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Dr. James E. Cheek, 1932 – 2010, President of Howard University, 1969 – 1989

I received a call yesterday from brother Musa Abdul-Wahid (James Cheek, Jr.) informing me that his illustrious father Dr. James Cheek Sr, the long time President of Howard University (1969-1989), had passed away at the age of 77.  

Dr Cheek was only 37 years-old when he took on the challenge of becoming president of the nation’s preeminent historically Black University, increasing Howard’s operating budget from $43 million to $417 million during his twenty-year tenure! Dr. Cheek established the School of Communications which produces a high percentage of prominent African-Americans in the media. He also built a world-class School of Business that turns out many of our brightest leaders. Under his leadership Howard also gained a television and radio station (WHUR) which originated the “Quiet Storm” musical format. His most lasting legacy will forever remain the building of Howard University Hospital, which to this day provides first-rate, quality health care to the city’s economically disadvantaged, while at the same time training a disproportionate share of the country’s Black doctors. He did a good work and will be deeply missed. Read more about Dr. James E Cheek below the fold.

Funeral services will be held Thursday, January 14th at the Providence Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C.