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Let the historical record forever reflect that the man pictured above, William Bradley 72 (approx.) (known today as Mustafa Shabazz) is the sawed-off shotgun assassin of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz). He is the man who fired the first and deadliest shot which ripped through the chest of the powerful Black leader on that cold 21st day of February, 1965. Time has caught up with him, and he can no longer lurk in the shadows waiting for his eventual end without having his dastardly deed made known. Mr. Bradley must now face the historical music in the land of the living. Then how ironic is it that “Willie” Bradley appears in a recent public safety campaign commercial for Mayor Cory Booker. The killer appears at 8 seconds. Download it on “Real Player Plus”, because we don’t think it is going to be up very long.

In light of the recent outrage over the parole of  Talmadge Hayer (aka Thomas Hagen), the only one of the five real assassins to be tried and convicted for the murder of Malcolm X, and the fact that other media outlets had gotten  hold of our research and were planning to break this story, it was decided by myself and a committee of eminent scholars to publish it now. The five assassins came out of the Nation of Islam Mosque number 25 in Newark (now Masjid Ali Muslim) located at 257 S. Orange Ave, and are Benjamin Thomas, Leon Davis, Wilbur Mckinley, Talmadge Hayer, and William Bradley. It was Bradley who was especially chosen by Thomas, the ring’s leader, to handle the sawed-off owing to his infamous reputation on the streets of Newark, N.J. as a “stick up man” and bank robber, the city where he still lives today “hidden in plain sight”. He can be found on almost any given day, a large grandfatherly type figure, at the First Class Championship Development Center, a gym located at 936 Bergen Street which is owned and operated by his wife, long time activist Carolyne Kelley-Shabazz. She has her own interesting story. A one time supporter and intimate acquaintance of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, she emerged later to become one of the most well-connected cronies of former Mayor and convicted felon, Sharpe James. In addition to the gym she owns quite a bit of real estate, providing for herself and her husband – the killer of Malcolm X – a very comfortable standard of living. Are you outraged yet?

Because no film footage of the assassination is known to exist (an audio does exist), the best we can do is rely on Spike Lee’s extraordinary cinematic depiction of it, if only to gain a sense of William Bradley’s brutality and viciousness. Sources close to this story say that Lee took great pains to ensure the actors playing the assassins actually resemble them. The close up shot of the Bradley character appears 15 seconds in, and then the rest of the tragic scene plays out.

Listen to the newly paroled other killer, Talmadge Hayer, describe in detail how he, Bradley, and the other three goons snuffed out the life of a man described by Ossie Davis as our “Black shinning prince”.


William Bradley Calmly Walked Away

For the first time in history we are revealing perhaps the most closely held secret in the Black Muslim community of Newark, one which William Bradley certainly thought he would take to his grave. That secret being that Bradley literally walked away from the murder in plain sight of policemen, which was captured on film by an unknown cameraman and has appeared in scores of documentaries! In the following clip, which almost all of us have seen at least once, Bradley is seen acting like he wants to join the attack on Talmadge Hayer, who is being dragged away by the police. He enters the scene at 33 seconds wearing a long black coat with what looks to be a newspaper sticking out of his pocket. He disappears for a few seconds and then calmly walks across the frame at 43 seconds closing his coat. And he has walked away now for the last 45 years.

Has William Bradley Been Protected?

Although his name has been in the public domain now for well over three decades, ever since 1977 when Hayer filed his affidavit with famed lawyer William Kuntsler naming his accomplishes, nevertheless a face has never been attached to the name. Historian and member of the committee researching this story, Zak Kondo, published a marvelous book two decades ago on the assassination of Malcolm X, wherein he explored quite a bit of biographical material on the five assassins. Spike Lee even named the five killers in the credits of his movie. But in all of these years none of them, including “Willie” Bradley, has ever filed a libel suit. And for good reason – they would lose. That would not only expose them to being charged with the murder, but even more frightening, having their images – their faces – plastered before the world. And while this article only identifies Bradley, more will be coming out on the others in time. The only one known to be deceased is Benjamin Thomas, who took a .44 – caliber to the face at point-blank range in a domestic dispute in Florida in 1986.

Keeping his face out of the public for all these many years, along with changing his name, has allowed him to blend in with normal people and even accept a civic award or two. Our sources told us that just last month Willie Bradley received some type of citation from Mayor Cory Booker’s office. We also learned that this past winter, Bradley received an “Old Timers” award from the Newark Athletic Hall of Fame for his high school baseball talents. And now he feels comfortable enough in his old age and anonymity to appear in a campaign aid for Booker. Incredible!

But our research has convinced us that someone is protecting Bradley.  Although he is a very dangerous multiple felon, no mug shot at all exists in his criminal record (which we have). Also, when you plug his name into the New Jersey State Convicted Felon Registry, nothing comes back for William Bradley or a Mustafa Shabazz of his age. We also learned that in 1968, just three years after he cut down brother Malcolm, he committed a bank heist is Jersey with two other men, yet they went to prison AND BRADLEY DID NOT! Whats more, there is no explanation for why he was allowed to go free either. Was this his “get out of jail free card” for assassinating Malcolm X? We need answers to these questions. When we questioned our sources about these strange things their answer was very blunt, “Bradley has been working for the ‘Feds'”. What connection if any did Bradley have with J. Edgar Hoover’s infamous Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO)? Our government needs to open up the books and come clean on this assassination.

What You Can Do

Obviously we cannot go into any detail about how we obtained this very sensitive information, that would almost certainly put people’s lives in danger. We have been researching this for many years now and are absolutely positive that Bradley is who we say he is. As far as the government is concerned this is a closed case, but closed cases can be re-opened with sufficient public outrage. Perhaps now that we have an African-American President and Attorney General, the people can start demanding some answers for why these men have been permitted to remain on the streets. This is an affront to decent society and an outrage.  It is also the last unfinished business of the Civil Rights Era. You can direct your calls and letters to;

Attorney General Eric Holder (here)

District Attorney for Manhattan, Cyrus Vance (here)

(Correction: Ben Thomas was killed with a .44 – caliber, not a .357 as originally reported)