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You could see it coming. The signs have been there for a long time, but now it finally happened. Yesterday, Al Qaida number two man Ayman Zawahiri issued a disgusting, racist statement calling our President-Elect Barack Obama, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and General Colin Powell “House Negros”, invoking the intellectual legacy of Malcolm X to do it.

First of all, let me state for the record that I think Osama ibn Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, and the rest of the al Qaida gang are a pack of murderous psycho-paths representing a grave threat to humanity. I support fully our new president’s stated mission to eradicate these cold-hearted butchers, and the sooner the better. Having said that, let me also make it clear that the sentiments expressed today by that cave dwelling maggot, amazingly, are shared by a considerable number of younger Muslims in our own country. These fifth column al Qaida Muslims, mostly second generation immigrants, have been openly (and not so openly) preaching this despicable line of racism and anti-Americanism in the blogoshere for quite some time, with no “responsible leaders” (whatever the hell that means anymore) stepping up to PUBLICLY denounce it!

For example, on one of these radical immigrant blogs, takfir (pronouncing a Muslim to be a disbeliever) was made on one blogger because he condemned their assault on, and defamation of, black womanhood by calling Condoleeza Rice a “black b$#th”. Similar pronouncements have been made against me as well, all while invoking the name Malcolm X. The rationale here is exactly the same as Zawahiri’s; any Black person, Muslim or not, who doesn’t endorse their radical program of violent jihad has to be an uncle Tom or House Negro, because if (according to their logic) the “revolutionary” Malcolm X were here today he would surely be with them. This is the sick madness afflicting those Muslim youth.

I’m speaking here of course of people like Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir, Sherman Jackson, Mahdi Bray, et al, who if they were any kind of self-respecting Black men would have immediately crafted a statement defending their new President (the first Black in U.S history) and the two high ranking public servants who were demeaned and insulted by this sick, perverted mad man. Where is the Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA), ostensibly the representative of Black Islam in this country, to stand up and defend the honor and reputation of the millions upon millions of Black folks, indeed all of Americans, who voted for this brilliant young man? It is this silence that outrages fellow Americans, and casts suspicion on their loyalty and commitment to America. Why didn’t they immediately denounce this outrageous affront to their own Black race and nation? The absence of any public indignation on the part of these so-called leaders is truly a disgrace, and if it were any people other than the Muslims would have been a scandal. In my judgment, if there are any “house negroes” around, it is these servile, supine, completely useless leaders who allow their people to be abused in this ugly manner without a word!

But then again is anyone surprised? Who is it after all that’s traveling coast to coast pumping up these immigrant Muslim kids on The Autobiography of Malcolm X , stoking an imaginary sense of grievance and victimhood as if the 1960’s are still here and they’re the new “African Americans”. Forget the maniac Zawahiri for the moment, even on our own shores immigrant Muslims have hijacked the legacy of Malcolm X in some vain attempt to prove their plight to be somehow worst than African Americans! Who could ever imagine something so ridiculous so openly expressed – and quite belligerently I might add. It has gotten to the point where these second generation Muslims are lecturing us about what Malcolm X would think and do, and how we’re a bunch of punks for not signing on to their program.

The real question is: what is it about Malcolm X and his legacy that makes it so easy for him to be high jacked by these jihadists and fifth columns? More about that later…