’s gone to Saudi and is working in some type of “teaching” capacity, but it is of course impossible to confirm something like that, especially when dealing with this type of pathological liar.

What is confirmed though is that he is gone, and has been for at least a month or so, and all we can say is “good riddance”! This cowardly individual, who tried to set himself up as some sort of moral leader, wasn’t even man enough to defend his own honor and reputation like any person falsely accused would do. But he and everyone else knew that he was guilty as sin. And now, just like those evil pedophile priests who quietly move on to other parishes to indulge their sickness anew, so has Abul Hasan Malik taken flight without any explanation from either him or the Camden/Phili masjid administrations. What further proof does anyone need of this man’s guilt in this whole sordid affair. What a pathetic clown this guy is. Perhaps now the Salafi community in Philadelphia can begin to get its house in order and pick up the work of dawah again, and work to reform the lives of the people and help them establish the institutions they so desperately need and deserve.

Finally, let me just say this, there were (and are) many critics of the approach that was taken to expose this creep by employing the internet to publicize his perfidy. Inasmuch as the campaign was only an attempt to protect Muslim sisters, and in light of the fact that the masjid administrations, to their eternal shame, did absolutely nothing to address the issue, we felt compelled to take this route. Now that Malik is gone and can no longer prey on Muslim ladies, at least not in Phili or Camden, or even the entire United States for that matter, we now feel safe in saying that the approach we took stands thoroughly vindicated. It sent a powerful message to any future joyriders (thank you unlissted for that name) that if you try to make a plaything of this beautiful religion, or indeed our beautiful Muslim sister, you too will meet the same ignominy.