Shaker Elsayed

Imam Shaker Elsayed, the Butcher

This man must be fired! Last month Sakir Elsayed, imam of Dar al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, VA, one of the largest and most prominent in America, was caught on video encouraging his listeners to butcher their girls through a practice known as female genital mutilation (FGT). He uttered those revolting words during the course of a lecture on Muslim family life which was posted to Youtube by the mosque itself. This kind of barbaric, ignorant-ass sh*t has got to stop, and the time to chose the side of civilization over savagery is now. I’m totally disgusted with the backwards, third-world mentality brought to these shores by immigrant Muslims, and feel no compunction with expressing my disgust at their primitive ways! The people like Shakir Elsayed who promulgate and practice such acts of depravity should be rounded up and thrown in jail, but at the very least the man needs to start looking for new job.

This is Sick And Creepy

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For those who believe that “black pathology” is a myth, take a look at this story of young man named “Rayquan”, who took his own mother to his prom! This kind of sick, creepy behavior is what the black feminist, pro-ratchet crowd delight in celebrating. This incestuous behavior on the part of black women is destroying an entire generation of black men, and this is NOTHING to celebrate.


“Old School Islam”…

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My khutbah at Howard University on 03/10/2017

I Am On Twitter, Now!

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I decided to jump into the fray on Twitter. You may follow me there @arm_legacy

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William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz), shotgun assassin of Malcolm X.


Today, February 21th, 2015, marks the 50th year of the murder of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz), and disgracefully his chief assassin, now known to the world as William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz), walks the streets of Newark, N.J. a free man. Many people are looking for answers which explain this appalling affront to justice and the legacy of Malcolm X. There is a simple answer; a collective failure on all our part to care enough about justice for Malcolm, and failing to demand the government track down and prosecute his killers decades ago. But that is now water under the bridge, it is not too late.

Ultimately responsibility rests squarely with the government, which even at this late hour refuses to release tens of thousands of documents related to the assassination of Malcolm X. Many people are understandably incensed at the very notion of William Bradley (Al-Mustafa Shabazz) strolling around town in his Mercedes-Benz and living in his beautiful gated home, but there is something we CAN do.

It must be remembered that there is no statute of limitations on murder! Right now our communities must channel their fury into the mobilization of petition drives and direct action to pressure the New York County District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. to reopen the investigation and ultimately arrest Bradley. This is what must be done, scholars and historians will sort the details out later.

Cyrus Vance Jr. (212) 335 – 9000