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In an apparent act of desperation the embattled imam of Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, England, Abu Usamah At Thahabi, has decided to take to the airwaves in order to respond to (not to be confused with refute) the damning charges of womanizing and sexual harassment launched against him last week by Briton’s Sunday MercuryWhat is most significant about the 9 minute, self-serving diatribe is that at no time does Abu Usamah categorically deny the sexual allegations, though he has no problem refuting another less serious charge. Sadly, his poor, brain-washed followers have been railing against what they call “the lies of the kuffar (disbelieving) press” on a number of different threads and in the comments to this video, never stopping to realize that Abu Usamah himself never said that the story is a lie!

The above response provides a case study in all of the technic of mind control – double-speak, demagoguery, fear and intimidation, conspiracy theory and paranoid fantasies – all of which have been employed by this imam over many, many years and explains how his alleged pattern of abuse has gone unreported . The Muslims of Green Lane have already been mentally programmed to reject any information that doesn’t emanate from a Muslim source, as witnessed by the Undercover Mosque documentary wherein Abu Usamah is heard to declare that “all the kuffar lie”! But even if that paranoid assertion were to be believed, it will not insulate him from the present scandal inasmuch as the Sunday Mercury – the kuffar so to speak – are not the ones making the allegations but are only reiterating and reporting the charges made on a Muslim website,