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As everyone knows by now, I have recently been on a campaign to surgically de-construct the fabrications, deceit, and outright LIES of confessed terrorist fund raiser Sami Al Arian. Truth be told, I have other things to do, and only took up this issue after being challenged to prove a number of assertions I made in the course of exposing the “immigrant Muslim Syndicate”. I feel confident that I have done that.

What was most troubling and indeed disconcerting to me in examining that issue was discovering a sense of shock and disbelief, experienced by not a few in the community, that a Muslim would expose the criminality and profound mendacity of one of their own in public. The notion among those who think and feel this way seems to be “protect a Muslim even if he is wrong“. This completely erroneous conception of religion only underscores how far we Muslims have strayed from the straight path of Al Islam. (more…)